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Lords of Gossamer & Shadow - [LoGS] Powers Overview


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Here are the Powers and their descriptions straight from the reference sheet. Hopefully this will give you guys a quick understanding of the abilities in each Power package. If you have any questions on specific abilities, PM me. Also note that Master of the Grand Stair is full price. Since, I’m giving you guys Warden for free I decided that to keep the full price for Master (normally you’d pay the difference).


Warden of the Grand Stair (free)


Opening and Closing Doors

  • Unlocking Doors, Locking Doors, Holding Doors.


  • Finding places within the Gossamer worlds.

The Warden’s Authority

  • Recognized as a Warden in the Grand Stair. (may or may not be a good thing)

Piercing the Veil

  • Being aware of the unreality of Doors in the Gossamer worlds.


  • Understanding languages when passing through Doors.
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Master of the Grand Stair (35)


Warding Doors

  • Placing a ward of detection on a Door

Creating New Doors

  • Linking a Door in the Grand Stair to one in a Gossamer world


  • Identifying Keys, making new Keys

Bridging Doors

  • Linking two Gossamer world doors to one another, skipping the Grand Stair entirely

Severing Doors

  • Closing Doors permanently

Sensing Lost Links

  • Determining where a Door once led

Opening “Empty” Doors

  • Opening Doors to where they used to go

Manipulating Doors

  • Shrouding Doors, Diverting Doors, Trapping Doors

Awareness of the Grand Stair

  • Extending awareness throughout the Grand Stair, and limited a sense whether Doors were used

Evoking the Safety of the Grand Stair

  • The safe envelope immediately surrounding a Door

Affecting the Grand Stair

  • Changing its configuration and appearance


  • Claiming a Gossamer world as a Domain

Eid0lon Mastery (50)



  • Character does not age naturally

Perceiving the Eidolon

  • Perception of the presence of the Eidolon, even through illusions

Manipulating Reality

  • Bolstering Gossamer Reality, Guiding Reality, Editing Reality

Eidolon Defense

  • Opposing the Umbra, Opposing Other Powers, Physical Fortification, Sanctification of the Eidolon

Awareness of the Stair

  • Recognizing Doors, Forcing Doors Open

Umbra Mastery (50)


Perceiving the Umbra

  • Perception of the presence of the Umbra, Detecting Imperfections or Weaknesses

Affecting Reality

  • Weakening Reality, Warping Reality, Uncontrolled Transformation, Destabilizing Reality

Umbra Defense

  • Opposing the Eidolon

Personal Transformation

  • Shape-Changing, Physical Adaptability, Psychological Adaptability, Insanity and Amnesia, Involuntary Shape-Changing

Adaptation, Evolution, and Immortality

  • Aging, Regeneration

Passage Through Doors

  • Identifying Doors, Forcing Doors Open

Invocations (20)


Divining a True Name

  • Understanding a True Name, Concealing a True Name, Warding a True Name

Using a True Name

  • Calling, Summoning, Using in Magic, Banishment, Compelling Obedience, Binding


  • Removing corruptive influences through focus

Wrighting (30)


Creating Icons

  • Creating Icons linked to the subject

Impromptu Icons

  • Temporary or nonrepresentative Icon creation

Icon Defense

  • Using one’s own Icon for self-preservation against hostile powers

Identifying Icons

  • Recognizing an Icon’s power and the subject

Creating Icon-Powered Artifacts

  • Creating personal Artifacts with Icon abilities

Sorcery (15)


Basic Sorcery Spells

  • Basic spell repertoire of 15 spells

Building New Spells

  • Knowledge of building spells from micro-spells

Sorcery and Raw Power

  • Drawing on raw magic energy in sorcery or for other uses

Impromptu Sorcery

  • Spellcasting without using prepared or readied spells

Cantrips (5)


Cantrip Use

  • Minor and immediate spell-like effects
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Here is Krul's summary of the Powers as well. :nana:

Don't know if this helps, but you can get a full pdf copy of the book here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/119779&affiliate_id=203141&src=RitePubbanner


However, I can give you a basic run down of the powers, if that's what your looking for, and if you look up Amber Diceless, you can find a basic description of the attributes, though the powers don't quite fit anymore, so here's a quick breakdown.


Grand Stair (Warden and Master): Dimension Travel, based on passing though Doors, special portals which lead to the grand stair, the Warden has to use existing Doors, the Master can create new ones and manipulate ones in existence, as well as a few other powers. Warden here is free, it's 25 points to increase it to Master.


Eidolon: Order, Perfection, Stasis

Umbra: Chaos, Change, Entropy

- Note: Both Eidolon and Umbra allow a degree of manipulation of reality and have both defensive and offensive options, but the Umbra is better at destruction and the Eidolon better at defensive, they also both grant a degree of immortality, and have a good degree of other powers they grant, including shapeshifting (umbra) or momentary invulnerability(Eidolon) they also both are the most expensive of powers, 50 points each. You can also use either of them to break though to the grand stair, if you find a Door, the manner of doing so differs, and is very draining.. also, Umbra also comes with a degree of instability,being part of chaos comes with some weirdness, stick with Eidolon if you want to remain stable


Wrighting: Creating Icons, which allows telepathic contact across any distance, and can be used to transport to the location of the individual your contacting, or bring them to you, normally requires it be voluntary, but telepathic contact can become telepathic conflict in some situations. 30 points to possess this power, which gives you the ability to make icons of anyone you know.


Invocation: The power of the true name, you know how to find a true name, and use it for things such as geas, summoning, banishment, etc, also gives you knowledge of your own true name and the ability to use it defensively, as well as protect it from others to a degree. 20 points to know this power.


Cantrips: Power Words, it's 5 points to know this power and knowing it gives you 5 power words of your choice, you can purchase additional power words for 1 point per power word, and there are 27 so it would cost about 27 points to know them all. These are instants that only work for a moment, but can be useful, flare for example creates a flash of light, where as nullify will stop a spell or another cantrip.


Sorcery: A fairly complicated power involving creation of spells that can do things that the rest of these powers can't, such as teleport, or arcane shields over an area, etc. In computer terms, a cantrip is a simple process, a spell is a full program. It's more then shadow sorcery which varies from shadow to shadwo, and may not be possible in some realities. Sorcery generally works everywhere, as it's based on the conflict between eidolon and umbra, though it's at lot harder in some shadows and very easy in others. It costs 15 points, but one is also advised to spend at least 2 points for an object capable of racking spells, as the creation and hanging of spells can take hours, and get disrupted easily. Despite it's low cost, I advise against this one unless you have a clear idea of what your doing with it, it can be the most complicated of powers, stick to cantrips otherwise


Beyond powers, there are creatures and artifacts, which can sometimes do things that the above don't cover at all. I should mention, you can find/create temporary artifacts and creatures, with the right powers (Grand Stair, Eidolon, Umbra), but they aren't as lasting as actually spending points on them. Here is where you can get things like the Sauron's Ring of Power, Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Arthur's Excalibur, Silver Surfer's Board, or such creatures as a demon you have bound in a contract, a dragon who you now ride into battle, or a pack of dire wolves that come when you call. You can also carry items that give you certain powers, and if for example if you want some minor shapeshifting ability, like just the ability to turn into a wolf, it can be found here much cheaper then the broader shapeshifting of Umbra at a lower cost. I believe joechuck also allows some of these capabilities to be purchased as minor powers, if you have good reason for them in your character.

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