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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Ryan Hawke

Ryan Hawke

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Name-Ryan Nathaniel Hawke

Age- 28

Height- 6'6

Weight- 240lbs


Hair- Blonde

Bloodtype- AB+


Strength 5 Powerful Arms

Dexterity 5 Lightning Reflexes

Stamina 5 Tough as Nails

Perception 5 Observant

Intelligence 5 Analytical

Wits 5 Level Headed

Appearance 5 Statuesque

Manipulation 2

Charisma 5 Charming


Might 2

Athletics 5

Martial arts 5

Firearms 5

Melee 5

Thrown 5

Stealth 5

Drive 2

Pilot 5

Endurance 3

Resistance 3

Awareness 4

Investigation 1

Academics 1

Bureaucracy 1

Engineering 1

Intrusion 4

Linguistics 3 Russian, French, German

Survival 5

Rapport 1

Intimidation 1

Style 1

Streetwise 1

Subterfuge 1

Carousing 1

Command 5

Etiquette 1


Node 5

Eufiber 5

Backing 4 (United States Army and Air Force Rank-Colonel)

Resources 2

Attunement 1

Willpower 5

Quantum 4

Powers/Mega Attributes

Mega Strength 1 Precision

Mega Dexterity 1 Omnidexterity

Mega Stamina 1 Adaptability

Mega Perception 1 Electromagnetic Vision

Mega Wits 1 Multitasking

Mega Appearance 1 Awe Inspiring

Flight 1

Armor 1


-7 Quantum +1

-6 Iron Will

-6 Willpower +3

+2 Enemy 2

+2 Enemy 2


Mega Strength 1 3 Precision

Mega Dexterity 1 3 Omnidexterity

Mega Stamina 1 3Adaptability

Mega Perception 1 3 Electromagnetic Vision

Mega Wits 1 3 Multitasking

Mega Appearance 1 3 Awe Inspiring

Flight 1 3

Armor 1 3

Atts 6

BG 2

Abilities 8

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Ryan is the American ideal. Growing up weaned on stories of heroism from his Father, Major Daniel Hawke of the 82nd Airborne, Ryan was groomed to join the military. He enlisted happily, and while not a prime specimen, he thought he was rugged enough for the Heavy Infantry.

A surprise awaited him, when Thanks to his aptitude tests, he was enlisted as a pilot. He proved to be quite exceptional and adaptable as a pilot, and was lent to Lockheed as a Test Pilot in 1935. In the midst of a test Flight, the new plane, carrying only the Designation LH-9, began to come apart. Desite expert handling by then Captain Hawke, the plane came apart midair in a catastrophic manner, as the bolts on the right wing sheered off, dropping to the ground in gravity's grip. Captain Hawke ejected, but the chute failed to deploy. There was a flash of light, then the explosion as the plane hit the ground.

Everyone thought the young Captain dead, but found this far from the truth, as he smiled, and remained standing in the air, without a plane. Setting down on the ground, as the emergency response crew arrived, The new Dynamic was sequestered away, and questioned repeatedly about the incident.

Once the Army Brass were satisfied, they reactivated his Commission, and Set him back in the cockpit, to find his skill at the controls increased. Devising a battery of tests, they soon realized the Young officer had become a perfect fighting Soldier. The men under his command responded with crisp precision, and fought in wargames better than any other unit. He was promoted again three times in three years, To Colonel. With the Axis gearing up to take the rest of Europe, When the call went out for Volunteer Airmen to aid the British, He was among the first, along with his entire Air Group. They were sent over en masse, a Surprising third Air group where only two were expected.

He and his men quickly switched over to British Spitfire Fightercraft, citing that they were better equipped for what they were there to do. Indeed, few would say their old planes were suited to the task, and Ryan knew his group switching was more a test case to see if the other two Air Groups would do the same.

Traits- Ryan is very Tall, at two meters in height, powerfully built, standing as the Aryan Ideal, something some in the Intelligence community are already planning propaganda around. He is a good hearted, loyal man, and cares for his troops. He's not there to Kill, but he does believe the Nazis must be stopped before they can ravage and control all of Europe.

Ryan is an extremely skilled combatant, nearly any weapon is extremely dangerous in his hands. I offers a number of rudimentary self defense classes when on the ground, making sure his men and the RAF Squadron stationed with his group can defend themselves if shot down over enemy territory.

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Enemy 1

,, ,,

Gunther “Verfolger” Klein

Rank- Major

Allegiance- SS

Height 6’2

Weight 195lbs

Eyes- green

Hair- brown


The Verfolger was once a fastidious man named Gunther Klein, destined for nothing more than book-keeping and raising his prized hunting dogs. This changed, however with the Rise of the Third Reich. He joined in wholeheartedly, and soon showed how useful he could be, hunting down malcontents, dissidents, and those deemed undesirable by the Reich.


His Awakening came in a small hamlet in France, as he and his squad of men sought to round up a member of the French Resistance. They were ambushed and all but one other died there. Gunther awakened as bullets tore through him, vanishing from sight. What happened next was an explosion of gore as he lashed out at his assailants, each of them looking as if he’d been torn asunder by some massive beast. When he finally became visible again, The lone survivor of his squad, a Lieutenant named Karls, stared at a monster from myth. It looked like a great black wolf stood on two legs, still wearing the uniform of the SS. One eye was milky white, and a scar ran over that side of his face, where the bullet grazed him and blinded the eye.

He was whisked back to Berlin and Presented to Hitler himself, who promoted him, and set him to work as a chief SS enforcer, and in less savory terms, vanisher. Since then, No foe has escaped him, and the monstrous major seems to utterly hate attractive dynamics, taking pains to kill those who won’t join the Reich slowlyand with the maximum of pain.


He is a Master hunter, with increased speed and strength, he Is quite tough, and capable of vanishing from sight. His senses are augemented beyond human measure,beyond even that of the lupines he resembles.

Verfolger, has many meanings, but the one he prefers is the
darkest, “Persecutor.”

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