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Joint Task Force Zero - A Scion Military Adventure

Sailor OOC

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It is the year 2020, and the rules of war have changed.

Operation Omnitheon, first formed in 2013 was created to assess all supernatural threats to the United States and her Allies, a continuation of an allied effort of many Pantheons from around the world in the monitoring and elimination of threats and the assistance of lone Gods or Goddesses bereft of their pantheon. Cracks formed in the barriers between godrealms and the mortal world during the cutting of the threads of fate that could have led to Ragnarok during the end of WWII, allowing forgotten gods, rogue titans and their spawn, and unusual supernatural happenstances to occur in the Mortal realm.

Humanity itself isn't even vaguely aware, only for a brief time they attributed some things to the appearance of "Superpowers", but that wasn't the case. The age of superheroes was short, from 1949 to the mid 1950s when the cold war changed matters.

Around this time the US along with it's allies in Europe and Asia and their corresponding Pantheons created "Joint Task Force 0", allowing pantheons to exchange their serving Military Scions from their home militaries to team up with other countries to suppress oddities and put a cap on supernatural attacks. It was effective, the public forgot there were those more than Human walking among them, and the things that go bump in the night were just in their head.

But as the Zeitgeist came to a head at the turn of the Millenium, the number of people running into godly occurances dramatically jumped. The greatest tragedys were the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, triggered by a aquatic Titan, and several natural disasters that popped up around the world soon after.

The vast majority of people were still unaware that the supernatural even existed. Chalking up these events to bad luck or the changing climate. The world Pantheons, now unfettered by cold war distrust formed a new alliance. Operation Omnitheon. Now with Pantheons once alligned with the former Soviet Union were allowed into the program.

And none too soon, when a "Meteor" exploded over a Russian town, hardliners tried to claim it was a US weapons test and it took several diplomatically leaning scions to calm things down, but it was becoming clear, Fortean events were increasing.

When Operation Omnitheon formed, they picked from the best and brightest they could find. That... is the team forming now... A new legend for a new era is starting. Whan lies ahead for Joint Task Force Zero?


Character concepts

The characters for Operation Omnitheon's Joint Task Force Zero are primarily US servicemen and women, who had their visitations while serving their country. Under Operation Omnitheon, other servicemen from other countries who were Scions were also allowed in, making JTF0 a truly global operation.

Characters therefor can come from any country, as long as they are loyal to JTF0, and to the cause of Operation Omnitheon.

Once the game starts, each member of JTF0 will recieve a callsign, a codename that fits who they are, given to them by their parent god(s) for two reasons. One, to seperate them from their original life in the service of their country, but also to shield them from Fatebinding mortals. Although fatebinding itself is much harder in this modern era, this practice has been discovered to further seperate a Scion from disturbing the tapestry of fate, although a Scion could amp up the effect of their godly rights, but in the process drop that shield from fate, causing things to become... interesting.



As this is a military game, there will be combat, as such characters need to be better than adequate when push comes to shove that they can shove back. There is room for all sorts of character concepts, but you are Military, and your statistics should reflect this. I would like at least 2-3 posts a week overall in threads in general, and I will post at best every other day, within reason.


Player Entry Slots

For now I am only accepting two extra players. I want people to submit their characters first to show interest, and I will pick from entries I get. If I get enough players interested I will give it thought to take on one more extra player. After that I may want an assistant GM to create a "Joint Task Force 01" team and run threads for them (and I'll give them access to some plot info and where I intend to go with the game... ;) )


Current Player Roster

This is the current list of people involved with this game, with character information filled in to the best of my knowledge. Subject to Modification.


Sailor OOC: Status – GM

Lt.Cmdr Sakurako Hino, USN, Scion of Raiden

Callsign: Not Assigned Yet


Justin OOC: Status – Player/Rules Assistance

Ryusei Hideyoshi, Major, JSDF (Special Forces), Scion of Susano-O, Exchange Program

Callsign: Not Assigned Yet


Iron Lady: Status – Player, In Character Development

Clara Sigismund – Major, USAF, Scion of Hel

Callsign: Not Assigned Yet


Heritage: Status – Player, In Character Development

Unknown Character (Allowed time due to RL to develop)

Callsign: Not Assigned Yet


Nina: Status - Player, In Development

Caitlin Morgan, US Army (Unknown Rank), Scion of The Morrigan


Kaoleth: Status - Interested Player, In Development

Extra Slot reserved... Player TBA


Player Content Rights

Any characters submitted are theirs, and they are free to decide if they wish to have their character as an NPC in the game if the game does not expand enough to allow them as a player. By default their character submitted will NOT be allowed as a NPC. If it is, I will record how often it is used so if any expansion of the game occurs, I can grant extra experience as a "thank you" for using their character.



I'd say be clever in design, come at me from left field. Make what you want and don't worry about "niches". If you got questions about fluff, I can help with that and basic rules info. More indepth rules you can ask Justin as he is well versed in the system, and I can include him in any PM character creation or question threads. I will admit I'm getting sharp with this but I will make some mistakes, I want people to be understanding, particularly if I take time in deciding how to go with a rules question.


Character Generation and House Rules

Attribute priorities have larger point spreads, all Attributes start at 1. (9/7/5)

Abilities get a slight bump of 36 dots to distribute, and you still have to follow the manditory 6 dots for favored abilities.

You get 7 Birthright points.

15 points for Boons and Epic Attributes.

You get 6 points for Virtues.

You get 20 Bonus points.

Legend starts at 4, and cannot be raised by any means during character creation.

All character generation caps are observed as normal.


It is reccomended to take proper Abilities and Attributes to at least be useful in combat. Even with a 5 in your Physical attributes, that means you'll have two 3s and a 2 in your physicals, and with how most bonus points could be spend in Attributes and Abilities, you can round out easily. This is a Military game, fighting is bound to break out one way or another. Rely in some form of personal and/or ranged combat.


Combat Rules Changes

Ignore the mentioning of "Ticks".

Players roll Wits+Awareness, going in order from highest rolled successes to lowest. (Vs. Difficulty 6) We use initiative here, boss.

People with the same number of initiative successes go at the same time, gained penaltys on that turn don't take effect until after all have acted.

To ease this, in situations with ties between Players and NPCs, Players aware of non-supernatural NPCs will always act before the NPC as if the NPC rolled LOWER. Supernatural NPCs will always act on the same initiative as a player if there is a tie.

Ignore all references to Speed.

DV penalties for actions still apply.

Players have 3 seperate damage tracks for Bashing, Lethal, and Aggrivated damage.

You take the worst penalty of your Bashing or Lethal tracks at any turn or outside of combat. Aggrivated penalties are ADDED to any penalties from Bashing or Lethal.


Rules HaCkS... Because HACK THE PLANET!

"Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue"

You guys are the sons and daughters of Gods and Goddesses, as well as highly trained soldiers, sailors, and pilots. As such, your characters recieve half lethal damage from non-supernatural NPCs using mundane weapons. This damage is rounded naturally. (Forget the whole "Round Up Always" deal.)


"Be all that you can be"

When fighting mundane people, you are a whirlwind. But against supernatural foes you are indeed a legend in the making. As such when you spend 1 willpower during your turn you can get at least 1 Success in your choice of rolling to hit, or rolling damage. (While I think this might be a rule already, I am enshrining this just to be sure)


"Into the Wild Blue Yonder"

Whoever is in the air either on their own or in an aircraft can participate in aerial combat if properly armed. People fighting in the air will be rolling their initiative seperate from those fighting on the ground. Also as such aerial combatants will act first in the combat portion of a thread before ground pounders.


"Anchors Aweigh"

While on ship, Scions will not get sea-sick, nor suffer penalties for bad conditions. Those with the "Sea" purview can even withstand even supernaturally whipped conditions for free, when Scions without will start to get sea-sick. This can be resisted normally, and will have no penalties for the roll. (Although Scions who fail will have a mild penalty to their rolls (1 Difficulty) while the mortals on ship are heaving and falling over.)


"Semper Paratus"

If a character should be put into Dying with Lethal or somehow with Bashing, a player may spend their Experience points to stabilize themselves. 1 XP per dot of lethal that would kill. This will be reflected in game when they wake up as "missing time" in their memory. Pretty much they forgot things because of their trauma. You cannot use this to heal any damage outside of actual "killing" damage. This also doesn't remove bleeding or other lasting effects... that's for the medic on the team to handle (you were watching their back, right?)


"Twist of Fate"

Things happened in World War II... things that the vast majority of people never found out. But WWII changed Fate... more like shattered it. It was to be Ragnarok, the fall of the Gods. It was centered on the Norse gods, after all there was much fatebinding and manipulation to trigger the events of Ragnarok by the Nazi regieme and certain people within the Norse Pantheon (When you're blinded by prophesy, things get weird). But what wasn't expected was the unity of previously unknown and unexpected pantheons to join together with rebels in several pantheons to bring order once again to the godrealms and to the mortal plane.

But what caused the biggest change was during one of the coldest winters in Europe hit near the end of WWII. During the battle for Stalingrad.

This was actually Fimbulwinter... but before things could get moving a conflict between a Nazi backed expedition to Arabia unleashed a series of events that ripped the loom of fate to shreds, and the eventual death of an ancient Goddess. One worshipped before even the time of the Babylonians. One who represented Fate and Time, and her ancient understanding of the wobbly nature of how fate worked. Events pulled her out of her hiding in a closed godrealm screaming to earth. When she struck like a meteor, She used her power against the Nazis, and in a blinding explosion and sandstorm wiped them asunder. But this also ripped the threads of fate leading the world to Ragnarok. Seeing the world that she had left was lurching towards armageddon partially by her doing she reached out to the Yankee and the Allied Pantheons to create a weapon...

It was unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki... and she ensured she would be at Nagasaki when the second weapon was used. She sacrificed herself to create a final change of fate.

In the process fate itself needed to weave anew. It was undiscovered country. These events ensured the wheel of time of the Maya turned onward, it ensured that Ragnarok was forever averted... the dooms of many were avoided, but in this vacuum cracks appeared. And how things worked changed.

For Scions this meaned that if they operated secretly, or in hiding their identity behind a different name, it opened what they could do, even allowing them to use their powers. In public this created the trend many in our reality would call superheroes.

But this boom was short lived. The Communist scare of the 50s and the Cold War ended quickly the age of the cape and cowl. But it created the era we are in now.

As such the Strike Team being assembled is under this new deal with fate.


In mechanical terms; the rules of Fate apply only when a Scion isn't operating under an assumed identity. The codenames that you will recieve will be specially tailored to ensure that whatever you do won't attract the problems of Fatebinding mortals. If a player wishes they can also do additional things to hide their identity. Thing is Fate itself is a wibbly-wobbly thing, and this doesn't mean your lives won't be interesting... and you can always choose to let fatebinding happen, but opening your door willingly to fate might make things more interesting than expected.

Always assume that taking the risk of fatebinding will increase the effect of one of your godly powers or relics by a dot, but you open yourself to the possibility of binding yourself to someone at the increased level.


A note on books...

I allow the Scion: Companion and Scion: Hero books for players.

Also if you want info on some milspec weapons, get your mitts on World of Darkness: Armory (Not sure if Onyx Path's renamed that book "Chronicles of Darkness: Armory" yet... The rules are close enough for Scion use, and if there needs to be any adjustment I'll do it on a case by case basis.

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A note for those already in, once the game opens, you may post up a story describing an event from your Visitation to just before when the game starts. If you do this I will float your way a few extra Bonus Points to spend depending on the story in question. Costs will be the cost at character creation when you spend these points, just so we're sure.

I intend to start in a few weeks, or when Heritage feels he can get rolling, he had some RL kick him in the Jimmy, so I'm being patient. That and it'll give time to potential players to send characters to me to look over and see if they'll work for my game.

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Are the Knacks for epic attributes from the other books (demigod, godlike, and Ragnarok) allowed as long as prerequisites are met?

I ask because the knacks are not level based but rather have prequisites which can be filled easily with just one, two. or three dots.

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I have no issue with that. I will edit the allowed books to include these.

I didn't think of including Ragnarok as I'm not using the meta-plot suggested within. BUT there is the Frost stuff that is mentioned as one of the realms of influence one of the gods in the Companion has, so I'm completely fine regarding that.

Just ignore all the dying gods... ain't happenin' here unless you guys really, really mess up somewhere (and are probably dead yourselves, 'natch.)

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