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ABERRANT: WEIRDER STUFF - Melbourne's Most Wanted

Lilly Pryor

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Lilly hopped in her pickup, and after some coaxing, managed to get it to start, which brought a smile to her face. Yeah, she could run, or even leap, wherever she she need, and at many times faster than driving her truck on the snowy roads of Shelly, but she actually enjoyed driving her old Chevy. At this point is was almost more rust than actual metal, but it was her's. She had bought it with her own money, and that made it special.

Waving to the gate guard, Lilly exited the base and headed to town, listening to an old Ramones cassette. She was singing along with "Blitzkrieg Bop" as she turned on the streets of Shelly, checking street signs as she navigated her way to a new destination for the first time; the Jauntsen residence. She parked and hopped out, zipping up her jacket and adjusting her headband as she walked to the door and knocked. After a few moments, the door was opened by Devin's twin sister, Marissa, who had a mixture of surprise and confusion on her face.

"Oh, hey Mari. I was wonder if Devin was home?" Lilly asked with a smile, which only seemed to increase the confusion on Mari's face. They knew each other, at least in passing, since Lilly was the Shelly High champion quarterback, and a participant in many other school athletics and Mari was a cheerleader.

"You.... want to see Devin?" she asked, trying to confirm what she was seeing and hearing.

Lilly nodded.

"If he's here and it's not a problem?" Lilly replied.

"Did you lose a bet or something?" Mari asked as she leaned out of the doorway to look up and down the street, scanning for spectators.

"What? Dude, no." Lilly said, laughing off Mari's suggestion that she was put up to this.

"Yeeah. I'll go get him." Mari said as she turned and headed up the stairs and walked into Devin's room.

"Dude! You keep walking in here without knocking and one of these days you're going to see something you wish you hadn't." Devin said as he looked up from his computer.

"Gross." Marie said with a roll of her eyes and grabbed a magazine off of the desk to throw it at her twin brother.

"Uh, Why is Lilly Pryor downstairs asking for you?" she asked.

"Because I am the awesomesauce, duh!" Devin replied with a broad grin.

"No. Seriously. She's at the door, asking for... you. And does Laurie know about this?"


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"Of course she doesn't know!" Devin replied, shimmying past her as he headed down stairs.  "Look, I make love to Laurie... Lilly and I... it's just raw, angry, animalistic..."

Devin's parents had already invited Lilly in and his mother was getting her a warm cup of cocoa.  His father was asking her all the typical embarrassing questions teenagers dread.  The fact of the matter was, they were just delighted Devin had a friend actually coming over to see him!  Lilly being a female at that.... oh, they couldn't be happier for their son!

Devin was completely shocked by what was unraveling in front of him.  "...sex."

"What was that, dear?"  His mom called from the kitchen.

"Uh, 'sec'... I was telling Mari to hold on a sec."  He glared at Lilly.  Much like Sean, Devin had the uncanny knack of hearing, seeing and perpetually knowing everything that was going on around him thanks to his super human perception.  Seeing the look of absolute surprise on his face could have totally made her day.

"Smooth, retard."  Mari said as she passed him up without so much as a second look.

"Uh, Lilly... hey, uh..." This was not Devin.  Who was this imposter standing before her?  He had no quips, no one-liners... his parents were his kryptonite!

"Devin," said his father.  "Lilly here was telling me you were friends from school?"  The probing excitement in his voice was enough to make Lilly hide a grin.  She couldn't fault them, there was nothing a parent wanted more than for their children to be happy and it was no secret that Devin had no friends and was the school's biggest jerk.  It was a warm and humbling sensation knowing that just by showing up she'd brightened his parent's day, and she didn't even really know them.

"Uh... yeah, we got paired up to do a report on Austria over the break,"  He thumbed towards the stairs.  "Uh, Lilly, I have those facts on uh, Perth up in my room... let's uh, compare notes."

"Perth's in Australia, genius."  Mari shouted from the kitchen.

"I said Australia," he shouted back, flustered as all hell.  He couldn't even form a believable lie!  He looked back to Lilly and his dad and smiled a fake smile.  "How was that date with what's his name Friday night, Mari?  It go well, we haven't talked in a few days..."

"Friday?"  His mother's voice rose through the kitchen.  "You said you were at Staci's Friday night..."

Devin offered a jerk of his head, inviting Lilly upstairs before the fire works.

His room was just as she imagined it... he was a typical teenage slob.  Clothes were everywhere, his bed was a ragged mess that looked like two wookies attempted to procreate in it not but a few moments before her arrival.  The screen saver on his PC was an assorted variety of attractive women in little to no clothing in a series of questionable poses or outright making out with each other.  He closed his door and on the back of it was a sketched and colored drawing of Katara from The Last Airbender wrapped in sensual and revealing animal hides in a pose Lilly was pretty sure Nickelodeon didn't approve.  Lilly raised her eyebrow and smirked.

"She's hot, for a cartoon," He defended his art.  "Don't judge."  He regained some semblance of his poise now that they were away from his parents, but having her here in his room... it felt... odd.  His room was getting a lot of through traffic lately when it came to the fairer sex.  "So, uh, what's up?  Aliens need a whoopin'?  We got some training thing or lecture at the base I missed?  Because I can guarantee you that I didn't miss a bit if it.  Abel wearing a fedora and saying m'lady a lot?  I knew it... I saw the signs and I did nothing..." He shook his head mournfully.  "This is on me... I'll go talk to him.  Poor guy..."

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"I think he got mixed up. It's Austria. I speak German, so I think that is why we got paired up." Lilly said to Devin's parents with a smile as she stood up.

"It was nice meeting you. Guten Tag." she added as Devin led her upstairs.


Lilly took in the sight of Devin's room with a bit of shock and a faint hint of disgust. She could be messy at times, especially when going through outfits to fight just the right one, but this... this was on another level. She carefully placed each foot, stepping over clothing and whatever else might be buried, or hiding, beneath it. It took her a moment to take it all in and get back to the present.

"Uhh... no. Nothing like that." she said as she looked for a place to sit.

"Actually, I kind of came to ask you a favor." she said, almost shyly, as she unzipped her jacket.

"You know I am not one for, I dunno, using gifts frivolously I guess, but it is winter here, and it it summer in Australia and I could really use some time at a good beach." she said, nearly asking without exactly asking anything, which Devin caught on and grinned.

"Hey! Good point! I should go check out the Australian beaches. I'll bring you back a boomerang or something." he teased.

"Dude! Don't be a douche!" she said slugging him in the arm, which hurt a little more than he would admit, even if she was really holding back. "Well.. okay. Don't be more of a douche than usual." 

"Sooo.. what? You want me to bring some kangaroo jerky or something too?" Devin said, enjoying teasing Lilly.

"This snow is killing me dude. And I just need some time at a nice beach to surf and hang out or whatever." she said, letting out a deep sigh. It was then that Devin's heightened perceptions noted not the outline of a bra, or even a sport's bra beneath Lilly's shirt, but the unmistakable outline of a bikini top, which peaked his interest.

Lilly knew Devin, and they got along decently, even better as of late, with their joking and teasing, but she still felt odd asking him to do something like this for her. Devin had always been kind of a jerk, but as they spent time together she got to see some of the person he was deep down. A decent guy who used his crudeness and humor to keep people at distance, to protect himself it seemed. But those defenses were dropped, or at least somewhat minimal when he was with the Irregulars, and he seemed even more at ease with Lilly, so she figured that he would likely agree, and it might give her a chance to get to know him without the need of keeping his defense up to keep the others a bit at bay. It might do them both some good just to get away from the stress, peer pressure and even relationships for a few hours and let their hair down.

"I know you are from California too, so I was wondering if, you know, you could give me a ride to Australia and we could hang out at the beach or whatever. Or you can even drop me off. I dunno. I just gotta get out of here for a while." she sighed again and then bit her bottom lip cutely

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"Okay, first," Devin said, holding up a finger at her.  "If you think that whole biting your lip thing is gonna work on me, I have news for you Lilly Pryor..."

He broke away and spun about to rummage through his drawers for a something to warm to wear.  "I had you at bikini top, didn't I?" she smirked.

"Prettymuchyeah..." he tossed a pair of jeans behind him which she deftly sidestepped.  "Sorry about the mess... been meaning to clean it up..."

"No you haven't." She said flatly.

He spun around and gave her a look.  "You... you are good at this..."  He held up his shorts and walked into the bathroom that connected his room to his sisters.  "Lemme change and we are outta here.  You may have an issue with power abuse, but sugar tits, I have no such moral barriers."  He dashed into the bathroom and closed the door just enough to not be completely crude.  "Lills, hun, seriously, you don't have to beat around the bush when it comes to asking me for a lift, girl.  I don't mind, really.  We're friends, right?  Besides, you read my mind, this place is cold, and dry, and white, and slushy..."

He popped out and zipped past her, tossing his jeans in the corner.  He smiled at her and took her hand, which kinda freaked her out.  "If you bury me in the sand, please make sure you make my tits look amazing."

He winked and his room faded away as St. Kilda Beach in Australia faded into view.  The beach was across the way and they appeared in the darkened shadows of one of the alleyways.  "Not exactly first class, but it's hard to just appear in front of normies... but, here we are St. Kilda Beach.  Let's get stupid."

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Lilly was still not used to Devin's 'jaunts'. There was just something disorientating about the world changing around you in a blink. It did not bother Lilly for more than a moment though as she stood there, closed her eyes and tilted her head back, taking in a deep breath through her nose. The smell of the saltwater washed over her, and a ripple of bliss coursed through her body. She smiled, and without realizing it, gave Devin's hand a squeeze, just happy to be at a beach.

"I've soooo missed this." she said with a happy sigh.

Lilly was born in California and lived there for some time before her father was transferred and they had to leave the sunny California for the Ramstein Air Base, in Germany. She got by in Germany, and did actually like it a fair bit, but she had always missed the beach. Surfing, beach volleyball, cruising on a bike, trolling the pier or boardwalk or even just sun bathing or watching the sunset. Even though this was St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia, the warmth of the sun on her skin, the feeling of sand between her toes and the scent of saltwater made it feel like home.

Lilly released Devin's hand and slipped off her jacket, then pulled her shirt off, revealing her bikini top, toned arms and washboard abs. She then unzipped and peeled off her jeans, leaving her standing in just her bikini. Lilly had a body would make Wonder Woman envious, a perfect balance of strength and toned athleticism, while still retaining feminine curves and proportions, forged from thousands of hours of training combined with the natural good looks of her mother and just slightly enhanced with quantum, and with her heritage, she actually quite looked the role.

"What?" she said as Devin stood there, taking it all in.

"Nothing. Just.. I mean, I knew you had a great ass, but damn girl" Devin said with a grin.

"Dude. Don't perv and make this weird." she said and swung the back of her hand at Devin's going, giving him a cup check. The back of her hand just barely hit his groin before he vanished and appeared behind her, coughing a little.

"I know it's hard to keep your hands to yourself with such a fine specimen as me, but you're going to have try." he teased.

"Yeah right." Lilly said, rolling her eyes. "Let's go rent some boards or something." she added and then closed her eyes and groaned.

"What?" Devin asked. 

"Dude. We're gonna need money if we want to rent surfboards or bikes or even eat. I got some US cash, but we'd need an airport or maybe a bank to change into their multicolored monopoly money." she reminded Devin as she pulled out $60 or so. "You wanna go exchange this, or do you have some other idea?"

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"As a matter of fact my bountiful bosom companion," he smirked.  "I do."

He dashed off towards the ally and was gone.  She knew he'd vanished to somewhere and she hoped every divine god of benevolence ever that he wasn't robbing a bank.  Please, don't let him be robbing a bank.

Devin appeared facing his dresser.  With practiced motions he slid the drawer opened and rummaged around his underwear and socks until he found the one he was looking for.  Excitedly he reached in it, emptied its contents to his hand and threw it back into the drawer, disappearing without a second thought.  Mira stood in the doorway of his room in stunned silence.  She'd come up to scold him, maybe even embarrass him in front of Lilly, but when she opened the door they were gone.  As she tried to figure out how they managed to sneak out of the house without her seeing them (she knew every sneaky way out of the house) her brother just appeared and then a moment later disappeared.

She'd know for awhile something was up and the way he'd just casually popped in and out told her he'd adjusted well.  She looked at her hand and looked at the spot where Devin was standing a moment before.  Slowly her hand began to fade, not disappearing entirely, but it was transparent.  She gently closed her hand into a faded fist and it became solid again.  Maybe he'd have some answers...

"Booyah!"  Devin said with a smile, waving a stack of hundreds in Lilly's face.  For the love of... he did rob a bank!

She slapped his hand down, looking around with a sudden growing sense of paranoia that eveyone was looking at them and their ill-gotten gains.  "Devin, where did you get that?  Please tell you didn't turn over a liquor store or jaunt into a bank vault... so help me Devin, if you get me thrown into jail I swear to God-"

"Lilly!"  He was laughing.  "Lilly... chill.  Take a breath Glamazon."  She relaxed if only to hear his explanation for the money, she was still plotting ways to hurt him if he got her into trouble with one of his ignorant pranks or 'bright ideas'.  "I got the money from Sara.  She's been getting the cash flow of the rare gem business and I've been helping her out.  I don't make sonic booms from the hyper speed air current when I arrive into town, plus I'm a bit faster.  She goes one way, I go the other, she's been cutting me in on the profit and we've agreed not to kill each other.  So, chill... the money's legit."

She raised a skeptical eye brow at him.  "You?  And Sara?  Working together?"

He shrugged.  "We traveled seventeen light years through space and nuked an alien ship with a fifteen year old red head in a latex bondage suit, four of clones of you and a football... all before our high school dance."

She glared at him.

"Yeah," he looked off at the beach, then back at her. "You're right... the alien thing is more believable.  So, moving past that... would you believe I've never surfed a day in my life?"

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Lilly blinked at Devin's admission about the fact he's never even been surfing.

"Dude, what?" she said, her previous train of thought derailed. "Well, then we have to fix that. I can show and I know you can pick in up in now time. Hell, I am sure you could even before your enhancement. So we are gonna fix that, and you're buying." Lilly explained with a grin as she reached down and took his hand again, leading him out of their semi-concealment and toward the beach.

Lilly scanned the beach, looking for rental shack and spotted one a few hundred meters away. She headed toward it, pulling Devin along for a moment before realizing that taking his hand was something she had done instinctively. Back in Shelly, the act would have garnered much gossip, and even a few look from the Irregulars, but here, at St. Kild Beach, they just looked like any other young couple enjoying the beach.

"Sorry." she said, releasing his hand after a few dozen feet, once she was sure he was coming along.

"For what?" Devin asked, seemingly honestly confused.

"You know. For taking your hand. I mean, like Kia and I grabs each other's hands and stuff, but It's different between girls. I guess.. I dunno... I am just used to having initiate things with Sandy." she sighed.

"Lills, we're friends. Remember? We might not have know each other long, but fighting and alien invasion along you..." he said as he took in a breath, "..and you, and you, and you, and you again, and then there was that other you, and you know, the two yous you left behind on guard duty..." he said in one breath with a chuckle, prompting an elbow from Lilly which he laughed off.

"It has a way of forging bonds, putting lives, on the line for a common goal and all that." Devin said sincerely with a warm, charming smile. He could be a decent guy when he wanted to be.

"I know. I just.. I dunno. You know?" she says as she shrugs her shoulders and reach up, and undoes her oni-present ponytail, letting her down and shaking it out, the long, dark locks reaching nearly the middle of back.

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"God, damn you're hot..." He mumbled, unintentionally speaking his mind louder than he intended.  He quickly recovered, attempting an evasion of what was already said.  "No, Lills I don't know."

The two walked over to a board rental.  Devin resisted the urge to just teleport to Hawaii and steal them two high end boards.  It was the hardest thing about having his powers... sure, he was an impulsive ass hat most of the time, but he didn't use his abilities to steal, and with his power, everyday he fought temptation.  They approached the guy tending the place and he smiled wide.  A bronze surfer through and through the guy had long hair, several tats and didn't look more than in his late twenties.  "Oi!  Arvo, mates.  'Mericans' yeah?  Couple grommets needin' life breathed back into ya, yeah?  Place is chockers but I gots whatcha be needin'."

"I'm sorry, what?"  Lilly said with veiled giggle.

"He said good afternoon and we're young surfers looking to get boards and feel the ocean again."  Devin said flipping through his stack of cash as discreetly as he could.  "Beach is packed though."

"You understood all that," she thumbed to the guy, smiling at Dev.  Then looked back at him.  "No, offense."

"None taken, luv."  He smiled brightly and chewed his gum vigorously.

"Hey, I may not have Sean's mega brain, but I've a knack for adapting to cultures.  Can't speak the languages, but the jist gets through to me."  Devin shrugged.  "It's not always reliable, but he speaks English... sorta, so it's easier."  Dev shot him a grin and the guy smiled back.  "If the beach is packed, where can we go?"

"Got word one of the bays is a little shy some bodies, great spot, a little way away though.  Prolly not wanna take a board out that way, it's a long walk..."

Fifteen minutes, two boards and one teleport later they were standing at the bay and sure enough, there were very few surfers there and the waves were just right.  They both knew they weren't supposed to have the boards this far away from the shop, but it's not like he would ever find out.  "Woah... bad ass."  Devin said, in awe of the place.  "Alright, teach me oh, Yoda of surfing.  And while you're at it, don't think I've let it go..."

"Let what go?" She asked, brushing her hair from her eyes in the breeze of the bay.

"Lills, you're all tense and... weird.  C'mon, it's just us and the ocean, girl.  No judgements... tell me what's up.  You and your man having issues?"

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Lilly could not help but have blushed at Devin's comment, which made her a bit self conscious for a moment. Her appearance was never really something she considered all that much until she started getting flack from other girls for her physique. The rumors of steroid use, and worse, did not help matters either. She had heard her parents say she was pretty, but they were more or less required to say that, being her parents and all. Sandy had said the same, but he was her boyfriend, so it was kind of the same. To hear it from Devin though, and as an honest slip, was different, especially when he had plenty images of Sean in his spank back to compare her too. 

She had learned to be a loner, to protect herself by keeping people at arm's length. In that way, she realized that she and Devin were somewhat alike. The difference though was that moving to Shelly had gotten her to drop her guard, while moving there did the opposite for Devin. They had both been forced to move from California as well. It kind of made her wonder what else they had in common, aside from being super powered, alien fighting, wold saving teens.

Once they had the board and were at the bay, Lilly stood for a few moments, looking out across the water and truly just enjoying the sight. As Devin spoke she dropped her board and shrugged, looking down at it.

"Issues? Not really. I mean, Sandy is sweet, and thoughtful and a gentleman. Brave too. The night at the cabins, when we were all unconscious becoming enhanced, he tried to fight off the stinger bugs that were collecting people and got stabbed in the gut for it. I have no doubt that he would care for and protect anybody he loved." she explained as she dragged her toe through the sand.

"He's also about as assertive as a wet paper bag and super boring." she added.

"He wants to be a farmer and he would be a great husband and make pretty much any girl in Shelly very happy. I just.. I dunno.. I don't think I am one of them though. I mean, I care for him, but.. I dunno. A guy should have some confidence and be at least somewhat assertive, though not some overbearing douche, but at least be able to take the lead sometimes. He just.. he's kind of a wuss. And I don't feel that way because of the excitement of my powers and what we do or anything. I felt this way before. Like, he dragged ass asking me to Homecoming, and hell, I had to initiate our first kiss even. TMI, I know. I just... I dunno I don't want a wuss for a boyfriend and he's not going to change, nor should he, really. So I think I am going to break up with him." she sighed and looked up at Devin.

"Does that make me a bitch?" she asked as she brushed an errant lock of hair from her face that had caught on the corner of her mouth.

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"No," Devin said in all sincerity.  "Now, I'll disagree on the changing thing, I mean c'mon let's face it, in order for relationships to work, and I mean really, seriously work, both sides have to do a little changing for the sake of the other.  It's not selfish, it's caring.  If we truly care about the person we're with then we make those small concessions to make him or her happy.  They call it 'love', I think.  Or something like that.  It's give n' take if things are going to work."

"But, sometimes, people aren't a fit for each other and the best we can hope for is to come out if it friends."  He returned her shrug.  "Lilly, real talk, you're amazing.  Smart, sexy, fun, just the right pinch of nerdy added in for flavor... and you're your own orgy, I gotta admit, that's kinda hot.  Masturbation for has to be like a party... chips n' salsa, a twelve pack, everyone taking turns hydrating for another round..."  Lilly laughed, trying not to be embarrassed by his perverse sense of humor.  He smiled and laughed with her a little bit before continuing.  "Break ups suck, sure.  No secret there right?  Someone has to be the bad guy, and yeah, sure... you may feel like a bitch for doing it, but to be with someone you don't love for the sake of sparing their feelings makes you a fool.  You deserve to be happy too, Sandy is a good guy, he'll understand.  If he doesn't, well, that will tell all you need to know about him, right there."

He shot her a wink and grinned.  "Don't ever sell yourself short Lilly, I want to see you happy.  Hell, I woulda asked you out ages ago if I thought I even had a chance with a hottie like you.  Let's face it, I'm not really on Shelly High's 'Most Hottest' list.  Then again, ages ago we wern't on the best of speaking terms... never stopped me from admiring you in jeans, though."  He had a gift for slipping in the most inappropriate comments that came across as compliments.  Not that it justified his mouth, but the guy did have a talent for it nonetheless.  He spun his board around, inspecting it.  "So, aren't there like, little places for my feet to go so I don't fall off?"

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"Yeah. See this thing. It's called a surfboard. You feet go on it." she teased. "Seriously though, first do a dry run, but I doubt you will have a problem with it."

Lilly dropped her board on the sand and then lay atop it on her belly.

"You lay on your tummy, then paddle out and wait for a wave. When you get a good wave, you pull your legs up and hop to your feet." she said as she demonstrated on her board, rising to her feet with a casual grace.

"It's pretty much all shifting your balance, mostly from your core, to stay upright and shred." she explained as she stepped off the board and reached down, picking up from the sand. 

"You'll pick it up fast. Being a gymnast, I know you got balance and core strength." she said with a smile, giving Devin a light slap to the belly with the back of her hand. 

"And with luck, a shark will not mistake you for a seal or something and want to take a bite." she joked as she picked up her surfboard and slung it under arm. "I'll show you how it's done."

Lilly jogged to the water, tossing her board out before her and dove onto it, landing on her belly. She paddled out, ducking under some waves, smiling at the scent and cool caress of the saltwater, emerging with her long hair now in long, wet strands. After she got out a ways she sat up on the board, her legs dangling off of either side until she spotted a wave. Lilly stopped thinking and just went with the flow, letting her instinct and muscle memory take over as the wave took the board. She pulled her feet up and the hopped up, standing in the board in a bit of a crouch as she then began to shred, shifting her balance and swaying her hips with a grace and agility that that Devin could not help but be impressed by, if not a little jealous of. Even with her powers shut down, she still had a level of dexterity and balance that surpassed the best athletes in the world, not to mention her strength and conditioning.

For several seconds Lilly rode the wave, weaving the board up and down the rising crest until she finally crouched low and stuck out a hand to cut into the wall of water beside at the wave crested and fell over her head and collapsed behind her as she shot the pipe and out the other end before finally standing and simple closing her eyes and falling back into the waves with a smile. She emerged from the water and tossed her hair back, flinging and arc of water from her hair like it was some anime glamours shot, but this indeed was real life and happening right before Devin's eyes.

Lilly smiled, her wet hair matted back and dangling about her bare shoulders, graced only by the straps of her bikini top, and waved Devin over as she stood there, glistening with beads of saltwater all over her nearly naked body.

"Come on twinkle toes! Let's see what you got!" she called out to him with a smile. Her tone was mildly teasing, but this was also the most happy and at ease Devin had ever seen her.

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Devin stood with slack-jawed amazement at the sight of Lilly getting her athletics on.  She was astonishing at every endeavor she tackled and her performance on the waves proved that to him once again.  But when she came up from the water like a mythological Siren from the sea looking like Bay Watch was missing out on real 'talent' his mind wandered to her running slo-mo on the beach.  He sighed, shaking his head at how she, like most women, didn't feel she was lovely.

Thankfully Lilly was not like most other women that when you complimented her she said 'no I'm not' or denied it she just said 'thanks', turned red, smiled and tried to hide for a few moments until the flattery wore off.  That was a plus at least.  Here on the water she was like a different Lilly entirely.  She seemed to smile more, move with more poise and confidence her attention pulled less to the world around her and more on the moment... more on herself.  That was a good thing, Devin thought.  A little greed when it came to ones self was not a bad thing.  Being selfish and taking time to enjoy your own life was always a good idea, after all, they only got one.

"Twinkle Toes?"  Devin yelled back, feigning an insult.  "Twinkle Toes!?  Oh, it's on!"  He hefted up his board and carried it at his side as he jogged to the water, being sure to obscure Lilly's view of his current interest in her perfect frame.  He hit the water fast and threw out his board with the measured dexterity she expected.  He'd already cast aside his t-shirt which was in the small pile of clothes they'd left on the shore.  It looked silly lying there with denim pants, another t-shirt... and a winter parka.  But hey, Irregulars were nothing if not irregular!

Today seemed the day for bonding and seeing their friends in a light they'd never seen before.  Devin wasn't the 'hunk farm boy' type, like Sandy.  Seeing Devin without a shirt was a rarity, even during his workouts he remained clothed.  On the beach though Lilly saw that he certainly took his gymnastics seriously.  He wasn't bulky, every muscle was corded and tightened perfectly around his frame.  His tan was atrocious, which they both agreed no native Californian should have a lax tan, but Shelly being what it was.  He could have laundry on his abs and his muscles looked so honed he looked like he belonged on a calendar.  She wondered how much was his and ho much was the quantum enhancement, but rumors of Devin's dedication to his gymnastics were as common around Shelly as boredom and snow.

He caught her glaring and smiled.  "What?"

"Nothing," she shook away her thoughts.  "I just, I don't know... being in Melbourne was the last thing I expected today.  I'm still a bit overwhelmed."  She dodged any chance of a rebuttal from him by changing the subject.  "Now, come on, I'll point out a good one for you, get out there!"

Five decent waves later Devin had demonstrated that he had no aptitude for surfing and Lilly was completely stunned.  They floated lazily in the water, enjoying the sun and the sounds of the ocean.  "How?"  Lilly asked completely in shock.  "How can you not be good at this?!  You're  gymnast dude, it's just balance."

"Balance on water..." He defended his abysmal display of talent.  "Solid ground is where I've spent my entire adult-"

"You're an adult?"  She cut him off with a smirk.

"Har, har..." he mocked her.  H expanded his hands to the ocean an still could not fit it all in the wake of his expression.  "Water is completely different!  I get the concepts, I do, but girl, this is way harder than it looks."

Lilly laughed at him.  The two were having such a great time they could have just lain on their boards and floated there talking all afternoon.  "I can not let this stand," she mused.  "C'mon, we're not leaving until you stay on that board at least once, then I'll let you take me to dinner."

"Food," he smirked with that charming smile of his.  "It's a date, I'm starving."  With new found motivation he paddled out towards the nearest wave.  He looked back at her and pointed at it as if to ask 'this one?'.  With a smile and a thumbs up she waved him towards it.

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"Just keep your legs bent and your center of gravity low!" Lilly called out with her hands cupped around her mouth.

She dropped her hands with a smile and sat on her board, watching as Devin started paddling until the wave took the board. She unconsciously held her breath as he pulled his arms from the water and tried to stand up. His feet slipped under him and he rose up into a wobbly stance which steadied after a moment. Devin's face lit up and he looked to Lilly with a board smile, proudly for a moment before the board shot out from under him and he fell back into the wave with a look of surprise. Lilly shook her head and chuckled before paddling over to his board as Devin's head poked out of the water. 

"Dude. Seriously?" she said as she reached down and grasped his forearm, letting him grasp her own, and pulled him from the water and onto his board.

"I told you, it's different!" Devin said defensively, though he had a grin.

"At this rate we'll be having breakfast, not lunch." Lilly teased.

"Oh Ha ha." Devin said dryly, which caused Lilly to laugh.

"Seriously though, just relax. You got this." she said in encouragement. "And besides. I'm hungry., so hurry your ass up." she teased.

Devin rolled his eyes. "Yes'm." he joked and proceeded to paddle back out.

After waiting for a couple of minutes he thought he say a wave that seemed decent and looked over to Lilly for her approval. She gave the thumbs up again and watched as this time Devin caught the wave, unsteadily rose to his feet again, catching himself as the board shifted under him, and rode the wave for several seconds, until it collapsed. 

"Woo!" Lilly called out, cupping her hands around her mouth before holding him high and clapping as Devin looked over with a grin.

"I knew you could do it!." she said, as she paddled over and slipped off the board and gave Devin a hug without even realizing it. Lilly's eyes went wide when she realized it and let go, blushing.

"There uh.. This place... Korzzi Burgers.. I saw it.. Um, food." she said as she pointed with one hand and picked up her board, with the other almost trying to hide behind it in embarrassment it seemed.


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Devin offered her a charming smile.  "Lilly, we're friends.  We're allowed to hug, it's cool."  Devin hadn't quite pieced together where her constant embarrassment came from.  To him he just assumed she was a hugger and was embarrassed that she kept violating his personal bubble.  Some people were picky about their bubble, but not Devin.  Anytime a woman wanted to get close to him and rub her breasts against him, he was all for it.  "Lills, you gotta relax, girl.  Trust me, I'm the last guy in the world who's gonna be offended by anything we do or talk about.  The things we talk about are between us.  People need to vent, I get it.  The things we do, well, we're hanging out.  We're adults, kinda, what we do is our business, I'm not gonna go blabbing the you were hanging all over me when all we did was hug... not that I blame you, I'm amazing, after all.  So chill, we're good.  It's all good.  Let's leave high school at the high school."  He winked at her with a smile.

He picked up his phone and tapped a few keys, looking up the burger place.  Devin was 'semi-with' Laurie.  Lilly was with Sandy.  Shenanigans between the two of them hadn't entered his thoughts, to Devin every thing was harmless fun and joking around, even the flirting.  "Oh, damn, this place looks amazing." He said, looking at the menu.

He set his board aside, it would only take them a second to return them, but they'd been surfing for quite some time.  Well, Lilly had been surfing, Devin had been drowning with style.  A thought occured to him as Lilly dried herself off.  "So, hey, I was thinking.  After we eat, why don't we go change into dry clothes and check out Melbourne's night life?  I mean, come on, how often do we have an entire day to kill in Australia?"

"Uh, you do, every day you have free..." she replied with a bit of snark.  She caught him checking her out when she turned to address him, but it was Devin... when wasn't he oogling a woman?

"Hey, you could too!" he rebutted.  "Any time you like, just lemme know where you wanna go, I'm always down for hanging out.  Being besties with a teleporter has like, mad advantages.  So?  Whaddya say?  Wanna?"

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Lilly was caught somewhat off guard by Devin's suggestion. it was not all that outlandish or anything, just a bit unexpected. Really, it would probably be more odd to be there ant not check things out more. But this was Devin. She had a certain perception of him, based on the few times she had seen him before he became enhanced. And even since then, her opinion had changed, and certainly improved once she began to get to know him. He was actually a pretty okay guy, if a bit of a T & A oggling  . But then again, what teenage guy wasn't?

For a moment Lilly considered that she might actually have a better opinion of Devin that the rest of the Irregulars. They all seemed to mostly tolerate him, when they were not groaning from one of his comments or when Sara was not trying to pummel him. Lilly joked with him more though, and he joked back. They seemed to get each other better than the others, and indeed had the most in common. 

"What the hell. We are young and in Australia and just saved the world. I think we might be due a night off, especially away from the mega-brains. They can be such downers and wet blankets sometimes. We can revel in our ignorance!" she said with a shrug and a smile.

Lilly then looked down her bikini and bith her lip as she thought for a moment.

"You know, we might need to buy some clothes though. I doubt our sub-arctic fashions from Shellywould work, considering it's summer here, and I can't wear a just a bikini all day and night." she said as she tilted her head to the side and brought up her towel to dry her hair some more.

"Though I bet you wouldn't mind." she teased with a grin.

"You wouldn't hear a complaint from me." Devin said, making a zipping motion over her mouth only to throw away the imaginary key. Lilly rolled her eyes with a faint grin still lingering.

The pair returned the boards and found a small shop right off the beach where they could find some more appropriate clothing and within an hour they were changed and looking much more like the locals. Lilly had chosen a set of jean shorts and an oversized shirt that bared a shoulder, and a simple tote in which to stuff their belongings and in now time they found their way to Korzzi Burgers.

"Oh Em Gee. That smells sooooo good." Lilly said as sniffed at the air, her eyes partially rolling back in her head. "I am so damned hungry."

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Devin inhaled deeply.  "Woah.  This place is like, sex for my nose."

The place was packed and it seemed to certainly a popular local hang out.  Devin was digging Lilly's outfit, if a bit down that she refused to tell him what kind of underwear she bought.  She seemed like a black satin thong type... and even if she wasn't he was content keeping that fantasy alive in his mind.  He's settled for a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt.  Unlike Lilly, he was quite vocal about his choice of underwear.  They'd only just left the store and she was already regaled at least eleventeen times with his choice of X-Men boxers that weirdly had Rogue's face on his crotch.

"Duuude, I'm with you... I'm going to eat the whole damn menu." He said, as they approached to order.  It wasn't a fancy place, a local grease pit spot honestly, but it was a local favorite the two junk food gods had to try.  With their insane metabolisms the young girl taking their order could look at them oddly as they selected items to sate their monstrous appetites.

They were given a number and set it at the end of their table while they waited at their order to come to them.  He spun his finger around.  "Not to beat a dead horse..."

"Oh, gawd, here we go..." she laughed.

"Red.  I'm guessing red.  You toally went red.  No... you knew I'd try to guess, their like teal or something like that..."  He narrowed his eyes towards her.  "You devious minx..."

She shook her head, smiling wide.  "I'm not telling you, perv.  You're wasting your time, I'm tellin' ya."

"Lame."  He smirked at her, lettign the matter rest until the next time he brought it up.  He knew she'd never tell him, it was just a game to play.  He ticked away on his phone.  "Peep it," he showed her his phone.  "Place called Brown Alley, supposed to be a bad ass nightclub in these parts.  IF we can actually walk after all this food, we should totally check it out."  He gave her a quizzical look.  "You, can dance... can't you?"

"But first, tell me about you.  Brothers, sisters?  I've met your dad, but I don't think I've met your mom.  She around?"

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"Me?" Lilly asked in a bit of surprise.

"Yes, my mom, Cassandra, is here. She's a Head Nurse at the medical center in Shelley, actually. If you've ever been there, then you may have seen her. Alec's mom is a trauma doctor there too, so they knew each other long before any of this weirdness happened. Abel's dad has a practice in town too.

"And sorry to disappoint, but I have no hotter, younger sisters or anything. I'm an only child. My mom said that they were having difficult conceiving, but finally managed. My dad was kinda hoping for a boy. He had a name all picked out and everything. Liam. But was happy just to have a child. So I popped out, and "Liam" became "Lilly Ann".

I got into football and hunting because of him. It was how we bonded a lot. I would watch NFL and NCAA games with him since I was little, and even wanted to go hunting with him. He taught me how to shoot, but mostly we went bow hunting. He felt it was more fair. Venison is good eats too. Anyways, I started in gymnastics when I was little, and moved on to track * field, lifting, and wrestling later. Heck, I really only played football when the coaches came asking just because I knew my dad would be proud. I get my athletic talent from him I think, so I was already playing before the night at the lake. After that night I was going to stop, but was convinced to keep playing, if for no other reason that to not draw attention. So I kept playing, but always played powered down and intentionally held back." she explained.

"I'm no cheater." she clarified.

"If you look, my numbers actually went down after the night at the lake, but it was still good enough to have an undefeated season and win state." she added with a prideful grin.

"But since then I have noticed that even when I power down, I am still well beyond where I was before. Soo... that torpedoed my Olympic dream. I mean, I've been training for years to compete in the Olympics..." Lilly sighed.

"Anyways... I've only ever really danced like, goofing around with Kia or something, and then the dancing at Homecoming and stuff. I've never been to a club or anything though. I was always too busy getting my sleep, training and eating right to do it. But now, that is all pretty much moot. I mean, I can eat whatever I want and hardly need to sleep, so I guess it freed up time in my schedule. I figure I can manage though."

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"Don't sweat it, I can teach.  Its easy."  He shrugged like people who know how do something do when they're saying it's easy to people who don't know how to do it.  "If you can surf, you can dance."

"Let me guess, you dance?"  Lilly asked skeptically.

"Sure do," he replied, sipping his water.  "Mari and I both do.  Had to take lessons when we were in gymnastics.  Excellent way to teach us rhythm and flexibility in addition to what we were learning in our gymnastics classes.  I sing too, we did vocal training.  Mom was big on us always doing things together, so whatever one of us was into, the other had to be drug along for it.  I was into dancing, she was into singing, so we ended up doing both."

"I've seen her do some of the cheers, but never tumble like you do," he raised her hand as if swearing to an unknown presence.  And okay, I have to hand it to you, you are really good."

Devin laughed a bit and Lilly tried not to point out that he was blushing.  "Thanks, like you I had that Olympic fire and, well, you know the rest.  Moved here, got all broody... met you," the teenagers had a sudden awkward meeting of the eyes followed by a strange silence.  "Guys.  Met you guys.  Saved the world and stuff.  But no, M.J. didn't take to it like I did.  She's good, don't get me wrong, flexible, lithe, agile... but her fire died out, I don't know.  Where as I got obsessed with it, she got bored with it.  Danging too.  She's like that.  She clings to something for awhile, then one day gets bored with it and doesn't pick it up again.  Singing lessons, guitar lessons, tap lessons... boyfriends."  Lilly raised an eyebrow at that last one.  "Yeah, my sister's kind of a ho', but she's so popular that it doesn't get talked about, but I'm pretty sure she's Shelly's version a Kardashian."

Devin paused and squeezed his lemon wedge into his water and stirred it with his straw.  "My dad works for the forestry department.  My mom works at the school, I know you've seen her, she subs once in awhile.  Remember a couple years ago when she asked you out for me, to the Winter Ball thingie?  I was still in my 'hate the world' phase and she thought going to the dance would net me some friends."  Lilly shook her head slowly, not remembering.  "You were in the admin office talking to her, she pointed at me and mentioned going to the dance together."  Still she shook her head.  "I called you a festering canker-skank."

Lilly's eyes swelled wide.  "That was you?!  No, I remember now... that was not you."

"Longer hair," Devin nodded.  "Combed it over my eyes, had my whole emo thing going.  Trust me, it was me."

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"Dude, that... Ugh. You were a real douche." she said shaking her head. "Now you are just a mild douche... on occasion." she teased, flicking some water at him with her straw.

"But seriously, you were unhappy and kept everybody away. I get that. I did more or less the same thing for years by just keeping to myself. Shelly, of all places, changed that, and that was before the night at the lake." Lilly sad and paused for a moment.

"Why do I keep saying 'the night at the lake',? It sounds like I am speaking in code about losing my virginity or something." Lilly asked rhetorically, which caused Devin to perk up a bit.

"Dude, gross." she said, flicking more water at him, which only made him laugh.

"And if I ever so much as think you are perving on me in the shower or something, I'll beat your ass." she threatened, though she did not look all that stern or serious.

Deving make a cat purring sound and asked, "Do you promise?" with a wriggle of his eyebrows.

Lilly rolled her eyes and shook her head. "See? Still kinda douchey."

"Yeah, but you gotta admit, I'm even more cool though." Devin said with a grin as drop of water dripped from his nose.

"Totally." Lilly said with a smirk.

"Seriously though, thanks." she added.

"For what?" Devin asked, a little confused.

"For all of this. I really needed to get out and get a break and not think about everything for a while. Just kick back and hang out with a friend and have some fun. You know, just being teens with our lives ahead of us and all that. Things have been so serious lately that we need time like this. Or at least I do." she answered.

"Anytime, because, you know, you are totally not a festering canker-skank." Devin replied.

"Gee. Thanks." Lilly said with a roll of her eyes, but a smile on her lips.

She had to admit, Devin had a certain charm, and even compassion about him, but he was always sure to toss in a little bit of douchiness before people began to think too good of him. Maybe it was his way of keeping expectations low or something, but once you got though the layers of BS, he was actually a decent, fun-loving guy.

Their food arrived and Lilly looked down at it with wide eyes. She lifted the bun of her burger, almost in awe of it and snatched up an onion straw, nibbling on it before hefting her burger and taking a rather un-ladylike bite with a near moan. She chewed a time or two, her eyes rolling back.

"Oh my god. There is no way sex can be better than this." she said out of the corner of her mouth.

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"I dunno, I've heard very few things compare," he said casually, admitting to be a V-Card carrier too despite all his blustering.  He took a bite, or attempted to, he lost some of it down onto his place but didn't seem to mind.  Like Lilly his eyes rolled back.  "But I suddenly I don't care... oh, my god... Lilly... best idea ever."

They didn't have much to talk about suddenly.  The food was everything, for a bit anyway as their voracious appetites quickly made short work of the burgers.  They were like stuffed in-laws on Thanksgiving, leaning back in their chairs complaining that they ate too much.  They were chilling, finishing their fries slowly when Devin found the strength in the fatigue of burger ecstasy to jumble words together.  "For the record, I've not perved on the Irregulars, although I've thought about it, don't get me wrong.  Nope, I mostly pried on the locker room at the school, past tense." He already saw Lilly's protest begin.  "Was it wrong?  Yes.  Am I a scummy perv for doing it?  Yes.  And while you may not buy my excuse, I swear to you it's true.  Lilly I was an angst ridden douche with serious authority issues-"

"Was?"  She looked at him skeptically.

"You know what I mean," He smirked.  "Suddenly I woke with all these abilities and a shit-ton of anger directed at society.  Perving on the locker room at school was my way of controlling myself so I didn't turn over a bank vault.  And no joke, I seriously thought of it.  I never considered the super hero aspect of what we do, Lills.  To actually have this sort of power... to actually be faced with the morality of what to do with it.  It took a minute, but I looked in the mirror and really didn't like the guy I saw.  I was one cat stuffed in a mail box away from Lex Luthor-ing Shelly.  All for what?  Me being being mad at Mom and Dad?  No one wants to be a cliche'."

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  • 3 weeks later...

Lilly leaned forward and reaches out, resting a hand on Devin's shoulder as she looked him in the eyes.

"Well, I am proud of you." she said with a soft smile that oozed her honest sincerity.

"It is really, really easy to just be totally selfish. Heck, it is probably the default, when you really think about it. I mean yeah, we are still teens, and I am sure we have all been a little selfish here or there with out gifts, and I don't hold that against anybody. Heck, I just figured out I can make diamonds. But in the big picture, we've all stepped up and put our collective lives on the line to help and protect people, time and again."

Lilly pondered for a moment before speaking again,  "And it feels good to help people. Maybe that is self to a degree too. But if that's the case, then I am cool with that too." she said with a smile and shrug and sat back in her chair, taking a sip of her coke.

"You know, Sandy was my first boyfriend? I've never really dated and never been out clubbing or anything. Always going to bed early to get early to train before school and then train for hours after school. I still enjoy training. The exercise, the sweat and all of that, and probably always will. I still do it to keep up appearances mostly, but now I think it might be time to just be a normal teen, or as close as we can get to it, and do stupid, fun teenage stuff, like going to clubs." she said as she dragged a couple of her remaining fries through the ketchup on her plate before scarfing them down.

"I know as much about dancing as you did about surfing. So if we go check out that club, then you'll have to teach me." she said with a grin.

"Oh, and we will probably need some new clothes." she added.

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Devin laughed.  "Okay, but dancing... how do I put it delicately?  It's a very personal thing Lilly, you blush when we hold hands, but if your down, I'm down.  Just don't think I'm perving on ya.  I probably will be, but don't think I am."  He shot her a wink and a smile.

The burgers hit the spot and the two teens hit the streets of Melbourne.  For a few hours they walked up and down the waterfront hitting every every store that caught their eye.  Devin made n ass of himself more than once, dancing in the street with random street performers, hitting on random women as they passed by with funny pick up lines that he knew had no chance of succeeding.  The guy had no shame and ninety percent of the time left laughing, entertained by his antics, and the other times they just stared at him awkwardly like they couldn't believe a guy could be that open and jovial and not feel awkward about it.

In only a few hours Lilly had to admit... being an ordinary teenager was kind of fun.  Devin, when not acting like a complete perv (which to her surprise he was pretty tame when walking in public), was actually quite a gentleman and fun to be around.  Something about him just kept her smiling.  He was honest, nice, sincere... he was almost human instead of the foul joke spewing ogre he generally behaved like.  Was this what Laurie had seen in him?

The sun set and they took the time to watch it fall over the horizon, neither of them really noticing the romance involved in the scene, but they couldn't argue it was positively breath taking.  On Lilly's advice they swapped out their outfits, yet again, not that Devin minded, his collection of clothing from around the world was swiftly growing and he though that was kinda cool.  Not may people could brag they got a pair of shorts from Australia.

They were facing each other on the roof of the club, Lilly held Devin's hand, thankful the dark of the night was obscuring her reddening cheeks.  Devin's eyes were white, a tell tale sign his vision was somewhere else.  "So, that's how you do it... you peep a place, familiarize yourself with it, then pop in.  Sneaky.  A bank vault would be cake for you."  He smiled, blind but still able to hear and feel her just fine.

"How do you feel about being alone in the dark with me?" he asked, his smile growing wider.

She knew he was searching for another punchline to a joke or a snarky insult, after all what attractive woman who knew Jaunt wanted to be alone with him?  They were practically asking to be groped.  That wasn't him though.  Under all the snark and jokes, he was actually an incredibly decent guy.  "Safe,"  is what passed her lips, and it as spoken before she realized.

His smile faded quickly, her response taking him completely off guard.  It returned slowly and he offered her a sincere smile as they faded away.  They reappeared behind the D.J. booth, a dark and lonely corner of the club that was free of patrons and them coming out from behind it only raised the question of how long they were back there making out.  He led her out into the club and it was nothing like she expected.

It was a hot mess.  People were already packed on the floor dancing to the loud music and the walls were and halls were all filed with throngs of people dancing, talking, laughing, and even a few making out here and there.  It was dark and smokey and the D.J. was dropping house/techno mixes of a majority of the hip hop and pop songs she recognized from the radio back home.

He was dressed to party, with a pair of nice slacks and button up shirt that he left a few undone to tease the ladies.  He was Hemsworth cut and loved showing it off.  "Welcome to your first club, pick a song you like, and let the lessons begin."

He led her around the club for a bit so she could get a feel of the area and get her bearings.

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Lilly let Devin lead her around the club as she took it all in, familiarizing herself with the layout of the club, getting used to the music and general atmosphere. 

The only times Devin had seen her wearing something other than her usual athletic wear, jeans, yoga pants and t-shirts, was the most recent school dances, where she wore dressed. But this was something all together different. Lilly was wearing a set of black heels, black, skintight, faux leather leggings that she looked poured into, and a dark metallic gray, cowl neck halter top with a long, oversized necklace filling in much of the plunging neckline and matching the oversized bracelets on each wrist. Her hair was down, which was a rare sight as she usually had it in a high pony or bun, her dark locks cascading down around her shoulders. The outfit showed off her athletic, yet still feminine physique and toned ass that any girl in the club would be envious off.

"Oh! This one!" she said as she yanked Devin by the hand with a surprising strength as a remix of "Worth It" came on over the sound system. He couldn't help my grin at her enthusiasm as she led him to the dance floor. 

Devin rested his hands on her hips and looked into Lilly's eyes.

"Just look around. Feel the music. Let it move you." he instructed as he began to move her hips for her.

Lilly closed her eyes and and felt the music, the pounding base, the squeal of the saxophone. She let it push the stress and worries out of her head. The alien invasion, the slipping humanity of some of her friends, the decision to break up with Sandy... All of she just let go of. Right now, she was just a teen girl, at a club with a cute guy, and she was going to relax and enjoy herself, if only for an evening.

Lilly raised her arms up and began to sway er hips in Devin's grasp, no longer letting him guide her as she just let the music do it's thing. Lilly might not have had much dance experience, other than goofing off with Kia or in front of a mirror, but even powered down she still had a near inhuman grace, making her movements smooth and fluid, which was only accentuated but her 'she doesn't even realize how sexy she is' thing she's always had going on. Her lips slowly contorted into a sultry smile and her eyes opened half opened, looking to Devin's eyes as he took in her swaying from before him until he realized she was looking at him and met her gaze.

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He drank her in her movements, watching as she moved and seductively swayed her frame in pure poetic prose.  Whether she realized it or not, she was a good at what she was doing, even if she didn't know precisely what that was.  She caught him, his eyes feasting on her gorgeous body and exotic movements and just as she expected his roguish smirk was completely unabashed.  The song was finished and was slowly fading into the next one and she suddenly realized she had a minor audience.

"Everyone's staring at me," she said softly as he approached her.

"Can you blame them," he asked as he got close to her, placing his hands on her hips once more.  "You're gorgeous."  His compliment was sincere, so sincere in fact that it broke the rules of what most women are taught in High School about guys 'just telling them they're pretty'.  His eyes didn't lie, and right now she couldn't take hers off his.  Devin, like her, was dormed down and under all his insults, snarky comments and jerkiness, he was a bona fied charmer.  He was so intense with that simple, honest comment that in that moment she understood something that hadn't really occurred to her: 'this is what it was like to be desired'.  It's what she'd been missing from Sandy.

The intro to the next song had begun and they still hadn't taken their eyes off the other.  In their minds swarmed a simple question of 'this is still innocent fun, right?'.  Devin traced the tips of his fingers down her cheeks, her neck, even outlined the curves of her breasts down her body so his thumbs traced the delicate, chiseled abs she'd worked years at forming.  His touch was hypnotic.  It was like he was making out with her with just his hands and until now, she didn't even know that was possible.  He wasn't trying to be sexual but there was nothing about dancing that wasn't an intimate affair.  A part of her mind wanted to protest, and in all honesty a part of his told him that he should dial down a notch, but like everything that was a bad idea... it felt way to good in the moment to slow it down at all.

One hand rested on her glistening hip.  His other hand wrapped around her, resting low on the small of her back, honestly, his hand may as well had been on her ass.  A strange sensation swept over her that this was probably the furthest she'd gotten with a guy... and they hadn't even done anything!  Devin's glare was solid, his stoic expression almost claiming her with an assertive confidence that a voice inside her had screamed for weeks at Sandy to find.  She could snap Devin like a twig, even dormed, but in this moment she was, oddly enough, his, and her emotions and mind reeled in an attempt to discover why.  Her body however, wanted to see just how far the rabbit hole went.

With her hips and butt he guided her.  Her movements mimed his.  Gyrating and swaying to a bass filled remix of "Shape of You".  For every sway he was with her, every step back, he was on her.  When she spun away from him, he was behind her, his hips and hands hungrily capturing her all over again.  She could feel him, but aside from his hands he never touched her, he was always just mere inches from her, teasing her and cajoling her body with a want he refused to award her with.  His hands slid across her slick abs, his chin rested near her shoulder as they both swayed with the rhythm.  His breath was warm, it tickled her neck sending electric chills across the whole of her body.  She was on fire and lost in a cool breeze all at once.  Her mind reeled as she considered the possibilities of where feelings and sensations like what she felt now could lead her with Sandy... with Devin, and a part of her knew that his mind was thinking the same, every image of Laurie slowly being replaced by her.  Like all bad decisions... in the moment, neither of them were in much a mindset to fix it, or care about fixing it.  For now, they would have their sins, if only for the next few songs.

To onlookers who came to the clubs, they all knew that dance was about passion, expression and freedom.  It conveyed every emotion when mingled with the right music and for thousands of generations people had used it express sadness, joy, kindness, love, passion, desire and even majesty.  None of those things held a candle to what they saw on that floor tonight.  Whether it was each of their prospective relationship issues, collective angst and stress or pent up sexual frustrations, the patrons in the club stood back and gave the couple all the room they needed to express the simple desire they were revealing to everyone around them: lust.  Tonight, the two teens wanted something, whether from life, each other, the world, their friends... whatever, and tonight they just let go.  Dancing was always an intimate affair, but these two were beyond that, with nothing more than bated breath, sweat, their hips and a song, they'd made love to one another in a way no one around them had ever experienced.  Relationships were slowly being ruined as partners asked 'why don't you dance with me like that?' and 'look at that, they can actually go a full five minutes'.

The song faded and there was, strangely, a silence.  Devin held Lilly close to him, one arm around her waist his other on her side.  She had her hand around his head, her other holding his side.  They were pressed close, carnally so in fact.  It had been five minutes and they glistened with sweat.  Their breath came heavy with a heat and shortness to it akin to two lovers entwined after climax.  They gazed at one another, holding the other, chests heaving.  Their lips were only one hungry though away from punctuating everything they'd just told this entire club.  Words escaped them and it was the roar of the crowd that broke them from their reverie and saved them.  The floor had become theirs and they hadn't noticed it at all until now.  People from all sides of the floor cheered and applauded as the two teens flushed and bashfully tried to hide in plain sight.

"Uh," Devin rasped.  The weight of they had just done together seemed to be catching up with him and the plucky, whimsical teenager in him seemed to be returning.  He released her, and she felt his reservation in doing so.  "Water?  I could... uh, use some water..."

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Lilly inhaled deeply and then slowly blew the breath out in some attempt to compose herself after what she had just experienced with Devin. She felt hot, but it wasn't from the collective body heat of the patrons packed into the club either. No, this heat felt like it came from inside her, like every cell of her body was hot and her skin was tingling.

"Yeah." she managed to say before licking her lips quickly and swallowing hard. "Water." she nodded.

Cautiously she extended her hand, causing Devin to look down as her hand grasped his. His gaze drifted back to her eyes, which were very relaxed and looking right back at him. Lilly did not need to say a word though, her gaze and body language said plenty enough. The normally rather outgoing and assertive Lilly, a natural leader in her own right who led an entire football team of guys (who did not really even want her there to start) to a state championship, was allowing Devin to lead her.

Devin gave a small, silent nod and led her to an outdoor patio area, ordering two waters along the way. The cooler night air was instantly apparent as it touched any of their bared skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Devin led Lilly to the railing, to at least put the other patrons behind them, and looked out at the lights of the city. Lilly bent forward, resting her elbows on the railing and closed her eyes for a moment. The two of them stood there in silence for a moment, their minds awash in a mixture of thoughts about what happened and each other.

"Here you go." the woman said as she offered the two glasses of ice water to the pair. She did not look thrilled to be doing delivering free water, but a hefty tip from Devin swiftly changed her attitude. "Let me know if you need anything else." she said with a wink before she departed.

"So... that's dancing?" Lilly asked, taking a sip of her water before holding the class to the side of her forehead, enjoying the cold.

"It's, uh... yeah. We should do that...." she said as she lowered her glass and looked to Devin, "...more." she added, letting the single word linger as she turned and leaned back against the railing.

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Devin talked a good game, and as the sweat mingled with the night air it chilled him back to some of his senses.  Like Lilly, he'd not really been on a whole lot of adventures when it came to the opposite sex.  When it came to Lilly... he'd give Sandy first base and second was a stretch given how prudish Lilly seemed to be when it came to being around guys in an intimate setting.  Sure, he had a few experiences under his belt but still, second was as far as he'd gotten, regardless what he went around telling people.

After that though, Devin was pretty sure he was no longer a virgin, in fact he was pretty sure he was going to be born in his next life without his virginity as well.  "It's not like was sleep, Lills.  You know me," he managed a weary smile.  "Any time, any place.  I'm down."  He tipped his water back, taking a large swig.  He'd considered powering up, letting his metabolism kick back on and within a few minutes all the fatigue would wash away, but no, he had to admit, he liked it.  Feeling normal again, if only for a little while, felt great.

"So, I have to know, hon,"  he looked to Lilly with a curious eyebrow raised with just his usual pinch of suave sarcasm.  "What the hell was that?  That's not the Lilly I know.  You got another side to you girl, a darker side... an evil twin and she's damn sexy.  Why you keepin' her chained up in the basement?  I'm tellin' ya, give a girl a pair of leather leggings and they think just they booty is on fleek they can act a fool... you kids these days."  He sucked his teeth and shook his head disapprovingly, using his 'back in my day' old man voice.  "Shameful... shameful."

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Lilly blushed, but smiled and looked down at her glass, swirling the ice around it as she bit her the side of her bottom lip.

"You know, they say it's the always good girls..." she said with a grin, making eye contact with Devin again for a moment before looking back down at her glass of ice water.

"I don't know. It's... I've spent years training so hard, being so disciplined in my diet, regimen and everything. I never really had much time to just be a teen." she said with a shrug of her bare shoulders.

"And guys have always stayed away. Courtney did a good job about spreading rumors of steroid use and calling me a freak or whatever, all behind my back of course. And I guess the rest of the guys were either intimidated or just found me unattractive." she sighed.

Lilly motioned to her body with an upturned palm. "I mean, I am not exactly the usual girl shape."

"I like your shape." Devin admitted with a grin before he even realized that he has said his thought aloud. Lilly smiled and blushed again, looking down at her glass, unused to compliments like that.

"And then Kia is so pretty and then there's Sean. Ugh.." she said with a roll of her eyes.

"Sean's a guy, who became a girl, or least a guy's idea of an ideal one, and.. I mean.. Just look at her. I am around that all the time. It's just... hard.. to be constantly compared to that." Lilly sighed as she looked up from her glass and into Devin's eyes again. "You know?" she asked.

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"Sean's ideal version.  Trust, well adjusted men want thier women real, everything about Sean is fake.  It's all quantum.  From the sway in his hips to Sara loving him, it's all the quantum doing it for him."  Sean and Devin may have reconciled, but there was nothing in the world that would convince him Sean was a 'real' woman.

"I know what you mean, I do."  Devin nodded his head, sipping his water.  "I was in dance classes and gymnastics, so until I built up some credibility, it was rough going with my peers as you can imagine."

He smiled at Lilly, letting theirs eyes meet in a moment of shared solidarity.  "Real talk Lills, no snark, no cheap shots.  You are an amazing athlete.  Yes, you are powerful, you are dedicated, and people are naturally going to be afraid of that.  But you are also a woman who is intelligent, strong willed, determined, and, obviously incredibly beautiful.  Don't ever let people like Courtney take that away.  And don't ever convince yourself into accepting anyone into your life that isn't the very best for you.  You'r great, deserve great things."

Their moment concluded and his impish smirk returned.  "Breathe a word of that to any and I will deny all involvment..."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lilly blushed a little at what Devin said, averting her eyes to her glass of water. She had been complimented before, and Sandy had told her that she was beautiful many times even, but there was something different about this. It had a simple honesty, It wasn't filtered through rose colored glasses and lacked ulterior motives. For at least a few moment Devin had managed to put aside his typical, douchey demeanor and was just honest, speaking to her as a real friend.

"Of course. You have your carefully cultivated image to protect." Lilly said with a smirk and roll of her eyes as she hopped up and sat on the railing, her back to the city and her feet resting on a lower rail.

"And since when did you have any 'credibility' either?" she teased with a smile.

"Seriously though. It's like... I don't know. Sandy is 'safe', like a comfortable set of flannel pajamas. They are warm and comfy, but also frumpy and boring. It gets old, you know? A girl just needs to feel pretty or sexy, at least sometimes. So that's when the pretty, lacy, sexy stuff comes out. Even if nobody else sees it, at least you know you are wearing it, so you feel pretty or sexy or whatever." she explained as she traced along the edges of his lapels, somewhat idly as she spoke.

She bit her lower lip and slowly  parted her legs clad in skintight faux leather, pulling Devin close to her, between them as she lifted her gaze back to his. Was it the best idea? Far from it, but Lilly was already slipping, so what was a little more if it made you feel good? She had always trained hard and been disciplined, even before the protection of the world was thrust upon her and her friend's shoulders. She needed some 'me time'... some time to blow off some steam. No. She deserved it, she told herself subconsciously. She pulled him close with a surprising strength, even in her dormed form, as she looked down and nearly brushed foreheads, letting her long, dark hair frame their faces and tickle his brow. 

"Sandy, " she said, biting her lip for a momentary pause, "..he would have never danced with me like that. Like, ever." she said, letting her nose brush along Devin's with just the faintest of touches.

They were so close that even without his quantum enhanced sense he could smell her soft perfume and the scent of the salt water still lingering on her bare skin, which there was plenty of, and in her hair. There was something... real... about it. A lack of pretentiousness and a casual c'est la vi attitude that set her apart from so many other girls. She didn't spend hours getting ready like most girls. This was her, not some finely manicured facade carefully constructed over hours in front of a mirror.

"And right now? Right now I feel.. sexy." she whispered softly.

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"His loss," Devin replied just as softly. 

Just like when they were dancing, he held her close to him in ways that could have easily pushed the boundaries of their friendship.  Like moments ago on the dance floor one of his hands was dangerously south of the small of her back, to cradle her from slipping off the banister (that's his story, he's sticking to it) while his other rested on her side, indecisively hovering between above and beneath the folds of her loose fitting top.  They could have lied to one another all night, but it would not have discounted the fact they were seventeen and stupid.  Sure they'd saved the world, but when it came to practical life lessons and experiences... they were grossly lacking.

As close as they were in the warm Australian night are she could feel his attraction to her.  It was in his breathing, his heartbeat, the way he looked at her and other, less subtle, clues.  Devin could talk a good game, but if someone had told him when he arrived in Shelly that him and Lilly Pryor would be getting this close, while being this sweaty, and her wearing very little... he wouldn't have ever believed it.  She was hot even before her change.  He'd even told his mom as much which is why she tried hooking them up for the dance a couple of years back.

Now here they were.  She was obviously attracted to him, or was the best tease in the world.  Normally a man at this point would have a very serious choice to make.  Here he was with a 'girlfriend' whom he never saw or spent any time with since the President collected her, and here she was with a boyfriend she wasn't happy in a relationship that was just One Bad Day™ from going tits up.  Again, a man would have a choice to make.  Despite Devin's claim to such, he was only a seventeen year old, hormone driven, teenager with a libido fueled by Japanese cartoon porn.  Like most others in his position he didn't think, he just went ahead and started that snowball rolling into Hell.

"You are sexy," he said to her, it was really all he could come up with considering his mind was preoccupied with several other things involving Lilly and her body.  Friends didn't get this close, they both knew it and just weren't in a position to logically argue it.  Teenage hormones were one of the strongest and most common ingredients in just about every stupid mistake in a high schooler's life... why would now prove different?  Their faces flirted and teased each other, liek they knew what could happen next but neither had the courage to actually go through it.  Instinctive little nudges, curls of the lips, and the breathing.  The heavy breath of anticipation was always the dead give away.

All the teasing and flirting became dangerously serious when their lips did touch.  A gentle brush that warned them that were going to far.  Before either mind could pull them from their mistake, Devin went for it.  It was a simple, open-mouthed, romantic kiss that practically begged Lilly's own lips to participate and she was surprised to learn he was incredibly proficient at kissing.  Caring, calm, and delivered by a young man who, when he was honest, delivered that honesty with the same passion and conviction that pursued everything in life:

No regrets, only consequences.

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Lilly's eyes widened for a moment as Devin kissed her. Granted, she was teasing, maybe even fishing for a kiss, but she did not think it would actually happen. She was too used to Sandy and his overly 'nice guy' general lack of assertiveness when it came to anything even vaguely sexual. She should not have been all that surprised though, as Devin had already proven to be much more confident and assertive than Sandy, and they had just been hanging out and dancing and were both in other relationships. Or where they? In her mind she had already decided to break up with Sandy, while Devin seemed to have hardly seen Laurie in some time with her new responsibilities and all.

Right now though, her mind nearly went blank, letting all of her stress and concerns fall away. It was not that she had never been kissed before. She and Sandy had kissed and made out many times, even if that was the most they ever really did, but this was different. Sitting out on this patio in the cool, night air she was just a sexy girl and he was just an attractive boy, one who actually wanted her. And that was it, really. He desired her, even if may only be for a few moments, minutes or hours. How long did not matter right now though. The fact that a boy she was attracted to, even if he was one who she had never really looked at that way until today, desired her and was not afraid to show it... and it felt good. Perhaps too good after after her past several months, but she didn't care right now. Or rather she probably did, somewhere deep down, but her raging, teenage hormones vetoed that thought with extreme prejudice. 

Lilly's eyes closed and every one of her toned muscles relaxed as she gave into the kiss, relenting, almost melting into it as she began to return it. She was not overly enthusiastic or anything, she simply enjoyed the moment, savoring how she was feeling as she tried to stretch it out as long as she could, even if only a second or two more. She was not sure how much time had passed by the time kiss had finally broke. Minutes? Seconds? She did not know nor did she care.

"Dude..." was she all she managed to say in a soft, panting breath as she basked in the warm feeling coursing through her body, resting her forehead against Devin's with their noses touching as she panted softly with her eyes closed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"I," like her Devin was fishing for a breath amongst a sea of thoughts, actions and desires.  "Probably should not have done that, but I can't bring myself to apologize..."

They remained in that transitory state between propriety and lust.  Foreheads pressed, noses touching, and lips less then inches apart they found themselves wanting more, but unsure if was right.  Her body was on fire in his hands, he touched her in ways she'd only read about in racy novels.  It was like she was drug and he was already addicted and couldn't get enough of her in his grasp to sate his craving.

His hands wandered enough to keep their flirtatious desire PG-13, but he was pushing that envelope, and it was all he could do to keep his lips in check.  He looked at her with a hunger she'd not seen in a man before and she was pretty sure all those late movies were way wrong.  His lips traced hers again in a gentle kiss, "Near as I can tell, we can walk away from this and forget it ever happened.  Or keep going down this rabbit hole and possibly make the best mistake of our formative high school years..." He even made the negative part sound damn inviting.

His thumb traced over her perfectly sculpted abs, rocketing a chill through body.  His breath fell gently but with purpose against her neck, filling her mind with the same desires she knew he was entertaining.  His other hand offered her backside a gentle caress.  Devin was certainly thorough, but she was coming to understand what it was like to have a man worship the temple that was her body that she worked years to perfect.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Like you could forget this..." Lilly panted with eyes nearly closed and a faint smile on her lips as she pushed her backside more firmly into Devin's caress.

She lifted her arms, resting her forearms on his shoulders, loosely clasping her hands together behind him, and leaned forward, their lips meeting once more. Lilly's eyes drifted closed and a soft, near moan escaped her lips as they kissed again, a long, tender kiss underscored by a smoldering passion that was slowly being unlocked.

Lilly offered no resistance to the exploration of Devin's hands, his caress playing over her firm, shapely rear, long, athletics legs and chiseled abs. While lacking the eerie seeming near-perfection of Sean's, Lilly's body was a work of art, the product of thousands of hours of hard work and sweat resulting in a near perfect blend of femininity and athleticism that would make Wonder Woman envious. Devin had a good idea of it, due to the athletic apparel she favored, and even seeing her in a swimsuit just a few hours ago still did not compare to feeling her in with his exploring hands.

For Lilly's part, she could not help but relish in the feeling of being desired, and the knowledge that he had his eye on her since he arrived in Shelly only added to it. Yes, Sandy desired her too, but he was more... wholesome? Cautious? Devin, though not aggressive, was still more confident and showed that he wanted her in so many ways, but subtle and not. It was almost like a drug for Lilly after having been alone for so long, and then dealing with the rumors started by Courtney. Devin wanted her and was not afraid to show it, and it made her moan softly into the kiss.

Then a thought crossed her mind, once that she wished hadn't, but Lilly had to ask. Breaking the kiss, she pulled back slightly, pressing her forehead against Devin's once more, lips just inches apart, and rested her hand atop one of Devin's, offering no resistance. "What... What about you and Laurie?" she asked in a panting breath, dreading at least one possible answer.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"I like her," he said honestly, trying to catch his own breath as well.  Truth be told, Devin was under the impression that Lilly was about as prudish as one could get.  Where she learned to kiss like she was kissing was beyond him but mentally he was giving a shout out to every CW teen drama out there for showing her the path of the Not-So-Righteous.  "But she's in Washington and is either physically or emotionally unavailable.  I'm trying and she's just, doing her own thing.  It's infuriating, but there it is.  We're nothing official, I don't think we ever could be until she breaks away from Washington.  I feel like I don't exist, or that I'm just in the way when I go and see her.  I dunno, to be honest, it's not something I really wanna talk about in the middle of my hands and lips being all over you..."

For a typical, well adjusted human being, this would be about the the time he should have asked about Sandy and how her action would affect the two of them, but Devin's moral compass was skewed to say the least.  Whatever friction was there between Lilly and Sandy, it was for Lilly and Sandy to deal with and the choices were for Lilly to come to terms with.  Sure, he'd help her if he could, but his place was not to pry into her love life.  Especially not while they were in the middle of making out and it was something he really wanted to get back to.

He squeezed her backside and pulled her into him, kissing her again.  Strong, passionate and with a hunger she wasn't accustomed to from Sandy.  Plus... the dude's name was 'Sandy'.  Just sayin'.  Her mind told her to push him away, that maybe this wasn't the best idea, Devin wasn't a bad guy, he'd understand.  It was just too intoxicating, neither of them listened to that voice of better judgement.  The more the questions poured through Devin's mind, the  more passionately he kissed her.  He didn't want the burdens of their lives messing this up.  Here they were and everything was just... perfect.  Regardless of where his time with her led him, he needed her to give him that escape and he felt that maybe she needed him too.

Lilly felt a shift in the air and she knew he'd moved them, and he kept moving them.  Whether it was intentional or not she didn't know, but Devin randomly jaunting about the world was nothing uncommon.  She wrestled with wanting to open an eye to see where he was taking them.  Australia faded from view and they were in Rome in the center of the Coliseum.  Rome faded the beaches of Maui claimed them.  Maui faded and the chill crept over their skin as the Northern Lights cascaded their lovely light show across the sky.  Then Australia faded back into view and they were right back where thy started, her close to the rail as he worshiped her.

He broke the kiss, again for more air, and rested his cheek to hers, his breath hot against her ear.  His lips traced down to her neck in a series of slower kisses.  He was like an addict, her scent, her touch, the slight moans she made at the feeling of his touch and kiss everything about her spurned him forward to claim more of all that she was willing to give to him. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Lilly arched her back with a soft moan, pushing her backside more firmly into Devin's grasping hands as she tilted her head back and pushed her chest out. The motion, along with the plunging neckline of her top, was all the invitation Devin needed. His kisses began to find their way down her neck as she lifts a hand and combed her fingers through his hair. Maybe it was the fact that the prudish girl could be so sexy, sensual and inviting that was so intoxicating to him. The entire time he had know her he had never seen her like anything even remotely approaching this.

For Lilly's part, she was not particularly even thinking at the moment and instead was just reveling in the attention and the almost euphoric feeling of actually feeling desired. Lilly had blossomed into a beautiful, young woman, though she had never really noticed. Or maybe it was all of the comments and rumors put out there by Courtney and others that always made her feel less so. On top of that, she knew her physique, such as being a teen girl with washboard abs,  was off-putting to some, but had only recently come to realize that it was do their own insecurity, not her looks. Right now Devin was here and he desired her... worshiped her... and it was a heady feeling for a teen girl who had desires and physical needs that she had not totally realized herself. In Freudian terms, her id was beginning to run rampant and totally unchecked.

Other in the patio area, though used to seeing couple make out, were even a bit taken aback by the pair and the (well let's be honest here) lust that practically dripped from them. People shifted in their seats, mouths hung open slightly and heart rates elevated as they watched, mesmerized bu the teens For all the attention they were getting, Lilly and Devin did not even seem to notice. There was little more in their world than each other at the moment.

"Their loss..." Lilly nearly moaned into Devin's hair as he kiss down her neck, exploring the plunging neckline of her top, while Lilly sat on the railing and crossed her ankles behind Devin's thighs, pulling him closer, grinding her hips to his.

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Lilly felt the railing disappear. They fell backward and instinctively she tensed up, bracing for a fall... onto a soft mattress. They were in a dimly lit room swimming in a sea of pillows and an overly fluffed comforter.  The dim lights offered just enough light for them to barely see one another. She'd heard that Devin had crashed in a few empty houses all over the globe. Celebrities or wealthy people who maintained several homes all over the world and certainly couldn't be at all of them at once, so when they weren't there, he would crash. Ninety-three percent of people didn't security cam the bedroom, and at the moment the two of them were comfortable with those odds. Not that either were in any state of mind to consider math...

She could hear the ocean, the roar of waves crashing against a shoreline. There was a warm breeze billowing gently through the air and the whole room smelled of fresh, salty sea air. She took a deep breath as Devin's hand slid down her side as his hips pushed into her pressing into her with a sensation that brought her attention back to her lover and not where they'd landed.

He was atop her, his movements never faltering as he continued his lavish attention to her body. Brazenly he slid his hand down her chest at the line where her top met her skin. At the curve of her breast he slid the top away exposing her soft, delicate skin. His thumb gently traced over her nipple, quickly followed by lips that seemed dedicated to keeping her mind in an erotic haze. His tongue gently flicked and he backed away with a slight breeze from his lips that chilled the dampness of his tender kiss.

He was hesitant in his flirtations, kissing and touching her all over, exploring her body like a young man who was experiencing a woman for the first time should. He didn't want any of this to end, sure he'd watched enough porn on the internet (his collection was neigh legendary back home), and Lilly was certainly thankful he had. He had no fear of exploring her curves, kissing every inch of her skin and pinching and squeezing everything she didn't have nailed down. Thanks to the internet, despite them both being virgins, Devin seemed like he'd done this hundreds of times before, despite simply mimicking what he'd seen on screen for years.

Like all teens, neither wanted to make the ultimate move, despite he dry humping beginning to chafe. He slid to the slide, laying next to her, his lips pressed firmly on her, as their tongues gently danced and tease one another. Thankful she wasn't the sort that thought tongue kissing meant choking her partner to death with it. He figured it was an all or nothing game at this point, and it was either going to happen or it wasn't. He squeezed her firm backside one last time (for luck) and traced his hand around her hips and up her lean, toned abs with his finger tips, arousing a shivering response that he answered with a deeper, more passionate kiss. She whimpered and softly moaned, keeping amazed that woman that could crush coal into diamonds could be this passionate, serene and gentle. His hand slid downward, passing under the waistline of her tight clubbing pants and Lilly suddenly realized that she had a very important decision to make...

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Lilly was in no state to make decisions, or even think for that matter. Her mind was awash in pleasure and aching desire. Who she was with, where they were and what they were doing were not even concerns for her at the moment as she lay atop the bed, her back arching, abs flexing and breasts pushing out as she felt Devin's hand slip into her her skintight leggings, coaxing a small, shuddering moan from her for a moment before she grasped his wrist. She withdrew his hand, grasped his other wrist, and twisted, ending up straddling Devin, grinding pelvis to pelvis as she leaned over him slightly, her bare breasts heaving with each panting breath as she caressed up and down his chest and finally tore his shirt open nearly effortlessly.

Lilly looked down at Devin, her long, dark hair (which Devin could count on a hand the number of times he had seen her wear it down) slightly disheveled and hanging down, nearly covering her breasts. She bit her bottom lip and dragged her nails lightly down his bare chest, not enough to truly scratch, instead just titillating him as she looked him over. Even before his enhancement Devin was a gymnast, and under the dark, loose clothing he would wear was a toned frame, a physique that Lilly appreciated.

Lilly leans down, kissing Devin passionately, grinding teasingly against him as her hands caressed down his bare chest and back up, sliding down his arms to slip his shirt off and finally finding his hands. She interlaced her fingers with his as they kissed, her bare breasts on his chest as she panted and moaned into the kiss, her own desire burning as she seemed to try and work Devin into a state of mindless need.

Devn's groan caused Lilly to sit up and slip off of him, standing before him as she mostly turned her back to him and slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her skintight, faux leather leggings. Her thumbs moved back and forth, from front to back, slowly easing the leggings down over her rear, revealing her firm, luscious bare rear. It was then that Devin realized why he could not seem to guess the color of her underwear... because the little minx had not been wearing any beneath the skintight leggings. Then agains, he remembered that he never did see any sort of panty line beneath the leggings...

She looked over her shoulder at Devin, who though was watching intently, was also making swift work of his belt and pants. Lilly turned back to face him, nude. Her body was toned and athletic with her eight pack abs, yet still somehow feminine and just curvaceous enough. Her hands did not seem to know what to do with themselves, fidgeting a bit between trying to cover her hairless pelvis and trying to look 'natural' around her hips while her long, dark hair attempted to conceal her breasts.

Then it occurred to Devin. Lilly was not so much more bare (though she was bare) as she was... vulnerable... a word that few would have ever used to ever describe her before her enhancement, much less afterwards. She was a young woman who could crush coal into diamond, rip apart tanks with her bare hands, and walk through a hail of anti-tank fire without a concern... and yet here she was, standing all but naked before Devin, with her seemingly ever-present guard down. Vulnerable.

With her face full of desire and yet also a bit of uncertainty, Lilly bit her bottom lip and stepped close, kneeling on the bed, resting her strangely delicate hands on his chest as she parted her toned thighs and straddle Devin once more...

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Drunk on shadows and lost in a lie / Killing ourselves a kiss at a time / Devils dance while angels smile / Drunk on shadows and lost in life... softly Pandora kept faithfully spitting out tracks as Lilly slept and Devin stared at he ceiling, lost in the maze of his own thoughts.

Lilly lay next to Devin, draped over him as close as she could get.  Neither of them slept much, but after what they just did, a little sleep was welcome.  Naked in the dim light of the sun rising and peeking over the horizon, he'd completely lost track of time.  They'd made love for hours, every time they'd finished, they just started over again.  Neither were particularly experienced in love or sex, but neither would argue that after tonight, they'd certainly gotten a good head start on what came later.  She was asleep, out cold in fact.  Her head rested quietly on his chest and his arm was under her, playing with her hair as she ventured through wherever her dreams had taken her.  He could hear her heart, it had slowed to the speed of REM sleep, but she'd still occasionally smile and lovingly kiss his chest.  She was so loving and compassionate.

Lilly had a way with people that just kept them... glued together when they felt like falling apart.  She moved, trying to get closer to him, but she couldn't possibly have done so.  She relaxed, smiled and gently stroked her thumb across his chest.  He kissed her gently on the forehead.In his mind tumbled many things.  Maybe it was the post sex euphoria, but he felt something.  Something he didn't feel when he was with Laurie.  Yet, he couldn't stop thinking about her.  She consumed his every thought, and a part of him couldn't help but scream at him that at her side is where he belonged.  His phone beeped softly, as if on cue.


LaurieTXT_zpsjubso5fv.jpg Hey, you up?  Sorry about dinner last night, Secretary of Defense had a big conference.  So sorry!  I tried calling you afterwards, thought we could talk, or you could zip by some Bunnie's or something.  You okay?

JauntText_zpsig21vgka.jpgYeah, fine.  Prior engagement.

LaurieTXT_zpsjubso5fv.jpgOkay, you're mad.  I get it.  I keep making dates and I keep standing you up, that's on me.  I'm trying, Dev, please understand that.  This place is crazy and I'm overwhelmed on the best of days and ready for a complete mental break down on my worst.  Please understand that I'm trying.  I miss you.

JauntText_zpsig21vgka.jpgMiss you too.

LaurieTXT_zpsjubso5fv.jpgFine.  I deserve some attitude, I'll concede that.  Devin, please, just try to be a little more understanding with me.  It hit me last night, I was lying here and I was so scared you'd just given up on us.  I know we don't always get along, and I know I'm unbearable and you're a complete douche at times, let's face those facts... but the truth is: I've never felt like this with someone before.  I want to be with you, I know we can make it work.  Just, please, be patient.

We'll talk.  I'm kinda wrapped up in the middle of something at the moment.JauntText_zpsig21vgka.jpg


Tenderly Devin rubbed Lilly's back with the tips of his fingers.  He'd spent all night with her, had his hands and lips on every inch of her body and still every soft, sensual inch of her made him hungry for more.  She was his new drug, his new addiction.  Whomever Lilly Pryor was last night, he needed more of her.  His phone beeped softly again.


LaurieTXT_zpsjubso5fv.jpgI love you.


"Ah, fuck," he said in a whisper with a heavy sigh.  Those three little words changed everything...

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