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  1. "So he sent you to find a ship," Lance interjected into the discussion. "And not just you. He's probably sent other spies to find some of the other ships as well." He raised an eyebrow. "But what does he want to do with them?" He paused for a moment to pluck the answer from the bartender's mind. "So he wants to restore them to operational status? I see..."
  2. Jiren scratched his head. One moment one of Aria's tiny spiders had been walking up to the sigil, when suddenly this huge monstrosity of a spider right there. "Is that some sort of Jurai-gamo secret ability or something?" He asked, a perplexed expression on his face. It would probably be best to be prepared for any eventuality. Positioning himself between the spider and the others, he assumed a defensive posture, fists clenched and ready to strike in case the giant spider proved to be hostile.
  3. Reina had been moving quietly and swiftly from rooftop to rooftop, but she slackened her pace, coming to a brief halt as Kaori caught up with her. She acknowledged the other shinigami with a quick nod and grin. While operating in pairs seemed logical considering the circumstances, it was going to take Reina some time to get accustomed to. After years of working solo in the outer districts of Rukongai it felt odd to be working as part of a team and a unit once again. The years had taught her to be independent and how watch her own back, and she really didn't need someone to watch it for her. The current situation was unusual, there didn't seem to be any hollows in the immediate area, and having an escort didn't really seem necessary. "Well, okay. If you want to tag along, why not?" She said with a shrug as she took off once more, this time keeping a somewhat slower pace so Kaori could more easily follow. "But there's no need to trouble yourself on my account. I think I can handle myself just fine." She hopped over to the next rooftop, Kaori following closely behind. "Besides," she added, calling over her shoulder as she shot a mischievous grin in Kaori's direction. "I wouldn't want to keep you from that crush of yours back there." Reina laughed as Kaori glared silently at her. "Aww, come on, lighten up!" the dark-haired shinigami said waving a finger chidingly as the two came to a stop at the edge of the current roof, which overlooked the street below. "Seriously, you're going to scare Jierumi off if you keep making faces like that."
  4. "That was quick," Lance said as he gave Francis a nod of approval. He turned his gaze on the barkeep, who seemed to shrink back from the attention, a puzzled and somewhat alarmed expression on his face. "Kazuo definitely came through here," Lance said after a moment of concentration. "He apparently raised some sort of ruckus before leaving, headed west." He paused. "That was around 6 months ago."
  5. Lance blinked. It was a somewhat jarring experience. One moment he had been sitting at the bar, prying what he could from the barkeep's thoughts. The next moment all hell had broken loose. He had just barely gotten out his rifle and had gotten it aimed at one of the three thugs who were closing in on him when he suddenly found himself outside in the middle of the woods. "Well, I wasn't able to glean much, except that the barkeep seems to knows a lot more than he's letting on," Lance said in reply to Kai. "I didn't have enough time to make sense of all that was going on in his head, but it seem he's some kind of informant for this Lawrence character." "If we're going back there for more information," he added in a flat, even tone, "He should have at least some of the answers we're looking for."
  6. "Well, I guess things are settled here then," Reina said with a grin as she turned to Matsumoto. "With your leave, I'd like to take some time to familiarize myself with the surrounding area." Receiving the nod of approval from her superior, Reina turned back to face the others. "It was nice meeting you Jierumi," she said, bowing her head slightly. "I guess it's goodbye for now. You take care of yourself, okay?" Spinning around swiftly, she lept up and forward, sailing gracefully through the air before landing gently a moment later atop a telephone pole a short distance away. Looking over her shoulder at Jierumi, she smirked. "Oh, and try to pay more attention to Aoyama-san," she added with a teasing tone. "It's quite obvious that she's taken quite a liking to you, and doesn't want to see you get hurt." Her gaze fell on Kaori for a moment. "That is why don't want Jierumi hunting hollows or getting into fights with bullies, isn't it?" She said with a playful wink before the other female shinigami could muster a reply. "There's really no need to deny, hide, or be ashamed of it you know," she continued with a chuckle. And with that, along with a quick friendly wave to all others present, she flash stepped off into the evening.
  7. Lance had taken a seat at the far side of the bar. He watched silently as Kai and Francis had a few words with the barkeep. "Well, it looks like Francis has gotten right to the point," Lance thought to himself as he squinted in the barkeeper's direction. Concentrating briefly, he focused his thoughts on the barkeep's unprotected mind. The fellow was clearly nervous about something, and it seemed as if he knew more than he was letting on.
  8. Jiren watched in silence as the one of the arachnids made its way toward the sigil. Though he would normally have preferred to do the advanced scouting himself, he had to admit that the spider yokai's abilities made her much more suited for the task. Folding his arms out in front of him, the prince of greater demons sighed, massive shoulders heaving as he exhaled. His eyes darted warily around the room. Hopefully there would be no more unexpected surprises.
  9. "Thanks", Jiren said, returning a knowing smile to Serena as he followed her into the Science building. The spring in his step was back now that his injury was healed. "Pretty dark in here," he muttered as the group stepped through the building's doorway. Squinting into the gloom, he glanced around at the interior of the building, his eyes scanning furtively for any sign of movement.
  10. Condolences Long. May she rest in peace.
  11. Jiren fell in stride behind the others. The cold hadn't really bothered him, but he was still appreciative of the Fire Lord's magic. "That's definitely better. Thank you Lord Asano," he said, bowing his head slightly in a show of respect. Catching up to Serena, he regarded her with a pained smile. As much as he wouldn't want to admit it, the hit he had taken earlier was pretty nasty, and if they were going to take out another Sigil, he wouldn't want to be weighed down by his injuries. "Uhm, Serena, I don't suppose I could trouble you for a heal?" he asked. He glanced around at the others. It was embarrassing enough that he was the only one who had taken a hit in the encounter earlier, but even more so that he had to ask for help about it.
  12. "Let's not be too quick too judge the kid, Aoyama-san," Reina said as the other shinigami finished speaking. She folded her own arms over her chest, mimicking Kaori's own stance. "I don't care much for violence myself," she continued, shooting a critical look at Jierumi. "Simply put there are almost always better alternatives to using force to get what you want," her expression softened back into a smile. "But I also know that sometimes these choices aren't obvious when you're put on the spot, and it can be quite difficult to make the right decision. While I wouldn't condone beating up someone over a mere exchange of words, at least he can be relied on to act decisively and without hesitation." "In any case, if he's as passionate about protecting his hometown as he is protecting his sister, then his heart is in the right place," Reina walked up to stand beside Jierumi, as she glanced around at the others. "So I say, give him a chance."
  13. Jiren nodded in acknowledgment. Striding purposefully toward the gym's exit he threw the door open, only to be assaulted by the biting cold of the frigid air outside. "What the-?" The young demon said, a dumbfounded expression on his face as he glanced around at the frozen landscape. "Isn't it a bit too early for snow?" Shrugging, Jiren turned in the direction of the science building. There would be plenty of time to ponder the unnatural phenomena later on, but for now they had a job to do.
  14. Lance unbuckled his safety restraints. Rising to his feet, he pulled down his helmet's visor and thumbed a switch to turn it on. His face was suffused with a slight, green glow as numerous lines of data flashed rapidly through the visor's head-up display. He paused for a moment to check these readouts before reaching over to grab his rifle from a nearby rack. He spent a few more seconds double checking his weapon before giving a satisfied nod to Captain Nagare. "I'm good to go," he said. The commander paused, closing his eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before adding, "No one's here. Or at least the immediate area seems clear." If Lance was any bit perturbed by Francis' revelation, he wasn't showing it. "Laser cannons and railguns huh?" he muttered to himself. "This should be interesting." He stood quietly in place, awaiting further orders.
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