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OOC: D&D 5e: A New Age - Character Generation


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 Okay. Character Generation.

1.) PBP progression is slower than TT (tabletop), so all PCs will begin at 4th level so that you get a little ways into your class.
    1a.) We will be using just the PHB for character Generation.
   1b.) You get your normal starting gear. Duplicate items can be kept or sold back for half their value. 

   1c.) Instead of starting funds by class, you all get 250gp + (1d10 x 25) gp as starting funds.


2.) Feats will be used in this game. 

   2a.) At the appropriate levels, instead of an Ability Score Improvement, you may select a Feat from the PHB you have the prerequisites for. Also, you can possibly choose a feat from another source, but those will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis.


3.) Ability Scores: We are allocating points for Ability Scores. 

   3a.) Each Ability Score starts at 10. You have 24 additional points to allocate, up to a max of 18 in any ability. 

   3b.) Once the 24 points are allocated, apply Racial, Feat, Ability Score Improvement adjustments. These can raise an ability past 18.


4.) Since Feats will be used in this game the Human Variant Traits rule will be used. 

   4a.) Instead of receiving a +1 to all stats they receive the following: +1 to two different ability scores, and a skill proficiency of choice, and one Feat.


5.) Hit Points: Maximum at 1st level as normal, then add (max -2) for each level from then on, applying other modifiers as normal.


6.) Everyone knows Common in addition to your normal starting Languages.


7.) Everyone gets a Bonus Feat, from either unique training or a gift (magical, divine, or otherwise) or blessing or whatever.

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