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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - [Bleach] Reina Mikagami


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Age: 142


Reina normally just laughs and politely tries to change the subject when asked about her past. Those who pressure her about are treated to a cold silence, but the few people that she confides in can tell you that she was born over a hundred years ago to a lesser branch of the Feng family. The eldest in a brood of four, she grew up along with her older cousin Shaolin, who would later change her name to Sui-Feng and rise to the position Captain of the 2nd Division in the Gotei 13.

By her own account, she was brought up and trained from an early age to serve the Onmitsukido as an assassin, something that has become a tradition in the Feng house. She loathed her training - in particular she found herself deeply conflicted with what was expected of her as an assassin. Though a talented and skilled fighter, Reina abhorred the use of lethal force, and found it difficult to follow orders that weighed against her conscience. She was also found to lack the courage and determination that her cousin had. It was thus no surprise that her application to join the organization was rejected.

Furious at this failure, Reina's father disowned her, exiling and stripping her of her name and status in the house. Not wishing to shame her family any further, Reina decided to leave Seireitei entirely, choosing to settle in the outer districts of Rukongai where she could stay out of sight.

Though initially content just fending for herself in the hostile and lawless environment, her strong sense of justice soon made it impossible to just stand by and idly watch all the violence and wrong-doing that was going on around her. Eventually she found herself taking up arms to defend the commoners of Rukongai, protecting them from the bandits, thieves, crime lords, and the hollows that plagued Rukongai. Through her actions, she soon made a name for herself as a vigilante hero of sorts to the peasants of the wastes.

Over the years, Seireitei has tried several times to convince her to rejoin the ranks of the Gotei 13. Until recently however, she has always declined their requests, claiming that the people of the outer districts of Rukongai needed her more than Seireitei needed another Shinigami. It was only the recent crisis and the sudden spike in hollow activity that finally convinced her to return to the fold.


Laid-back and easy-going, Reina tackles her duties with a seemingly carefree and relaxed attitude. Friendly and eager to please, she gets along well with most others without any problems. She is not without a mischievous streak though, as she is known to playfully tease and taunt others, particularly those who she believes should learn to lighten up. She does however, make sure to show respect where it's due, and generally observes correct protocol when the situation calls for it.

Despite being one of the better Zanjutsu practitioners in the Gotei 13, Reina dislikes combat. She will often seek out and exhaust all other alternatives before bringing her zanpakutou into the equation, and even then is reluctant to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary. An honorable fighter, she frowns heavily on using deceitful tactics to gain an unfair advantage in conflict.


Small and petite, Reina exudes a youthful charm that belies her true age, and often leads others to take her less seriously than they should. She has deep brown eyes and usually wears her luxurious dark red hair in a lush tail that reaches well past her waist. Some would say that she bears a slight resemblance to her cousin, the 2nd Division's late captain, though it is one that very few would be able to actually notice.

Reina wears a standard Shinigami uniform with a red obi sash wrapped around her waist. Occasionally, she is seen wearing a faded earthen-colored cape over this outfit, though this is a practice that she has more or less stopped due to objections involving its similarities to a captain's haori. She keeps her Zanpakutou and its saya wrapped in a pink cloth, and either carries it by hand or slings it on her back.

In its sealed state, her zanpakutou takes the form of plain looking wakizasahi with a plain black hilt with a matching ebony saya. When in its Shikai released state however the blade takes the form of a long, silver bladed katana with a golden tsuba. Surprisingly she has no problem wielding the blade despite her short stature and the blade's length.


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