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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Yokiko "Stargazer" Hideyoshi


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Name- Yokiko Hideyoshi

nova name Stargazer

Age 16

Height 5’8

Hair black

Eyes blue

Bloodtype AB+

Mass 52kg

Sometimes Even powerful pretercogs cannot see the future that awaits as a consequence of their actions. For Angela Waters, Known as the Terat Timeslip, this happened only twice in her life. She was beautiful in a unique way, In that her entire body, eyes, hair, skin all looked as if one was gazing into the far reaches of space. No one could tie her down, no one could even tame her. Letting her hair down in the Amp Room, She Enjoyed the company of an Elite that night, as he proved to be more than a tool of the monkeys.

Long, The Elite looked like someone who could easily be a member of the Harvesters. Standing eight feet tall and covered in fine white and black fur, he looked much as if a Tiger had decided that it would walk on two legs. His head was that of a tiger, complete with powerful pointed fangs and teeth, and retractable claws tipped his hands and feet. He even had a long stripe-furred tail, something he used to great effect to arouse Timeslip as they sat, drank and spoke.

What followed as they left the club together was a night of not quite drunken but certainly more relaxed sex than either expected. She was capable of accommodating him fully, and for all his more feline quirks she grew only more aroused, stating his abandonment of humanity only aroused her more. As dawn came, the two of them lay on a deserted beach on some forgotten island in the South Pacific. She left him after that, after looking to his future. He saw some pink haired nova at a wedding, and smiled. He’d not tame her, though as she thought of her bruised anatomy and their evening together, He had certainly proven his mettle. He would be remembered, in case she felt the desire for his companionship again, at least until the pink haired nova showed up.

She would never look him up again. Indeed, she would curse him, and herself, for more than anyone else, he HAD succeeding in tying her down, just not in a way either of them expected.

Nine weeks later, Timeslip gave birth to a healthy baby girl, thanks in large part to her understanding and manipulation of time. She named the young girl Yokiko Hideyoshi, after her father, and truly intended to turn her over to him then and there. Still something within her caught, as she turned to leave his home, and she kept Yokiko after all. What followed was a more whirlwind childhood than any child should know, as Timeslip traveled to other realities on a whim, taking her daughter, but not really making precautions for her. She was not the best mother, but she did try to provide some warmth for the unexpected addition to her life. Yokiko proved to be a very intelligent child, easy to teach with a inhuman intelligence. Still she was a constant reminder of a failure of Timeslip’s. She had a human body, but was covered in the same fur as her father, though her hair and the black areas of her fur were resplendent with the same starfield pattern as her mother. Her eyes too were like this, though if you focused on them you could see there was a lot of blue there that formed into vaguely feline-like eyes.

Five years, countless worlds, and a lack of vision later, Timeslip took her daughter to The Nursery, leaving her there without a single word to her, and vanished from the world altogether. She had seen, or rather hadn’t seen something in regards to Yokiko’s future, and it spooked her so badly that she could no longer bear the strain of raising her, instead, she abandoned her to the movement, scarring the child nova deeply.

Without hesitation Bounty took her in, and Scripture took a marked interest in her upbringing. She was more than slightly remarkable, conceived without Bounty’s aid, and noted for being a beautiful young girl in addition to her intellect. For her the night sky offered great solace, as she wished to see her birth parents. One, her father, she’d never known. Her mother, she wished to see to ask why she’d done this to her.

In time she came to enjoy the company of a few others there, Infinty and Norman led the list of the children she would call friends, but she knew others, sure. Her powers weren’t the kind given to showy demonstrations, but she reveled in their usage, walking the path of a Marvel. She was known for her innovative ways of using her powers, mending broken things by reversing the flow of time, She could even heal wounds with it. She had great versatilility, developing as one would expect from a daughter of parents such as hers. Perhaps most surprising was her relative innocence in sexual matters, stemming largely from a proclivity for enjoying female company more than male. This did bother some of the boys.

When she turned fifteen, She thanked Bounty and Scripture, and of course, Mal himself, and set off on a journey of her own, into the recesses of space. This trip was something few expected, as she’d shown such promise, coming out of her shell more and more as of late. Her journey took her across the stars, beyond where any human had traveled, and finally it returned her home, to find the world was simply not as she knew it to be. She arrived in time to get the invite to the grand meeting of the Teragen, and hastily made plans to go, not even having the time to reconnect with Norman, Infinity, or her mentor before hand.


Yokiko’s powers are somewhat like a person took a quantum shotgun and fired at her signature. Blessed with superhuman perception, intelligence, wits and appearance, she is far beyond the aspiriations of baselines. Her main power as such is the ability to control time in its many facets. She can manipulate space as well, though most notably this manifests as her ability to open warps between worlds and star systems. A power she’s found more than slightly useful to accomplish many things at once is the ability to create temporal copies of herself. Working in tandem with other great intellects, each tasked with thinking a different way about a problem has helped her thus far, and served to amass a significant fortune for herself, before she left on her journey. Possessing only the most rudimentary combat ability, She focuses more on understanding fundamental forces and phenomenon.


Yokiko is a quiet studious girl most of the time. The Stars are her passion, and she spends considerable time studying them intently. Aside from that, she enjoys weaving and sewing. More than one tapestry hanging about the nursery came from her nimble fingers. She has a pleasant voice to sound hear her sing, while not on the level of a Novox singer, she’s seldom told to stop.

Aside her quiet nature, the things she’s passionate about can and do excite her, as she can ramble on about many scientific theories, engineering procedures, and the use and study of quantum fueled abilities. She’s quite protective of her tail, only allowing a small handful of people to touch it, and almost always only women. Generally her tail indicates her mood, it’s activity serving as a noticeable and noted tell. This is part of why she dislikes gambling, she can’t bluff worth a damn because her tail betrays her.

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Strength 3

Dexterity 5 graceful

Stamina 5 Enduring

Perception 10 Observant

Intelligence 10 Discerning

Wits 10 Critical thinking

Appearance 10 Exotic

Manipulation 5 Smooth

Charisma 5 enchanting

Abilities (59)

Athletics 1

Martial arts 1

Melee 1

Stealth 1

Endurance 3

Resistance 3

Awareness 5

Investigation 4

Navigation 5

Academics 1

Science 5

Engineering 5

Computers 3

Linguistics 4 (Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish)

Medicine 1

Meditation 2

Rapport 2

Weave 2

Arts 4

Biz 3

Style 4

Streetwise 1

Subterfuge 1

Ettiquitte 2

Performance 2

Backgrounds (5)

Node 5

Resources 5 Wealth beyond avarice

Allies 7 (Infinity, Norman, Puck, Daedalus League members)

Cipher 5

Eufiber 5

Mentor 6 (Scripture, Mal)

Powers and mega attributes (38 NP)

Mega dexterity 2 omnidexterity

Mega Stamina 3 Adaptability Fertility

Mega Perception 3 Stellar Traveler quantum attunement

Mega Intelligence 3 Scientific prodigy, Discerning Mind

Mega Wits 3 Multitasking, Born warrior

Mega appearance 3 Immaculate, Awe inspiring

Chronomancy- Temporal manipulation 4 age alteration accelerate time decelerate time Stop Time

Reweaving the Tapestry- Spatial Manipulation 1 Ripple Shield

Searching all the Threads Pretercognition 1

Gateway to New Frontiers- Warp 1

Time Heals All Wounds- Healing 1

Temporal duplicate Clone 1

Unfettered Freedom- Flight 1

Hide the Obvious- Blank 2

Following all the Threads- Warp Trace 4

Body modifications (6) Claws, Prehensile tail, improved attribute (Perception, Intelligence, Wits, Appearance)

Quantum 5

Quantum pool 50

Willpower 7

Merit Iron Will


Min-Aberant eyes (Cat shaped, and Starfield effect)

Min-Abberant Skin ( if you shave her, she has the same stripe pattern of black on white skin)

Min-Anima Banner( When using her temporal/Spatial powers the starfield effect expands from her making her really noticeable anytime except a clear night

Med-Fur She has fine fur all over her body, head to foot, in a unique Black on white pattern with the black being a changing starfield effect. The contstellations resemble space itself, as the stars move, and are of varied colors as well. Globular clusers, galaxies, clouds, are all present here.

Med- Feline features. She possesses prounounced canines, and her other teeth are more pointed than a normal humans (No benefit) He ears are those of a tiger, adding even further to her feline look. Vestigal whiskers also adorn her cheeks. Her claws tip each hand are retractable, each one an extension of her skeleton.


-6 Iron Will

-8 WP

-1 Node 1

Atts 12 NP


Abilities 6 np

Powers 38 np

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