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General XP Track


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I will post all general awards for XP here

This is only Xp everyone gets Individual bonuses will be awarded through PM I will not track individual bonuses.

Please do not post in this thread

24xp awarded for game play and posts / previous

10 xp for theme song Project

8 XP awarded for Game Play and posts/ 1-15-2017

25xp AWS Project #2 / 1-15-2017


4XP Awarded for game play and the end of a long scene 2/14/2017

4XP Awarded for participation, combat and game play 2/28/17

3XP Awarded for Participation and Game Play 3/23/2017

9XP Awarded for the end of chapter  4/7/2017

12XP Awarded for game play, participation and end of chapter 7/20/2017

5XP Awarded for game play, participation, and end of chapter 8/04/2017

2XP end of  chapter 8/10/2017

24xp Awarded for Game Participation, end of Chapter, and General Play and Character Development 10/31/2017

5XP Awarded for Game play and Participation. 01/10/2018

8XP Awarded for Game play and Participation 02/21/2018

7XP Awarded to all current players for Game play, Participation, and End of Chapter 09/08/2018

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Bonus Xp will be awarded in PM Today as well.

At this time you may now spend XP as you wish using the following guidelines.

You may spend any amount of XP on any Attribute, Ability, Active Power, or Latent Power.

you may buy the following Backgrounds. Attunment, and Node. these two Backgrounds may be raised above 5 dots regardless of listed requirements. In the case of attunment each dot above 5 doubles the weight/volume of material that can be attuned.

If you have reached the 5 dot in Node you may purchase the N-Stage Node Background Enhancement from A New Flesh page 242.

you may raise Willpower, Quantum Pool, and Initiative with XP

Use these costs (from the Directory PDF)

Experience Points
Trait Increase Cost
Attribute current rating x 4
Ability current rating x 2
Background current rating x 2
Mega-Attribute*£ current rating x 5
Quantum Power (Level 1)*£ current rating x 3
Quantum Power (Level 2)*£ current rating x 5
Quantum Power (Level 3)*£ current rating x 7
Quantum Power (Level 4)*§ current rating x 9
Quantum Power (Level 5)*§ current rating x 12
Quantum Power (Level 6)*§ current rating x 15
Willpower current rating
Quantum (or Psi) Pool 3 per dot
Initiative current rating
New Trait Cost
Ability 3
Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1
Background 2
Enhancement* 5
Mega-Attribute* 6
Quantum Power (Level 1)* 3
Quantum Power (Level 2)* 6
Quantum Power (Level 3)* 9
Quantum Power (Level 4)*§ 12
Quantum Power (Level 5)*§ 15
Quantum Power (Level 6)*§ 18

Cost to Raise Quantum Score is current score X8 if your Quantum is 5 or higher the cost is doubled

In the future there will be limits on XP expenditures

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The original post above shows all of the XP awarded to all players. when I award XP from now on I will do so in the original post with the reason for the xp and the date. I will post in the thread to alert you to an update.

I will be compiling everyone bonus xp in an individual PM. I will post all future bonus xp in that same pm with the date and reason it was awarded. this will make it easier for me to track in the future.

once i have sent you your PM you should check to see if I missed anything

sorry for the confusion.

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XP can be spent to activate a latent power to 1 dot at anytime

Certain Backgrounds can be bought or raised by 1 dot at any appropriate time, these include but are not limited to: Allies, Attunment, Contacts, Followers, and Resources. There must be an in game explanation for the addition.

You may use XP at anytime to raise Willpower, Initiative, or Quantum Pool



When ever I post an Interlude scene XP may be spent as follows

You may do one of the following

You may purchase a new Ability or

You may purchase a new Mega-Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Mega-Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Ability or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Power


You may use the Interlude XP rules for each separate Interlude I post even if they are back to back.


Anytime you can add to a power or buy a new power you may add extras.




When I end a chapter you may spend XP as follows

You may purchase 1 new Ability

You may purchase 1 new Mega-Attribute

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Attributes

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Mega-Attributes

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Abilities

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Powers

You may add Extras to any existing Powers


You may not add multiple Dots to a single Attribute, Ability, Mega-Attribute, or Power


Keep track of your XP expenditures on your XP Log


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