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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - Zephraine Constantine (Infinite Earth Character)

Adrian Moss

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Name: Zephraine Constantine

Alias: Zeph, Agent (fill in the blank), The Broker

Residence: Alexandria Va. USA (Directive World 2043)

Status: Single

DOB: September 28, 2010

DOE: Not Applicable (2nd Gen.)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 223 lbs.

Appearance: For starters, he rarely looks the same from meeting to meeting. He usually works hard to fit in and look normal. When he is relaxing, Zeph wears comfortable clothes, has thick, wavy black hair, and a five o'clock shadow. His skin is dark, betraying his Eastern Mediterranean heritage (He's Greek/Syrian). His brown eyes possess a inquisitive glint and he holds quirky grin most of the time.

Personality: First and foremost, Zeph is a spy. He thinks like and intelligence operative, and while not obsessed with gathering intelligence, he is always eager to learn more and evaluate things in new contexts. When not being a spook, he likes relaxing with a variety of physical activities and reading books (the older the better). He berates himself for not knowing more languages.

Distinctive Features: Well, he tries not to have any.

History: Zeph was born to a well-to-do family ... blah blah blah. He went to a great college, excelled in everything he applied himself to, and followed that up with a stint at the State Department.

After that, he was recruited by < files deleted > .............................................................................

................................... When he returned back home, he promptly retired and entered a premature hermitage. He remains there pretty much all the time to this day. Occasionally old friends from various intelligence services come by and spend some time on is estate, talking about old times. Even though he is only 33, his advice is held in high regard, though the Powers That Be are quite sure his day in the Community are over.

Zephraine doesn't talk about who he worked with, or what happened right before his retirement. People died - good friends - and a love. He never discusses this, even with those he considers his closest friend. He feels they could not understand. What is known to a treasured few is that Zephraine found something ... something in the world itself. He found a pattern, and if you could crack that pattern's code ... you could travel to other world, other times, and truly alien timelines. All it takes is the right kind of information and anyone could do it (he believes), and if Zeph is good at anything, it is at gathering information.

So far, he has gone to a half-dozen worlds, keeping as low a profile as possible. Two of these worlds are essentially useless to him - one being a devastated wasteland and another being dominated by the Teragen. On the other four though, he has begun to set up resources, agents, and operations were he can gather even more intelligence. Mostly, his interest is inquisitive, but he also is keeping an eye out for any Timeline that wishes to dominate others, even his own.

Nature: Architect

Attributes and Abilities

Strength 6 (Might 2)

Dexterity 6 (Athletics 3, Drive 2, Firearms 4, Legerdemain 3, Martial Arts 4, Melee1 ,Pilot 2, Stealth 3 )

Stamina 6 (Endurance 3, Resistance 3)

Perception 6 (Awareness 4, Investigation 5)

Intelligence 6 (Academics 4, Bureaucracy 5, Computer 5, Engineering 3,Intrusion 5, Linguistics 4, Medicine 2, Science 3, Survival 2)

Wits 6 (Arts [Writing] 4,Biz 5, Rapport 5)

Appearance 6 (Intimidation 3, Style 5)

Manipulation 6 (Interrogation 4, Streetwise 5, Subterfuge 4)

Charisma 6 (Command 3, Etiquette 5, Perform [Dance] 2)

Backgrounds (a note on backgrounds for Zeph. Given enough time (like days, if not longer), he can bring a great deal of them to bay, but at any one time, on any given world, they are much lower. I have decided to go for a maximum level to show what he can do with the knowledge and information he has.)

Allies 5, Backing (In Charge) 6, Cipher (Enigma) 6, Contacts (Kingpin) 6, Dormancy 5, Followers (Legions) 6, Gadget 3, Nemesis 5 (someone has taken a notice, and dislike) for what Zeph is doing), Node 3, Resources (Wealth Beyond Avarice) 6, Sanctum (Sanctum Sanctorum) 6 (this is a place between worlds - a realm of doors - were Zeph has discovered someone's long lost dwelling)

His Gadget is an ancient Astrolabe (it gives him two dice of Mega-Perception, useable only on Cross Time Travel. It is a great help in locating in the Door Ways between worlds.

Merits: Ambidexterity, Natural Leader, Sexy, Taint Resistant

Flaws: None

Quantum: 6

Quantum Pool: 32

Willpower: 10

Taint: 0

Aberrations: none


Mega-Intelligence 5 (Investigative Prodigy)

Quantum Powers

Information Manipulation 6 ( Coherence, Disinformation, Information Void, Steganography, Translation, Transposition)

Cross Time Travel 1 (Zeph can only access this at certain locations and only after some diligent searching. These are doorways to him, and not something he can do on the fly.)

Initiative: 12

Soak: 6/3

Health Levels: 7

Nova Points

Quantum 6 (25)

Information Manipulation 6 (30)

Cross Time Travel 1 (12)

Mega-Intelligence 6 (18)

Backgrounds +50 (10)

Attributes + 30 (10)

Abilities +90 (15)

120 Nova Points.

XP Log
September 11 +25 XP (25)

October 11 +25 XP (50)

November 11 +25 XP (75)

Christmas Bonus +50 XP (125)

December 11 +25 XP (150)

January 4/12 - 119 XP (31)

January 12 *

February 12

March 12

April 12

May 12

June 12

July 12 **

*, ** personal notations

XP Purchases

1/4/12 Quantum 7 - 48

1/4/12 Quantum 8 - 56

1/4/12 Quantum Supremacy 1 -15

Quantum Transformation Rolls
1/4/12 (-1Willpower)

[Adrian Moss] 9:44 am: QT Roll:

Adrian Moss *rolls* 7d10: 10+1+9+4+2+3+6: 35

3 success = +3 mega-manipulation

Quantum Transformation Builds
1/4/12 Mega-Manipulation 3
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