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Researchers from UCT’s Computer Science department claim to have built the world’s first truly cognisant computer. In a press release today Professor Clinton Vervoort announced that his team, who have been forerunners in the field of deep neural networking and distributed computing, have built a system that not only passed the Turing test but successfully tested other machines in the much vaunted experiment.


“Where our machine differs from the Cleverbot experiment” a confident Professor Vervoort claims “is in the kind of intuitive behaviour you would expect to see from a twelve year old. Cleverbot behaves more like a seven year old. We are confident that, given the time to properly train our neural net, we will be able to train it to the level of a young adult.”


Critics claim that the testing environment was not suitable, and point to the claims that requests for a repeat of the experiment have been met with excuses and hand-wringing.


The details of the experiment, as well as some white papers, are available in a paper jointly published with Doctor Ingmann of the Math’s Department and Doctor Rosegild of the Psychology Department available at the JSTOR repository, click here.

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The search for six missing children came to an end today when police confirmed that the remains removed from a inyanga shop in the Flats were theirs. The remains were forensically matched to each child, and testing is ongoing on other suspicious materials found in the shop. The raid was staged two days ago after an anonymous tip to the police.


“I knew. I knew in my heart he wasn’t coming home,” Alison Sipho stated of her twelve year old son, Matthew, missing for three months. “I knew that something horrible had happened to him and he wasn’t coming back. I shudder to think of the horrors my baby suffered before he died.”


At this time, it isn’t clear if more disappearances will be linked to this shop, or whether it is the only muti shop selling human body parts for medicinal purposes.


The traditional healer who owned the shop is sought by police for questioning. At this time, Emil Kgosi remains at large. Anyone with information about him should contact authorities and not attempt to confront him.


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