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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN] Frostbite


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Name: Ivan Vandal (Ivanovich Vandalenska)

Aliases Used: Frostbite, Steve Varner

D.O.B.: Unknown (looks to be 32-35)

Place of Birth: Vladivostock, Russia

Gender: Male

Color Eyes: Cerulean Blue

Color Hair: Bald

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 220 lbs

Race: Caucasian

Marital Status: Not married

Citizenship: Russian


Appearance & Distinctive Features: Ivan is a heavily scarred individual, his face appears to have claw-mark scars down his face. His piercing blue eyes are the most distinctive thing about him beyond the scarring. He is well-built and looks to keep himself in good athletic shape.


Personality: Ivan is very well known for possessing an icy demeanor to match his blue eyes. His demeanor is often remarked on as being reptilian, often watching and observing situations before engaging in them. He is not quick to anger, nor often quick to laugh - though he smiles often, or perhaps he's just showing teeth. Charming is not a term often used for this man.


Known Powers: Ivan has been documented with the abilities to shift his physical form into that of a large icelike humanoid. In this form he is a veritable wrecking machine, possessing ice-shard blasts, long jagged claws, and appearing heavily armored by the dense ice-form he adopts. He can withstand immense amounts of damage, often shrugging it off with little effect.


Verifiable History: A well-known safe-cracker in his home city, Ivan was utilized frequently by the Russian mafia to boost safes. In his human life, he lived very well-off and drove expensive cars. He was unaware that living the lifestyle he believed he should would become a danger to his life, and the same people that hired him regularly would be the ones to decide to end his life.


Ivan lived the fast life, possessing money, women, cars, homes, and power through his affiliation with the mafia. His fast living came to an abrupt and hard stop when he was asked to crack a safe containing some of the jewels worn by the Romanovs. While the man didn't possess much in the way of morality and decency, he did hold his heritage near and dear to his heart. He politely refused, and on the surface it seemed like there wasn't an issue. A few weeks passed uneventfully, until the fateful day he was pulled from his bed, handcuffed and beaten unconscious.


Waking in a large meat locker, Ivan quickly realized what was going on - especially when he noted the numerous faces he'd worked with in the past. Demands were made, threats on his life and person were levied, and then when he continued to refuse - his wrists were slit and two attack dogs were locked in the freezer with him. When the lights went out in the freezer, all hell broke loose. That night, Ivan Vandal died...or was born...or reborn...


Enemies: Without question - the Russian Mafia is his biggest threat and enemy. Their fingers are everywhere and in everything, regardless of location on the globe. Ivan is constantly looking over his shoulder, though less-so now that he's been rebirthed, and yet the paranoid of the night in the meat-locker helps him to stay alert and vigilant, if not mild paranoid.


Allies: As of now, Ivan has no allies, and hasn't seem to find anyone(s) he can genuinely trust. Having been a lone-wolf for quite a long time, he's seeking companions or friendships or some type of interpersonal relationships, yet they have proven elusive.

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STR: ●●●
DEX: ●●●
STA: ●●●●(Resilient)


PER: ●●●●(Alert)
INT: ●●●●(Inspired)
WIT: ●●●●(Quick)


APP: ●●
MAN: ●●●
CHA: ●●


Might: ●
Athletics: ●

Drive: ●●

Legerdemain: ●●●
Martial Arts:
Melee: ●●
Brawl: (Claws)
Stealth: ●●●(Silent)
Endurance: ●●●
Resistance: ●●●
Awareness: ●●●
Investigation: ●● (Deduction)
Academics: ●●●
Computer: ●
Engineering: ●● (Locks)
Intrusion: ●●● (Safecracking)
Linguistics: ●●● (Russian, German, English)
Intimidate: ●
Streetwise: ●●● (Tailing Countermeasures)
Subterfuge: ●●

Attunement: ●●
Cipher: ●●

Node: ●●
Resources: ●


Quantum Pool: 50
Willpower: ●●●●●

Health Levels:

Bruised 0 (15min / 6hrs): ●
Hurt 0 (15min / 18hrs): ●
Injured 0 (15min / 1day & 18hrs): ●
Wounded 0 (15min /1week): ●
Maimed -1 (45min / 2weeks): ●
Crippled -2 (1.5hrs / 3weeks): ●
Incapacitated (3hrs /5weeks): ●


Stamina: 5/2
Mega-Stamina: 2/2

Armor: 9/9

Base Total: 7/4
Power Total: 16/13
Maintained Total: N/A

Initiative: 11

run: 18m/36m (22kph/43kph)
sprint: 38m/72m (46kph/86kph)


Enemy (Russian Mafia) (-4; roughly equal in power – wants him dead)


Mega-Strength: ● – Shockwave
Mega-Dexterity: ● – Accuracy
Mega-Stamina: ● – Resiliency
Mega-Intelligence: ● – Analyze Weakness

Mega-Perception: ●– Ultraviolet Vision

Mega-Wits: ● – Quickness

BodyMorph (Ice):

Armor (Ice): ●●●

Claws (Ice):


Density Control (Increase):

Quantum Bolt (Ice):

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