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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Surtr

Courtney Adams

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Name: Surtr

Real Name: Surtr

Nature: Rebel

Archetype: Primordial (new archetype, see below)

Theme: Fire Elemental (a Lucifer type of fire elemental: a proud, rebellious spirit who serves no-one. This is the Fire of inspiration, change... and destruction.)

Date of Birth: Unknown

Sex: Male

Apparent Age: Mid-teens.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150lbs

Known Appearance:

A beautiful youth with red-gold hair, amber eyes and sharp features.

Known Powers:

A manipulator of fire, Surtr can perform a wide range of effects with his element. He also has exhibited some ability to subsume and redirect other energy sources to his own ends.

Visible Aberrations:

Unearthly Beauty, Anima Banner (green flames)


If anyone told you that The Mathematician and Shrapnel had a child, you would be forgiven for thinking that they were joking... or mad. But the truth of the matter is that, like many Terats, these two Pantheon members considered the continuation of the One Race to be an intellectual obligation rather than a biological imperative. With Bounty's power, it was easy for genetic material to be taken from both elder Terats and co-mingled, leaving the zygote for Bounty to bear and give birth to, which the fertility nova was more than happy to do.

Surtr is currently twelve years of age, though due to accelerated maturation, he is closer to fifteen physically. Mentally and emotionally, he seems... timeless. There is something primordial about Shrapnel and Pedro's get, an intellectual detachment combined with the burning determination to forge his own path, to march to the beat of his own drum. He is very much a product of his genetic legacy... and yet more so. He possesses none of Santiago's hesitancy to act and explore, and none of Shrapnel's fiery hatred and contempt for baselines. Indeed, he seems to treat everyone with the same cool, arm's length regard, as though determined to make up his own mind as to their worth, regardless of what others tell him.

Shrapnel, never the most nurturing of individuals, has had nothing to do with her 'son' thus far, but the Mathematician has often visited the Nursery to talk with and study the boy. What they have discussed has not been made public, but for the last two years Pedro has left these meetings increasingly troubled. All Bounty can tell is that the Mathematician has seen something regarding the boy, and that with every passing visit his unease grows even as Surtr's ambivalence towards his genetic forebears has turned to faint disdain.

The only person he has ever been close to is Bounty, who he considers to be his 'true' mother. Among the other Terat children he remains a quiet presence, content to listen as they debate Teras, or novakind's place in the world, or talk about how they will change things when they leave the Nursery. He contributes little to these discussions save questions... always questions. 'Why should we follow our elder's example?' 'What is it that makes Mal more than them?' 'Why should what even other Terats desire or wish for be a factor in our decisions?'... And so on.

Now he has left the Nursery, accepting no help from his father as he goes into the baseline-ruled world. "I will strive for myself, not indebt myself to my father and his agenda." he told Bounty quietly, in confidence, before he left. "If I need money, then I shall obtain it. If I need food, then I shall obtain that - through MY devices, not his. My wit and my will should be all I require to forge my own path."

Connections to other Terats:

Pedro Santiago is Surtr's father, yet they are estranged. The closest he has to a mother-figure is Bounty. As for friends...

The Child he is closest to is Puck, whom Surtr, with his gift for languages and innovation, aided in the development of Bodhi. The two spent a lot of time together in the Nursery in their formative years, despite Surtr's general arms-length detachment around others.

(60NP build)


Physical (Tertiary)

STR: ●●●● (Athletic)

DEX: ●●●● (Nimble)

STA: ●●●● (Enduring)

Mental (Secondary)

PER: ●●●● (Intuitive)

INT: ●●●●● (Bright)

WIT: ●●●●● (Quick)

Social (Primary)

APP: ●●●●● (Stunning)

MAN: ●●●● (Eloquent)

CHA: ●●●● (Cool)

- ( 5 NP spent)




Athletics: ●●




Martial Arts: ●●●



Stealth: ●●

Endurance: ●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●

Awareness: ●●●

Investigation: ●●

Navigation: ●●

Academics: ●●●



Engineering: ●


Linguistics: ●●●●● [Language Families: Linguistic Genius]


Science: ●●

Survival: ●●


Biz: ●●

Rapport: ●●

Intimidation: ●●

Style: ●●



Streetwise: ●●

Subterfuge: ●●●



Etiquette: ●●

Perform: ●●●●

(3NPs spent)


Node ●●●●●

Attunement ●●●●●

Cipher ●●●●●

(3 BPs spent, 1 NP spent)


Iron Will - 6


Vengeful - 2

Eufiber Rejection - 2

Quantum: ●●●●●

Quantum Pool: 75 (5 NP spent)

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●● (10 BP spent)


Chrysalis: ●


- Aberrations:

-Taint based:


Anima Banner: Emerald green flame dances around Surtr when he manifests his power.

Distinctive Appearance

Unearthly Beauty


Uncontrollable Power: Elemental Mastery

Cannot Lie (Fire doesn't lie. It can mislead you to believe it is under control or innocuous, but it cannot outright lie.)

Special Effect:

All of Surtr's fire-based effects manifest as emerald green flame.

Note: All mega attributes and powers marked with # are considered 'in-theme'. All mega-attributes and powers marked with [*] are 'tagged' by Energy Catalyst


[*] Mega-Strength

- Mega-Dexterity

[*]# Mega-Stamina ●●● (Adaptability, Hardbody)

- Mega-Perception

# Mega-Intelligence ●●● (Natural Linguist, Discerning Mind)

# Mega-Wits ●●● (Wily, Unfazeable)

# Mega-Appearance ●●● (Immaculate, Seductive Looks)

# Mega-Manipulation

# Mega-Charisma ●● (Autonomy)

- (18 NP spent )

Quantum Powers

#Energy Catalyst - Lvl 3 ●●●●● - Surtr's body is incredibly efficient at absorbing and using incoming energy. He can divide the absorbed levels of damage between [power rating +1] different attributes and powers, up to a limit of [power rating] ranks in each. (Note: Tagged Powers and attributes are marked with [*])

# [*] Bright Viridian Sword - Quantum Bolt Lvl 3 (Extra: Armor Piercing)

# [*] Wrath of the Green Sun - Quantum Bolt Lvl 3 (Extra: Explosive; Weakness: No Range; Strength: Duration increased to Concentration.)

# [*] Prince of the Emerald Star - Elemental Mastery: Fire Lvl 3 ●●● (Imprison, Enhance/Diminish, Alter Temperature)

# [*] Jade Gates - Transmit: Fire (Extra: Incontiguous) - ●

#No Power But Mine - Quantum Shield - ●●

#No Will But Mine - Psychic Shield - ●●

#Do Not Presume - Empathic Shield - ●●●●

#Inscrutable - Blank - ●●●●

- (28 NP spent)

Combat Stats

Base Soak: 6 Bashing / 3 Lethal

Health Levels: Bruised x2, Hurt x1, Wounded x1, Injured x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1



XP Log


10 Baseline / 10 Standard / 10 Nova

Biz 2 & Streetwise 2: 10 Baseline XP

Mega Stamina 2 & 3: 9XP (4 Standard, 5 Nova)

Mega Appearance 3: 6 XP (2 Standard, 4 Nova)

Mega Charisma 1: 3XP (2 Standard, 1 Nova)

Rapport 2: 2 Standard XP

New Teras Archetype: Primordial

You are a personification of some primal force: plasma, fire, cold, entropy, life... and everything you do reflects that. You can be a destroyer or a creator, all in the same breath. You ARE your element in all it's various forms and guises. You cannot be tamed or controlled - at least not for long, and never willingly. Everything you do, you do in accordance with your passion and boundless will.

Primordial Terats are somewhere between Marvel, Monster and Portent, having facets of all three and yet adhering to none of the original archetypes. Without exception, they focus on powers that can be described as 'elemental' or 'fundamental' - not for these Terats the subtle intricacies of quantum - they are Fire, Ice, or Life itself.

The Primordial Terat favours mega-attributes that exemplify their element, and naturally their powers revolve mainly around the same. They gain Chrysalis by pushing themselves in some way that acts to demonstrate that, like their element, they are beyond human concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, altruism and greed. They simply are, and the universe must accept that.

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