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  1. After her initial introduction to the ebullient dragon princess and the requisite few moments of pleasantries exchanged, Natsuko offered her apologies: she needed to get to her next class, and she looked forward to continuing their conversation later. ,, The rest of the morning went smoothly, a fact for which the young fire-born was grateful; it was difficult enough just working her way through the crowds and maneuvering the labyrinth of halls. When the lunch bell sounded, Natsuko sighed in relief and gathered her things. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day, and where the cobalt-clad girl went, so followed the promise of summer. The aura of warmth surrounding her inspired a drowsy sort of languor in the students seated near her as she enjoyed a bowl of aromatic Thai red curry and rice beneath a tree, and Natsuko, apparently oblivious to the effect, chatted amiably with each of them, even offering to share some of her spice-laden meal. It was a refreshing, invigorating experience, socializing with others of her own age, and despite her initial nervousness, she was quickly warming to the concept.
  2. ,, The golden-eyed girl blinked in surprise, taken aback by the sudden exclamation, and then laughed brightly, the effervescent sound as warming and pleasant as fine champagne. ,, "Yes," she replied amiably as she gathered her books into an embroidered silk satchel, still smiling as she nodded. "I am, and quite blessed to be so. I'm afraid, though, that I must have missed your name during introductions earlier."
  3. Natsuko considered the questions for a moment before replying, a variety of emotions flitting briefly across her features. When she finally responded, she answered Darrik, Delilah, Yuuki, and Kyohei in turn, her face a politely neutral mask that was somehow no less pleasant for lack of a visible smile. Turning amber eyes on the warlock and the dryad, she replied, "I've an older sibling who seems to think highly of your club, and was quite impressed with your ability to put on a theatrical performance. Naturally, they've shared stories of your exploits, I can only assume with the expectation that I would enroll to experience them and verify their tales myself. You needn't worry, of course, if discretion is a concern for you. I have no intention of sharing what I've heard." Though it was unclear whether she was aware of the implication in Delilah's invitation, Natsuko dipped her head in acknowledgement and gratitude. "You are very kind to offer. I of course look forward to making new friends here, and your thoughtfulness toward a new student does you credit. Thank you." "As for my decision to attend this academy," she continued, regarding Kyohei with the faintest hint of a rueful smile, "it is largely as I said. I have no doubt that I was intended to hear these stories and decide that I must see for myself whether they were true, though I must assume that my elder's intention is primarily that I gain the experience and knowledge necessary to succeed them as head of the family if marital partners and their potential progeny are found lacking."
  4. "Ah, of course! Please, forgive my rudeness," the slim girl in the azure kimono replied suddenly, as if something had just occurred to her. Approaching the group of students orbiting Kyohei, she bowed apologetically; the air in the room grew perceptibly warmer as she moved nearer. "I've heard so many tales of you, and of this place, I almost felt I'd been introduced long ago. Murakami Natsuko is my name, and I am pleased to meet all of you." If she felt flustered, Natsuko's easy smile and noble bearing concealed it well.
  5. The school was much larger than she'd been given to understand initially, and it took several minutes of walking around, peeking into open doors and asking for directions before Natsuko finally managed to reach her assigned class. As she walked into the room, idly smoothing the gleaming white sash of her cobalt blue kimono, her golden eyes scanned the faces of the students who would be her classmates for the coming term. They all seemed acquainted already, though she supposed that was to be expected- after all, she was a newcomer here, and it would take some time to find her place among them. "Good morning," she offered politely, dipping her head briefly in an approximation of an informal bow.
  6. Personal Information Name: Murakami Natsuko Nicknames: Natsu-chan Occupation: Student Marital Status: N/A Known Relatives: Asano, the Elemental Lord Allegiance(s): TBD Physical Traits Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'7" Apparent age: Adolescent Age: 17 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Japanese (human guise) / Elemental Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Blue-black Handedness: Right Blood Type: A Appearance (human guise): Natsuko in human form is a relatively tall, slim young woman with an earnest smile, sun-kissed skin, and a luxuriant mane of hair so dark it shimmers with a cool blue luster. Her skin, and indeed the very air around her, is always pleasantly warm. She prefers to dress in feminine clothing, often of a very traditional nature and often in bright colors and elaborate patterns. Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Natsuko is reported to be capable of flight, utilizing brilliant wings that spring forth from her back with a mental command. She also seems to share the affinity of all her kind for her natural element, and is rumored to sleep on a bed of glowing embers as a form of training. Unlike many of her kin, however, the young fire-born "princess" is purportedly a skilled and attentive healer who utilizes the essence of fire to rekindle waning vigor and vitality. Some have wondered openly (and fruitlessly) whether she is a phoenix in truth, or whether the seeming simply strikes her fancy. Abilities/Special Skills: Natsuko expresses very little interest in the brutality of war, preferring instead to pursue cultural and artistic studies. She is a gifted dancer, and loves learning about the exotic customs and quaint manners of non-elemental beings; the latter gives her ample opportunities to practice diplomacy in preparation for the role she might one day hold as her elder brother's successor. Personality: Despite Natsuko's preference for the healing arts over the martial ones (an eccentricity generally viewed by her family as a moderately tiresome adolescent phase), she is not the serene, retiring priestess of traditional lore. She shares with many other fire-born an inherent passion for life, as well as their love of performance and something of a penchant for the dramatic. She is friendly, earnest, and (both literally and figuratively) warm, possessed of a genial and inclusive spontaneity. Background Natsuko, younger sister of Asano and current heir to his position, has somehow managed to avoid the spotlight so far, and thus the scrutiny to which such a public figure is generally subject. Her lineage is unquestionably legitimate, so the need to suppress a scandal was clearly not an issue, but reports of her whereabouts prior to her enrollment in the academy are nebulous, at best. ,, ,, Miscellanea 18 Feb 2013: +1CP (Making Justin laugh in chat room.)
  7. I'm working on getting the mechanics finished for this character- sorry it's taking so long!
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