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[FATE Core] Wild Blue: The Queen's Wardens

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So I have been giving this some thought since I backed FATE Core and found it to be great stuff. I'm going to be running a bit of a game with it.

Since a number of people here have backed it and thus have access to the preview material, from Core, and Wild Blue- the setting I intend to use.

To summarize, Wild Blue is a blend of Wild West and superheroes:

Just a few generations ago, the people of what would be called the Blue Lands came in search of wealth and fleeing religious persecution. When they arrived, they found a land steeped in magic, valuable resources... and the Folk, inhuman and amazing magical beings. Unfortunately a war erupted for the Blue Lands, and the settlers won - pushing the Folk far to the west of this vast continent and establishing a kingdom in the Blue Lands.

The Blue Lands is now wealthy and wondrous, taking full advantage of the miracle mineral Cobalt, and the Skywood trees that grow lighter as they go older... even floating into the sky! But too, now are Powers: men and women born in the generations since arrival with gifts of superhuman talents and abilities unknown, and the numbers keep growing...

In order to negate potential dangers of Power abuse resulted in the creation of the Queen's Wardens, the law-enforcement organization of Major Powers answering only to Queen Aurora V and no limit to their remit to defend the Blue Lands. With vengeful Folk, sky pirates, bandits, noble intrigues, monsters and more... get ready pardner.

You'd be new graduates of the Academy, newly minted Wardens ready for action. How does this sound?

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I'll tentatively put my hat in the ring. I've backed the project as well, since it looks like a worthwhile investment, so I'll take a gander at the Wild Blue setting and see if it still strikes my fancy after I'm done. If not, I'll let you know, otherwise I'm in.

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My idea is a scholarly type who studies the First Peoples, and who one day found out that she had the Gift to grow to tremendous heights, possessing great strength and toughness whilst doing so. However, while she is a giant all of her emotions are equally magnified - if she's happy, sad, or angry, she becomes far moreso.

I'm not sure what stunts would be appropriate, but that's the general shape I have.

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An interesting idea... and fun.

So we'll probably run through making characters, and then I'll take proposals and suggestions from players for World Issues and other notable events of late to incorporate into the setting frame. :)

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We've started going through Character Creation, so some special notes:

- The Phase Three Aspect will basically be ones you guys work out once you're all done otherwise - since these will be based off of the pre-start of game PC interaction during the time of your Training in the Academy.

- I am allowing you guys to start with 2 'Extras' Aspects... these are special stuff (not gifts, though in Max's case these will most likely represent long-term inventions) so it could mean special items, allies or enemies, other stuff you can supplement your characters with. :)

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Name: Deezy Klatta

Template: Warden of the Queen

High Concept: Crazy-smart Steampunk Inventatrix

Trouble: Doesn't Know When to Quit

Stage 1: Deezy's raised in a little farming community on the edge of civilization. From a young age she was a

little monkey...always underfoot, climbing things, getting into windows, under porches...exploring every nook and cranny of the world she found herself in. One day she got herself stuck down an old mineshaft, and had a pretty bad scare until someone rescued her. An oddly comprehensible collie dog may or may not have been involved.

-Aspect: What's Over THERE?!

Stage 2: But when the Folk stage a raid on the town, she has to turn her talents to help defend their lives and property! Remembering her time in the old mine, she recalls that there was some old dynamite used for blasting down there. While the townsfolk fight, she gets some of that and cooks up a few nasty treats that send those Folk a'runnin'!

- Aspect: Things That Go Boom

Stage 3: During her time at the Academy, Deezy found herself in an environment where almost everyone had amazing powers and a great many had physical enhancements. While her own gifts of invention and technical intuition were at least as uncanny, she often had trouble earning the respect of these supermen, and picked up a strong competitive urge to show that she could be just as effective as they were.

- Aspect: Mind over Matter

Mental Stress: OOOO

Physical Stress: OO

Refresh: 1


Great - Crafts

Good - Shooting, Will

Fair - Athletics, Investigation, Notice

Average - Survival, Lore, Rapport, Stealth


- Quick on her feet (+2 to defend against barehanded Fighting attacks with Athletics)

- The Right Tools (+2 to Burglery open locks or gain access to a secured location)

- Always Making Useful Things (Roll Crafts Overcome to produce a situationally useful tool when needed)


I have the power to make amazing things...but they never turn out quite right.


Cobalt Star


Crafting Toolkit

Thieves' Tools


The Omnicaster - The Gun That Shoots Anything

- Built on the stock of a scattergun, the Omnicaster only has a single barrel, but breaks open to load. The firing chamber is larger...big enough around to ball a fist in, and has a reinforced seal around it. The barrel to the weapon can mechanically change its size to match the size of the item to be launched, and can be pretty intimidating to look down. The weapon uses a tiny cobalt charge to impel anything loaded into that chamber with enough force to send it flying, while elements in the barrel give it spin to keep it from tumbling. It can be loaded with a special rotating cylinder that Deezy made out of a six-gun as well, which makes it fire similarly to a revolver.

Rocket Boots - You'll Believe A Girl Can Go Flying

- Deezy's cowhide boots have been fitted with cages of brass tubing that connect to small super-pressurized tanks clamped to the very tops. When she activates the system, a set of nozzles begins emitting flame and smoke downward. They are very loud, and leave a long black contrail slowly dissipating in her wake. Deezy can make rocket-assisted leaps using this system, which requires periodic refueling. Full flight is not possible, though she's been experimenting with an 'overdrive' mode that would sacrifice all fuel for enough power to hold her aloft for a few seconds.

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Real Name: Carol Aisia

Concept Aspect: Scholar Pressed into Service as a Warden

Trouble: In Over Her Head

Aspect: "The Truth, No Matter What."

Aspect: Don't Disrespect my Gender

Aspect: Let's Take a Moment to Think About This

Physique: +4

Lore, Intimidation: +3

Fighting, Investigation, Notice: +2

Survival, Ride, Athletics, Resources: +1

Physical Stress: 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[]

Mental Stress:

Refresh: 3


- First Peoples Expert: Gain +2 shift to Lore checks as relating to the indigenous

peoples of the New World.

Equipment: Scholarly Books, Spyglass

Weapon: Lasso

Gift: I have the power to grow to tremendous size... but as my stature grows, so too

do my emotions.

Power Stunts:

+2 to Physique when lifting or moving heavy things while grown

Use Physique instead of Fighting to defend against physical attacks while grown

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Birth Name: Charles Goodnight

Warden Name: Amarant


Tough as Nails Gunslinger

Attachments Only Make You Weak

Born Beyond the Blue Lands

Always the Handsome Stranger

Only Half Human


Superb (+5):

Great (+4): Shooting

Good (+3): Physique, Will

Fair (+2): Athletics, Fighting, Survival

Average (+1): Contacts, Investigation, Notice, Ride

Refresh: 1

Physical Stress: 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[]

Mental Stress: 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[]



The Cobalt Star



Survival Gear


Can Take a Hit (Physique): Instead of having to mark off a physical stress box of greater value if taking a hit when the stress box of equal value is already filled, you can choose to mark off two or more lower stress boxes totaling to the value of the hit.

More Dakka (Shooting): Whenever attacking or creating advantages against multiple targets while shooting, you can add +2 to your Shooting result before dividing it up between the targets.

Tracker (Survival): You get a +2 to Survival rolls made to find and follow tracks in natural environments.

Extras: to be decided.

Gift: I have the power to survive almost anything… but the touch of iron burns me.

Effect: Gain Armor:4 only when surviving physical damage would require taking a Moderate, Severe, or Extreme consequence. This might mean that you don’t take any harm. However, increase the stress dealt by iron weapons by 1.

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Cool. You can PM me or come into chat... effectively creation is as per Fate Core and Wild Blue...

The three aspects after your High Concept and Trouble are broken down as follows:

- First: Must relate in some manner life prior to the manifestation of your Gift...

- Second: Must relate in some manner to the event(s) where your Gift manifested.

- Third: Must relate to your time in the Academy...

Max's sheet has a good example of what I'm talking about, if you need a reference point. Also, you got your 2 Extras Aspects.... I originally cooked those up so that Max could have some 'core' inventions, but in the interest of balance and fairness, everyone has the Extras Aspects.

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Hey guys.

Gabe, I gotta apologize here, I really wanted to get a proposed character out but i just haven't been able to get my head around it. Combined with out of state business travel creating a lack of time availability I've gotten only so far as about half of a high concept.

I'd still like to play in this but I don't see a character concept that I can run with at this moment. I'll let you know as soon as I have something more than a simple desire to play.

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Submitted for your approval...

Warden Name: Sawbones

Real Name: Artimus Grue

High Concept: Kindhearted but Eccentric Frontier Doctor

Trouble: My job is to make people well. And people means everybody.

Phase 1: Dr. Grue got his start in medicine early working as an assistant for his father, a country doctor operating too near the outlands for most folks' comfort. His family had been doctoring all the way back to the first settlers. His training consisted of both the best of classic medicine and the new techniques picked up from the natives and devised by his ancestors using the unique materials available in their new home. As a result of his unconventional upbringing, where even desperate criminals generally found it wise to be on speaking terms with his family and the Folk were as welcome on his father's operating table as anyone else. His demeanor speaks loudly of his concern for and acceptance of those around him. Some take this as a sign that he is a potential ally, or at least not a threat... others take it as a sign of weakness.

Aspect: Good bedside manner

Phase 2: One of the things from the outlands caught Wendy, the blacksmith's daughter, and nearly tore her to pieces before it was driven off. It was too late by the time she reached Dr. Grue Sr'.s table. But Artie, who had always had a soft spot for the girl, insisted on trying to save her even after his dad had given up. He was about to give up himself when he found his gift. It made her body whole but she never went outside without her veil after that day. Word of a healer who could cure anything spread quickly, though sometimes not as quickly as word of the side-effects. Being able to calm down desperate people and to talk them into accepting old-fashioned doctoring over 'magic' became every bit as important as his medical training.

Aspect: I'm sure we can talk this out

Phase 3: When he was finally brought in by the wardens Dr. Grue's apparent softness seemed likely to keep him out of the field for a time. It wasn't entirely with administrative approval that he took to launching himself into the communities in need of the Wardens' attention and picking up every scrap of information that could be used when finally engaging the problem. His natural inclination toward gathering intelligence before beginning an operation and his attention to detail at that has proven extremely useful. However Sawbones tends to collect a lot of information about everyone, regardless of need, including his coworkers.

Aspect: Get to know the patient


Cobalt Star

Blowgun +darts

Doctor's Bag

Scholarly books


Great: Lore

Good: Contacts, Investigation

Fair: Rapport, Notice, Will

Average: Shooting, Survival, Empathy, Physique

Stunt: Shield of reason (use lore to defend against intimidation)

Stunt: Eavesdropper (Extra aspect from investigation roll)

Gift: With my gift I can cure the sick and heal the wounded, but they're never quite the same after.

Rule: Can convert any physical consequence aspect short of death to a cosmetic physical aspect. This can result in unusual 'scars' that fade for minor wounds or major permenant, alterations for conditions that would otherwise be fatal. (I'd imagined the visible results of his healing are usually skeleton and bone related, but it could also be a totally random or situational gm fiat thing.)

Extra 1: Old friends.

Dr. Grue has helped a lot of people in his few years as a country doctor. Mostly through conventional medicine, but more than a few who passed his way are marked by his gift. He never asked much for his work but he is owed a lot of favors. On the other hand, there are a few folks out there, Wendy among them, who would have preferred that he let nature take its course.

Extra 2: An ounce of prevention

Sawbones isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, but he selects non-lethal measures where possible. For example, he vastly prefers to deliver a superficial wound with a dart covered in a paralytic toxin than to see an enemy get shot in the head. To that end he carries and has some expertise in the use and procurement of a variety of non-lethal poisons suitable for knocking out, sickening and disabling folks who might otherwise need to be put down permanently.

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I recognize I've been distracted... I will promise from now on to update on Tuesdays and Fridays... faster when combat requires... speaking of which, if people are still in, we will have that shortly...

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