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[OpNet] Life after Utopia.

Violette 'V' D'Aronique

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The lecture circuit has treated me well. The protests of last year have pretty much evaporated, so I suppose unless I'm standing hand in hand with Count Orzaiz or something like that, my thoughts on nova transhumanism are considered something of an interest for the academic community but otherwise harmless. Maybe if I called for revolution that would change.

I'm getting some correspondence from novas, though, some of whom agree with me and say that I've opened up their eyes to a new perspective, some who say my ideas are a refreshing alternative to the Teragen, and of course, I have those who tell me I'm nucking futs and off my rocker. I'm overjoyed to be receiving nova correspondence at all - regardless of how they feel (though the good is always better than the bad! smile ), at least I'm starting to reach them and giving them something to think about.

As I said earlier, I'm going to be in a book called Quantum Consciousness coming out in October. It's a collaboration between me and several other novas about how our quantum expression has changed our outlook on life and our place in order of life.

Still single, damnit.

But anyway, that's me, if anyone here was curious what I've been up to.

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