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Aberrant: Mutant High - Character - Caitlin "Fianna" Kieran

Caitlin Kieran

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Student Dossier: Caitlin Kieran

Birth Name: Caitlin Aislinn Kieran
Aliases: None
Concept: Feral
Nature: Bravo
Allegiance: The Lawrence Hunt Academy

Identity: Public
Nicknames: None
Occupation: Student
Legal Status: Caitlin is a legal citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Eileen and Michael Kieran (parents).
Group Affiliation: None

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caitlin is a second-generation Irish-American.
Nationality: American

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Handedness: Right
Distinguishing Marks: None. Caitlin possesses no visible scars, piercings, or tattoos.
General Appearance:
Caitlin is a well-built, athletic young woman with freckles, bright green eyes and a thick mane of coppery hair. Her style of dress is invariably casual, tending toward t-shirts, sneakers, and jeans for both comfort and practicality. Both her appearance and mannerisms illustrate an almost preternatural vibrancy, a nearly palpable aura of liveliness and energy found only in the wildest and most verdant corners of the world.

Abilities/Special Skills: Caitlin has a natural aptitude for physical activities ranging from organized sport to self-defense.

Although by no means a recluse, Caitlin seems to have some measure of difficulty empathizing with other students and lacks the more refined abilities of tact and diplomacy, preferring instead to deal with social situations in a very direct and forthright manner. Her temper is well-documented, and though joking references to her hair or heritage are often made, it seems to be an unfortunate side-effect of her genetic mutations. Any disciplinary infractions related to this tendency will need to be closely monitored.

Her school records indicate that she is a very diligent student, though she lacks any enhanced intellect or mental faculties. She states that before coming to the academy, she intended to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. She has some botanical leanings, as well, perhaps due to the influence of her mother, and has already collected an assortment of houseplants; tending them may prove therapeutic, given her susceptibility to emotional stimuli. She has also expressed an appreciation for a wide range of physical activities, particularly those geared toward the outdoors.

Born in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Caitlin’s childhood was a comfortable one, if not ideal. Her mother is a noted botanical pharmacologist who has long researched the effects of naturally-occurring organic compounds in neurological studies, and her father is a retired Army Ranger currently contracted by a private security firm. It remains unclear which carries the genetic predisposition toward mutation. She had few friends, and the one external, non-familial relationship she works to maintain since her arrival on campus is one with her childhood companion, a young man named Devin Kincaid. He appears to have been something of a constant in her life, and she describes their wanderings around Central Park and Manhattan over the years with great fondness. She was very involved in a number of athletic activities while attending high school, including soccer, volleyball, and track, and volunteered at the Central Park Zoo. It was an incident there, in which she allegedly attacked an ailing tiger, that seems to have triggered her dormant mutant gene into activity, perhaps as a result of the combination of the so-called “survival instinct” and the neurochemicals flooding her system in a time of emotional and physical duress. This is the official explanation, though such an abrupt activation of dormant portions of her DNA seems somewhat implausible. There is a slim possibility, bearing further study, that the incident simply elicited a reflexive response to a threat which brought her previously-unknown abilities to the forefront.

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Character Sheet:

Physical: Strength 4 (1), Dexterity 4 (1), Stamina 4 (1)
Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Endurance 4, Martial Arts 3, Might 1, Resistance 4 (Ignore Pain), Stealth 1

Mental: Intelligence 2, Perception 3 (1), Wits 3
Academics 3, Awareness 2, Linguistics 1, Medicine 1, Rapport 1, Science 1, Survival 2

Social: Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 2
Command 1, Intimidation 2, Style 1, Subterfuge 1

Hormonal Imbalance: Rage

Permanent Taint: 2 (-1 Social Penalty)

Temporary Taint: 0

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Genome 3, Mentor 3, Resources 1

Animal/Plant Mastery 1
- Nature Mastery
Claws 2
- Reduced Energy Cost

Bloodhound (PER), Physical Prodigy (DEX), Quantum Leap (STR), Regeneration (STA), Resiliency (STA)

Willpower: 5
Focus: 2
Energy Pool: 24

Health Levels:
Bruised 0
Hurt 0
Injured 0
Wounded -1
Maimed -2
Crippled -3

Soak: 6B/4L

Initiative: 10

Walk: 7m
Run: 17m
Sprint: 35m

Creation Log:

  • Allocated Attribute Dots (15)
  • Allocated Ability Dots (23)
  • Allocated Background Dots (7)
  • Spent Bonus Points: 4 (+2 Willpower), 3 (+3 Initiative), 1 (+1 Background), 6 (+3 Abilities), 1 (+1 Specialization)
  • Spent
    30 Power Pips: 3 (1 Lv. 3 Power, Tainted), 2 (1 Lv. 2 Power, Tainted), 3
    (1 Lv. 2 Power) 12 (4 M-Atts), 3 (1 Enhancement), 5 (1 Focus), 1 (3
    Ability Dots), 1 (3 Attribute Dots)
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