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  1. Shelly High - Track Lilly frowned at Lori's response and the abrupt shift in her mood. She was now clearly let down and in usual teenage fashion was 'acting' like she was't or that it was no big deal, though she lacked the acting chops of somebody like Marissa to really pull it off convincingly. "Sure. I need to change real quick though." she said to Lacy's offer as she grabbed her towel and threw it over her shoulder. With her water bottle in hand she easily caught up to the pair. "Dude, I'm sorry. Don't be..." Lilly said said to Lori, her voice trailing off into a sigh. Lori was her friend and she did not want to disappoint her, but she also did not want to see her hurt either. There were things that she knew about him, some of it shared in confidence, that she would not relay. She had known Jase for a couple of years, and he still said what he did the other morning and Lori would not have the benefit of a few years of friendship even if he did actually ask her to the dance. Maybe it would be different with Lori though. Maybe that lack of history would prove beneficial. "You're my friend, and I don't want to see you get hurt. I mean, you see him all brooding and smoldering or whatever, but he's probably not who or what you think, and he's no project to be fixed either. But who knows though? Maybe you'd have a great time. I dunno." she said with a shrug. "I do know that I'll do what I can for you with him though, even after the dance if you want too. He and I are not exactly hanging out alone and talking Homecoming though, but I'll see what I can do. Regardless though, even if he actually does ask me to the dance, I'll turn him down, and if possible, send him your way." she promised as her smile slowly returned. "Hell, even if he asks me out I'll still turn him down. You guys are some of my best friends and are waaaay more important than some dance or boy." she said with a smile as she stepped between the pair, lifted her arms and rested them across their shoulders and gently steered them toward the girls locker room where she could change. "Lemme change real quick and we can get our grub on." she said as she jogged into the locker room to change.
  2. Shelly High - Track Lilly blinked in surprise, her grin fading away as the question hit her out of left field. It was not even something she had considered, remembering that others did not know certain things about Jason that she did, and the fact that she had not told them about what he had said just a few mornings ago. "The thing is... It's.. complicated." she said with a sigh as she walked over and picked up her towel from the bench to wipe herself down. Lilly dragged the towel over the rather copious amount of exposed flesh of her amazonian form, though she noticed she really was not sweating to speak of. She had been running, even sprinting, though still being sure to hold herself to previous times rather then going full out, but found the exertion really minimal, the whole time knowing that she could push it significantly, even more so than she felt on Sunday. 'Huh.' she thought to herself, continuing to towel off as she spoke to her friends. "Or maybe it's not. I dunno. I mean, we game together and even hang out some, but it's always as a group, pretty much. It's not often just him and me are together. I think he might like me, or maybe he used to. I'm not so sure now." she said, not totally sure where they even stood. "And to be honest, I really don't know what I'd say if he even asked me anyways. He's kinda... I dunno." she said with shrug and then tossed her towel back onto the bench and picked up her water bottle. "I think Marissa is into him anyways. Like, didn't you see her of the first day of school all hanging off of him, walking with and sitting by him and joking with him? I mean, she looked pretty into him to me, but what the hell do I know? I haven't been asked out, or to a dance, since, like, the seventh grade, back on base in Germany." she said and took a drink of her water, popping the cap back on with a shrug.
  3. Lilly laughed at the suggestion and shook her head with a smile still lingering on her face. "Ohh.. Okay. Well then what you didn't see then was that my truck full of people each day. Avalon, Sean, Laurie, Charlie... And then on Sunday you missed Cade and Cora in his jeep and Sean, Autumn and Sara in his jeep." Lilly explained simply, chuckling as she highlighted how dangerous it can be to jump to conclusions with scat information. "We're all friends and play D&D together and hang out and stuff." she said plainly before adding, "You guys should try it some time. it's a lot of fun and I could probably get you invited to play." Lilly shrugged. "And sorry to burst your bubble or whatever, but no, Jason and Bannon and I are not together." she clearly stated, shaking her head a little. Lilly then rested her hands on her hips and tilting her head to the side with a wry, lopsided 'really?' smile as she asked, "And seriously, if he and I were together, don't you think I'd have told you guys?"
  4. Shelly High - Track Lilly blinked, clearly surprised and even slightly confused by the question. She had only seen him sparingly over the summer, and since school hard started, they had barely even been around each other with him missing most of Friday. He had even left Bunnee's on Friday night right after she had arrived. If anything, Marissa had been far more chummy and close to him at school, and when her and her bother often hanging out at the farm over the summer.. "Huh? Jason Bannon me and me? Why the hell would you ask that?" she asked, still confused as she tried to get a read on her friends and why they were even asking such a question.
  5. Lilly shrugged, but also shook her head, at Autumn's question. She was clearly not okay though as her life's goal was crashing down around her in her mind as she sat there on the log with Clara trying to offer some comfort. "That's the thing though.." she said to Clara, managing to speak clear enough and force some composure to return, "I know I could qualify now and have a place on the team without a doubt, probably in a bunch of events if I really wanted. But it *wouldn't* be a competition. Like, at all. It'd be like competing against elementary school kids." Lilly shook her head, somehow hoping she could make the situation or maybe realization go away. "I... I get what you are trying to say." she said to Clara, turning to her and trying to force a small smile through her despair to show her appreciation, "But there is a difference between being born with athletic talent..." Lilly made a sweeping gesture at herself, from head to feet, "...and this. I have an unfair advantage now. I can do things that are beyond the norm, even for the best athletes in the world. And I can't just choose to not use my gifts the way you guys can. My body is fundamentally altered." she explained as she held out her toned arms and opened her hands wide, looking them over. "I mean, I could hold back, but I would never be sure if it was enough or too much, so any victory would just be hollow, because if I went all out, then it would not even be a competition, and if I held back and still won, then I'd always wonder if I held back enough. Hell, the 'Shine' might be why me and Cade were so athletic and stuff to begin with, and it's just that now we are finally getting to the point where we're exceeding human norms or potential or whatever. And, like, at the Olympics I'd be representing my country. If it was then discovered that I had Shine, and therefore an unfair advantage, I'd accused of cheating and it would be a big, international scandal and bring disgrace to me, the US, and the entire team, casting doubt on any other victories too. That's something I would NEVER want to do. Ever." she stated emphatically. "Now I have to give it up, because it is the morally right thing to do, at least for me. So this thing I have been training for most of my life is now forever out of my reach. Hell, maybe it was all along and I just didn't know it." she said with a shrug as he dragged the sleeve of her hoodie across her cheeks, wiping away tears. "Maybe that's not what you were training for." Clara offered. "Huh?" Lilly replied as Clara's suggestion seemed to come out of left field. "Knowing what we know now, about our shine and such, have you considered that maybe the Olympics is not what you were training for in the first place? Maybe this is. With your 'Hero-Shine', maybe you have been subconsciously preparing for what we are doing now and just told yourself it was for the Olympics because you were not mentally ready, especially years ago when you began training so hard, to handle the truth. In literature, going back millennia, when the protagonist is on 'the Hero's Journey', they have to suffer some big loss or something, passing through 'the Abyss', but that also brings about a revelation in them, and a rebirth. Maybe this is yours. " Clara suggested sincerely. Lilly blinked several times, wide-eyed, at Clara and sniffled as she considered what Clara had just said, calming down considerably. Could Clara be right? If her athletic talent had come from her Shine to begin with, then maybe she had been preparing to stand against the Dark and didn't even realize. It certainly made a certain sense. Whether it was the actual truth, did not even matter right now. It did make quite a bit of sense though, and was something for Lilly to latch onto and for her refocus on, washing away all self-pity and despair. "You know..." Lilly said, sniffling one last time as a new calm and resolve washed over her, "... I hadn't though about it that way." she admitted with a and then leaned over, giving Clara a full, warm hug in gratitude. "Thanks. I needed that. Like, really, really needed that." she said sincerely and then broke the hug with a small smile on her face.
  6. Lilly sit back and watched as Jase flew Autumn through the air, smiling at the sight. They had been testing and pushing their abilities all afternoon and still it was no less spectacular to see when she just sat back and watched. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, healing, shapeshifting, far seeing... it was all amazing. Her own abilities were, for the most, a bit less showy and unbelievable, but still remarkable. "Hero-Shine" he had called it, and it certainly did seem to be as he described. She was becoming an idealized version of a human being, or "Peak Human" as Sean as described. Her sense where sharper, and her minds seemed to be going along the same route. She was was so in tune with her body that it was actually kind exhilarating. She could feel each nerve and muscle and somehow just knew hot to use them to move, spin and contort her body, pulling off feats of agility that Olympic gymnasts would be envious of. Then it hit her. The smile quickly faded from Lilly's face, the upturned corners of her mouth gradually inverting as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, bringing her hands up to rest her head in them, covering her eyes as she fought to hold back the tears she could feel welling up as the realization grew and set in. "What's wrong Lilly?" somebody asked, but Lilly didn't even seem to hear the question. "Damnit." she sighed."Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit!" Lilly lifted her head, her eyes blinking quickly in a futile attempt to fight back the tears that were slowly finding their path down her cheeks. "No more Olympic dream for me..." she managed to sob out, shaking her head.
  7. I would urge you to reconsider allowing us to spend Insp like normal to activate a gift. It is us chosing to penalize all of our subsequent activation rolls untill we recover Insp just to be able to definitely use a single gift once and probably for a single action if we decide we really want/need to use a gift.
  8. Can't redo it when it is stuff already used and talked about IC.
  9. Ah. Gotcha. Had I known, I would have spent xp differently last time to raise my pool and have a reasonable chance rolling. Ah well. Can we still just spend the Insp to skip the activation roll for a Gift?
  10. Lilly watched at the other used and tested their abilities; lifting logs, shutting down another's abilities, sharing their strength and seeing, or at lease sense, everything around them for miles. She knew Jase could also create fire and ice from thin air, Charlie could shapeshift or at least reshape parts of his body, and Lona could knit flesh and bone together, or do the opposite, with just a touch. She was more then a little envious of her friends' abilities. They were so grand and seemingly effortless, on call whenever they wished, which was not quite how she was discovering it worked for herself. "Yeah. I don't think my Shine works the same way as mota of y'all's." she said with an almost sigh. "I have done some testing on my own during my workouts, and at home, and stuff, and discovered a few things, I think. I mean, I didn't want to draw attention or anything, since I can test safer here, but that aside, there are a few more obvious things, at least to me, that I have noticed." she explained, though remained seated. "Like what?." Clara encouraged. "Well, I think my Shine, I dunno, 'activated' or whatever the morning of Devin's assault on Chet at Bunnee's. I dunno if that fight, or my interfering in it, was a catalyst or trigger or whatever, but as I sat in the booth and looked over and Devin and Chet, before he even threw the phone, I could see the fight and different outcomes. Hmm.. 'see' might not be the best word. It was more like a combination of see and just knew. Like, as things were going, if had not done anything, (and I am not talking about just pulling Devin off of Chet either), Chet would have been dead. I could... I dunno.. I could see, like, all the possibilities. Well, maybe not all the possibilities, but a lot of them at least. As things were going to happen, Chet would be dead and I could even get a glimpse of the terrible impact it would have on Devin's life in the future. I couldn't let that happen, and I sure as Hell couldn't just let anybody, even Chet, die." Lilly said and shook her head. Sooo... the only way I can describe it is that I picked one of the other outcomes, like, even before I began to move. I mean, it's not like I sat down and carefully examined each and every possibility and picked the absolute best one or whatever. It was more... instinctive.. intuitive... and it happened in a flash. Like, a literal flash. It was a fraction, of a fraction, of a second." Lilly tried to explain as best she could. "And in the cafeteria, Cook told me that I have some sort of perception that allows me to move and react just a bit before I even know what’s going to happen. And yeah, that's prolly how it looks from the outside. He even said he had video of it, which I can only guess if of the fight at Bunnee's." she recalled. "Was the only time you've done it? Used that ability?" "No. I did it the night of the party too, when I went running off toward the gunshot and needed a path to that sound through the friggin' 'Great Wall of Trees'. And so as I moved down them, looking for a way through in the dark, I could see/sense/know or whatever other possibilities, and there was one where a tree fell in a storm, knocking over another and another, making a way through the trees if ran atop the logs. It was not the best or clearest, or safest route to follow... running break neck... in the dark... especially, but it was good enough for me. Again though, it happened in a flash and I might not have picked the best of all possible options, but I found one that was good enough, one that worked, and went with it, and sure enough, the downed tree came into view. It was not really even a conscious thing, more like a impulse, a want or need, like in the back of my head or a sub-conscious level. As best as I understand it at the moment, I can't change the past either. Like if Cade showed me a bat he broken yesterday, I couldn't just pick an option where it wasn't broke and fix it on the spot, after the fact. But if I was there when the bat broke, I could probably pick a reality where it didn't break. It seems like the more improbable the outcome, the harder it is for me to find it and pick it. Like, if the bat was old and already had a split and everything, so the odds of the bat not breaking was literally one in a million, then I think I would have to try and sift through the million realities where it did break to find the one where it didn't." she tried to explained. "Ugh. I'm not sure if any of this is even making sense to any of you." she sighed. "Relax. You are doing fine." Jase said reassuringly. "Have there been other times you have done it since then?" "Yes and no. I mean, the night of the party was the last time I really used it in a major way. It's like I know it's there, all the time, but it's not so much as a conscious choice to do it though, as much as it is, like, reflexive or instinctual. And, like, even when we moved to the Griddle to eat, after Devin assaulted Chet, I could still see different outcomes. I kinda thought that it was just me thinking about the fight and how bad it was and what could have been, but I think it was more like my mind trying to get a grasp on what I just did and process what I had seen." she suggested. Jase thought for a moment, considering Lilly's explanation as he mind was already exploring the implications of their abilities on the Grand Unified Theory. What she described fit another theory he was familiar with. "It sounds like the Multiverse Theory. In simple terms, as the theory goes, for every decision or outcome, there is a divergent reality where a different decision or outcome happened, making reality fork again and again, with each of those realities forking again and again, and so on and so on, into infinity. The Multiverse. Most of the alternate realities are virtually imperceptibly different from one another, with the difference being so minor as to go unnoticed by observers from another reality. Such at the reality where you chose to grab your green hoodie this morning would be indistinguishable from this one where you chose your black hoodie for the billions of people not sitting here right now. It appears that you have the ability to peer into these divergent realities at junctions where other realities would diverge, just a moment before they do, and then select which of the realities you wish to experience, literally guiding reality." Jase suggested. "And that is... whoa." Jase said with a happy, almost giddy smile as the ramifications hit him. GUT. Multiverse theory. The teens were not just moving things with their mind or even reading thoughts, but they were tapping into, altering and even guiding reality itself. The realization was awe-inspiring. "The thing is," Lilly continued, "I know I can't just walk around doing it for every outcome all day long. It's, well I'm not sure 'taxing' or 'tiring' is the right word, but I know I can only do it just a few times before I need... hmm.. that's not the right way to explain it. I am not sure how to explain it, really. It's like... It's like after I do it a time or two, it is not so easy unless I stop and kinda lay off it for a bit. Like, I kinda know I could still do it, but at that point it becomes actually physically taxing unless I lay off it for a bit. In a way, I kinda think that is how my other abilities, or at least some of them, kind of work, because after I use them, I feel the same. Not actually tired or anything, and I know I could still do them, but at that point it actually does affect me physically. At least when I am stressed." Lilly relayed from her own experience. "You mean like kicking vagi-saurus so hard that it flew thirty feet through the brush and broke a tree in half when it hit?" Jase asked. "Yeah. That. And other stuff too. Like, there is kinda two categories. On one side there are my abilities that take, I guess 'effort' might be a close enough word, to use. And on the other are the physical changes." Lilly said with a nod. "Physical changes? Like what?" Jase asked, urging her on. "Well, there's the stuff that takes effort, like the 'picking' and the hitting hard, both of which I still need to test them more, but there have also been physical changes I've noticed. Like, I know this will sound out there or whatever, but I am, like, super in tune with my body now. I'm aware of every pull, sprain, injury or whatever. Even when I got singed walking up to that thing to kick it. And I am not just talking about just feeling the pain. It's like I just know exactly what is wrong and also how long it it will take to heal. It's not guessing or experience either. I can straight up sense what's wrong with my body and how long it will take me to recover. I am guessing it would work with toxins and poisons too, since they harm the body, but haven't tried those yet." she explained and then her face lit up as she remembered something else. "Oh, and that's another thing. I've always been healthy and in good shape and everything, pretty tough I might even say, but I now heal fast. Not like Deadpool, or like Lona can do, or anything like that, but I heal easily twice as fast as I used to a month ago. Maybe it is because I can sense exactly what is wrong with my body now so I can my body can better address it or something? I dunno. But I do clearly heal much faster now. Also, and this just happened the other morning too, but it's like all of my senses got heightened. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.. the whole shebang. It's not like 'crippling sensory overload' or anything. Well. I guess it was kinda like that when I woke up after it first happened. I just had to get used to it, think, but now I am, so it's all good. Oh, and it's not like I can track by scent like Wolverine or have the hearing of Daredevil or whatever. It's just that everything is better, or maxed out for a human maybe." Lilly said as she thought about it more. "Anything else?" Jase asked. "Umm... recently, my memory has gotten way better. Like, maybe not to your level, but certainly much closer. And things seems like they are, I dunno, making more sense now. Oh yeah, one more thing that I have at least noticed, but it took me a while. I don't seem to be actually right handed any more. I mean, I have a tendency to use my right, since I have been favoring it all my life, but I have noticed I can use my left just as well now, so even that is fading and I kinda have to force myself to use my right, or people might notice. I can even do fine stuff, like writing and drawing And I have not really tested it yet, but during my worked I did a little. It's like... I dunno... It feels like I am not even at my limit physically. Like I can still push it just a bit more. When I run all out, I feel like I if I dig down, I can go faster. Or when I am lifting, if I dig down, I feel like I can lift a lot more, even though my muscles are saying I am at my limit. It's.. hard to explain. I just feel it. And these changes have been happening over time, ever since that morning at Bunnee's when my Shine trigger or whatever, I think. Some things took me a while to notice, like the ambidextrous-ness. Ambidexterity? Yeah, ambidexterity. Others I did not even know I could do. Like I didn't know I could kick that thing and send it flying like that. I was just so pissed off at my friends being hurt that without thinking really, I just walked up and kicked that thing in it's cooche-face as hard as I could, and it went flying. I still want to test that more too. Oh, and in training with my dad, even with pads on, he thought I was pissed off or something because I was hitting him so hard. I wasn't though. I wasn't even trying really, but it seems that I just hit harder now. Like, it might be tied back to my body sense thing? Like maybe my technique is improving because I am using the muscles better, making them fire at the rights times and stuff like? I dunno." she sighed. "Hm. It would seem that your brand of Shine, being more subconscious, was reacting to your desire for physical excellence and perhaps to a desire to be mentally more proficient also." Jase posited after considering all she had revealed, as remarkable as it was. "Are you calling her dumb?" Laurie asked. "Not at all. I am just suggesting that it seems to respond to what may be subconscious desires. Which, if that is the case, could lead to her literally forging who she wants to be, if her desire for it is great enough." Jase suggested. "Huh." Lilly said, considering Jase's words. "Regardless, I still wanna do some physcial tests and stuff. And maybe find a way to practice picking or something."
  11. Lilly's eyes widened a bit and a smile grew on her lips at Cora's news. "I'm so happy for you!" Lilly said, offering Cora a hug. "I mean, we'll miss you, but Julliard? That's *huge!* You should be proud." Lilly thought for a moment and frowned a little. "Hmm.. It's not much notice, but maybe we can do a little, impromptu going away party for you at Bunnee's or something tonight, if you have time. If you need to pack or whatever, it's totally understandable. Lets face it though, you *will* be missing a Bunnee's Burger in no time once you are gone." she said with a friendly smile.
  12. Lilly's pickup came ambling down the gravel paved road, the music emanating from the truck gradually becoming clearer as the truck drew near, making the trek from the school gym where Lilly had held her first self defense class, thanks to Mr. Burr unlocking it for her. The school had the best athletic facilities for miles, so with Lilly's training she had developed a relationship with him since he was the one who would unlock the gym, weight room, equipment lockers and so on for her and over the years built up a good amount trust. After what had happened Friday night, it was not difficult to convince him to open the gym for Lilly and a few friends, mostly girls, to teach them self defense. The others had seen Lilly wrestle, or at the very least knew she was one the school team, but had never seen in a real fight. Usually she was able to diffuse the situation, or others did not wish to push it to see what she did know of if she would win with pure athleticism. When the class go going though, they came to see she was farm more practically skilled than they had even realized, or at least looked and sounded like it. Though not a trained instructor, Lilly did certainly seem to know her stuff and did her best to pass it along, falling back on how she was taught for the most part, cutting out things that she felt were extraneous due to their unique situation as the bulwark against the Dark.. The class itself had gone well enough, with Lilly making it a little bit of a crash course in order to get them to a useful level as fast as possible. Through it all she stressed mentality though, and keeping one's head in a fight, as operating off of pure emotion, especially anger or fear, was a surefire way to make big mistakes. She explained that it would take time to develop a cool head under fire and to simple get over their flinch reflexes and the 'moral fail-safe' for lack of a better term, about truly hurting another person. It was one thing to be red-faced angry and hit with all your might. It was quite another to do so with clear intent when level-headed and not full of anger. It was something that most people had an honest problem with. It would take some time. Lilly pulled up next to Cade's jeep and let the small cloud of dust that had been trailing the truck blow past it before she killed the engine (and music) and hopped out, along with Lona, Cass, Charlie, Laurie, some of them with a bruise here or there, but none of them worse for wear. Lilly waved toward the porch as she walked around to the back of her truck and lowered the tailgate. She hopped up onto it with catlike grace and slid a couple of large equipment bags, hard cases, targets and a few other things toward the tailgate for easier access. Lilly unzipped one of the bag and pulled out an aluminium water bottle, popping the top and taking a drink before she turned and walked toward the porch "I brought a few thing that we might able to use." she said, motioning over her shoulder with a thumb toward the bed of the truck. "Some gear from the fight class we just did, stopwatches, targets, stuff like that." she elaborated as she stepped up onto the porch and leaned against the railing, adding, "Just try to not destroy anything except maybe the targets." with a grin. Lilly was wearing black, athletic leggings, a black sports bra and a unzipped hoodie, which did little to hide her incredibly toned physique. Physically, she was near amazonian perfection with washboard abs, an athletic, yet still feminine form and was far more beautiful than she realized. She had removed the mma gloves and put on some slip on jogging shoes, but still had her ankles and hands taped, while her long, dark hair was in it's usual high pony. "So any ideas on how we're gonna do this? I mean, I've kinda discovered a few things about myself, but, like, how do we even find out what all we can do, especially if we don't know what to look for?" she asked.
  13. Baseball Bat (statted out with Max' input) Enhancement: 3 Damage Type: Blunt Tags: Melee (0), Non-Penetrating (0), Two-Handed (1), Versatile (1) House Rule - New Weapon Tag VERSATILE (1) This tag allows a weapon with the Two-Handed tag to be used one handed. When used one handed, the weapon loses the benefit of the Two-Handed tag. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Compound Bow Enhancement: 3 Damage Type: Ballistic/Edged (based on arrow type) Tags: Ranged: Short (1), Charge (1), Two-Handed (1), Variable Ammo (2) Ammo types A.) Non-penetrating (0) = +1 Enhancement, Target's Soft Armor counts as double B.) Piercing (1) = Ignores 1 point of Target's armor C.) maybe Incendiary (2) = 'Nuff Said (see Core pg 124) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lilly's Compound Bow (Customized) Enhancement: 3 Damage Type: Ballistic/Edged (based on arrow type) Tags: Ranged: Short (1), Charge (1), Two-Handed (1), Variable Ammo (2), Tactical Sight (1) Ammo types A.) Non-penetrating (0) = +1 Enhancement, Target's Soft Armor counts as double B.) Piercing (1) = Ignores 1 point of Target's armor C.) possibly Incendiary (2) = 'Nuff Said (see Core pg 124) D.) possibly Explosive and/or maybe Gas at some point
  14. Lilly felt her blood rise. There he was going to Mari's defense, but had failed to do the same for her earlier. She was about to lay into him when Marissa spoke from the stair. Lilly stopped before she started and looked at the Jauntson. There was something about her tone that was different. Mari kept speaking and came back and Lilly listened. Not only listened but she saw the logic in what the other teen was saying, but not only that, she picked up that Mari wasn't talking like Mari usually talked. Yeah some of the snark was there, but it was forced and tired. At that moment she found herself empathizing with other girl. Lilly nodded a few times and she actually like the plan. She was still angry, although that anger was more at the situations that were occurring all around her and at well, Jason, that she just didn't understand and she gave him a glare with her eyes without turning her head from watching Mari. Marissa finished and immediately turned to leave but as she stepped away her fingers flying across her phones keyboard, Lilly spoke softly, "That's a good plan Marissa. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for telling us and... and I'm sorry about interrupting you earlier." she said, owning what she did, even if she did not mean to be rude, and sincerely apologizing for it. Marissa's fingers hesitated for just a moment noticeable by no one except herself and maybe Lilly. "Whatever, I have more important things to worry about and a lot to do to put you people on pedestals." Then with a deep breath Mari headed down the stairs. As Mari exited, Lilly turned back to everyone else.
  15. "It's not your show or my show, Marissa. It's our show and it always has been. I, and probably others, do not necessarily agree with every assessment of Shelly you made, but it's not total disagreement either. You have points and we need to attack The Dark from ever angle we can. You have a rather good idea and I am fully supporting it. It might end up being a game changer even." Lilly said and shrugged with a sigh. "But if you want to go, then that's your choice. The more of us working together at this, the better though."
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