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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Sunny "Holmes" Kay

Sun Kai

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Name: Sun "Sunny" Kay

Nova Name: Holmes

Concept: Teen2Morrow believer in Teras, not the Teragen.

Nature: Critic

Allegiance: Teras, Utopia (in that order)

Evolution: Secret Terat 2nd Gen, First Stage

Archetype: Portent

Theme: An intensely critical analyzer/profiler/detective in effect.

HT: 5'8"

WT: 140 lbs

Hair: Black, fuzz crew cut.

Eyes: A strange sort of reflective brown.

Age: Born November 14th, 2009, age 17


Minor: Aberrant Eyes: Sun's eyes are a shade of brown, that strangely is reflective.

Minor: Anima Banner: When the banner activates, people nearby get a low-level instinctive sense of Sun's eyes on them, even when they aren't, staring and taking them apart.

Minor: Eufiber Rejection: Sun's body simply won't take eufiber, much to his disappointment.

Medium: Analytical: Sun would rather prefer to collect and consider extensive information before making a move.

Medium: Vulnerability (Strobe Attacks): With Sun's enhanced perceptions so finely-tuned, dazzling attacks of one sort or other can unbalance them more readily.


The product of an unexpected dalliance between a taint shifting Sin-Eater and Caroline Fong celebrating her release from Bahrain, Sun was naturally brought up in the Nursery. He did not seem to fit in with the rest, when he got older. He showed a deeper interest in the outside world than most, and was not content with the simple acceptance of the lessons given.

To be truly sure that he could make a true decision, he left the Nursery for a fair time, several months after Puck's arrival. He traveled, explored, dared to see and swim in the nature of the different factions. And though he believed deeply in Teras, in a personal manner, Sun was disgusted.

The malicious hunting that Leviathan's group of Harvesters did for fun, the schizophrenic horror shop of Heartland at times, the atrocities that the artistic members of the Pandaimonium committed in the name of "art", or the average abuse heaped on baselines by Pandemonium narcissists under Narcosis (Sun did not have a direct aimus against baselines) - the infighting, the schisms - the Teragen was simpy incapable of living up to the expectations of Teras and heading for self-destruction.

The cruelest cut of all, weeks before Tarik and the Apostle had made any sort of move whatsoever, Sun had discovered their intentions. Horrified by the evidence of senior Pantheon members turning on the movement and the children- the proclaimed precious core of the future, he went to Jeremiah Scripture- and was paternally ignored, under the circumstances that Sun didn't have anything sufficiently tangible for proof.

With the last straw, his faith gone, Sun disappeared before the attacks, and spent some time analyzing his options in seclusion. With the path of anihilation facing the Teragen, he needed to side with an organization that would side with novas within reason. It seemed contradictory to join Utopia, but the main body of the organization did not support Proteus, the true culprit, and would not accept those hooks any more.

Having spent time and effort to craft a blank past and data trail, Sun eventually showed up as Sunny Kay, presenting himself as a young 1st generation nova to Utopia and being cautiously recruited into Teen Tomorrow. He spent several months in training and active work before his existence as a Utopian agent became first noticed in the public eye.

The backlash will come from the Teragen, but Sunny accepts it. After all, it was the Bible, a baseline work that was well known to comment about how easily criticism comes unaccompanied by balancing self-comment.

(60NP build)


Physical (Tertiary)

STR: ●●

DEX: ●●●● (Coordinated)

STA: ●●●● (Determined)

Mental (Primary)

PER: ●●●●● (Observant)

INT: ●●●●● (Discerning)

WIT: ●●●●● (Ingenious)

Social (Secondary)

APP: ●●

MAN: ●●●

CHA: ●●●

(3 NP spent)




Athletics: ●●●




Martial Arts: ●●●



Stealth: ●●

Endurance: ●●●

Resistance: ●●●

Awareness: ●●●●●

Investigation: ●●●●●


Academics: ●●●●


Computer: ●●●


Intrusion: ●●

Linguistics: ●● (Chinese, Hindi)


Science: ●●




Rapport: ●●●●●

Intimidation: ●●●




Streetwise: ●●●

Subterfuge: ●●●



Etiquette: ●●


(4 NPs spent)


Backing (Utopia) ●●

Node ●

Contacts ●●●

Cipher ●●●●●

(4 BPs spent, NP spent)


Iron Will - 6


Secret (Really a second generation former Terat) - 1

Enemy: The Teragen - 4

Quantum: ●●●●●

Quantum Pool: 50

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●● (10 BP spent)


Chrysalis: ●





Mega-Stamina ● (Adaptability, Tireless)

Mega-Perception ●●●●● (Estimation, Quantum Attunement, Electromagnetic Vision, That Creepy Feeling, Analytic Taste/Touch, Hyperenhanced Hearing)

Mega-Intelligence ●●●●● (Investigative Prodigy, Analyze Weakness, Discern Weakness, Discerning Mind)

Mega-Wits ●●●●● (Hypercognition, Lie Detector, Multitasking)




(44 NP spent )

Quantum Powers

Farsight - ESP (Distant Scan Extra) - ●●

Inviolate Truths - Psychic Shield - ●●

Just the Facts, Mam. - Empathic Shield - ●●●

(9 NP spent)

Combat Stats

Base Soak: 5 Bashing / 3 Lethal

Health Levels: Bruised x2, Hurt x1, Wounded x1, Injured x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1



Standard/Baseline/Nova XP

Starting XP: 10/10/10

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