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  1. I always took the yearbook sheets as us at the beginning of the game, before xp, much like in AWS we kept a baseline sheet. If you are looking at the yearbook entry then a person's sig is gonna be right there too.
  2. Lilly watched as the others filed out and then Clara left, clearly upset, only for Marissa to go out after her. Maybe by showing her showing Marissa willingness to move past, well, the past, and come together things had finally made a turn with the Jauntsen twins. Only time would tell. Lilly walked over the small, metal box that Clara had put the bracelet in and inspected it. "Huh. That's new." she said and then opened her pack and put the box inside. Things seemed to be going well, so Lilly decided to press her luck. Maybe it would help with talking to Jase about... things. He was not too hard to find. The bleachers were generally where he was found at lunch if he was not at the table with other others. She could see him at the top of the bleachers, laying back and staring up at the sky rather than his usual reading, which was just slightly unusual. Lilly took a breath and exhaled. She was not terribly looking forward to some of what was coming, but like it or not, some thing need to be said, if not resolved. She walked up the stairs on the side of the bleachers, effortlessly hopping a few steps at a time until she reached the top and walked down the row, finally stopping to sit by his feet, which she patted, getting his attention. Jase, deep in his thoughts, was surprised by it and lifted his head to look down the length of his long, lanky body to see Lilly sitting by his feet. Her presence intrigued him as he considered that it had actually been days, Friday morning, in fact, since the two of them talked alone. No doubt she would have things to say about what was said that morning, and the events since then. In fact, after the Liam incident, he had been surprised that she hadn't yet even approached him about it. "Hey." he said with a nod to her, tugging on the cord to remove his earbuds as he pressed 'pause' on his music player with but a thought. "Hey." she replied back simply, her mood a little more subdued than her usual upbeat self. "I wanted to talk to you about a few things, if you have time." Jase simply nodded, holding his earbuds in his hand, which Lilly glanced down at. "Seriously. No music or book reading or, I dunno, re-reading a book from memory or whatever. This, or these things, are important. Well, mostly." she said. Jase considered her for a moment and then tucked to earbuds into a smaller pocket on his bag. Lilly sighed, ordering her thoughts a bit and then proceeded. "You know the Heaths? Lori and Lacy? Well, Lori's family's property borders Grainger Road. Lori and her dad were fixing their fence line over the weekends and saw... well.. more heard than saw my truck heading down Grainger Road both days, and seeing as the only thing down Grainger Road is your family far, it wasn't too hard for her to figure where I was going. So that lead to a few things. The most obvious being that the farm might not be as, I dunno, secure as we thought. People are watching after all. And yeah, we're all friends... mostly... but it does probably look a little unusual for us to be spending that much time at your place suddenly. Second, Lori and Lacy came to me this morning, thinking that because my truck was spending so much time at you place that... they thought we were going out, and asked if we were to make sure." Lilly sighed. "So, like, things seem to at least look a certain way to people, which will only feed the rumor mill. I nixed it though, so there was not doubt. Because, you know, how could we possibly be going out when I am not supposed to care that much about you?" she added. Lilly slipped her phone out of her pocket and held it in her hand, looking down at the dormant device. "And to make things even better, now I am getting creepy, anonymous texts like Lona did, which I assume is the Dark, or Cody as the Dark's pawn, doing it to mess with me or us as a whole. It seems, based on what's happened to pretty much all of us just today and the Man In Black Friday night and his comments to us,, that the Dark is now very aware of us and probing for weaknesses." He was silent for a long moment, face impassive and his green eyes - shining as they caught the light from the sky - studying her face. She wondered, and not for the first time, what it was like to look out on the world with that chilly, crystalline lack of self-doubt, fear or remorse. Probably lonely, except he didn't feel loneliness, now did he? As smart as Jason was, he likely had full awareness of his isolation, but without the attendant sadness or angst. She'd never thought of it in those terms, but it was low-key horrifying as much as saddening. "So they heard your truck, but saw nothing." he stated rather than asked, calmly. "They are aware that we - as in the group of us - hang out at my place a lot. There is a possible danger there - they might decide to drop in on us socially. Weighed against that is the fact that if we suddenly stop, they might suspect we have something to hide." "Right." Lilly nodded. Jason smoothly sat up, folding his long legs Indian fashion as he faced her. "We should probably not cancel power practice. But look for alternate venues so we can vary where we do it. I know a hidden, out of the way place." he mused, thinking of his lab and the old mining buildings there. "We can discuss it at practice this Sunday, but otherwise cut down the amount of time we spend there" His eyes, which had gone a little distant, focused back on Lilly's lovely features with the clarity of a bird of prey's gaze. "And the Dark - or their agent - is attempting to torment you too. That makes sense. Test the links, find the weak spots. It's what I would do." he noted, still scrutinizing her. "And why are the Heath girls so curious about your or my love life, or lack of it?" "Because, if you and I weren't going out, then Lori Heath was hoping you would ask her to the Homecoming dance." Lilly answered. "I dunno if you have a date for the dance, or if you are even going. If you are going, but don't have a date yet, you should really consider her. I mean, aside from essentially knowing she will say yes, she is cute, and sweet, and funny. " Lilly explained, talking up her friend to Jason. He shrugged, head tilting slightly as he considered her words. He knew Lori Heath by sight - when the Bannons had first moved into the old Wilson Farm the Heaths had dropped round in a neighbourly way, only to find a withdrawn, haggard man and his quiet boy with the keen, too-steady gaze. Though they hadn't been made unwelcome, they generally left them to themselves after that, existing in a polite distant kind of cordiality. And of course he'd seen her around school, shared classes with her. "I wasn't planning on going." he said, not unexpectedly. Jason never showed up for dances in previous years, had only bothered showing up for games when his friend had been taking part. He studied Lilly's face intently, trying to find visual cues. "You are her friend. Do you think I should ask her? I'm not exactly..." he searched for the right word. "Typical." "I.. I can't really answer that. Or rather, I am not one that should really be asked." she said. "She's one of my best friends and the Heaths were some of the first friends I made here. I know I want her to be happy and have a good time, but I also don't want to see her hurt either." "I mean hell, we are, or were I though, good friends, and look at what you said to me." she pointed out as she looked down at her bag in her lap. "I dunno. I mean, if you could say that and treat me that way, then maybe you and I never really were friends." she said with a shrug, watching a zipper on her back slide back and forth as she tugged on it in each direction. "But if she is crushing on your or something, then she'd be even more... I dunno, easier for you to hurt, I guess." she explained, looking back up and to Jason. "So really, the only person who can answer that is you. Only you know how you'll be." "I did not intend to hurt you." he told her quietly, his voice softening slightly - something Lilly's logic told her was conscious socialization rather than effective empathy. Still, it could be classed as 'cares enough to make an effort'. His brow furrowed in focus. "I was trying to warn you not to expect me to be other than I am, to adjust your thinking so that you did not walk blithely into a thorn-patch thinking it was a clear path." He glanced down at her hands as they fidgeted with her bag's zipper, then back to meet her gaze. In contrast with her restlessness, he was a picture of composure. "If you were not a friend - if I did not care for your well-being - I would not have warned you." "I see now that it was clumsily and cruelly done. And that is the problem as I see it - with the finer emotions I am so damn clumsy, Lilly. The emotions I do feel strongest are better described as passions - they rage and rampage around inside me, primal monsters seeking what they want with no conscience to cut in and restrain them." He smiled faintly at her. "I wanted to protect you, and I hurt you instead. I wish I had thought more about my words, and maybe examined the sentiment harder too." "After all, it's not exactly like you're a helpless idiot." his smile teased into a grin at one corner. "It was a shitty thing to do, or say, dude." she said flatly, holding him accountable even if she might maybe forgive him. "Especially the day of a game too." she added with a sigh. "I mean, you tell me that you like me... like, like me, like me, and then tell me something shitty like that? I was like, 'WTF? Was it because we never went on a date? Because if that was the case, then that was kind on you, not me.' or whatever." she pointed out. "And you don't get to say who I care about or how much, no matter how well intentioned you may be. "I care about people, especially my friends. I always have. And that was hard on me when we were moving every few years. I would make friends only to leave them behind. Like, you know I still talk to my friends from Germany? Most of them were other American kids on base, but I also met some townies. Some of them are even talking about coming for a visit." Lilly sighed. "Anyways... You, Sean, and the Heaths are among my first and oldest friends here, followed right behind by Cade, Charlie and Lona and some others. I care about you guys and want what's best for you all." she said as she looked at him again. "I already knew about you when you said that shit Friday morning. You say it was for my protection, but I think you sell yourself short. I mean, yeah, you might not ever be totally 'normal' or whatever, but you can certainly be a lot closer to it. It looks to me like you kinda use your... condition?... as something to hide behind, or a bit of an excuse to not put in the work. It just takes you making the decision and putting the effort." "And yeah, I think Liam has a grasp on your 'passions' dude. I..." Lilly paused, considering her own feelings on the issue for a moment. "Honestly, I wanted to beat the hell outta him myself too. And maybe I would have done it if you hadn't. I dunno. I guess I'll never know, but I like to think I wouldn't have. So, like, on a one hand I know where you were coming from and I cannot really blame you... But on the other hand, there is is a difference between having certain impulses and acting on them. Look, I know Lona's talked to you, but you should know that what you did kinda spooked most everybody. if I had been the one to do it, they would have still been spooked, maybe even more so, but.. I dunno... You left without a word and beat the hell outta Liam. Like, seriously. My mom works at the medical center and told me about it. I mean, fighting monsters is one thing, but I think everybody seeing you do that to him, especially using you Shine to do it, it was just, I dunno, overkill or crossing a line for many, I think." she explained. "I understand protecting your friends and wanting to hurt somebody that hurt them. I really do. But you have to temper that." she warned. "I mean, I have wanted to put Devin and Marissa through a wall for stuff they have said done long I ever had my Shine..." she said as she looked down at her hands, "...or whatever the heck I have." Then a thought struck her. Something said at the bonfire the night before. "Huh. Maybe after the bonfire I subconsciously did what you said, and 'defined' myself more or whatever..." "Possibly." Jason nodded, his expression once more becoming neutral in the wake of what Lilly had had to say. Whatever he thought about her accusation of him hiding behind his condition, or about her lecture on Liam, was shut away behind the impassive mask of his gaze. "I think our gifts are very much defined by our personalities, drives and psyche." He unfolded his legs, standing and stretching as, distantly, the bell rang signalling the end of lunch. "I'll bear in mind what you said." he told her with a slight smile as he picked up his satchel. "I'm glad you spoke to me about it, and hope you'll consider accepting my apology for Friday morning." Lilly stood and slung her pack back over her shoulder. "It's okay. And thanks for coming to the game." she replied, wanting to move past it. "And Is that an honest, not simply said to placate me, 'I'll bear in mind what you said'? Or is it some 'I'll give it all the consideration it's due' BS?" Lilly asked with an eyebrow slightly raised and the faint hint of a smile on her lips. She knew Jase, and was more or less fluent in 'Jase-Speak'. "I give everything the consideration it is due." Jason replied with a sly sidelong smile as they walked down the steps. "And I also bear everything in mind that people say. So the answer to your question is 'Yes'." "Ass." Lilly said with a small grin, giving him a 'playful' elbow to the ribs as the started walking down the bleachers. "Oh, and WTF with the double standard dude? Like, seriously. I ask Devin a direct question about what he is feeling or thinking, honestly trying to at least start working things out with him, and Clara interrupts, answering for him, for some reason, and you're all mum. Then I, however inadvertently did the same, just trying to support Marissa's idea and contribute and make amends, and you scold me in front of everybody? WTF is up with that? You crushing on Marissa or something?" "Medically impossible." he shrugged, still smiling under unreadable green eyes. "Crushes are chemical bonds that take place in the pre-frontal cortex. Unlike Oxycontin, which also acts on other parts of the brain and is released primarily during sex to help with bonding, the various neurotransmitters for 'crushes' have no target with me. No fear, no crushing, no sadness, no heartbreak." "As for Saturday - it was an ugly day with ugly emotions flying around distracting everyone, and by the time it got to your slip my patience was paper thin. The earlier thing I let pass, to try and focus on the actual business at hand. When I thought that we were about to lose a contributor because of your slip, my patience disappeared." Jase looked at Lilly as they headed across the playing field. "I did not intend to appear to be playing favorites. If the two events had happened in reverse order, then Clara would have gotten the rebuke, not you." "Hopefully people are starting to knit a bit better together. Time will tell." "Well, I am sure it certainly looked to people, and felt and to me, like playing favorites is exactly what you were doing, unintentionally or not." "I am not responsible for people's perceptions, or their emotional responses." He stated in his calm, inexorable fashion. "People see what they choose to see, and emote accordingly. If you feel you were treated unfairly, then all the logical debate and evidence to the contrary is unlikely to sway you, even if you have to resort to the position that I am lying to you." He cast a sidelong glance at her, unsmiling. "Is that your position?" "Dude. I didn't call you a liar. I just said that it looked a certain way to people." "And yeah, you might not have direct control over other peoples' perceptions, which nobody has, but what you say and do can certainly increase and decrease this likelihood of people seeing things a certain way, of even make it crystal clear or remove other options from consideration. So saying you have no control over how others see things is only partially true, and also lazy. I know you know better than that, dude. You're too smart not to, regardless of you condition." "I did not say I had no control over it. I said I was ultimately not responsible for how they choose to process what they perceive." Jason's tone had dropped several degrees in temperature. "I act as I choose to act, speak as I choose to speak. If people have a problem with it, they can take it up with me, as you have. I will then factor that into my next set of choices. But I do not define myself through the eyes or expectations of others." "Also..." he paused, eyes narrowing. "That is the second time you have implied that I am somehow lazy, or using my condition to hide behind so as to excuse some deficiency of character. I wonder, Lilly. Would you accuse someone in a wheelchair of using their condition to hide behind so they would not have to walk up stairs? Or, and more apt, would you accuse a blind man still learning Braille of using their condition to hide behind so they did not have to read a textbook on nuclear physics?" Though his voice did not raise, there was a quiet fury to his tone. "I come out from behind my mask. I confide in my friends. I make every effort to try and see the world through the eyes of those I care for despite my condition actually making all of those things hard. It's not perfect: some things I am just not capable of - you can describe a painting to a blind man, and he can build an image on your words, but he will never see the beauty you do. Is any of this sinking in? Or should I perhaps accuse you of using your lack of intelligence to excuse your insipid willful ignorance?" Lilly stopped and looked at Jase wide eyes for a few moments as the corners of her mouth turned up. Slowly her mask of composure was failing as she snorted once, trying to control herself, and then burst out into infectious laughter. She often had a smile on her face, but with events over the last several weeks, Jase had seen her face sad far more often than ever before. It had been a while since he had seen her so joyful, as this was clearly not sarcastic or taunting, but true, honest laughter. Jason had stopped in tandem, half-turning towards Lilly with an icy hardness in his eyes, his stance shifting slightly, almost autonomically in preparatory defense against a possible attack - something the trained athlete noticed and evidence that he had been getting some training from somewhere. At her laughter his eyes had narrowed even further, but curiosity gradually replaced the guarded wariness. Curiosity, and puzzlement. "And what the hell," he asked, not as much of the previous fury in his tone, but with an edge there still, "-is so funny? Or perhaps your mind just went 'ping' like an elastic band snapping?" His head tilted slightly, trying to read her expression, obviously suspicious that the laughter was a sign of impending madness. "Are you okay?" "Oh yeah. my 'small mind' from my 'lack of intelligence'." she laughed in a silly, deeper, more masculine voice as she rolled her eyes, her beautiful features contorted into a mask of mirth as she doubled over from laughter. Straightening back up, she lifted a hand and rested it on Jase's shoulder, an act that to any onlooker he seemed apprehensive of, but Lilly seems to pay it no mind. "Dude." Lilly laughed, "Do you ever listen to yourself? You sound like a Bond villain or something sometimes." she managed to get out as she began to gradually regain her composure. "Chill, dude." she chuckled. "I'm not attacking you or anything. I'm just saying that I know you can be better. I can see it in you. You do not need to be alone on an island all the time. And yeah, you might not even be the exact same as the rest of us, hell, I am sure you wouldn't even want that..." she chuckled, "..but with some work, I know you can be closer, but still be yourself." she said with a smile. "Trust me, I work daily at being 'better'. Primarily on the 'forbearance with fools' part. Oh, and having a vocabulary and using it doesn't make me a Bond villain." Jason said, relaxing a fraction, the look in his eyes going from icy to merely cool. "That would take also having zero imagination or common sense and using my genius to try and hold the world to ransom with an improbable superweapon rather than, oh I don't know, just founding a Fortune 500 company with the patents I can churn out." As Lilly snorted and let out a giggle at that, Jason's lips twitched in a tiny smile. "Plus what is it with the death trap thing, or telling the hero the plans 'because they're going to die anyway'? Why kidnap the sexy female agent and force her into an exploitative outfit when, with a little imagination, you can make the hero seem like the preening fuckwit he usually is and have her volunteer to wear a bikini for you? Or indeed, nothing at all." Lilly was in a full on gigglefit now. Jason's smile was sly, the gleam in his eyes the downfall of saints. At least, female ones. "Point being, Lilly, Bond villains ain't got nothing on me." He finished with a half-step back, slow spin and an understated stage magicians's flourish, ending with a slight bow in her direction. "And with that, class awaits." "Sooo, what you are saying is... that you want to get me in a bikini." Lilly laughed as she started walking again. "Who wouldn't?" Jase asked in a dual confused and yet matter-of-factly tone.
  3. "Well, then why are you two pissed off at us? Seriously. No BS and from your own point of view." Lilly asked honestly. "Because us putting shit aside to work together is fine in the short term, but it still leaves a wedge between us, even if it is not presently being pushed on. We've seen today that it looks like the Dark is messing with us now, probing us for weaknesses and such, so sooner or later the Dark will probably find that wedge and begin beating on it like it owes it money." she explained as she adjusted the strap of her backpack over her shoulder. "Separated as we are, even working together, means we do not have full access to each other's resources as we would if we were on one team. Freaky mind powers or reality warping abilities or not, you still have some great ideas and have most of the school wrapped around your finger." Lilly complimented. "We, as a whole, need to get our shit together for us to have the best chance possible of winning this fight. And yeah, we might not ever be friends who braid each other's hair or whatever, but we can still get along a lot better than we are now." she offered. "We've pretty much all had some part it making the situation so fucked up, me especially. and I own that, but I'm also trying to get past it and make it right. So how about us honestly working toward un-fucking it? I know we are not going to get this all worked out, here and now, in just a few minutes, or probably even a few days or hours, but it needs to start somewhere. So if not now, then how about getting together to start talking this stuff out and see if bridges can't be mended, or even built?" Lilly asked.
  4. I would assume it excludes Lilly, Cade and any other non-Psi as well.
  5. As the impromptu meeting began breaking up Lilly walked over to Marissa who raised an eyebrow as she was approached, "Hey. I just wanted to apologize for Saturday." Lilly said to her. "Regardless of what others might've done prior, or what double standards were in play, I still shouldn't have interrupted you like I did. I was only trying to help because I thought you had a great idea, but I shouldn't have done it that way. It was rude and my bad and I'm sorry." she said sincerely to Marissa, though she had doubts as to any impact the apology would have. It was irrelevant though, because regardless it was the right thing to do.
  6. "I'm in too, if you'll take me." Lilly said without hesitation. "She helped you," she said to Devin, "and so it is only fair we return the favor. Maybe we can make a difference for them there. It could even be like a scrimmage game against the Dark." "Though I should mention that something's happened." she said with a small sigh. "My ability to 'pick' seems to be gone. I can still peek ahead a second or two, but that's about the extent of it." she clarified before continuing, "On the other hand... I feel even faster and stronger than I was when we tested ourselves yesterday. Like, way more. I feel like I could catch a car... on foot.. and then pick it up over my head." she explained. "I mean, it's like you all have your psi powers that let you do all manner of things, while I seem to be made to oppose the Dark, or these monsters, or whatever, in direct physical conflict and/or protect you guys. So if you are walking into danger, then I got your back. Just let me know where and when." she said with a nod.
  7. Lilly turned to face Cass and moved so fast that the assembled teens could almost swear she had started moving before Lona had even said anything. Her friend was in danger and she had to do something to help. The most obvious action seemed to be to separate Cass from the bracelet, so that is what she did. In an instant, and without hesitation, Lilly reached out with both hands, hooking a finger of her right hand into the bracelet Cass was holding while she placed her left hand squarely on the middle of Cass' chest, just above her breasts. Then, in unison, her toned arms flexed, one pulling away to jerk the bracelet from her friend's hand while her other pushed to in an effort to ensure the bracelet was removed. With what seemed like a casual exertion for Lilly, she easily shoved Cass backwards into the stack of mats Jase was sitting on, ripping the bracelet from her grasp with her hooked finger, only to swing her hand down, letting the bracelet fall to the linoleum floor at her feet. "You okay, Cass?" she asked, glancing to her and then back to the bracelet at her feet, her stance shifting, reading to kick the thing away at a moment's notice if anybody called for it. "Brake it? Kick it away? Leave it?" she asked Lona who seemed to have some sort of insight into the thing.
  8. Lilly had just arrived and hardly had a chance to say a word before Tawny stormed in and she greeted her. Once the others began speaking about the bracelet and to Tawny, Lilly turned back to Devin and looked him over for a moment. "Dude. Are you okay? You look beat." she asked as she slung her back off her shoulder and reached into it, fishing a bottle of Gatorade from her chilled lunch back within and offered it to him. Lilly fully expected some snide comment from him or Marissa, or for him to slap it away or something, but it did not change the sincerity of her offer or concern for him, as even though he was wearing clean clothes, he looked like he had been through hell.
  9. Lilly looked at the texts for a moment and then looked up and around her, checking to see if anybody seemed to be paying particular attention before looking back down at her phone. She was confident that nobody had been eavesdropping, so what the hell was this then? //Oh rly? Who dis?// she texted back and then went into her contact list searching out a name. // Hey. I'm getting creepy texts from unknown # now too // she sent to Lona.
  10. The door banging open prompted Lilly to turn to pivot, turning to meet whatever threat may have found them. She relaxed when she saw it was Tawny, who looked a little surprised or confused. Maybe both. "S'up Tawny?" Lilly asked with a hint of a smile, somewhat uncertain how to play it since she did not know if she was brought into the fold yet or not. It was possible that Devin had told her about his abilities. Hell, it was even likely, but Lilly did not know for sure. < Does she know? I mean, like know know? > she asked mentally, assuming the 'network' was still up and not realizing that Devin was not in it. "Uh,, wha-?" was about all Tawny managed to get out as she tried to make sense of the assembled teens.
  11. "Your hat in the ring?" Lilly asked, her smile fading and eyes narrowing as she folded her arms beneath her breasts. "Seriously? 'Hat in the ring' like I am some prize to be won or something?" she asked, which caused Will to pause, his eyes widening in a bit as he feared he had made a terrible misstep with her. Lilly's smile returned and she let out a laugh, which only confused Will even more as she shook her head, still chuckling. "Dude. I'm just messing with you." she said with a mirthful smile as she extended a fist which put Will somewhat cautiously at ease, bringing a slightly nervous smile to his face as he returned the fist bump.. "Damnit Lilly." he laughed, shaking his head and finally relaxing. "Seriously though, I'd love to go to the Homecoming dance with you." she said sincerely to her friend, teammate and on-field protector with a warm smile. "Just do me a favor and wait a few weeks to tell anybody." she asked. "Wait. What?" he asked, somewhat confused and even crestfallen. "Dude. It's not like that." she assured. "I'm not embarrassed or anything about going to the dance with you. I just don't need weeks of 'my hands between your legs' jokes if we are going to the dance because, you know, I'm QB and you are the Center." she said with a chuckle. "Ohhhhh. Okay." Will laughed, "I get it." he added, his smile returning. "Okay then. Cool. I look forward to it." she said as she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "I got to get to Physics." she added, pointing down the hall with a thumb over her shoulder. "Cool. See you in Civics." Will said with a smile on his face as he nodded and turned, walking down the hall with a smile on his face.
  12. Lilly's eye widened and then blinked several times at the sudden intrusion into her mind, a reaction which did not go unnoticed by the Heaths. < What the... > "You okay?" Lacey asked with a faint mixture of confusion and concern. "Huh? Oh! Yeah. I Some thing finally made sense is all. No big." Lilly replied, shrugging it off. < This is.. weird. So what's so important that we have to talk about it right now? What happened? > Lilly mentally asked. <It seems the Dark might be making moves, trying to test and provoke us, working through others. Several of us have already had incidents this morning so be mindful if something happens to you, if it has not already.> Jase answered. "Like what?" Lori asked her friend. "Kinda hard to explain. Just been thinking about my life and things and figuring out where I want to go. Like, I started training to be an Olympian years ago, but I never stopped and asked if it is what I still want. I was, like, kinda just on autopilot or whatever with my training and stuff. But now that I look at it today, I kinda see differently." Lilly explained. < Seriously? Hmm. I thought something like this might happen. It probing us just makes sense. Trying to feel us out and search for weaknesses. > "Whoa. Seriously?" Lori asked in surprise. For as long as she had and her cousin had known Lilly, she had one goal. The Olympics. "Yeah. I mean, looking at it from a step back, it's like, I dunno, how well would it provide for my future and stuff?" she answered and then shrugged. "You know, adult stuff." she added with a grin. < Hey. You guys said when you were out of town for the car auction that you saw some arrowheads or whatever infused with shine, right? Has anybody turned up in their research anything about possible others like us in the past who fought back or resisted the Dark? I mean, if those things were infused with shine, then that would seem to be the case. Maybe we can learn from then or what they did if we can find stuff about them. Stuff might stand out to us now that we know what to look for, than anybody else might miss or blow off. > "So what are thinking about doing then?" the Heaths asked in near unison. "I dunno. Maybe I could be the first woman in the NFL.Or maybe instead of representing my country in the Olympics, I might instead serve it. Lots of doors are opening for women in the military now. I dunno. still figuring it out, you know? I dunno. Still figuring it out." Lilly contemplated aloud.
  13. Lona - Lead Me Home Mari - Coming To Get You Jase - Pet Cass - Epitaph Charlie - Change - - -
  14. Lilly got her breakfast along with the Heath's and took a seat with them to continue talking and joking. The Heath cousins were not part of the D&D game, though Lilly had invited them some time ago, but they were two of her best friends. The trio got along well and the they were talented athletes as well, the trio often combining on various school sports teams to make a potent line. But where Lilly had a passion for the Olympics and spent so much of her time training, the Heath's had a different passion. They were country girls, through and through. They loved farming and ranching and looked forward to the day that they would take over for their families. Still though, they were easy going and straight shooters. They did not play much of the usual teenage social games, which is a big part of how their friendship with Lilly began in the first place. They were still teen girls, to be sure, but generally could separate the truth from fiction among the Shelly High rumor mill. Still though, Lilly had wanted to be care about what she said in her attempt to warn Lori off of Jason, because some of it was simply not her place to say and other things could easily hit the ear wrong and by the end of the day the rumor mill would have had its way with it. Regardless, as they ate and spoke Lilly looked over to the usual 'fellowship' table, and noted how crowded it was with new people. She made eye contact with Lona and gave her an upwards nod in the usual 'What's up?" gesture of acknowledgement before looking at the new arrivals; Kyle Everson and.. Beth Seaberry? She knew Kyle was good friends with Charlie, but wasn't sure about Beth. "What did happen at the game Friday night? You looked off at the start of it. Just rust?" Lori asked, bringing Lilly's focus back to the conversation at hand. "Hm? Oh, yeah. That was my bad. I just didn't have my head in the game to start. You know, just some personal stuff." Lilly said, somewhat blowing off the question. "Anything we should know about?" Lacey asked with a grin as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table. "Nah. Just discovered that something was not how it thought it was. It's no big now though. I think I am figuring stuff out." she dismissed with a shrug and a smile.
  15. Shelly High - Track Lilly frowned at Lori's response and the abrupt shift in her mood. She was now clearly let down and in usual teenage fashion was 'acting' like she was't or that it was no big deal, though she lacked the acting chops of somebody like Marissa to really pull it off convincingly. "Sure. I need to change real quick though." she said to Lacy's offer as she grabbed her towel and threw it over her shoulder. With her water bottle in hand she easily caught up to the pair. "Dude, I'm sorry. Don't be..." Lilly said said to Lori, her voice trailing off into a sigh. Lori was her friend and she did not want to disappoint her, but she also did not want to see her hurt either. There were things that she knew about him, some of it shared in confidence, that she would not relay. She had known Jase for a couple of years, and he still said what he did the other morning and Lori would not have the benefit of a few years of friendship even if he did actually ask her to the dance. Maybe it would be different with Lori though. Maybe that lack of history would prove beneficial. "You're my friend, and I don't want to see you get hurt. I mean, you see him all brooding and smoldering or whatever, but he's probably not who or what you think, and he's no project to be fixed either. But who knows though? Maybe you'd have a great time. I dunno." she said with a shrug. "I do know that I'll do what I can for you with him though, even after the dance if you want too. He and I are not exactly hanging out alone and talking Homecoming though, but I'll see what I can do. Regardless though, even if he actually does ask me to the dance, I'll turn him down, and if possible, send him your way." she promised as her smile slowly returned. "Hell, even if he asks me out I'll still turn him down. You guys are some of my best friends and are waaaay more important than some dance or boy." she said with a smile as she stepped between the pair, lifted her arms and rested them across their shoulders and gently steered them toward the girls locker room where she could change. "Lemme change real quick and we can get our grub on." she said as she jogged into the locker room to change.
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