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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Daniel "Der Golem" Brandt

Alberich of Kal-Zinan

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Legal Name: Daniel Brandt
Codename: Der Golem
Residence: Dresden
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: March 23rd, 1907
Date of Eruption: November 10th, 1938
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8” (Human) / 11'4" (Golem)
Weight: 153 lbs (Human ) / 612
lbs (Golem)

Physical Build/Appearance: Daniel Brandt is of middling height and weight, wearing dirty, worn, traveling clothes, blond haired and blue eyed - giving him something of an Aryan look (but for the fact he is a German Jew.)

Catalyst of Eruption:
Assaulted by the SS while his store and home were ransacked and his family was murdered during the Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass).

Personality Profile / Quirks: Daniel Brandt is a peaceable man by nature, kindly, but since the Kristallnacht, and the past couple of years, he has found himself threatened to be consumed by the desire to make the Nazis pay. A devout Jew, at times he wonders if the Golem form is a test more than a gift from God, to see whether he can check the rage that he often allows to come forth as Der Golem.

Distinctive Features: Daniel Brandt seems not too distinctive in appearance, save for scars across both of his cheeks. Der Golem on the other hand, is an utterly distinctive mass of a rock man taller and heavier than two or more normal men combined.

Known Powers: While remaining Daniel Brandt, he is a normal human and has no Dynamic abilities. When transformed into Der Golem, Daniel possess extreme resistance to injury, in his rocky form and utterly inhuman strength.

General History:

Daniel Brandt was born to Samuel and Esther Brandt, who ran a local Dresden sweets shop, as had Samuel's papa too. Daniel from an early age had shown kindly and peaceable traits, reinforced during his youth by the terrible tales of the Great War and the long misery on the home front.


In time, he married a good Jewish woman named Rebecca, and they took over a sold building on the other side of the square from their parent's shop to open a bakery. They had three young children, and life could not have been more sedate and pleasant.


And then the Nazis began to take power. The Brandts observed the growing ranting, the slurs, and Daniel fervently hoped with naive willfulness that this all would pass, the idiots seen for what they were and cast down.


And then Dresden exploded with all the other German cities on Krystallnacht, hoodlums broke into the bakery and dragged the Brandts from their beds upstairs as others smashed their livelihoods into debris. Across the street, Daniel paled as he could hear the screams of his parents and the candy store burning.


Daniel feebly protested, was beaten heavily, and the world blurred into a haze, but when Rebecca and his children died, Daniel knew it - and he wondered when God would send protection for those Jews, who like he had been too foolish to be ready to save themselves.


Then... anger. Power. Stony certainty. Daniel came to when he was out of Dresden, covered with blood and composed of rock... he knew what he was now. A prophesied Golem. Yet Daniel Brandt, and the Golem were not the same form, so Daniel left, realizing he needed to live on his own and fight the Germans as need be - lest the innocent get pulled in worse.

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Nature: Caregiver
Allegiance: Independent

Physical: Strength ●●●● (Brutish), Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●●● (Resilient)
Mega-Physical: Strength ●●●●, Stamina ●●●●
Enhancements: Quantum Leap, Precision, Resiliency (x2), Hardbody, Durability, Regeneration


Brawl ●●●, Might ●●●, Athletics ●, Stealth ●●, Resistance ●●●●, Endurance ●●●●


Mental: Perception ●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●
Mega-Mental: None
Enhancements: None


Awareness ●●, Academics ●, Linguistics ●● (Native: German, English, French), Medicine ●, Survival ●●, Rapport ●●


Social: Appearance ●●, Charisma ●●●● (Kindly), Manipulation ●●
Mega-Social: None
Enhancements: None


Intimidation ●●●, Streetwise ●, Subterfuge ●, Etiquette ●

Merits: None
Flaws: None

Backgrounds: Attunement ●, Cipher ●●●●, Contacts ●●, Dormancy ●●●●●


The Golem's Stone Hide: Armor 4

The Golem's Might: Impact 2


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Quantum: ●●●
Quantum Pool: 40
Taint: ●●
Aberrations: None
Health Levels: Bruised x3, Hurt x1, Injured x1, Wounded x1, Maimed x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1

Movement: Walk 7m, Run 14m, Sprint 26m

Initiative: +9

Soak: 28B/20L (Stamina 8/4 + Mega-Stamina 8/4 + Armor 12/12)



Willpower +5 - 10

Initiative +5 - 5


Mega-Strength 4 (Tainted 2) - 10

5 Background dots - 1

Mega-Stamina 4 - 12

1 Enhancement - 3

Armor 4 - 12

Impact 2 - 2



3/2/2013: Monthly XP +10 xp

3/2/2013: Quantum Leap Enhancement -5 xp

3/2/2013: Resiliency Enhancement (x2) -5 xp

4/13/2013: Monthly XP +10

4/13/2012: Regeneration Enhancement -5 xp

4/13/2012: Durability Enhancement -5 xp


Balance: 0 xp

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