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[OpNet] To the Church of Michael Archangel


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I'm sick to the back teeth. You murder and you terrorise, and you claim a higher purpose. You deny the right of intelligent creatures to life and happiness simply to salve your raging insecurity and fear of obsolescence.

Flicker is a young woman I like. GMoT is another. Neil Preston, possibly one of the only men I've met who can wear the title 'hero' without it squeaking due to his ego, has seen the woman he loves near death due to your murderous bigotry.

Don't think that high-tech rifles and hiding behind baseline law will put you on anything approaching level footing with us. Shooting a young girl and her only slightly older protector from ambush is no preparation for the shit you have just called down on your heads. I've had enough of your whole crackpot organisation.

Be very, very careful about those marches and rallies you hold, god-botherers. Seeing as murder and terror are the only ways you seem able to touch the world outside your tiny heads, be prepared to be touched in kind.

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