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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Interlude] How to Start a Conspiracy

Adrian Moss

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{Wordsmith Cipher 17: Records of first psychic meeting concerning what will now be referred to as the Postremi. All current members in attendance.}

(A) Paulus "Alienist" Wyrkewski: Let's get this started.

(W) Lionel "Wordsmith" Wellington: Everyone is in the network.

(Z) Daniel "Zephyr" Kokizar: I want to take this moment to thank everyone again for being a part of this.

(E) Mautae "Echo" Mpete: I've read the files. No way I sitting this one out.

(P) Manuela "Positron" Madiera: I wish there were more of us. I admit it. I'm scared.

Z: Time to get more recruits later, when we have more concrete data. Before then, we risk more lives than warranted.

P: How much more do we need? We can duplicate the Teragen research. We blast their asses with that.

A: Trust me, Positron, it's not that easy. We are going to need a ton of evidence before we break this open. We have to have more than they can bury or deflect.

W: We have to take down the Aeon Society. We need to know who they are, so on the day we take action we round up as many as possible.

Z: I concur. We have to take down as many of the Aeon Society as we can, as well as every indicated Director.

E: Even Pax? Glory?

Z: Can we not? Glory may definitely be in the clear. Pax ... I'm less certain about. At the best, he has to leave. He was a Director when all this went down.

A: Glory is most likely a 'snatched' second gen. God knows how they've programmed her.

W: We have no evidence of this at this time.

Z: Echo, you and I are the ones who need to figure out where the Teams stand. If we can't get at least Americas and Asia/Pacific on our side, we are going to off the reservation to get this done.

E: Even if that means the Teragen?

Z: What is Utopia worth if it keeps murdering children?

A: I'm all in. This is genocide. I'll write love poetry to Sin Eater if it saves kids lives.

P: Is this going to come down to a novas versus baseline thing? It could well appear that way.

Z: No.

W: No. A select group of baselines elected to engage in genocide against all the world's novas. We can't let the focus get away from that. This is a crime. We treat it as such.

Z: Let's get down to business.

(mutual assents)

Z: Do we all agree this is a crime of genocide committed against novas? This will be our focus?

(mutual assents, some vigorous)

Z: Let's move on to what we know. I've asked A to verify as much of the data we were provided.

A: It looks bad. For starters, how come no one thought to ask why someone with the name of Cheetah couldn't extricate herself and her daughter from a car wreck? Come on. Some of the early Teragen work pans out as realistic. They were being sabotaged. Nova Medicine involvement in this is there, once we were told were to look. I want to throttle some of these people.

W: I suggest we run at this three ways.

Z: Well, that's why you're here.

E: You being the smartest man in the room and all.

P: I won't argue.

W: Stage One: We accumulate data on Nova Recruitment and Nova Medicine. P and I can create the proper ciphers and programs to sift through their data to find what we need.

A: That's going to be a ton. What are the parameters?

W: All their ties to Triton, the sterilization program, and how they are raising/training any second generations they kidnapped. A, we will have you run down any leads that lead off line. Priority of finding any kids left alive.

Z: You and E, A. From here on out, she's your bodyguard. No argument. You are the vulnerable one.

A: Well crap.

W: Stage Two: We find out who's who in Aeon. We find out where they meet, who the directors are, and who they report to. We put faces to names. We start tracking their money flow.

Z: We are going to share that with Contact Two and their associates. They will have the capacity to assist here. I also have reason they won't act without giving us a 'heads up'.

W: I don't like that. This could compromise us and jeopardize the mission.

Z: They have a vested interest in this and haven't gone nuts getting revenge yet. They understand that a leaderless ship is still going to take a lot of people down with it. Best one fatal blow.

A: I'll trust you on this one, but I don't like it either.

E: We can't get this done alone, team.

P: I don't like it either, but I don't see any other way. This clearly reaches way beyond our current capabilities. Z vouches for Contacts 1&2, and that's good enough for me.

W: Stage Three: We begin our own Locator program as well. I have some ideas on this. We are going to use a variety of sources to find Breeder families. We pass that data onto Contact 2. They can handle security and/or relocation. That way we can get a jump ahead of the Mother Hunters. We don't know how long Stages One and Two will take and priority one is saving lives.

P: I've talked it over with W and I think this is doable. Most of this is simple data mining. Now that we have a clue of what we are looking for, my job is much easier. Not colossally easier, but it is a start.

A: I'm going to get some frequent flyer miles. I need another pair of legs, but I'm not sure who to trust.

E: Trust issues?

A: Competency issues. This work is going to be dangerous enough for a professional. A talented amateur is going to get killed. No one on CI is trustworthy on this level, and they are the best people on the planet for this kind of work. Maybe the Directive has agents who comes close.

W: I want to contact the Aberrants.

Z: Not yet. Not until we know what's what. I'm not sure who in that organization we can trust outside Rousseau. She's not going to be the easiest person to reach and I'm not sure how much she's going to trust us.

W: Okay. I don't like it, but okay. Have we covered all the bases?

Z: Now that the networks is up, we can reach each other any time. On the safe side, we are going to keep contact times limited, to avoid detection. We each have our scheduled times.

A: I can't stress this enough - We are vulnerable doing this. If you think you are going to face an in depth scan, cut the link. If you are around a mentalist, avoid communication. We are trading security for safety.

Z: Let's get to work then. We each know what's required. Watch yourselves.

W: I'll be relaying messages as needed. We can do this. W-out.

{Connections powered down}

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A: How goes it with the Equestre(EQ)?

Z: Okay. We had to do some matters involving trust, but I think it is worth it.

W: I must admit I'm fascinated with the possibilities.

E: I think it was risky. You should have let handle the second mission. W's too much at risk. We got this from children for God's sake.

P: Yes, but they are old for children.

W: It was and is well worth the risk. They can gather intel in places we can't get reliable access. My cover story will stand up well. I may not head my project, but I'm the most important person on it. All I had to do was play to their egos. The actual mission was basically risk free.

A: If they don't catch you going in the door, there is no way to catch you going out. Well worth the risk.

W: What did they think of our algorithms?

Z: They suspect they are tools the M-H's already possess, but I think we gave the EQ a good starting point.

P: So, no longer the smartest man in the room?

W: No.

P: Seriously?

E: Seriously?

W: No, from what little Z and I talked about and what I suspect in the technology, I may well be outmatched. Now I really want to meet them.

P: We still on for my 'tour'?

Z: Yes. She's looking forward to it. A question though: How did you arrange for you to be chosen for the meet- and-greet?

P: It was simple. I let everyone know I had better things to do and didn't want to go. Wa-la.

A: Works every time.

E: When can we meet?

A: I can't get a break until Thursday - Friday at the latest. I'm in Peru right now, but I'll make a transit to Singapore on the way back.

Z: Okay. E, I'll fly out to you tomorrow night - 11:00pm my time. We'll do the west side cabin this time. You can make it?

E: No problem.

Z: I'll be in Sumatra at the appointed time. That still should put me home by morning work outs.

W: (groan) Hated those.

Z: How is the data-mining going?

W: Nothing much to report, so far. I'm processing some leads, but I'm not ready to hand anything off to A at this time.

P: Agreed. Hopefully we'll have something by Christmas Break. One snag though. I'm going to need more fund-age down the road. Not too far down the road either.

Z: I'll take care of it. I have some options I've been waiting to exercise.

P: It's going to be a lot of money. We are talking exa-bytes of data.

E: mmm ... holy crap ... that's ... a million terabytes, right?

W: It's a huge project and we are still mining. We will end up with much more.

A: Well, if you imagine the computing power of your average hand-held, it all adds up. And we are going through billions of hand-helds, data storage sites, plus communication hubs and video and audio surveillance systems.

E: Wow! Can you two really handle all of this?

W: Yes.

P: Yes. What matters now is time.

E: Time means lost lives.

W: That's why I took the mission. We can't always go for the safest option.

P: Can we share this work with the EQ? That would probably help a lot.

Z: It's a trust issue on their side. They have to warm up to the fact that we aren't the ones out to kill them. I'm working on it.

A: Anyone want to hazard a guess as to when the figure out what we are up to?

Z: We and the EQ have to be ready before they are. If we work this right, we'll strike first.

A: And last.

W: Okay. Everyone got the next time fixed?

A, E, P, Z (affirmative)

W: Signing off then. Best of luck to all of you.

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