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  1. Interpol might be worth using as it does function as the investigative/judicial arm of the United Nations, in as much as the Heroes are acting under its auspices when making arrests and the like
  2. Yokiko nodded. "We can go some distance away, and send in a homunculus of some fashion to take the lay of the land, and my ability is more accurate closer to the target." She sighed. "I still think it's a trap of some sort, but I can't put my finger on the how of it."
  3. Her touch was like someone sent an electric current through her, a warmth quickly spreading through her body, something Yokiko wasn't used to. "Promises, Promies, my dear Infinity." Her own hands didn't remain inactive, drifting down infinity's back, the light kiss of her claws against her spine, enough to tease the nerves into excitement. She seemed to almost purr. "I wonder if your stamina is as endless as your name implies. I've seen the infinite of space, Now that I'm home, I've great interest in exploring an Infinity much closer to my heart." Her tail moved to coil around her leg and she smiled. She chuckled, and her blue eyes lightened. "I have my own naughty ideas, and it won't just be us there."
  4. When Yokiko opened her eyes, They still shone with actinic azure light, before fading to their normal almost imperceptible color. "My God. She's a nova." That revelation alone nearly made her sick. "She's done this to her own people..." She looked at the other two novas and launched into a detailed description of what she'd seen once she turned her powers on Thetis, and the general gist of what the outcomes would be. The entire discussion was over thirty five minutes, and she looked at them both. She rocked back on her heels and her tail lashed about furiously. Norman knew this to be a sign of severe agitation on Yokiko's part, and she almost seemed to growl as she spoke. "She deserves death for her betrayal, and at the same time, but at what cost do we blanche? it may not end with her if we tell her, or if you kill her... This sort of thing, finding the one thread that is most possible, is always so difficult, I only wonder if I'm making a mistake my mother would have when i use this power..." She waited to hear the replies to her vision from her companions, hoping they would have better luck understanding things.
  5. Yokiko looked at Norman and nodded. "You've got a point, but with next to no information on who else is within the Proteus power structure, we could end up with someone worse than Thetis if we strike this particular head from the serpent." She closed her eyes and the stellar patterns in the black areas of her fur and hair seemed to shift, as she looked forward.
  6. "The second idea is a pretty smart one. No attacks, just serve to make them the paranoid ones for a change. Going there with intent to do har isn't a good idea." she shook her head. "I'll stand by your choice, but it may be a good idea to get at least one more brain working on this. Did you talk to Norman?"
  7. Yokiko returned the hug, almost without blushing as the beautiful metamorph outlined why she'd called her. "It's most definitely a trap Cora. Still I agree it's worth looking into." She nodded, "I can look into it, but not here. a picture of thetis would help immensely too, and somewhere truly private." "Any ideas?"
  8. Yokiko was laid out on the couch of the Tokyo Condo she owned, bored, and more than anything anxious. She'd been having amazingly vivid dreams lately, yet she couldn't remember the exact contents. All involved danger, and she woke sweating more than once. It had become annoying, and been the source of some destroyed furniture. Then her exclusive private cell rang,The call was terse, and only Cora sounded like that... "Yokiko, someone is offering us thetis' head on a stick. meet me on top of ayer's rock in an hour if you're interested." She'd hung up fbefore Yokiko could respond, and nodded. "Alright, I'll bite." She prepared some things, and left a note should something happen, directing whoever came to Ayers rock. Then there was a flash as she reappeared near Ayers Rock, electing to spend the next hour admiring the largest monolith on the surface.
  9. Yokiko blushed even as a smirk curled her lips. "I'll have something light to start, I'll trust your discretion there. I've never been a big drinker." "What are our fellows in the movement doing now Infinity, that's got you down?" She looked at her and nodded. "Anything I can do to help? I can turn some of them into toddlers if you like..."
  10. Clothing wasn't something Yokiko wore too much of, tonight, wearing shorts and a teeshirt she was largely overdressed compared to normal. Still reading the shirt, her black and white furred tail lashed about and a smile curled her lips, revealing pearly white teeth, including her fangs. Infinity!" she smiled, an arm snaking out to hug her oldest friend, and in all fairness, secret crush. "Cora came in upset and I invited her over, I hope you don't mind." It was true in some ways Cora felt off to Yokiko too, but in the end attraction simply won out. "That's a good look for you, and from how things have been going lately it's pretty accurate too." Her voice had dropped to a near purr towards the end, and she cleared her throat. "Sorry." She drank some water to cover up her embarrassment.
  11. Yokiko smiled. Actually I'm meeting someone her tonight. Infinity and Norman always speak highly of this place, and Tonight Infinity is meeting me for drinks." She blushed a little, though it was only possible for someone as perceptible as Cora to see the signs. "It's my first time in a bar though. I admit all the sights and sounds and smells are stimulating, though they can be overstimulating too. Very different from space, on the whole." "What's got you so up and bothered Cora, that you storm in here so noticeably?" There was genuine concern in her voice, as another part of her wondered if Infinity was going to be okay with another nova in the booth..
  12. For Yokiko the day was good. Norman had spoken highly of this club, and indeed, So had Infinity, so when it was suggested they meet here for drinks, well She wasn't one to argue. Pictures were taken when she entered, a first for sure, and she smiled Thinking about the company. Everyone within was a nova, and it felt "right" to her. Still, considering Infinity would be meeting her today, and they'd finally get a real chance to catch up on things, well, That made her happy. She was decidedly unprepared for who walked in. It was Coarline, perhaps the only woman she'd met face to face that truly stirred more carnal, primal needs within her. As much as she liked Infinity, and wanted to tell her, Cora drove the primal side of her, and she waved, knowing Cora would catch it. "Hey Cora, Join me?" She knew Cora could hear her even amidst the din of the club, still something looked to be bothering her, and She waited for Cora to come over to the booth she sat in alone, hoping Infinity wouldn't mind a little extra nova company.
  13. Yokiko nodded. "Count on it Cora." She smiled as she made her way over to Infinity, surrounded as she was by Puck and and Potential, her brother. She looked to be really upset, and the Young Time bending space explorer looked at her and her smile didn't seem to fade. Infinity had never treated her as a freak, and in turn, She'd never treated infinity as a nova in name only. While Infinity paled in beauty compared to Cora, she was beyond any human woman. Yokiko smiled as she walked up to them, smiling at the men and to Infinity. "Infinity, it's so good to see you again." Yokiko had been gone a little over a year, and she spared the other two a nod. "Puck, a..pleasure as always. Potential, good to see you too." So many faces she recognized from the Nursery, she was happy. "I was going to come and congratulate you on your speech but Surtr beat me to the punch." her eyes narrowed and she smiled. "You've definitely changed, while I was away, and just now." She was totally genuine, a rarity in the movement these days. She Was the same as she had alwsy been, shy, quiet and polite, with a truly exotic appearance. "For the better."
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