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Role playing ideas

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Okay, I have a few ideas on games that I want to do. Right now I am not in a game and been looking for something to do. So I decided to instead to just run a game and see how it goes for me. I haven't done something like this before, so I am a bit uncertain. I have gm only once online but long ago. I have also only ran one game in real life, and it was semi okay. As such I have split my options into two camps.


One such is doing an establish adventure game. The second one is to do a game all of my own. I am interested in doing either or. As such I need advise in doing what.


As for establish adventure games. There are three I want to do. One is Curse of Strahd. The second is Princes of the Apocalypse. The third was Rise of the Runelords.


As for my game ideas. I have several ideas, yet I worry that a basic explanation is not enough for some of them if not all. I have been working on some of these for some time while others are new. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to picking to something and keeping up with it in the end. Sigh, it's a rather annoying problem. Here are some of the ideas in my head.


1. Super hero game. Basically a virus has infected the general population and caused a zombie outbreak. It's a basic survival style game. Yet not all who get infected turn into zombies. Some people have their DNA altered, that give them basically super hero style powers. Yet for some people it changes them to something far worse.


2. A magical girl/boy or super hero. Basically a mysterious school where the characters gather. I was tied with it being either a sci fi super hero story where they fight against a powerful empire among other things. The magical boy/girl is more of a political style story over what to do with a clear evil.


3. Sci Fi military story or exploration. Basically a golden age, that has come to a close due to a war. It's hard to really say or put it short as to the amount of work I am doing on this one. I personally am still working on this one so I am still uncertain on where to go with it or what to do.


4. Fantasy/Sci Fi. Basically your character died, yet is resurrected on another planet for no reason by a mysterious figure. Open world style rp.

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I have two types of questions to ask about. First question,  what does the people here think I should try to be a gm in the first place? If not then what I am lacking in being a gm? I just feel a bit worried about the whole thing and would like some more info or help.

The second question is I am thinking on doing or focusing on trying to do a D and D 5th game. If so I have three series of games for it: The Tiamat series, The princes of the Apocalypse, and the Curse of Strahd. Which ones do you want to see played, my experience besides the point?  I ask this due to out of curiosity and need for information to see what people like. Also what type of fantasy rp's do you like?

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none of us have ever seen you gm so it's hard to have an opinion based on fact. that being said If your going to GM you need to have the confidence to GM, and you need to Know what it is YOU want to run.

Don't just throw a bunch of ideas out and go with what sticks. Fins what you want work it up and propose it. then see where it goes.

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