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Today is Special....

Justin OOC

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Today marks the end of the first decade I have been a member of this site for.   I started with little talent and zero experience in Online RPG PbP games, and was welcomed warmly, my mistakes overlooked mostly, and offered constructive help to become a better player.  I met many wonderful people, a great many of whom are no longer here, but many more still remain.   After three years, I began my first game as a Storyteller, Nexus Earth.  It holds the distinction of being one of two Games in that time to actually finish, as well as being one of the longest running games on this site with a run of a little past five years.  Many players walked across the stage of that game, players who would support my other forays into being a storyteller, players I am proud to call my friends.   I consider it special that i've played with everyone here on the site in at least one game, or been fortunate enough to have them in one of my games.


Thank you all my friends, for making the first decade special, for being there when I needed you, for putting up with me all this time.  


There are 4 players though, that I will speak of directly, as these 4 have been supportive of me, above and beyond what I ever earned.


One of the very first interactions I had here was between myself and the player of Endeavor.   he was part of a group who took me in and under their wings and taught me the ropes.   Over the years we've spoken at Length, over a mutual love of anime, as well as gaming in general.  I'm happy to have met him back then, and now as he goes through his own major changes in life, I will support him as he has me.


The Second player I'd speak of  is Jess, who played Timeslip.   jess was the very first person to plan and "play" with me on a personal level here, my introduction to work between two people, and in the years we wrote together she helped me mature as a writer more than many, as I simply did the best I could to match her own.  You took a chance writing with me, and I can only hope you view it as fondly as I.   You later took an unprecedented step, something that floored me.  When I needed somewhere to call home, you opened your home to me, and you and Dawn welcomed me, and I truly felt at home the whole time I was there.  From the bottom of my Heart, I thank you for the faith you showed in me.


The Third player is Dawn, player of so many characters, and Storyteller of many of the great games here on the site.   one of the most prolific players, She was everywhere, delivering high quality writing that I figured belonged to an actual author.   Turns out, I was indeed correct on that.   Dawn has been infinitely patient and supportive, not just with me, but with everyone, I hold her up as one of the pillars of this place, Though times have been rocky as of late, you know if there's anything I can do, you have but to ask.   Alone among all my friends, I consider you, Dawn, and Jess, to be elder sisters, family in all but blood.


The Fourth player, perhaps one of the more secretive, is Salmonmax.  After so long playing with you, I still do not know your name, though in truth I never asked, as you seemed to not want to say.  You have been a player in Every game i have run, you were the only player to play the entirety of Nexus Earth, and you've always been helpful, and in general, a great player.  Thank you for all your faith in me these years, over so many games.  You never cease to amaze me, and I know I can count on you for it.


There are many others here, players like Krul, and Asarasa, who are a pleasure to work with,  New players like NinaBB, who are a breath of fresh air, welcome additions to the NPrime/Rpg-post family, To all of you, my friends, I thank you truly, for so many pleasant memories, and the wonderful stories we've told together.

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There is of course one person, who hasn't been a player in a very long time, who deserves special thanks.


Chosen, thank you for running this place for us, for always being so quick to help, to give us the best possible experience.  Without you, none of this would be possible, and I want you to know this place is special to me, and that All the work you do, all the time you've spent, is very much appreciated.

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