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  1. Ryan chuckled at Donald's comment. "We're our own bosses, and there's lots of other perks. We can talk about all that later if you like. No need to mix business with fun just yet." He gave a knowing smile as Donald moved on to fanboying abit over Einherjar and Valkyrie. He'd seen the released footage, and it was damn impressive. He was glad they'd come as well, if only to connect with other Stormers. There weren't so many of them out there. "And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an entrance." Ryan said softly, as Emily showed up. Normally he wasn't one for gender-bent costumes, but he had to admit, She certainly pulled it off, and given her abilities, he thought it pretty fitting as well. "No wonder you never called me back, you have it all under control." She smiled coyly at him and he was grinning widely "You look great Emily." "I need a drink." Ryan nodded "Sure thing, come on, I'll get you fixed up and then I can introduce you to everyone."
  2. Ryan had just been smiling at Deezy, and shrugged. "I think Davian has the best idea, the better to enjoy the water at any rate, and the fact this is a tropical island." he answered, before his set timer went off, to open a portal for the next set of guests. When the Pirate duo came through, it was Davian who answered them. "Permission granted. Welcome to the party." He smiled warmly glad to see a couple more normal costumes. "We're your hosts, I'm Davian Layton, This is Deezy Klatta.." he indicated the redhead in armor "And this is Ryan Hawke." he indicated the slightly older gentleman who was standing there, and who had opened the gateway that brought them there. Ryan smiled at them. "Those are some pretty authentic looking costumes. You two look great." He looked to Davian. "I imagine the contest will be pretty intense."
  3. A Warpgate opened and Ryan exited just to Davian's other side, Just in time for Deezy's proclamation, and the thunder of the guns and muzzleflames. He pulled Davian aside quickly out of reflex, interposing himself between the two more out of habit than anything else. His mind and senses quickly reassured him that it was all just effects, and he relaxed and sighed. "Holy crap, you're one of those crazy Cosplay girls aren't you Deezy?" He looked sidelong to Davian, and the two older men shared a knowing look. "Still I gotta admit, it does look great. I bet it probably all works too, doesn't it?" She'd created a veritable power armor just for a costume party, the level of crazy that hinted at wasn't lost on him. At least they were on the same side, right? By comparisson, his own costume was more sedate, and probably just as obscure in the modern age. He was dressed as the original comics version of Nick Fury, complete with an eyepatch. it was the version he'd grown up with and while he liked the MCU version for Samuel L. JJackson, it just wasn't the same to him.
  4. Ryan was not that surprised that Deezy was already off to the races like this, though the backing of a Billionaire looking to get in on the ground floor gave him a little pause. "Well I need to be upfront with you. This isn't my company. My Boss here is James Jamison, the man who founded this company, and is the CEO and owner. I'm just an employee." Satisfied with that short rundown, which he was fairly certain they knew already, Ryan nodded once. "I do agree though, and this is a good idea. To be honest, I'd hoped to get to collaborate with some of the others there with us in the camp, and Deezy here was at the top of the list because I knew she had "Ideas." "If you don't mind, I'd like to call James Jamison, the Owner of Horizon Delivery and Transportation, and bring him here. I think that he'll be fairly amenable to something like this, as it may stymie the near incessant offers for my services. And it stands to help not just him but all the employees here as well. As the sole owner, he also has the ability to make this sort of call for the company." With their assent, he called JJ, gave him a very brief run-down, and one Warpgate later, the older Former Air Force Pilot and Instructor walked through. "I still feel sorta like a spaceman every time I come through one of those gates of yours, Ryan." He looked to the two newcomers and nodded respectfully, Miss Klatta, Mr. Layton, welcome to Horizon Delivery and Transportation I'm James Jamison, and I'll answer to either. Ryan mentioned you two had a proposition for us. I must say I'm surprised, but pleasantly so. Dozens of offers have come for Ryan, the sort that just wanted to take only him, and leave us in a lurch. He's turned those down, but this is the first time HE called me to hear one. Now, I'm sure you flew, if you'd like we can go somewhere nice to eat, or we can adjourn to our Meeting room and continue this discussion there." The older man smiled, knowing this to be an opportunity not just for him, but everyone there, if they played their cards right.
  5. The receptionist, Jan Rockwell, was abit taken aback by the woman who'd come in, looking like a slightly rumpled CEO, and another prospective clinet who was a well dressed man. When the woman asked for Ryan, her eyes narrowed. There were alot of people seeking Ryan out after what happened, and he'd said no to all of them so far. "He's finishing up a delivery, and should be done shortly. I can send him a message to come by when he's done, or you can take a seat and wait, Miss..." Clearly she was fishing for a name, which Deezy provided. "Klatta." Jan sent the message on, and it took less than thirty seconds before space ripped open and Ryan stepped through, wearing a blue suit with the company logo on the left breast. He smiled broadly at Deezy and took note of her partner, and nodded his head respectfully. "Deezy, it's so good to see you. If I'd known you were coming I'd have taken the whole day off." He looked to Davian and smiled. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before. I'm Ryan Hawke, It's nice to meet you sir." Unlike many Stormers, Ryan didn't see the need to hide his identity, especially since so many already knew it, so instead, he'd somewhat embraced it, and as he saw it, return the favor his old teacher had done him before. The plane and cargo were insured, but Ryan had been working hard to keep the company well in the black after such a loss, and the general disruption caused by the Storm. Through that, he'd maintained contact with many from the Quarantine, chief among them was probably Deezy.
  6. Ryan had silently watched as they breached the quarantine cordon, resolving to let them go, as well as refuse to assist in returning them there if that truly was their decision to leave. It was their right, as foolish as he thought the decision was. That said, he'd heard every word, and unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. His senses had drastically expanded, and he hadn't told anyone of this. To that end, he was able to hear everything, and see everything that was happening. "You wanted a demonstration, you're going to get one." he said quietly, to no one in particular, and quickly withdrew his senses back into himself, then it happened. The thunderous boom of a supersonic punch was louder than any he'd ever heard, and forced him to put his hands to his ears and grunt in pain. He couldn't hear anything for over a full minute, even as his body worked to heal the damage to his eardrums. The winds and sand buffeting everyone was an annoyance, and he knew it would be bad if things escalated. Quickly reading the situation, he snatched a clipboard with paper and wrote out "He gave you a demonstration of his powers, he's going to come back. Signal your men to stand down. We don't need to make this an even bigger incident. He's just a kid." He quickly brought it over to the General, and put it in front of him so he could read knowing he likely couldn't hear, same as everyone else. They'd have to find some way to signal the troops to stand down. Luckily they were half a mile from base, so just maybe if they walked as they had to get there, they'd be able to hear by the time they returned.
  7. Ryan had been about to say something to Sebastian, but instead, Donald beat him to the punch, and did so with more eloquence than he had planned. "Your efforts are appreciated by some, if not most of us, as is the reduced length quarantine. I know things are moving fast, and that you're just doing your jobs. That said, I'm glad you've seen it our way." he gave a little nod. "The powers could be dangerous, I think that's established, but all the same, we are still all people, Citizens, with certain rights." He knew the score better than most after so long in the service, but even he'd become annoyed. "I'm going to fly around abit. I won't go up high or anything, but I would like it known and recorded that I have informed you of this, before I do so. I'd rather not get shot." Once they nodded, understanding that he didn't want it to seem that he was trying to escape, Ryan simply rose from the ground about a foot, and began to move around still "standing" upright, but his legs didn't move nor did his feet touch the ground. He paused to smile at the others like him, and then moved on. He stayed in the general area, before dropping to the ground and nodding. "I guess i should use the one you probably want to see more too."
  8. Ryan nodded. "Any help I can be in transporting equipment here, I'll gladly give. No one wants to extend this quarantine, and if you'll trust us as much as you want us to trust you, then we can all be out of here faster, and get on with our lives." The Former Air Force pilot nodded. He understood how the others felt, the desire to leave, but he knew the government would only let them go when they were certain they weren't an immediate danger to those around them. He also understood, that no matter what, from now on that they'd be watched and scrutinized quite closely, because of their new abilities.
  9. "Emily, calm down. Of course, I can. I know how things can go, but I'm willing to wait, and see how they're going to play this. They know We don't have to stay, but at the same time, running from them across the country isn't viable, even for me. Eventually someone will catch us, only they won't put us in accommodations like these, but an actual prison, and they won't be asking for cooperation, but demanding it." He knew they were watching and listening. "I don't like being cooped up like this, I wager no one here does. Now, they're aware of our discomfort, and can probably feeling the heat from outside too, It's hard to keep incidents like the Storm quiet, and there's tons of witnesses They probably want to know where we are. That means sooner rather than later, the powers that be will need to make a statement, and release us." "They know we're not stupid, and that we've played along for now. Situations like this are give and take." It was obvious he wasn't speaking purely for her benefit.
  10. "None of that's wrong, I'm sure." Ryan added. With any real luck, however the more repressive regimes didn't get that. Perhaps it's years of service and all, but I trust our government a hell of alot more than I trust China, Russia, or anywhere in the middle east. And I say that given our current conditions. They could be much worse." He smiled "I mean hey, they are at least trying to do better on the food." He looked to Deezy and gave her a smile. "I don't know if they're gonna permit international travel for anyone like us for a good while. It sucks, but I can see us all being added to watch and no-fly lists, at least with regards to international travel. No country is going to want to let go of any of its citizens that have gained these powers, or risk them traveling and disappearing on said travels."
  11. The chance to not be eating MRE's was enough to make Ryan stop eating and take up a clipboard, pen and paper and get to writing. He made an orderly list, asking for Cokes, donuts (glazed, unfilled) and since they couldn't really get restraunt food, he asked for Some Milk, Scrambled eggs and bacon in fairly large amounts, and white bread and peanutbutter for a snack food, along with plastic cutlery. He didn't need it, but comfort food would put him in a better mood. Watching Renata and Emily comfort Karrie, he smiled. He looked up at the Camera. "Seriously, You guys realize I can help facilitate us getting what we want, without ever having to leave right? If you're going to keep us here, let us work with you for however long this is going to take. I don't need to be the one using my gates. If we were as hazardous and contagious as you seem to think you'd have everyone we interacted with locked down like us." He looked at Karrie, and nodded once. "I'll third that opinion, though there are some warnings about such abilities, hell, all superhuman abilities, firmly in-place in nerd culture." His smile was friendly. He didn't know how old everyone was, but most seemed to be younger, much moreso than him.
  12. Ryan took the other MRE, and nodded politely thanking her, then openedit, resigned to eat the notoriously terrible MRE for now. I'd love some good pizza, hell I'd settle for Pizza Hut at this point. When they do finally all let us out of here, I say we all go somewhere and share a real meal with real food together, to celebrate making it through all of these where we've just got MRE's." He smiled, and after eating abit, he shook his head. "I can say I have felt better than before. I definitely have more endurance, and can stay awake longer than before." He shrugged. "I also tend to have a large appetite when I do eat, but I don't need to eat nearly as often as before." He considered Donald's powerset, and thought aloud. "Full on shapeshifting sounds pretty cool, and useful too, have you tried using it here?" He knew he hadn't in the room they shared, but they weren't together all the time.
  13. Ryan watched Karrie's demonstration, and nodded. "That's an impressive power." He left off the "and dangerous" that he thought along with it however. It was unsettling, though he showed no outward signs of it. Ryan remembered in old X-men comics what a power like that could lead to. He looked to the others. "Who's next?" His lips curled in a slight smile. This was all likely being recorded, but he didn't care all that much. They were like him, and had probably shown their abilities off in whatever event brought them to the public attention, so there was no point in hiding what had already been seen.
  14. Almost as if by magic, Ryan appeared in the room. Everyone's attention had been elsewhere, so he'd quietly come out from the room he shared with young Donald. "I'm here. Though i admit I'd prefer not to be, same as most everyone else, I'd wager." his voice was deep, and the older man smiled. "Hello everyone, I'm Ryan, and as Emily mentioned, I can fly and create portals between different locations." The fact he could leave whenever he wanted wasn't lost on anyone, and yet he was still here with them. "The kelptapus was unique to say the least, I'll say. I've seen Octopi before, but that was something straight out of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Watching Emily here bend an ocean to her will was pretty awesome." His steel grey eyes narrowed. "Aside from the MRE diet, this isn't too bad, but then I was in the Air Force for twenty years." He'd actually stayed on base, humoring the government, after they promised to make good the losses his company had suffered, and for his lost time, as he was the only pilot. Given that his boss was also former military, he understood better than most about this sort of thing, but between losing the plane, the cargo, and Ryan for however long this went on, he knew they'd be in abit of a bind.
  15. Emily observed in silent wonderment at the Kleptopus and it new family and she realized that whatever had happened to make her become this ….this Waterwitch, and allowed a man to fly, had created something new and wonderful, and deep down inside she knew the world was a very different place now. She looked up as the man glided over to the ship and settled on the deck a few feet away. He was an older guy, forties probably, in pretty good shape and not hard on the eyes. “We should probably go, I’ll be able to open a…, hell I don’t even know what to call it.” “Not yet, Mr.…?” “Hawke, it's Ryan Hawke.” He started to stick his hand out but stopped realizing how ridiculous that was under the circumstances. The woman in the uniform stepped closer. “Thank you, Mr. Hawke, you saved a bunch of lives here. I’m Ensign Thompson, but you can call my Emily. Where did you come from?” Ryan look over the side of the ship then up at the sky then he pointed up, “I was flying a cargo plane, it was hit by the storm and came apart. Then I was flying myself. And this is all just really weird. You were doing stuff with the water…” “Yeah,” she nodded as she walked over to the hatch leading below, “it is weird, and I don’t know why I’m not freaking out more, but I’m not. Maybe I’m in shock. Look I didn’t get a head count before you sent everyone through that thing you made, so we need to make sure there is no one trapped below, and I need to assess the damage and make sure we aren’t sinking.” Ryan nodded and couldn’t help but smile at the young officer taking charge, she was cute and all things being equal she was the captain of the ship now. Resisting the urge to salute, Ryan pointed toward the bow, “I’ll check upfront and leave you to the engineering spaces. You probably can get a better Idea of the damage than me. But if you ask me, I don’t think just the two of us can sail this and we don’t have a radio anymore.” He left the rest unsaid. Emily paused on the lip of the hatchway to the lower deck, “If we aren’t sinking, I am not leaving her to become a hazard to shipping or someone’s salvage. I’ll get her home even if I have to get out and push.” They searched the ship and inspected her bow to stern and found that indeed, the two were alone and while damaged and listing to port noticeably the Hi'ialakai wasn’t sinking. And so it was that with Ryan Hawke keeping a close watch on the surrounding sea, that Emily Thompson commanding not only the ship but the sea itself drove the wounded vessel across the ocean solely with the power of the waves and safely back into her port at Pearl Harbor. (post by Nina)
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