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Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - The Call


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Days ago....

As Kayda sat in the Golden Nebula her attention drifted from the conversation turned negotiation before her to a feeling tugging at the back of her mind. Her brow furrowed slightly as she tried to focus on the feeling. It was no small task though to block out the sights, sounds and smells of the club and focus. She was only partially trained and woefully out of practice, but she could sense the feeling grow. 

She began to catch flashes and impressions, first of a place, a structure of stone with massive statues, on a cold, barren world... Tarnoss? The Tarnoss system? And then of a person in pain, despair and afraid. A Togruta. A jedi... Master Bis? 

Was it a desperate call for help? A warning to stay away? Something else?

There was only one way to be certain, and it would be far too dangerous to bring her newfound companions. They seemed to be mostly good people, but uninitiated and unfamiliar with the way of the Force. Even Glint had barely begun his studies, and she could remember the words of her Master when she first began to journey with him during the Clone Wars,

"This is a perilous time for you, padawan. Through the Force you have had your first taste of it's power. You will be tempted by the Dark Side, always ready to aid you and take you down the quick and easy path. But you must resist the temptation of the Dark Side, for that path only ends in pain, hate and darkness. Peace and knowledge is the light to banish the dark."

She could not risk him or any of their lives for this. This was something she had to do alone.


Brant pulled back the lever on the console, causing the stars to stretch out into line as the ship made the jump into hyperspace. 

"That oughtta do it." Brant said as he relaxes in his seat, swinging his boots up to cross them and rest them on the top of the console.

"The boys will take the cruiser to be checked out and then back to base while we make this trip to Tarnoss. Should take more than a few days, so you have free run of the ship. Just do not try to fix anything. If it looks broken, then it is probably just one of Gra's 'custom repairs'." he said with a roguish grin.

"Hrwwwar." the Wookie replied.

"Sloppy? I never said your work was sloppy. It's just that it might look that way to the untrained eye, is all. Relax." he said as he got up and scratched Gra on the top of the head.

"Chow?" Brant asked Kayda, motioning down the corridor over his shoulder with his thumb before turning to lead the way.

Kayda had already been on the ship for a few days and was relatively familiar with it's layout, so she did not need a guide. But she had learned, that dispite Brant's somewhat scoundrel-ish appearance, he was usually a decent gentleman by most standards... usually. Gra seemed nice enough too. Quiet mostly, but rather observant.

Once in the mess Brant set about warming some kind of stew in a couple of cups. Once hot he dropped a spoon into each cup carried them to the table. He set one in front of Kayda before he took a seat, stirring his stew and blowing on it a little.

"Well, I sent word to my Jedi friend, but I never saw her at the swap. I am not that surprised though. Something happened to her so I think she feels like she is not of much help to anybody." he said with a shrug.

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Kayda picked up the cup of food, her nose wrinkled slightly at the smell of the meat in the stew, but she smiled as she too stirred it while it cooled, at the same time she used the force to push the bits of meat to the very bottom of the dish so she could eat without offending. "Thank you."

She tasted the stew as she considered Brant's admission about a Jedi friend. The force had called to her, a call she could not ignore, and then it saw fit to at least bring the knowledge of another living Jedi to her. "I hope your friend is alright. I admit to some surprise when you mentioned another Jedi at Micri. For the longest time, I had thought those of my order all gone and that I was alone. Hubris I suppose. But now, first Glint, then your friend, my being called to Tarnoss, even the inquisitor."

She shakes her head, sets her cup down. "These things are not a coincidence, The Force is stirring."


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Brant nodded.

"I doubt she is in any trouble. I told her that a young Jedi would be at the swap, but she probably just felt she wouldn't be any help. You see, something happened to her. Some sort of dark Force-thing. Anyways, if she exerts herself too much, she could die. So she tends to keep to herself. We go talk to her from time to time seeking advice, but mostly she just keeps to herself on Micri.

As far as the Jedi being gone.. They mostly are, but some have survived. Even with the Clone War raging I imagine some were still elsewhere on other assignments, personal studies or whatever. So when the Purge happened, a few were just out of harms way. My guess is that it's under a hundred though. We run into them from time to time. Their level of training varies wildly, though tend to lean toward lower end, at least from what I have seen. Some assist us, while others are doing their own thing. The Emperor enlisted special Inquisitors to hunt down the survivors, and I am sure they have found more than a few.

Anyways, it seems that people who can use the Force seem to agree with the Rebellion. Aside from the occasional Jedi, there are others that help us. Like this group of.. Hmm. I really don't know how to describe them. I talked with one once... sort of. Most of them are this plant-like species. Anyways, they are like the Jedi, but different. They call themselves Thuwisten. They just seem to be nice people. They seek peace and harmony and seem to revere all life. Not exactly pacifists, but moreseo than the Jedi. They don't carry lightsabers or anything.

It explained, and I use 'it' because I think they do not have gender, that they could feel the wave of Jedi deaths though the Force, when the Purge happened, and that seemed to get them off their asses and out into the galaxy to help. They had some big meeting and decided they would send their most capable students to seek out any surviving Jedi and aiding them in whatever way possible. The result is that a few of them made contact with us, while a couple straight up joined the Rebellion, as they saw the Empire as being directly at odds with their philosophy. They kinda act like Jedi, but not nearly as good in a fight. They try to help in other ways though.

I've heard stories of other wizards and mystics too, any spacers has really, but I am not sure how many of them are just stories and how many of them are legit Force types. I think I am more open to the idea than most though, as I grew up with a lot of stories about the Jedi," he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin which he flipped to Kayda, who caught it and looked it over.

The coin was a large credit coin with a hand holding up a lightsaber in relief on one side with and on the other was a relief portrait of a woman surrounded by a date and a name. The date indicated it was minted 104 years ago and the name read Kinly Taal.

"My great aunt was a Jedi, so with a Jedi in the family, you hear stories. That's one of her JedCreds. My grandmother gave it to me for good luck, and I have to say, it sure seems to work."

Brant caught the slightly puzzled expression on Kayda's face as she looked at the coin, causing him to and chuckle.

"Oh. Sorry. It's an old tradition of Corillian Jedi. When they would attain the rank of Master they would have a few these credit coins minted and then give them out to family and close friends to commemorate the event. They call them Jedi Credits, or JedCreds. The tradition more or less fell out of use, but I guess she liked the idea, so she had them made. That's the one she gave to her little sister, my grandmother."

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She studied the coin, felt it with her fingers and the force. She wondered what it would be like to have a family, to have someone to give such a moment too. The Temple had had taught her to discard emotional attachments.She didn't know who her family was, had never sought them out. She didn't even know what name she had been given at birth or even if she had had one before the Temple. She held the coin out to Brant and he took it back.

"What happened to her, your great aunt?"

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As Kayda inspected the coin, before handing it back to Brant, she felt the edges of the text and relief with her fingers while she probed it with the Force. She felt a small ripple in the Force emanating from it. She had felt a subtle ripple like it before, the first time she probed the crystal of her lightsaber after attuning it through the Force.

"Nobody really knows for sure, except for maybe Gra's father, Huuraur, and he did not like to talk about it. It seems she saved his life though, because he showed up at our home and stated to my mother, the closest living relative of Kinly's he could find, that he owed her a lifedebt. And when a Wookie shows up saying he owes you a lifedebt, 'No' is not an option.

So both our families have been together ever since. I mean, I do not feel any sort of lifedebt is owed, nor did my mother for that matter, but Huuraur sure did and I think Gra does too. He is like family to me though. Like a protective big brother... and can dismember people... with his bare hands. He knows that he is, and always has been, free to do what he likes and follow any path he chooses. So I like to think that he chooses to stay with me and the Rebellion because it is the right thing to do..

I dunno." he said with a shrug before adding, "I gave up on trying to understand the complexities of Wookie honor long ago." with a grin and small chuckle.

"Anyways, the coin has seemed to bring me good luck, though my mother said to kinda keep quiet about it to the Jedi. The tradition was one of Corillian Jedi and more than frowned upon by the rest of the Order I guess. We didn't want to hurt her standing in the annals of the Jedi, so we just kept it as a memento and family heirloom .I do not think that is much of an issue any more though."

"What made you ask about her?" he asked a little quizzically.

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She smiled a little whimsically. "Merely curiosity. Most Jedi do not have families or even know their origins but it is known that Correllians have their own ways. It brings you luck keep it close."

 She decides not to burden the spacer with further knowledge of the force and that the coin at the very least bears the imprint of his great aunt. She makes a mental note to add these coins to the list of things she wishes to investigate if and when the opportunity arises.

"Our destination, Tarnoss, I couldn't find much on it in the Ships data banks, have you ever been there?"

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"Well, we Corillians have never liked being told what to do, especially how to live our lives. Our independent streak is a parsec wide. Hell, I the Rebel Alliance is probably half Corillians." Brant joked.

"Tarnoss is kind funny though. And I will explain in a minute. But first a little note on a star charts. Each ship has charts in their NavComputer. The computer is always updating it's charts based on where we have gone. Whenever a ship goes into a post it is standard to sync with the port's NavComputer, thereby everybody is sharing their charts with more recent data. It just helps everybody and makes travel safer.

For example, we just left Micri, so right now the NavComputer has very recent and accurate data about the system. Planetary orbits, location and speed of comets and such, and so on. When we go into a port, that info will be shared with the port's computer so that other spacers will get the data when they sync.

Well, you see, I had never heard of Tarnoss, and like you said, there was really no information in the computer on it. The charts in the NavComputer were woefully out of date, so that means that nobody has really been there to share data on it with any of the port computers we've have synced with. So I planned on stopping at a port close to it in order to get some updated charts and info on it.

Then we made the swap, after which I synced our NavComputer with that of the Cruiser on our trip to the edge of the system before we could make the jump to hyperspace. I figured getting some imperial charts sure wouldn't hurt. And what do you know? The charts on Tarnoss were updated. The cruiser probably synced with the frigate it operated from which in turn synced with some Imperial base or other Imperial ship which had been there or had synced with one that had synced with one, so on and so forth, that had been there. The data isn't fresh, but it means that some Imperials have been there at least somewhat recently.

So I am going to bring us in on the far side of the system and we will sneak up on it using planets and moons, and their EM fields and such, for cover until such time we can get a better idea of who is around. So I hope you do not mind wearing a VacSuit, because when we get there we'll likely use an old spacer's trick to sneak around, and it requires killing pretty much all power, including life support." Brant explained before taking another spoonful of stew.

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This news caused thought and Kayda put those thoughts to words. "No, I do not mind a suit and all i ask is that you get me to the surface of Tarnoss and take no further risk. But tell me, ships at port or a station do they update the navcomputers automatically? And if so let us say we are at a port and another ship arrives and it downloads it's data, does our ship then update again with this new information?"

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"It is generally automatic. It can be overridden though, but most don't. Some spacers like to keep their charts to themselves, especially scouts and prospectors, but generally most just let it update. it is safer that way for everybody. This ship is set up to ask before syncing though, so I always have the choice. And I have an astrogation droid I use for more discrete routes and locations. When you're a Rebel, you can never be too careful." Brant said with a grin.

"And yeah, if we are at a port and another ship arrives and syncs with the port's NavComputer, then we can download the updates too. A ship's NavComputer will generally be open to updates until it departs or is told to stop. Why do you ask? Is something the matter?" Brant asked.

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She shakes her head slightly. "To be honest i don't know. The cruiser was at the station when the inquisitor arrived to take me and the others into custody. I wonder if that is where the data was updated from. If perhaps the inquisitor had been to Tarnoss." She shakes her head again. "I don't believe in coincidence, as I said before, the Force is stirring."

She leans forward and and rests her hand on Brant's forearm. "Get me to Tarnoss. I must find out what is there."

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"Well, that's what I'm trying to do." he said, shooting a roguish grin.

"If you got time, I can try to hit up a source in the area to see if they have any info on Tarnoss. But I doubt they will, all things considered."

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Kayda picks up her stew again and takes a couple of bites. "No. I think we should go straight there. Less chance of being noticed, and I believe that  we don't have a lot of time. Someones life may be in danger." She sets the cup back down. "Thanks for the food, but i think I'm going to go rest."

Kayda closes the door to her quarters behind her. Settling herself on the bed she begins her breathing exercises to calm and enter a meditative state. Her mind reflects over the things that have come in recent days and weeks. The capture and escape. the call to Tarnoss, Brant and his coin. She trusts him. The Force is strong around him even though she doesn't believe that he is sensitive. His Great Aunt was a Jedi. The Coin.

She is calm her mind is free, she feels the Force, embraces it.

She turns her mind to Tarnoss.


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  • 1 month later...

Kayda's mind mulled over Brant, the story of his great aunt, the coin and then to Tarnoss and the strange vision she had received. It was little more than an impression, a flash of emotion and hazy glimpse. If it was a warning to stay away or a call for help, Kayda could not be sure and there was only one way to be certain...

The trip certainly took some time as calling Tarnoss "out of the way" was more than an understatement. Brant took his time though, plotting careful courses and using the newly acquired data about the system and the route in the nav computer to play it safe and quiet.

"Well, time to suit up. I have no idea what security or patrol will be like, so we had best play it safe." Brant said as he walked in toting spacesuits and tossed one to Kayda.

He began donning his own as a irritated wookie grunt came from the other room.

"I know. I know. Just put it on will ya." Brant yelled which elicited a curt grunt from the wookie.

Once he had the suit on, Brant strapped on his gun belt on the outside of it.

"You might want to do the same if you want to be able to reach your weapon." Brant reminded Kayda.

Once they were suited up the trio made their way to the bridge. After 10 minutes or so some small alarms went off and Brant nodded.

"Well, here goes." he said as he reached forward and pulled back on the hyperdrive controls, disengaging it. Outside, the streaking stars snapped to single points of light with one being noticeably lager than the others. Brant leand forward and looked over the displays thoughtfully for a moment, scratching his chin.

"Okay. This will take a while. We are going to hop from planet to planet, using their gravity shadows and magnetic poles to help hide us, along with using minimal power, so that means no life support. Button up." he said as he closed the helmet of the space suit, with Kayda and the wookie following suit.

Brant plotted a course and engaged the drive while Gra began shutting down non-essential systems, which in this case, included systems such as active sensors and life support. The ship darkened as virtually all of the interior lighting was powered down and soon the hum of the engines would be halted for long periods..


It was hard to gauge just how long it took to travel from planet to planet, though Gra stayed hunched over the passive senors while Brant kept up visual scanning looking for any hint of activity, but the system seemed quiet. Nearly dead in fact. No communications signals, no sign of patrols, no apparent cities or technology on any of the planets. As they traveled deeper into the system Kayda could feel that this was the right place.

"Hmmm.. I don't like this. I haven't detected so much as a satellite or sensor buoy. Either somebody is taking great pains to keep this place quiet, or Tarnoss is the wrong system." Brant said, shaking his head.

"Rrrrwwwur" Gra added.

"Yes. Or it is a trap. Thanks for that." Brant quipped as frigid planet Tarnoss came into view.
















"Well, that's a big planet. I hope you have an idea of where to go." Brant said to Kayda, looking over her shoulder at her. 

The young jedi rose from her seat and looked over the display of the planet and breathed in deeply, opening herself to the Force.

"There." she said, pointing at some seemingly arbitrary coordinates.

"If you say so." Brant shrugged and engaged the engines.



The black of space gave way the dark blues, purples and whites of the planets cloudy sky. Down below it was indeed a frigid world, though not so much encased in thick ice as a seemingly perpetual layer of snow. It appeared to be rocky with huge, craggy mountain ranges jutting up from the surface and large oceans partially covered by ice.

As the ship drew near the coordinates Kayda had picked out, the ground gave way to a artificial valley, each side made of massive stepped terraces. At the end of the valley sat a large, snow dusted structure with enormous statues lining what appeared to be a causeway leading to it.


(Click for image)




"Oh that looks inviting." Brant said as he guided the ship down.

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Kayda stood behind the seats occupied by Brant and the Wookie Gra, watching the descent through the cockpit canopy. The dense cloud layers had parted and she had sensed out only to be rebuffed. The clouds they had flown through had not only been made of ice and gas, there had been a darker cloud as well, one which still spread across this globe, the dark side of the force.


As the ship drew near the coordinates Kayda had picked out, the ground gave way to a artificial valley, each side made of massive stepped terraces. At the end of the valley sat a large, snow dusted structure with enormous statues lining what appeared to be a causeway leading to it.
"Oh that looks inviting." Brant said as he guided the ship down.

“Try to land as close to the structure as you can.” Kayda instructed Brant ignoring his worried look. “What's the atmosphere like Gra?”

The wookie flips some switches and turns a few dials as the ship settles onto the snow-dusted landscape he starts growling as the reading come in. “He says it breathable at least for as long as it will take for us to freeze. You sure this is where you are supposed to go?” Brant's voice held real concern.

Kayda nodded as she began taking her space suit off. The wookie growls and barks some more. “He says it damn cold out there breathable or not you might want to reconsider getting out of your suit.” She pats the furry copilot on the shoulder.”Thank you for your concern but the cold won't bother me at least not as much as being hampered by the suit will.

She points off to the ditant structure. “I'm going there. It shouldn't take more than an hour to cover the distance. I want the two of you to stay here in the ship and keep her ready.” She hands Brant the the macro binoculars from the ships kit, and gestures to the structure again. “If you do't see me or hear from me within an hour of me going inside. Leave and don't come back under any circumstances.”

Gra and Brant both started talking at the same time and Kayda could make no sense of what either of them were saying since Gra's growls were covering half of what Brant was saying, until finally Brant grabbed Gra's arm and shook his large friend. Gra went silent. “Gra's right Kayda, you can't go alone it's too dangerous and anyway...” Kayd rested her hand on his shoulder the back on Gra's shoulder. “I appriciate both of your concerns. But I sense no life here.” She shakes her head. “Not because there is none but because the darkside is blocking me. This valley should be full of snow yet it is not. This is something I must do, and do it alone. Stay alert, Captain Brant. If you do not see me as I have indicated in the time allotted follow my wishes.” With that the young padawan exits the cockpit and the ship.

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  • 1 month later...

Brant nodded.

"One hour." he said which prompted a response from Gra.

"Rrrwwaarrurr?" the wookie said, looking down at Brant.

"Of course she can handle herself." Brant replied, drawing forth a grunt from the wookie.


Kayda trudged down the valley through the shallow snow, passing from shadow to shadow of each of the huge, dark statues that loomed over her. She could not help but feel like they were looking down at her, staring and watching her approach the massive stone structure. She passed by and through some of the ruins that littered the valley. They were much small structures, but numerous, suggesting that as some point the valley had been populated by some people or culture, be it those seeking out the dark side or the slaved used to erect the structure. The ground trembled beneath her feet on occasion, hinting at possible geologic instability. Maybe that is why it was abandoned and could be what has left the rest of the valley in ruins. 

The valley might not have as thick snow at the surrounding landscape, but it still felt very cold. It was difficult to tell if the cold was from the weather, or the presence of the cloak of the Dark Side. The presence of the Dark Side was strong in this place, and only growing stronger as she drew closer to the pyramid, shrouding the valley in the Dark Side. Kayda tried to pierce through it with her senses, but she was not strong enough, her training too incomplete. Kayda could sense the Dark Side speaking to her, but without words. Instead she could just feel it...




All manner of dark temptations.

The Dark Side offered it's aid and all Kayda had to do was just accept it's help and she could carry out her will...


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On 5/30/2016 at 9:32 PM, Noir said:

Kayda kept walking pulling the force around her like a blanket. She smiled a little smile at a fleeting memory of her training at the temple so long ago. “My will,” her voice though soft echoes among the winds of the ruins,” Is guided by the Light. I have no need of your dark Temptations. Yours is not the call I have answered to come to this place. I have left the shadows and will walk in the Light and It shall guide me.”

Pushing forward she continues toward the temple seeking the one who called her.


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Kayda reached the base of the structure and began to ascend the snow-dusted stairs. The cold wind bit at her face as she climbed step after step until she reached the entrance.

The doorway was huge and sealed with two doors made of a highly polished stone. Flanking the door were two, multi-legged guard droids. They appeared to be quite ancient and did not seem to be operational, each one encrusted with snow and ice. Kayda looked for any sort or door controls, but none were to be seen. Hesitantly, she pressed her palm to the door, feeling for any sort of seam or control. Strangely, the polished stone of the door was rather warm to the touch, and after a moment the two massive, stone slabs began to slowly slide apart, granting access to the structure.

The frigid air and snow rushed in through the doorway, swirling around Kayda's feet, the snowflakes quickly melting when they fall to the floor, The scale of the room was almost epic with an incredibly high ceiling and massive columns. The interior was dark, made of the same polished black stone and faintly illuminated with recessed lighting, except for the island of light that Kayda stood within, made by the shaft of sunlight bursting through the doorway, which remained open.

On the side walls of the room Kayda could make out some doors, mostly due to the faint glow of some devices placed on them. They appeared to have two arms from a small central devices that extended in either direction, somehow attacking to the doors... apparently to keep them shut.

To the side, near the door, were several metal crates with imperial logos. They sat open and seemed to have equipment in them that one would expect for exploring an ancient ruin; synthcable dispensers and glowrods as well as several more of the devices that were set on the doors. They crates seemed half empty though, so whatever was in them had likely been used.

A set of dim lights set into the floor slowly glowed to life. A moment later another set came to life. And another, and another until they outlined a pathway through the hall.



Synthcable: A synthetic cable that is stored as a liquid. When a button is pressed on the storage device it dispenses the cable by rapidly passing it through an extruder to form it into a thin, though remarkably strong, cable. Once the cable is formed it is permanent and cannot be returned to it's liquid state. Several end attachments are stored on the devices, allowing the cable to be fitted with a small grappling hook, carabiner, magnetic and molecular bonding heads. These dispensers seem to have enough for about 100 meters of cable and are about the size of a large modern tape measure.

Glowrod: Essentially a lantern/flashlight. They can be set to glow along the length of the rod, putting out light in all directions like a lantern, or produce light from one end in a focused beam, like a flashlight.


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Standing in the light both literally and metaphorically Kayda reached out and sought the Force feeling for whoever had called her. But the darkside pulled in close and she just wasn't strong enough. She knew that she should be angry at her failure to pierce the interference that she could take that anger and force it out of the way that her rage could burn through...

Kayda stopped She was breathing hard her hands clenched into fists, she lowered her head and recited the code silently. It calmed her when she lifted her head it seemed as if the gloom had retreated a bit. Looking left and right she moved to the pile of gear. She made a quick visual inspection before pulling a coil of the synthrope out and attaching it to her belt. She picked up a few other tools which might prove useful. Then she began to trace the path deeper into the  great hall following the illuminated path before her.

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Kayda followed the faintly illuminated path deeper into the hall cautiously as the wind howled through the opened doorway behind her. In time she found herself at a set of steps which led down, deeper into the structure.

Carefully Kayda descended them to a long, dark hall, though nowhere neat the scale of the previous hall.

"You should not be here... Jedi..." a dark, feminine voice slowly creaked, almost in disgust.

Kayda's head snapped around to check the hall at the same time as she reached out with her senses once more. She could neither see nor detect anybody, but as she turned back around what appeared to be a hologram sputtered and flickered to life before the closed door at the end of the hall. It was a of a woman, clad in a long, black robe that pooled around her feet. She wore a large, ornate headdress that suspended a necklace well below it. Her eyes and most of her face were covered, revealing only her mouth, chin and jawline.


The hologram...




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"Yes. You are." the hologram spoke as her lips curled into a faint snear.

"I am the fear that makes you reach for your weapon, hoping for some security..." the hologram said darkly.

"And this place?" the hologram asked as waved her hand in a grand gesture, "..this place is the source of nightmares..."

The hologram slowly walked around Kayda, and though her eyes were covered she seemed to look over the young padawan.

"This is not a place for the likes of you... Jedi..." it said.



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"And yet here I am ." Kayda follows the hologram with her eyes as it goes around her.

"It is not fear that makes me reach for my weapon, merely caution. And it is not nightmares that calls me here but the Force."

The Jedi turns in place to face the hologram.

"And still you have not told me who you are...Sith?"

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"Bluff and bluster all you like, but I can sense your fear." the hologram said as it leaned close to Kayda, and inhaled slowly but deeply.

The holographic woman smiled faintly.

"Oh, it was indeed a nightmare that brought you here. Just not your own." the hologram retorted, snearing smugly once again, "...at least not yet. Continue along this path though, and that will change. So begone. Flee while you still can."

"I am Darth Abhora. And you, little Jedi, have been warned." she added.

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There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force

A Darth. Sudden realization sent the spike of fear thru her heart. A Darth. Kayda's mind recited the code over and over to calm her.

A Darth. Not an Inquisitor, not an Darkside Adept, Not even a turned Jedi. A Darth.

This wasn't just a hologram, it must be a projection from a Holocron, for there was only one Darth in the Galaxy today and his name was Vader. No this Abhora must be an ancient Darth long dead but still dangerous, for their troubled spirits were known to linger as darkside ghosts ready to trap and destroy those who disturbed their rest.

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force

Forcing her hand away from her lightsaber Kayda Vayawn stepped passed the image and continued down the path.

"We shall see, Sith."

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"Yes... We shall. Jedi..." the image said ominously.

Kayda passed the image and the door behind it slowly slid open with the stone of stone on stone. The pathway continued a brief distance then dropped down a small set of stairs to yet another door which slid open to reveal a truly massive chamber. 

Enormous columns, easily 2 meters in diameter stood throughout the room, spaced every 20 meters or so/ Each column ad a red light built into the floor around it, faintly illuminating the base of the column which then rose into darkness above.
In the dim light Kayda's eyes could not even see the walls or ceiling, but the room 'felt' large to her and the air was only somewhat stale, be the faint odor of animals could be noticed. Some floodlights could be seen across the room, directly in front of her, though they were easily a few hundred meters away. They seemed to be illuminating some sort of work area or makeshift lab or something. At this distance, it was too difficult to tell. 

The red lights in the floor continued to slowly glow to life, illuminating a path before the padawan, guiding her toward the lights. Carefully, and Kayda followed the path, trying to stay fully aware of her surroundings, but the darkness and forest of columns made it difficult.

About one hundreds meters in the floor dropped off, though the path continued as a bridge. Judging by the lights on the pathway, the bridge split maybe fifty meters ahead, forming a ring, before rejoining and continuing on straight ahead once more. 

Looking down Kayda could make out that the bridge spanned a massive pit of sorts as some temporary floodlights had been set up near the center around a large, jagged obsidian-like rock that stood roughly fifteen meters tall and maybe 10 meters in diameter. The flood lights were set up in a circle around it, illuminating the rock and allowing one to see that... something... was inside it. Whatever it was, it looked quite large and when Kayda reached out with her senses she could sense a strong lifeforce. She could not discern if it was fully intelligent or not, but there was mistaking that it was heavily tainted with the Darkside.

The lights illuminated the rock, but also some of the pit around it. In the dim light Kayda could see several large, metal crates placed seemingly randomly on the pit floor. Wait. Not crates. They were cages, and all seemed to be opened, but there was no sound of life echoing from the pit. 
Next to the bridge, where the floor dropped away, a simple lift had been installed with the platform currently at the top, allowing one to descend into the pit, the base of which was also illuminated by floodlights. A similar set up could be identified by the same lights at the other end of the pit, near the far side of the bridge. Two large, deactivated loader droids stood by the lift on this end. They were simple models, barely able to take simple instructions and designed to move heavy loads.

Kayda continued along the path cautiously, crossing the bridge over the pit to the far side of the room. There she could see the floodlights lit a small work and makeshift living area. Several field consoles had been set up as well as several tables, a portable refresher and crates with various supplies ranging from food to tools.

Just beyond the work/sleep area a couple of more floodlights were set up, casting their light on a round, raised platform. The floor had several steps in the front leading up a large, stone and metal sarcophagus the was set on an angled platform to lean back slightly in front of an imposing throne of similar manufacture. Around the rest of the base were similar, though smaller, sarcophagi, each standing up, partially built into the platform. They too were stone and metal, but they, and this side of the platform, was clearly infused with some sort of technology. Of the five sarcophagi set around the base, three were open and empty, while two were closed.

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Kayda gazed upon the sarcophagus and its smaller companions for a few moments. Could this be the resting place of Darth Abhora? She asked herself silently. Someone had come here and quite recently seeking this place. These mechanisms were not standard but seemed tailor made for their purpose.

She move closer and peered into the empty sarcophagi trying to determine by the interior shape what manner of being it might have held. Then she approached the remaining closed ones and stretched out her senses...trusting herself to the Force.

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Each sarcophagi was quite large and outfitted with various bits of technology. They were large enough that only the largest races could not fit (such at Hutts), but they did not seem to be designed to suit any specific race as much as just a humanoid form, up to about two and a half meters tall.

Kayda moved to the closed sarcophagi and closed her eyes as she reached out with her senses. She could sense life within them, but it was difficult. Not just duffuclt due to the powerful presence of the Dark Side, but difficult to even discern the life generally and then from one another. It was like they were being drawn out of themselved. Her brow furrowed and her face grimaced as she could sense great pain and torment radiating from them. Whoever, or whatever, was inside them was suffering terribly.

And the Kayda felt it...

A feeling...

A familiar presence from within one of the sarcophagi....

One she had not felt in over a decade...

Her former Master, Otoka Bis...

Kayda could not help but gasp. She had finally found him once again. He was so close, but yet far away and in such terrible agony.

"I warned you this place was a source of nightmares..." said the smug voice of Darth Abhora from behind Kayda, taunting the young Jedi.


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Kayda resisted the urge to turn and confront the apparition instead she reached down and gently laid a hand on the machine holding her Master. "What are you doing to..them?"

She felt fear and anger and knew this place was a deadly danger to her. Her other hand clenched into a fist

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"Yes.. That's it.." the voice said from behind Kayda and paused for a moment, "Draw on that anger. It will make you strong. Then use that strength to save these Jedi... To save your... Master..."

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There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

The code came to her again but not in her voice, no it was the voice of her Master from far away. Her fist unclenched, her breathing slowed calm came over her.

She closed her eyes.

"You did not answer my question, sith."


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"You come here... into my resting place... and take that insolent tone... with me?" the ever more familiar voice said from behind Kayda.

There was a few moments of silence before it calmly spoke again.

"I will tell you, but only because it will suit me..."

"This place channels and focuses the Dark Side, but the fear.. the torment... the agony... of the living, especially those so attuned to the Force, makes it that much more powerful. And it is through their suffering that my strength grows."

"In time, when I have more of them to draw upon, I shall used that strength to imbue a worthy vessel with my... power... And when I do, this galaxy shall see the true power of the Sith once more, not this mockery of a Sith Empire built by this 'Emperor'. This 'Emperor' fancies himself a Sith? I shall show him what a Sith truly is!"

There was a few moments of silence before it calmly spoke again.

"I only tell you this to add to your own torment... Knowing that I am using you to strengthen myself just might make your torment rich enough to add to my power... If not, well... the rancors are always hungry for fresh meat..."

"What?" Kayda said as she turned to face the apparition of Darth Abhora.

A spit second of confusion came over her before the realization hit. At that moment a young woman stepped through the apparition. She was clad entirely in black with highlights of red. On her upper body and arms she wore some sort of armor while her legs were covered with a floor-length black skirt, with a lightsaber on her hip. Her face, above her cheeks, bore some strange red markings, or possibly tattoos that extended up the side of her head which was either shaved, or possibly bare as a feature of species. The rest of her long, straight black hair was swept to the side.

"Hello." the woman said with a snear

She raised a hand and Kayda could feel the woman blatantly drawing on the Force and focusing it at her. Kayda could feel the Force tightening around her, pulling at her. The padawan focused, resisting the pull, but could not quite overcome it. Her boots screeched and skidded on the ground as she was moved by an unseen hand.

"Sweet dreams." the woman added with a smug smile as Kayda could then feel herself being pushed toward one of the opened sarcophagi.

The woman shoved her open palm forward, slamming Kayda into the sarcophagus which light up inside and slowly began to close.

"Hi yourself!" Brant's voice echoed across the chamber, accompanied by several blaster bolts flying at the woman.

Kayda could feel the woman release her telekinetic grip on her and instead pulled her lightsaber to her hand which she ignited. A red blade glowed to life and arched through the air as she swung it, deflecting one of the shots off into the darkness while the other grazed her shoulder armor, causing her to twist violently by the force of the bolt.

"Hurrrrraaaaurrrr!" Gra yelled, his shot having been the one to strike the woman.





The woman...





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Kayda staggered back as the new threat's hold on her was released.

Brant and Gra? The Force is looking out for her she thought.

Instinctively Kayda called upon the Force and quickly flung her left arm out at the unknown woman, catching her off guard. The telekinetic push sent her flying several meters in one direction, and her lightsaber in another. At the same time Kayda's own saber found it's way into her hand, It's violet blade extending Illuminating the former padawan.

The woman slide to a halt just into the darkness outside of the radius of floodlights. 

"You okay?" Brant asked in a yell as he and Gra were running across the bridge.

"Where'd she go? I can't see her now." he yelled.

The bright lights shining toward the platform made her difficult to see, but Kayda could still make out the form of the woman as she slowly stood up. Her eyes narrowed and a faint smile came caross her lips as she looked at Kayda and gestured to her side, causing her lightsaber to leap back into her hand. 

"You're gonna pay for that." she casually threatened, which made her accent more apparent. 

Kayda could feel the woman continuing to draw on the Force. She ignited her lightsaber once more, bathing herself in it's crimson glow and approached Kayda once more.


"Yeah, There she is!" Brant said as she took aim to squeeze off a few more shots at the woman now illuminated by her own lightsaber.



See combat thread.


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Kayda drew on her training and reached out with with the Force like Master Bis had thought her. She could feel the lightsaber in her hand and the crystal nestled within, allowing the Force to course through it. She reached out with her senses and became more fully aware of her her own body; the placement of each foot, the position of her legs, arms and body. It had been many years she had to draw her lightsaber, but the constant drills and training of her youth had ensured her training was still there to draw upon. 

The black-clad woman walked toward Kayda almost casually, holding the red-bladed saber with both hands. Two more blaster bolt coursed through the air, narrowly missing the woman and not even causing her to flinch. Kayda steadied herself and eyed her opponent as she too approached, her mind focused and senses acutely aware. The woman was drawing on the Force extensively likely further reinforced by the strength of the Dark Side in this place.

The two met the edge of the island of light created by the floodlights. The woman came at Kayda aggressively, her attacks were rapid, strong and swift. Though she had never truly fought another lightsaber, Kayda remembered her instruction and brought her blade up to deflect and redirect her strikes. The crackling of crossed lightsaber blades mixed with the apparition's own laughter as it watched the duel before her. 

The woman fought with an almost casual violence, mixing her attacks with parries and split second deflections of blaster fire. The woman's attacks were powerful and relentless, each time they crossed blades the woman threatened to break through her parry by pure force alone. In trying to eek out every bit of power she could from each blow, likely out of anger and possibly not considering Kayda much of threat, Kayda could see that the woman was over-committing, . In that moment, Kayda could see her opening.

The next time the woman swung Kayda feinted, causing the woman to over-extend her swing Kayda switched from defense to offense and and brought her blade around, bypassing the woman's guard. Catching her folly the woman tried to bring her saber back in time, but just barely managed to catch Kayda's blade. She didn't stop the attack, instead only managing to slow it somewhat, but the lightsaber still found it's mark as Kayda allowed a brief surge of the Force into her blade. With a crackling hiss the violet blade bit into the armor on the woman's side, burning it's way through in an instant and knocking the woman to the side. The woman screamed and fell to the floor as her lightsaber switched off.  She was wounded, but far from incapacitated...

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"Go with you?" the woman said as she shifted to her knees and then a crouch.

"Why would I ever do something as foolish as that?" she asked as she rose back up to her full height.

She held out her hand and her lightsaber flew back to her grasp.

"You got lucky, because I underestimated you." she commented as she ignited her red lightsaber once more.

She grasped it with both hands, the red glow of the blade bathing her face.

"But I won't do so again." the woman said as she narrowed her eyes.

Slowly she stepped forward to engage once more.

"Good thing she needs you alive..."


  Hide contents

More combat time unless Kayda has other ideas.  With her lightsaber already in hand, igniting it is a free action.

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Kayda frowned. she was truly disappointed that the woman had not accepted her offer.

"You have chosen the Dark Side and all it will do is betray you." Kayda said as once again ignited her lightsaber.

Kayda knew the woman was more powerful than her. She was dealing with Brant and Gra's fire as well as fighting with Kayda and was still a formidable opponent. She knew that the longer this fight went, the more things would be in the favor of the woman. Her best hope was to end it swiftly. So taking a gamble Kayda took a more aggressive posture, hoping several swift blows would give her the upperhand. But no sooner had the thought formed in her mind and her arms and legs began to move to enact the plan than the woman was already striking at her. Damn she was fast!

The dark woman came at Kayda with a barrage of attacks, her red lightsaber making almost beautiful, though fleeting images in the air as she spun, sliced, cut and thrust. It was all Kayda could to dodge and deflect relentless assault, further reinforcing in her mind that this must be ended swiftly.

Finally Kayda saw an opening in the woman's guard and shifted footing, launching into her own onslaught against the woman. The tide had shifted for a moment, as it often did in battles, forcing the woman into defense. She smugly sneared at Kayda as they crossed blades with a crackling hiss and then continued to block and deflect her blows.

"Your're good... for a half trained, masterless padawan who's been cowering in the shadows for a decade." the woman taunted mockingly, "Give up now and I'll let you rejoin your Master... mostly intact."

"Though I may have been hiding in the shadows..." Kayda said, shifting her stance and pressing her attack, "I am now firmly.. in the... Light!" she finished, using her words to punctuate several of her attacks, the last of which was a small, swift, over the head swing for the woman's arm.

The dark woman barely saw the blow coming and brought her own lightsaber up to deflect Kayda's blade. The blades touched with a crackle, but once again the woman's parry was just not enough. Kayda's violet blade slid down and skidded off the crimson blade of the woman's lightsaber, scorching through an armor plate on the woman's upper arm and knocking her off balance. The woman yelled out in pain and fell to the floor once again. Kayda took a step closer, holding the point of her violet blade toward the woman as a voice boomed in the darkness.

"Enough of this!" Darth Abhora snarled as the apparition waved a hand to the side in a broad, dismissive gesture.

The apparition's gesture sent out a tremendous, invisible wave of telekinetic force, knocking over Kayda, along with several floodlights, sending them skidding sent skidding back across the floor. Kayda focused, trying to brace herself with the Force, but all it did was slow the push slightly. In a moment the dark, stone floor under her feed yielded to the empty space of the massive pit bisecting the enormous chamber, sending her falling into the near darkness.

Though the wave hit Kayda first, it was Brant and Gra who had just stepped off of the bridge to the nearside of the pit that were first thrown into it. The pair saw the effect of the wave a split second before it hit them, allowing them to reach for the synthcord dispensers they had grabbed on the way in, though Brant was quicker on the draw than Gra.

The pair shot out the sythncords, which attached to the underside of the bridge. Gra's cord was longer, which made him fall farther before the cord was finally pulled taunt and then snapped. Though severed, the snapping cord did at least break his fall.

Brant's quicker reflexes allowed for a slightly shorter fall before the cord shot out. The cord went taunt and threatened to snap, which caused Brant to almost lost his grip, He had caught a glimpse of Kayda being thrown back before he went over the edge and did his best to swing toward the edge of the pit where he guessed she would be falling from and sure enough he caught a momentary flash of her in a shaft of light from one of the flood lamps that was falling into the pit.

"Hold on!" he yelled as he swung toward her, their bodies colliding in mid-air. Kayda grabbed onto him and they swung just a tiny bit farther with Brant letting out as much of the cord as he could before it finally snapped under the stress and strain, breaking their fall somewhat and sending them falling to the floor below in a heap as a several flood lamps crashed into the floor around them, mostly crumpling and shattering. One light partially survived the fall though, mangled somewhat, though the light still flickered randomly, giving something of a strobe effect.

The snapping cord had broken their fall, but they still hit the ground hard enough that it took several seconds for them to catch their breath. Brant groaned as he rolled to his side and tried to fight the urge to vomit.

"I don't know what's worse.. the fall or the smell." Brant groaned as the pair caught some movement our of the corner of their eye.

Brant reached down, fumbling for his blaster as Kayda could feel the presence come closer.. very quickly. The pair tried to get back to their feet and draw their weapons as it closed in the darkness, the sound of it's huffing and panting from the swift run reaching their ears.

Then suddenly it was upon them...

"Hrrrur?" Gra said as he reached down and pulled each of them to their feet.

"Yeah. We're fine. Nothing a bacta tank won't fix." Brant joked.

With the fleeting flashes of light some details of the floor could be made out. The pit was vast and littered with several large cages, like those for transporting large animals, as well as bones and occasional bits of gore... apparently from said animals, And in the center of the pit, the huge, dark, glassy rock stood. A heavy stench lingered as well, causing stomachs to churn. The lights on each lift stood out in the darkness, to either side of the pit.



"If you cannot secure a simple jedi whelp, then let the Rancors deal with them. Perhaps they will not be as disappointing." the specter said, upbraiding the woman.

The woman got back to her feet and placed her lightsaber on her hip as she began to walk toward the pit, reaching out with an open hand as she began to focus.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Thank you , Gra." Kayda blocked out the overpowering smell and calmed her stomach. Checking herself she saw that she had no serious injuries and a quick look at her companions showed them to be bruised but relatively wound free. "We need to get out of this pit," she points to the nearest lift, "lets make our way to that lift, but be wary, she wouldn't have pushed us in here if she didn't have a reason."

Lightsaber in hand but unlit Kayda, Brant and the big Wookie made their way cautiously toward the lift, Kayda straining the limits of her senses to warn her of whatever the sith had in store for them.

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  • 1 month later...

The woman stood at the edge of pit, and closed her eyes for a moment as she focused. Slowly a her lips curled into a faint, cruel grin as her eyes opened once more.

In the darkness something stirred.




It's heavy, meaty footfalls echoed in the pit and grew louder as it approached, making it difficult to pin down a direction.

"I don't like the sound of that..." Brant commented as they moved toward the lift on the opposite side of the pit, eyes and ears every watchful for whatever was approaching.

Then it stepped passed the floodlight and for the first time Kayda could make out five meter tall form as it moved through the flickering light...

It was a rancor.

The beast roared and snorted, causing the nostrils between it's eyes to flare and then sniff at the air.

"Run!" Brant exclaimed as he caught sight of the towering beast.

The trio broke out into a run, making the best time they could toward the lift through the near total darkness, passing by opened cages and the occasional large bone or what was left of a decomposing carcass. 




The rancor's strides, though slower, were quite large and propelled the beast swiftly on their trail. As it began to close, the beast would reach out with it's long arms and massive, clawed hands, grabbing at the cages and shoving them aside to clear it's path as if they were a child's toys, making it clear what those same clawed hands could do to tender flesh.

Panic began to well up in the trio.

"Remember when I told that this place was a source of nightmares, Jedi whelp? Well... Behold!" Darth Abhora's glowing form taunted.

The dark woman's eyes remained closed as she stood on edge of the pit and opened her hand. She reached out with the Force and slowly closed her hand, curling her fingers into a fist. Snaps and pops echoed from the pit as the large rock in the center began to fracture. large cracks and fissures raced down and across the stone, sending out small showers of shards.

The woman grimaced and tightened her fist.

The massive stone now trembled as the cracks splintered and grew until finally the stone shattered and with a glance at it, it became clear to Kayda that it was not a stone, but was instead some sort of cocoon. As it fell away she could feel a wave of rage wash over her, emanating from it, followed by an ear splitting roar.




The rancor reached out with one of it's grasping claws, catching the edge of Brant's boot with a talon, causing him to stumble and fall to the floor.

Kayda and Gra skidded to a halt and turned back toward him as the rancor's claw reached out for Brant once again. Brant scrambled on the floor, trying to avoid the beast's grasp. Just as the claw was about to close around him, another roar reverberated in the chasm. It was not a roar to intimidate though... this was a roar of pain.

Kayda's eyes shot up and she could discern an even larger form behind the rancor. it was bipedal, and seemed to be the rough shape of the rancor, though stockier and taller. It's hands were grasping the rancor from behind as it tore into the rancor's neck with a vicious bite.

"What the...rrauhr?" Brant said, first with Gra finishing his thought aloud as they stared at the thing in the near total darkness that was now manhandling a rancor beast. one of the most fear predators in the known galaxy.

"We need to go. Now." Kayda urged.

"Yeeah.." Brants acknowledged as he backed away from the savage show in front of him.

"Hurraruh!" Gra said as she grabbed Brant by the shoulders, turned him around and began pushing him into a run.

Another, triumphant roar echoed through the pit, followed by the loud, bass thud of one of the beasts body falling to the floor. A snort and several sniffs could be heard and then the rhythmic, relentless footfalls of one of the beasts ground louder and louder.




The lift sat on the ground of the pit in a small island of light, offering the hope of so degree of safety as they raced toward it. It was so close, and yet seemed so far away as the beast grew ever closer.

"Can to flip the lever?" Brant asked Kayda breathlessly as they ran.

"What?" she asked, slightly confused.

"The damned lever on the lift. Can you flip it? he clarified as he pulled out the synthcord launcher, giving Kayda an idea of his plan.

"Maybe..." she replied as she focused on the lever. 

It was difficult to focus, running from near certain death, unable to close her eyes and with more than a twinge of panic racing through her. Kayda focused intently on the lever and tried to push the fear and panic from her mind.

The lever rattled and Kayda held out her hand, her face grimacing, and then the lever slid down, causing the lift to rise up the far wall of the pit.

"Here!" Brant said, handing Kayda the launcher he prepared while snagging her launcher from her belt.




The beast was right behind them now, it's heavy breath from it's panting as it pursued them stung their nostrils.

"Don't miss!" Brant yelld as the trio raised up their synthcord launchers and fired them at the ascending lift. In rapid succession they heads hit the back wall of the left, securing into place. They pressed the button on the launcher, causing it to coil up the cord and they felt their feet leave the floor, sending them swinging through the near darkness.

"Feet up and brace yourself!"" Brant instructed as he raised his feet up before him. The others did the same and in a moment their feet were met with the wall of the pit.

The launchers pulled each of them up the cable, which when combined with the rising lift caused them to rise from the floor rather quickly.

"RAWR!" a the beat roared from below them, as it reached for them with it's enormous, clawed hands, barely scraping the sole of Kayda's boot.

The lift reached the top of the wall and Gra pulled himself up, then reached down and pulled up Brant and Kayda. Across the pit Kayda could see the strange construct imprisoning her former master, as well as the dark woman and the glowing form of Darth Abhora. The woman ignited her crimson lightsaber and began to run toward the bridge with blinding speed as the ground trembled just slightly beneath their feet. The sound of grinding and cracking stone echoed from the pit, growing louder, and louder as drew near.

 "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Brant said as he peeked over the edge with Gra holding his belt firmly, "It's climbing up the wall!" he exclaimed.

Gra pulled Brant back from the edge and pointed toward the red glow of the lightsaber growing near.

"I think we need to go. NOW. We're no match for her and that... thing." Brant said as he pushed Kayda, urging her to run.

Reluctantly Kayda nodded and turned and broke into a run with the others, following the faintly illuminated pathway.

One claw and then the other crested the lip of the pit and the beast snarled as it pulled itself up just as the dark woman raced past. It roared again and set off after the trio, it's huge form smashing through the columns that filled the room.

The ground shook beneath them as they reached the door and turned around, they could see the woman closing on them with the enraged beast behind her, now faintly illuminated in the rid lighting of the chamber...


The beast...



...and then the ceiling collapsed as the door slid closed.

Not wasting any time Kayda, Brant and Gar continued to run down the pathway.

"With luck, the collapse got them, but I do not care to check until we com back with a bazillion." Brant panted as they burst out of the structure and into the snow.


Once back at the ship Brant and Gra slide into their seats and flipped switches and buttons with practiced speed as Kayda stood behind them, a hand rest on the backs of their seats.

"Sorry, but we are getting out of here. We caught a message just before we set off after you. Sounds like we got some pirates incoming." Brant explained as the ship rose into the air and the blud, cloudy sky gave way to the star field of space.

Shortly thereafter, Brant pulled down a lever and the stars streaked by as they slipped into hyperspace.


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Kayda had run.


Again leaving her master in need, again running to save herself.

It had been a mistake leaving her home thinking she could help, thinking she could be a Jedi.

Her hands tightened her knuckles white as her fingers dug into the chair backs, in front of her the stars shifted as the ship launched itself into hyperspace. She closed her eyes tried to find her inner self but all she could find was the laughing echos of Darth Abhora. She opened her eyes and found her voice.

"Where are you taking us?"

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Brant glanced over his shoulder at Kayda's fingers digging into the back of his chair.

"We need to refuel, so it looks like the closest safe place is a called Rhada Itoa. We'll can figure out where to next after that." Brant replied.

"Hey, uh, I know that things did not go down how you were probably expecting in there, but are you okay? I mean, I know you said to wait, but there was no way we could let you go in that place alone. There's an old Corillian saying that me and Gra take to heart, 'You don't need to watch your back as long as somebody's got it.'."

"And you didn't say what kind of hour to wait for. Did you know that a day on Hollek 3 is like six standard hours? That means an hour there is like fifteen standard minutes. So technically, we did wait an hour.. just not a standard hour." Brant clarified, flashing a roguish grin.

"Seriously though. You got a look inside, saw who's in there, and we got out with our lives. We can always go back, better prepared and in greater numbers." he reassured.

"Not to mention, we will probably need more numbers anyways. Gra intercepted a transmission while we were waiting and it sounded like some pirates had been hired to patrol the system. Which is odd. I mean, those supplies had Imperial markings all over them and if the Inquisitor was part of whatever was going on there, then why not have the Imperial Navy guard the system? Unless..." Brant trailed off.

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