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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - James Lucas


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Name: James Lucas

Alias: Geist

Sex: male

Age: 50

Height: 6‘0

Weight: 150

Race: White

Type: Nova: Elder

Concept: Nobody turn into someone powerful

Eruption: Threatening situation.

Nature: Survivor


For someone of James age he does not show the typical signs of aging and appears as a man in his 20‘s. He has short neatly cut blue hair. Blue eyes. Tan white skin which looks like bronze. He is often wears formal clothing in public, and appears very business like. He wears more covert clothing on missions.

Allegiance: Independent



Perception 3

intelligence 4

wits 3


Dex. 3

Stamina 3

strength 2


Appearance 1

Manipulation 2

Charisma 3,



Athletics 5

Drive 5

Legerdemain 5

Martial arts 5

Stealth 5


Endurance 3

Resistance 3


Awareness 5

Investigation 5

Navigation 5


Computers 5

Engineering 5

Intrusion 5

Linguistics (native: English)

Survival 5


Tactics 5

Meditation 5


Street wise 5


Etitqute 5

initial will 3

quantum 1

init: 3 + 3= 6


walk 7m

run 3 +12m= 15m

sprint 3 x 3 +20m= 29m



Perception 7

intelligence 7

wits 7


Dex. 7

Stamina 7

strength 7


Appearance 4

Manipulation 7

Charisma 7


Strength: Might 5

Dex:(+2 automatic success on rolls)

Athletics 5

Drive 5 (+3 automatic success on rolls)

Legerdemain 5 (+3 automatic success on rolls)

Martial arts 5

Stealth 5(+3 extra success on rolls)

Melee 5

Pilot 5 (+3 automatic success on rolls)


Endurance 5

Resistance 5

Perception:(+2 automatic success on rolls)

Awareness 5

Investigation 5

Navigation 5

Intelligence:(+2 automatic success on rolls)

Computers 5

Engineering 5 (+3 automatic success on rolls when repairing or maintaining any vehicle you rode/pilot or any you intend to do so)

Intrusion 5

Linguistics 4 (native: English) (Arabic, Bengali, Cambodian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Hindi, German,Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Swahili, Turkish),

Survival 5

Demolitions 5

Wits: (+2 automatic success on rolls)

Tactics 5

Meditation 5

Rapport 5


Disguise 5


Street wise 5

Subterfuge 5

Diplomacy 5


Etitqute 5


Attunement: 5

Cipher: 6

Contacts: 6 (various wet work clients.) Contacts 6 (information network)

Dormancy: 5

Lair 6

Resources: 6

Node 7

Eufiber: 5

Influence: underworld 6, business 6

initial will 3

quantum 7

init: (14 + 12) + (14 +12) = 52


walk 7m

run 14 +12m+20=46m

sprint 14 x 3 + 20m +20m = 82 m

Quantum pool 70

h.p. 7 bashing soak, 2 lethal soak

Merit Points 15: Ambidextrous 1, Photographic memory 3,

Iron will 6 (spend an will power point to shake off any effect to control you either by social attempt or power like hypnotism and mind control.)

Quantum Recovery 3 (+3 to quantum recovered per hour 5 (7 if sleeping or meditating.)

Taint Resistance 5 (On certain situations I gain temporary taint or none at all.)

Enemy 3 (want me dead, but is not as powerful as me.)

Merits: N-stage Node 2 (7th node)

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Mega Attributes:

Mega Dex. 7

Mega Perception 7

Mega Intelligence 7

Mega Wits 7

Mega Enhancement:

Precise Movements: Ace Driver, Ace Pilot, Cat footed, Fast tasks, Light fingers

Phantom Eyes: Holographic awareness, Psychic Awareness, That creepy feeling, Ultrapheripheral perception

Clear focus: Discerning minds, Total concentration, Redirection, Unfazeable, Mind over matter, Hyper cognition

Quick learning curve: Linguistic Genius, Fast Learner


Supernatural defenses:

blank 5

Intuition 5

Psychic Shield 5

Sensory shield 5

Fade (Density Control) (affects objects.) 7

Vanish (Invisibility) (senses 5) 7

Ghost hands (Telekinesis) 7

Special move: Death’s touch (disintegration)

Abberations: Low level Social: Gravitas (Always in a serious tone. Not light hearty or laughts.), Low Appearance: Chromatic Hair (blue hair), Medium: Manipulate: intrigue junkie


pistol/auto loaders:

glock 9mm. Luger, Accuracy: 0, Dam: 4d10L, Range: 50, MNF: Af, Mf, Tf, r.o.f.: 4, clip 15+1, Concealment: Pocket, Mass: 0.5, Str. min: 2, cost 2 (or colt or browning)

sniping riffle: 2, 8d10L, 500, n/a, 1, 10+1, n, 3, 2, 4d. (Springfield m21)

smg 9mm luger X 2: 0, 6d10L, 50, af, mf, st, tw, 33, 32+1, J, 2.5, 2, 3dot (bretta, colt)

MNF: Af-automatic fire, Ms-multiple shots, tw- two weapons, st strafing

Full metal jacket rounds: pistols 200 2 dots, riffle 80 2 dot, smg 200 2dot

Armor Piercing: pistol 200 2 dots, riffle 80 2 dot 200, smg 200 2dot

Suppressor (all) X4 9dots

Gunsmith kit: 2dot resource

Reloading bench: makes 2x amount of ammunition but takes given an hour of uninterrupted quite time.

Telescopic sight (night) 3dot +2 accuracy on first round of aiming

Speed loader (riffle) 1 dot

laser sight 3 (pistol, smg) (+1 accuracy, but can be seen in dark.) 4 dot

military knife (damage Str. +2d10l, min str. 1, max str. 5, jacket concealable, weight: 0.5kg, cost 1)

Motorcycle (safe speed 180, Max speed 280, maneuvers 8, passengers 2, armor 0, cost 1)

Midsize car (safe speed 150, Max speed 250, maneuvers 6, passengers 4, armor 3, cost 2)

small prop plane (safe speed 220, Max speed 340, maneuvers 5, passengers 4, armor 2, cost 3)

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Early life:

Was once was just an average person. Nothing real fancy in his life. He had no real life to be honest. He was always an book worm and a loner. He was mostly an pariah in high school, especially by other geeks. He was smarter then any kid in the school. Even so he was not an weakling, and was able to turn the tables on several of the jocks during that time or escaped when it was time to do so.

Most of his family hated him for various reasons. These were often due to him figuring out various secrets in his family life. He kept them a secret for the most part. That change one day when one of James family members accuse him of beating up his sister when it was the accuser, who was her husband at the time, that did it. Many members turn on him when he said that. That’s when he tell all he knew in a blind rage. This cause the family to just finally collapse, with everyone exiling the young man from the whole family.

James job was not terrific either, just an janitor. It was just an transition period for him. He was going to college, and was getting near the top of his class. Then things change that made him into something different. This change is what made him into an nova. His rebirth was in blood.


Then one day several kids who were much stronger then him pick a fight for the pure pleasure. Some were classmates who despise him due to his smarts, and hated them for up staring him. That day James decided to take an not well known back ally. Sadly he took it so many times that others knew he took it. He was not the strongest of men, and even with his agility he was not able to take down the group or escape. That was when the group beat James up. During that beating was when he erupted.

James mind was a haze. All he could remember of that time was the screams of some of the men and him running out from the place. He blanks out in a gutter. Later on during the evening he wakes up in a gutter with some drunks. It seems he stumble next towards an bar. He figured he may have looked like an drunk. He looks to see that there was blood all over his clothing. He did not get why anyone call the cops.

James walks towards home. He did not care if anyone spotted him. He felt like shit, and actually hoped for it. He would tell the cops what happen and would put the punks who harm him in jail. These thoughts change when he stumble in the area where the path he usually takes to home was blocked. It seems several of the kids were missing and all that was found was blood that belong to them.

James was scared. He did not know if he did it or if someone else did. He panic and ran towards his home. He bumps into someone accidently and fell through the person. This drove him to the edge and just makes him ran like an mad man home. All he could think of was what was going on and what was happening to him. Was he dead? Was this a dream? Was he even sane?

James got home safely if one can say that in his state of mind. He heard of the incident in the town. No one knew what was going on. They were not the only ones in James case. He goes to remove his clothing and dispose of it. He makes sure they were dispose of properly. Then he decides to figure out what to do next. He goes to finish his courses and does his classes online after words.

While studying and trying to remain hidden, he goes to figure out his powers. He eventually discovers them and what he could do little at a time. He firstly discovers he was smarter, and faster then what he was before. His powers were more or less stealth based. Yet one power made him scared of himself slightly, but eventually overcomes it.

During the time in his training he was thinking of what to do with his power. He decides to use his powers to help him gain money and let him live the rest of his life in luxury of so he hopes. He wanted to live his life in the shadows and to not change the course of history if he could. He desire to live his life out to the best of his abilities. Whatever happens to him, he was going to live life his own way and be his own boss.


James decides to call himself geist, which is another word to call spirits or ghost. To be honest he did not care if others would get it or if someone else had it. Fame was not what he desired. He starts out doing small things for unsavory characters. Mostly minor things like stealing something from some guy. He goes into murder eventually. Those he killed were criminals. Whatever he did he did not get caught and little evidence was found of any murder.

He eventually goes into much bigger leagues with the help of various contacts with the help of his underworld contacts. He is known as a mercenary getting what people want. He is known to have an unique knack of getting in and out of places with ease and being undetectable. Also people he has been assign to kill have no trail of what happen to them. This cause him to be look upon by some highly powerful beings.

He is not known much in any group as his name was never really sent to anyone, but merely his code name by what contacts he can trust. Few people know who he is, and he rather like that. For the most part, he has stolen data of various important details from all the organizations of the world at some point in time if he knew it or not. He is one of the worlds most powerful thief, assassin, and spy. He is known to be profession and well respected in his field.

He has lived a modest life so far. He has gathered a vast wealth. He has several safe houses in several countries. He has some knowledge on certain things which some people don’t know he has. He kept these info to himself. Then again he keeps a lot to himself and has not cause any problems in his private life.

One day, while on a job he learns something he should not have which gets him into an boat load of trouble. He barely escapes getting killed, but is now on the run. So far everyone thinks he dead. Then again this is not the first time he got into trouble and had to play dead. Now he has to plan what to do now. He needs to find who burn him and get his revenge. It’s been a long while since someone double cross him. Pity they did not remember the last lesson. They will learn this one.


He has a serious personality. His work often consumes him in the past. He was well off but does not enjoy the benefits a whole lot. He is paranoid due to thinking he might get caught, yet it also excites him still. Even with his powers he does not put a lot of faith in them at times. Especially with the one job that nearly cost him his life. He just wants to be left alone and live his life the way he sees fits, but often that is not the case. He has various alias and knows most of them to a tee.

Work aside, he is a gentleman and does occasional party and have fun. He is actually an easy going person. Everyone who meets him sees him as kind and peaceful person. He has an romantic side to him which few people ever see. He helps his neighbors out, without using his power as best he can. He tries to live a peaceful and kind life as he can.

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