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[OpNet] Looking for something?


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Attention demon who is posing as Meghan Cutter:

Thank you for leaving your laptop computer here. It was very thoughtful of you. Now we have access to your entire OpNet account.

P.S.: Come back soon.


The Church of Michael Archangel

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[Meghan Cutter posting on Flicker's account again. --Meghan]

Dear CoMA Buttheads:

Enjoy my laptop while you can, jackasses. I'm about to call in to have my password changed.

P.S.: Don't fuck with me. Maybe while you were playing with my account you noticed that I have an inbox full of offers to wipe you off the face of the Earth. So far I've been turning those offers down, but you know how teenagers like to change their minds.

P.P.S.: Don't you buttheads realize that you can be tracked on the OpNet? Good luck hiding from the RCMP now. This is going to be the shortest manhunt on record if you keep getting cocky like this.

P.P.P.S: Bring a bigger gun next time.

Not love,

--Meghan Cutter

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[Edward posting as Edward, using normal chameleoinvis account:]

Dear Church of Michael Archangel,

You have attacked a young woman, a young woman who was kind and polite to me, a rarity. Though I hardly know her I feel more benevolent towards her than most human beings I've encountered.

You have attached a young woman, a young woman who is full of love and beloved of Neil Preston, a healer. She seems to be a person of reason and logic, admirable and true. Though I hardly know her I feel as benevolent towards her as I do young Miss Cutter.

Your Church as a whole though seems to be filled with only hate and anger, vitriol and paranoia. You seem unworthy of the gift of life. That is easily remedied.

I have some vacation time coming to me from my friends. It had been my intention to spend it in Chicago, visiting someone close to my heart. I will have to postpone that now, for you seem to require attention. Missing out on reconnecting with this person makes me even more cross.

My only hope is that the foster agencies will be careful about placing orphans with bigots.

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Now I know why I despis these things. Too easy to have your thoughts out in the open.

I'll take an old style typewriter, thank you. Luckily one of my now former students showed me how to operate with an encrypted connection using a personal data assistant.

Again, I despise computers in general. It's cheapened the written word.

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