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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Murakami Natsuko


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Personal Information

Name: Murakami Natsuko
Nicknames: Natsu-chan
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Asano, the Elemental Lord
Allegiance(s): TBD

Physical Traits

Weight: 122 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Apparent age: Adolescent
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Japanese (human guise) / Elemental
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Blue-black
Handedness: Right
Blood Type: A


Appearance (human guise): Natsuko in human form is a relatively tall, slim young woman with an earnest smile, sun-kissed skin, and a luxuriant mane of hair so dark it shimmers with a cool blue luster. Her skin, and indeed the very air around her, is always pleasantly warm. She prefers to dress in feminine clothing, often of a very traditional nature and often in bright colors and elaborate patterns.

Powers, Skills, and Personality

Known Powers: Natsuko is reported to be capable of flight, utilizing brilliant wings that spring forth from her back with a mental command. She also seems to share the affinity of all her kind for her natural element, and is rumored to sleep on a bed of glowing embers as a form of training. Unlike many of her kin, however, the young fire-born "princess" is purportedly a skilled and attentive healer who utilizes the essence of fire to rekindle waning vigor and vitality. Some have wondered openly (and fruitlessly) whether she is a phoenix in truth, or whether the seeming simply strikes her fancy.

Abilities/Special Skills: Natsuko expresses very little interest in the brutality of war, preferring instead to pursue cultural and artistic studies. She is a gifted dancer, and loves learning about the exotic customs and quaint manners of non-elemental beings; the latter gives her ample opportunities to practice diplomacy in preparation for the role she might one day hold as her elder brother's successor.

Personality: Despite Natsuko's preference for the healing arts over the martial ones (an eccentricity generally viewed by her family as a moderately tiresome adolescent phase), she is not the serene, retiring priestess of traditional lore. She shares with many other fire-born an inherent passion for life, as well as their love of performance and something of a penchant for the dramatic. She is friendly, earnest, and (both literally and figuratively) warm, possessed of a genial and inclusive spontaneity.


Natsuko, younger sister of Asano and current heir to his position, has somehow managed to avoid the spotlight so far, and thus the scrutiny to which such a public figure is generally subject. Her lineage is unquestionably legitimate, so the need to suppress a scandal was clearly not an issue, but reports of her whereabouts prior to her enrollment in the academy are nebulous, at best. ,, ,,


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