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  1. "I don't require entertainment, Kamiko - but thank you for the place to stay." Ivan says with a light nod in her direction. "And your Spartan arrangements are likely more akin to what I had at home, so I think I'll find it endearing." The scarred man splashes some more water on his face, then pulls himself out of the pool to wrap a towel around his waist, moving smoothly across the decking to pour himself some icewater into a drinking glass. After taking a long sip of the cold water his entire body seems to relax, echoing the sigh that escapes his lips. "Perfection." He murmurs to himself, then pouring the entire remains of the glass over his head. ,, "How about clothing? Can you aid me in securing something I didn't take off homeless people?" Ivan asks Kamiko, gesturing to the dirty, holey clothing piled nearby. "I don't need a sexy powersuit, but I could something that doesn't scream "homeless"..."
  2. "I'm not sure about Sasha, she looks like she might be able to sweet-talk her way into a high-rise due to those looks and voice alone." Ivan begins with a light, warm, resonant chuckle. "However, I could use any place around. I'd prefer to not sleep on the floor on a mattress, but if that is the only choice I have - I will not turn it down." He licks his lips slowly before continuing, "I've spent my share of nights on the floor, I wouldn't mind something a bit different in the coming days and months, if you know what I mean?" His conversation is directed at Kamiko, but since the two women are close - it appears as if he's speaking to them both.
  3. If the man wasn't made of glacial ice, inside and out - he might be tormented by the sight of two naked women in a bath rubbing on one another. "No drowning in the tub, they might kick us out." He says with a wry smirk toward Kamiko, as if /that/ would be his only concern with her dying right then and there. ,, "So, not to rain on anyone's parade, but do either of you have a place I could stay until I get back on my feet? I'm going to need to pick up a couple odd jobs while I'm in town, so maybe I could trade something for rent?" Unlike Sasha, his offer is not seductively laden with innuendo. "I've got a lot of little talents here and there. Maybe I could fix your microwave, or computer or some such thing. I'm no genius, but I've picked up a couple things here and there in my travels." The Russian shrugs faintly, not showing any shame in asking the women for a place to stay. "If not, I'll try to figure out a crash-space. No worries."
  4. "With a face like this, I've never brought anyone to their knees...at least not through my wiles." Ivan remarks with a wry grin, splashing water on his chest and neck as he speaks with the two women. "Personally I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'd eventually like to find someone and someplace stable to spend time with. Nothing too serious, but someone who understands me, gets my sense of humor..." The man waxes romantic for a short moment, then realizes he's verbalizing and shuts it down. "Or no one at all would be fine." ,, A slight shrug of his shoulders, and he runs water-laced hands over his bald head. "This was a fantastic idea, ladies."
  5. Ivan listens to the non-flirting going on between the two women, then smirks as Sasha runs her toes over his abs for a brief moment. "I have no intentions of... taking either of you to bed, if that truly is the nature of this conversation." He mentions as if it is irrelevant conversation, running his hand through the water in front of him. ,, "I have witnessed love destroy more than one person. It is a vulnerability and weakness that can't be tolerated." He raises a brow over his left eye, gazing from Sasha to Kamiko as if daring them to respond in conflict. "A woman's beauty and wiles have brought more than one great man to his knees. I am not ignorant to that lesson in history." ,, The scarred man paddles to the other side of the hot tub and reclines there as Kamiko is massaged. "The men who hassled us will be back. They have near unlimited resources." He's foreshadowing a bit, his tone of voice darkening as he admits the extent of their reach. "It would be in your best interest to not spend too much time in my presence. Death follows me like a loyal dog, always at my heels and sniffing about."
  6. Ivan is consistently impressed with his two companions, each who seems highly adept at social interactions in a way he certainly is not. "They aren't going to beat us with birch branches?" He inquires with a tone that suggests he's a bit disappointed. "Not like back home I suppose." A quick shake of his head and the Russian slips out of his dirty clothing, no shame, and no worries about nudity in front of two women he's never met. ,, Dropping into the tub with a long audible sigh, Ivan dips his head beneath the water before breaking the surface and leaning on the edge of the tub, arms dangling over with a look of pure bliss on his features. "Sooooo long." He murmurs, eyes half-drooped as if he was drowsy from the warmth. ,, "Good food, interesting dance moves, and a long hot soak make for quite the evening, wouldn't you agree?" Ivan asks both Sasha and Kamiko, a light smirk coming to his lips as he jokes about the prior events.
  7. Ivan continues to have his arm around Sasha's waist after the ponchos are placed on and the trio heads toward the bathhouse. "Who is this unknown nova?" The scarred man asks Kamiko Aino with a raised brow, adding, "And should I be worried about him coming for me?" His question is genuine, though perhaps he /might/ be pulling her leg. Hard to tell with the stone-faced expression he's giving her. ,, As the trio rounds the corner to the bath-house entrance, the Russian visibly relaxes, as if the implication of 4 walls around him might lessen the dangers of being out in the open. "So...I shall meet you in the tubs?" He asks of both women with a slight nod, the sentiment more a statement than a question.
  8. Rain slowly starts falling from the dark skies above, initially small droplets - almost a misting - and then moments later large, fat drops of rain begin pelting down out of the sky causing shopkeepers to duck under awnings and pull in stools and chairs from the sidewalk/street edge. The moon slowly wanes behind large, fluffy, greying clouds - its silvery light refracting off the raindrops falling to provide an odd sort of performance art of the natural variety. ,, Ivan tilts his head for a moment, thinking to himself before re-engaging both women in conversation. As the rain falls, he shifts himself and Sasha under a nearby awning with gentle pressure on her back to guide her there. Once free of the silver-rain, he runs a hand over his bald head, clearing it of water. Both of the ladies would notice how the water followed the scarring on his face, rivulets of rainwater rushing through them and down to drip from his jawline. He uses the back of his hand to brush his forehead as dry as it can get, then speaks once more. ,, "As Sasha said, I am gaijin, I stick out like a sore thumb. The gangsters wanted my money, I think? They must be part of some sort of Russian-Japanese gang?" He queries, lying through his teeth to Kamiko, though doing so flawlessly this time. "As we are seeking a bathhouse, I must be honest ladies - and it shames me to say so, but I have no job and no money - so while my company may be priceless - I assure you - I can't afford to pay attention - as they say." His eyes have taken on a blue-grey hue, alongside the rain's entrance and now they shift away with visible shame as he admits to his companions that he cannot even afford sake for either of them as they wait beneath the awning.
  9. "Your Russian is superb for a non-native speaker." Ivan shares, speaking to Kamiko Aino with a small amount of respect in his voice. It takes a /lot/ to get the man's respect, so her command of the language is quite impressive to him. He's speaking in English at this point, conversationally, though his Slavic accent is quite heavy. "Both yourself and Sasha possess quite a gift for difficult language." He rubs Sasha's back casually as he compliments the two of them. ,, Wiggling his toes in his boots, the man looks distracted for a minute: he makes a mental note to try to find some money somewhere to be able to dress a bit better, and get better fitting shoes. ,, "So Kamiko, are you married? Boyfriend? Children?" Ivan inquires as the trio continues to walk along down the street.
  10. The Russian turns around when he hears English being spoke in a female voice that is not Sasha's. As Kamiko Aino comes moving up the street shouting, he actually chuckles faintly. "Seems like you made a friend." He jokes in a low tone to his beautiful companion. "And there are worse things than getting lost with a beautiful woman. I can't think of any at the moment, but maybe a month in a gulag..." Winking at Sasha, Ivan continues to look toward Kamiko as she approaches. "I don't mind if you tag along, Miss, as long as this weary body hits hot water sooner than later." ,, "What do you think, Sash?" Ivan queries with a twinkle in his eye, shortening her name as he becomes more familiar with her. Or perhaps its because the name Sasha is also common in his country, either way, it seems to be a demonstration of affection. "Bathhouse around here somewhere, or are we going to find a bar instead, eh?" Kamiko isn't ignored, as the man's icy blue eyes shift over her bodysuited form, "Or perhaps our new friend knows where it is?" ,, The Russian's body-language displays he has let is guard down. Something about these two women seem to allow him to do so. (OOC: If you are perceptive/aware enough to notice, or just for damned good RP!)
  11. Nothing surprises the Russian these days, though Sasha's honesty is a bit refreshing. "I'm not into animals myself. Regardless of how regal or wild they may be. Perhaps it is a failing of mine, but even in these...unique times, I find myself not the kind to do such a thing. I don't judge, but it isn't my flavor." As Sasha leans into him, Ivan slides his arm around her shoulder to keep her close. "You are quite the hostess, truly. I hope you realize that I'm not expecting anything from you, beyond good conversation and company. You have quite the ability to tear down the walls of men's self control, but with me it is not necessary. I look beyond the physical to what lies beneath. If your heart is beautiful, if your soul is radiant, then all of you wholly will be beautiful." The Russian safe-cracker is waxing all manner of poetic suddenly, and as quickly as it slips from his lips, he clamps down and ends it. ,, "Regardless, your company is very appreciated." As close as the two are, Sasha would notice that the man's body temperature is lower than normal. It isn't abnormally so, but it is noticeable through touch like this. "Who was the lady in the skin-tight bodysuit?" He asks Sasha, though she'd note it was more curiosity than interest. "You seem to know everyone here. Why is that?" ,, As the duo walks down the street, they get a myriad of looks from the people this late at night. Some homeless, some gangers, a couple of failing prostitutes, but all seem to focus on them as they walk.
  12. As Ivan was preparing to lead Sasha out the door of the noodle-shop, he stops quickly as another unique-looking woman comes in. "Excuse..." He says faintly as he steps out of her way, then halts dead in his tracks as the woman in the bodysuit speaks to Long and Sasha. Oops. His exit is stalled. Stepping further to the side to not get between the people talking, he releases Sasha's arm politely. "I'll wait." He murmurs in her ear, then goes to lean against the wall next to the door out. ,, Not two days into his travels and the scarred man is already swarmed with very unique (read: novas) people. He hasn't had to look hard for them to flaunt their gifts, perhaps things are done differently outside of Russia. He continues to keep to himself, no overt powers or effects showing as he relaxes against the door. Everyone has their gifts, but perhaps some are more reluctant to use them. ,, /I'll wait/ he mouths to Sasha again, letting her know he's not going to rush her out when business needs to be attended to. Plus, hell, from this vantage point he can get a better gauge on just how -into- the tiger-man she is. Damn some women are /freaks/.
  13. The Russian was not a master of linguistics, but he was keen enough to note the body-language and tonal changes in Sasha's voice as she spoke with the cat-man. Curious. She wants to bed a Manimal.. That tells the Russian /all/ he needs to know about her, at least in his mind. As Sasha takes his arm, Ivan smiles casually upon her, "Certainly. A hot bath is next to heaven." ,, Nodding to the powerful Nova known as Long, the scarred man gestures to the door with his free hand. "Shall we?" He asks of Sasha, beginning to lead her out of the place. "You seemed to have enjoyed that quite a bit, eh?" He inquires with a smile that suggests he saw more than she thought.
  14. Ivan loathes cops almost as much as he loathes the Russian mob. His distaste at odds with the fact the Manimal is damned-near awe inspiring. Gritting his teeth, the Russian expat explains he has no idea what was going on - merely that the two of them were having dinner and were attacked and threatened. He's lying - and not trying very hard to do so. Long will likely see right through it. ,, "I was going to go to the bathhouse with my new friend, here." Ivan explains to the Tiger-man with a light gesture toward Sasha, "I do hope your investigation isn't going to put an end to it, because I have to be honest, I haven't been inside a bathhouse in years." (OOC: The Russian mafia does MUCHO business out of them informally, so if your char would have such knowledge, you might put two and two (and two) two-gether ) Noting how Sasha turns on the saccharine sensuality, the Russian bites the inside of his lip - quelling the emotions that well up inside him, emotions he's long forgotten. ,, "More than I seem? I assure you Ryu, I am far less than I seem. I'm a simple traveler looking to spend some quality time with a new friend." More lies, again, he's not even trying to hide the fact he's lying. Maybe he just hates the cops THAT much. ,, "So, can me and my ladyfriend head to the bathhouse, or are you planning on locking us up?" Ivan asks, raising a brow as he looks at the powerful Nova. "Either way, I got a bath I'm looking forward to."
  15. Been enjoying fantastic roleplay here. I hope people can see beyond their own personal biases and move on from the past. We're all here to enjoy our time, lets do so! :)

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