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  1. Sgt Cuff watched and listened (to the parts he could hear anyways) to the interactions going on before him. The mouse, this 'Captain' Sunshine didn't look like a captain but then being a mouse who could tell. Cuff kept one of his eyes trained on the Lashunta, something about this just didn't smell right but then again what about this assignment did. "Cpl Dunn cancel the inspection and fall back to the shuttle," He gave Sunshine a slight bow, "sorry to have bothered you ma'am, your clear to proceed. As soon as our shuttle is clear the task force will send you instructions for navigating the mine filed. Welcome to your new world." And with that Sgt Cuff backed back into the airlock and returned to his ship. Sunshine and Jexa returned to the control room and watched the shuttle pull away and head back to its mother ship and as promised as soon as the shuttle was clear the Solanya received a com fro the fleet. "Solanya, you are cleared to proceed, we are sending you course information do not deviate. Welcome to Cearista.
  2. The airlock cycled and the hatch iris'd open and sunshine look up and up. The armored Vesk must have been close to fifteen feet tall, Sunshine wondered if it was all armor or if the reptiloid was that big outside of the metal shell. She couldn't see any energy or projectile weapons but it was holding a very wicked looking axe with a pike on the end for thrusting, the edges of the blades all sparking with purple energy. "Welcome aboard the Solanya" she said while sketching a little bow. The vesk's helmet swiveled down to look at her, "Sgt Cuff to Lt Jegg, I'm aboard. There is a mouse here, how should I proceed." "Tanjit all to Compile, why didn't they tell us they were a mouse ship. verify that it is indeed a mouse ship apologize and get your butt back over here." The signal was obviously on a secure Vesk Military channel but everyone of the Solanya's crew had the signal transmitted directly to them and heard the whole conversation courtesy of the ship.
  3. The clang of armored vesk could be plainly heard through the hull as over the loud speaker came a surly Vesk voice. "Open the gods be dammed airlock!"
  4. "Right...we can't out run those guns from a dead stop and if I spool the drift engines up they'll detect it before they are charged." said Sunshine as she flipped more switches and grasped the steering yokes. The holographic image of the ships avatar, which had miniaturized itself to a six inch figure when others had entered the room smiled up at Sunshine. "There my friends I have unlocked the emergency capacitors it will allow you to bypass the normal spooling charge and initiate a drift jump." "You can do that?" "My dear friend there are many things we can do if we are in Unity..." "Hey I don't thing they are going to dock" said the halfelven priest with a grimace as he pointed at the view screen. On the screen the shuttle had closed within a few kilometers and moved along side the Solanya keeping it's nose and guns pointed at her. as the slowed to a halt the hero's for hire could see a good half dozen armored vesk troops ont he shuttles hull and as the watched the space-armored troops jumped from their ride towards the Solanya. Gorunta smiled and chuckled, "Smart," he said with admiration. He put his hand on Evies shoulder "If your gonna talk you better get to it, otherwise, your al probably gonna die."
  5. if you guys are still interested in this y'all have a shuttle with a bunch of vesk approaching your ship. and while i have had post dancing around it no one has addressed what y'all are actually doing. If the interest is gone let me know and i will either cancel the game or rework it for those who are still interested. but please give me something
  6. Clevus stares at the huge Vesk, tilts his head realizing that the lizard wasn't as dumb as he looks. "You know that just might work. Good thinking." he gives Gorunta a nod of respect and reminds himself to keep an eye on him in the future. "Think you can sell that Evana?"
  7. "Gorunta, your the cover story remember" Clevus said from the hatchway.
  8. The Ship's avatar re-materialized in the engineering compartment next to Echo, or rather another avatar as the other was still in the control center conversing with Sunshine. Solanya pursed her lips and fixed the artificial life form with a glare. "I will forgive your disrespect of earlier and allow you to make amends. Are you the one responsible for the unauthorized modifications done to my space frame?" *** A soft ping alerted Sunshine to their imminant arrival atthe Drift beacon where they would emerge at their destination system. "Guys, we are there. Emergence from drift in six minutes." *** The rest of the crew, still in the lounge listening to Clevus all looked up at the holoform of the mouse-pilot. "Nice we're there," said Clevus leveraging himself out of his chair. "We should probably get to the bridge" Everyone glared at him. "You stay here," Eva said pointing back at the chair he had just vacated. With a sigh he plopped back down into it as the rest of the crew shuffled out and up to the bridge. *** Sunshine paid little attention to her crew mates crowding into the small control center as she went about her task of navigating the ship back into real space. As the found places to stand out of the way of her constantly moving pilots chair as she zipped from one console to the next the ship gave and un-felt shudder and the grey nothing of drift space gave way to stars and a distant burning sun. And there before them was a green jewel of a planet hanging beautiful and inviting in the star strewn sky. However what lay between the Solanya and the emerald sphere was decidedly un-inviting. Resting in orbit and spread beyond were some twenty capital ships of the Vesk, Flitting between the great warships and the planet as well as buzzing around the rest of the system were many many more smaller ships, shuttles and fighters. Sunshine flipped switches and took reading, There are over a hundred ships in this system guys, and they are all Vesk." "Well Shamit and Farcart! That's about ninety six more than were here when I left." Everyone turned to the door to glare at Clevus who was in the hall poking his head in the door. "What?" "Attention tiny spacecraft!" A hologram fizzled into being hovering in front of the main view port of a uniformed Vesk with an eye-thingy attached to it's scaly head. "You have entered a restricted system without authorization. Heave to and prepare to be boarded." On one of the view screens one of their small ships (not tiny which means bigger than Solanya) blasted away from the fleet on an intercept course.
  9. Solanya seemed to enjoy chatting with sunshine and continued to do so even reactivating the ships drives so Sunshine could get them back on course. Back in the lounge Clevus shrugged, "You pick things up. After i got away from the puppy parade I ended up on small trade moon and came across funny little fellow of a species I didn't know. Called itself Notonot, he was telling stories for clips. He was pretty good at it. One of his stories described a ship that was a pretty close description of yours, but the context was all wrong. from what he was saying the tale he was relating happened thousands of years ago and way back then there weren't a lot of starfaring races and none of them still exist much less there ships. But the way he described it was spot on so after he was done telling his stories i cornered him took him to good eatery bought him a meal and plied him with drink. I got a few more tales out of him and led him back to that ship he had talked about. He told me about the builders of that ship, a race of high elves or high elf like very powerful wizards all of them, could command space and time itself. when the elder races went to war they removed themselves from he conflict and took their whole homeworld with them to another part of the galaxy into orbit around a star that was never born, was the way he said it. He had several tales of that ship it was celebrated among those elves. I coaxed the name out of him eventually but for some reason he was reluctant to tell me but in the end after enough wine he did. That ships name was Solanya."
  10. Sunshine jumped when the voice spoke again this time beside her "Of course I know you Sunshine, after all we have been companions for sometime and I am quite fond of you." The tall translucent elf was standing beside her. Sunshine looked around and could not see where the hologram was originating from. "I'm fond of you too, the ship i mean uh..."
  11. Clevus was intimidated no doubt about that, but he had no real answer for the hulking Vesk. "It's an alien ship... your android pissed her off. What do you want me to say? I told I know where you can find answers that implies that I don't know those answers." Says the cat man throwing up his hand in consternation.
  12. The elven apparition narrows its eyes at echo and the steady thrum of the engine dies abruptly. "Your's? You are here on my sufferance which is at an end. Farewell 'mechanical'. Solanya placed great emphasis and a goodly amount of derision on her last word. Then faded from existence. The ship drifted
  13. The apparitions brow furrowed and the pointed ears twitched giving the appearance of annoyance, "I am Solanya, and who are you and why are you digging in my computer banks like some sort of clumsy child digging through a toybox?" "Oh carbus, now she's done it." said Clevus as the voice of the android and the ship came over the open intercom. Evie reached over and flicked a switch on the control panel set in the table and a holographic image of Echo and the apparition calling itself Solanya materialized in the center of the table. In the ships control room Sunshine did much the same so she could see what was going on as well as hear.
  14. "Haha, your right you could space me but you won't," said the feline as he stirred his Cha. "Telling you what I know now doesn't get me to the planet, and you getting rid of me doesn't get the Abadarian off your butts. But i will give a concession, I won't require all of you to accompany me into the ruins on Caerista, as soon as we are on the ground I'll tell you where you can find your secrets. That is if we make it to the ground before Echo gets all of us killed by digging where she shouldn't. *********** Echo's drone beeped as her fingers flew over the command keys and dug deeper and deeper this Ai, if that's what it was, was really hidden well. She had thought she had located it twice already only to find ...well, nothing. "Not now I'm busy" "beep beep boop beet" "I said I'm busy don't you have anything to do?" "BEEP BOOP BEET!" the drone insisted. Echo closed her eyes gritted her teeth at the interruption and swiveled her chair to face the drone and came face to face wih a tall, regal, Elven looking...apparition since Echo could see she was slightly transparent, standing before her. "I must ask you to cease." said the...person in perfect Binary.
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