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  1. You're the GM. Whatever you think will work best for now.
  2. "So noted, sir." Sun Kai responded over the link to Captain Hawkins, wryly deadpan. Whether this was in regards to talking strategy, Janos Tem's status as a wild card or any other third thing would likely have elicited a flat 'yes.' "My marines stand ready to join the assault on the planet surface if you so order it." ,, Sun Kai didn't think so highly of having them board enemy ships instead. Attacking a foe on their ground, and on a ship no less where chokepoints existed in infinitude were never efficacious plans in his book.
  3. Krul: I'm looking into getting Sun Kai back into HR. Hit me up in PMs, please.
  4. Sun Kai turned and wryly regarded the Infernal carefully. "This you know because you were privy to the plan, or just what you would do?" There was no judgement apparent, just discerning questions.
  5. "Of course, Captain." Kai remarked as he glanced at Dan Hawkins, a minor grin quirking on his face. He shifted over a seat to make a space for Dan. "I suppose it makes sense you'd be here too. Making any agreements here before we leave port?"
  6. Well, most of the duties so far were off his back. The Voidswimmer was due to leave port, but not yet. Training in the dojo finished. So why not get a pint? Sun Kai tipped back a watered down glass of wine in a bar closer to the docks, and let the feel of it roll over his tongue. Interesting crew. Janos... not so bad so far, though the jury would be out on him still. Karen - a worthy partner in sparring, certainly passionate... perhaps too much so. The captain a reasonably balanced sort. All in all, things were well enough before the hazards of war beckoned. Bloodshed never was pretty or good, no matter to thrust away a tyrant or murderous bandits eliminated. Necessary, but quite sad.
  7. "Hopefully so." Sun Kai remarked, with a sudden impish grin. "Else I'll have to file a request to abandon ship and spread felonious lies to the court-martial."
  8. "No issues either." Sun Kai mentioned, amused by the forward invitation the Lunar made to her Captain, and apparent mate, and by the mention of the 100% attractive female crew, excepting him, Hawkins and Janos Tem.
  9. Sun Kai chuckled as the Lunar brashly made her request. "And in no loss of quality, well done. Although, Security Officer Karen, I should clarify, despite appearances, I am not an Immaculate. I simply live in moderation, and do not care for trappings of wealth in my life." When the Captain arrived, he nodded his head in greetings. "Welcome Captain. Your training going well?"
  10. Sun Kai, contrary to appearances, was not an ascetic monk. He did not begrudge the good taste of food, female companionship, or other fine things, as long as they did not push the line into clear indulgence or extravagance. Moderation, and careful consideration was the key in his mind. And so to, he quietly went, when he heard the music echoing down the halls. It was a minor surprise to see Janos Tem responsible, and a minor unfortunate thing that he was not using any actual instrument. The natural sounds just pleased more. Nevertheless, he sat down on a couch and listened in quiet appreciation.
  11. "No need. Please excuse me for a moment." Kai assured the Captain with a polite bow. He did not have much need or interest in lavish furnishings or services or goods in the accommodations, so he simply stepped inside and went to work unpacking what little he had within the room. Once satisfied with the arrangements, a suitable mat for meditation in place and all and sundry. Having removed his harness and left the hook swords secured in his room, Sun Kai exited and returned, hands clasped behind his back again, to rejoin Captain Hawkins and Janos Tem.
  12. Sun Kai came within view of the Voidswimmer now, and approached the two at the docking station. He recognized both, one from personnel files, the other he'd read up on as a 'person of interest.' Kai himself, a monastic looking figure in nondescript average clothing and highly cropped hair - only drew attention out of looks and the hook swords clearly strapped to his back - drew up before them and gave them both a brief solemn nod, hands folded behind his back. "Captain Hawkins, Marshal Sun Kai, reporting for assignment. And Janos Tem I presume?" His expression was calm and passive like a still pond, though his precision of movement could not compare to Janos'.
  13. Name - Sun Kai Age - 27 Height - 5'10" Weight - 157 lbs Eyes - Brown Hair - Black Homeworld - Canopus XVI Station Description Marshal Sun Kai is a physically fit, graceful and lithe figure with hair so short-cropped as to be almost monastic, with a quiet, focused, yet oddly calm look about him. Despite his looks, he wears nondescript clothing, under which is a jade-studded vest with a concealed holster and blaster pistol. Resting on his arms are thin yet elegant jade bracers, flowing around his forearms draconic-like. Less often though, he has been seen with hook swords paired and strapped onto his back, but still easily drawn and wielded. (Appearance 3, Charisma 2) Background Background Sun Kai was born Peleps Kai, but from a young age foresaw his path as being different from the siblings and cousins around him. They were far too intemperate, and singularly focused on the interests of themselves and the Corporations. But when the Celestial Grand Mountain and human space stretched so far, and so strained as a result - could they not sense the agony of so many and forbear to mend the rifts of depravity? It became clear as he reached adulthood that the elders and he could not reconcile these different views, and so Sun Kai informally left Peleps & Ragara, rechristening himself Sun Kai, a to-be enlightened enforcer of peace and order. He took his training with the Star Marshals, and found an old secret log of a formalized martial arts style of Essence. The Mechanical Incarnate Entity style he found grounding and enlightening, and devoted himself to mastering this Terrestrial style. With its aid, Sun Kai has developed a notable reputation and success as an effective Star Marshal, incorruptible and dogged.
  14. Sun Kai finished his kata as the wrist comm beeped with the communication, and he paused to bow in spiritual reflection before noting his destination coordinates. So a new assignment. Good, he needed a change from his current string of solo Marshal missions. Gathering up his equipment, of which there was little, Kai started off with a steady pace to the dock of the Voidswimmer.
  15. I am debating a Dragon-Blood, or a Sidereal. Concept needs to be further thought on, but certainly including Martial Arts aspects.
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