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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Visiting Gods and Demons (Mature)


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{This is a few days after "(A)Typical Day: Jame"}

It was noon. James thought about it and decided he'd thought enough. He was procrastinating. If he put it off any more then he'd have to start wondering if he was scared. No, let's be honest, he was a little scared, and not of Vulcan. He'd thought Paradise's Zombie-Blob set some upper bar for how bad a super-zom could get, but in a lot of ways the Vegas one had been worse. Vegas-zom had been smart, could copy itself, and could learn to copy other people's powers. Adam's transport power had become teleport, which probably meant that Adam could teleport but whatever. If the team hadn't dealt with the Vegas situation when it had, sooner or later that super-zom could have overrun all enclaves.

He needed to go back to Norman. Far too much of that situation was explained by a super-zom around, one whose presence poisoned a city. But he'd need to be smart about the situation, and knowing his own limitations that meant he needed to get someone else to do some thinking for him.

Which probably meant Vulcan... who was rumored to be a real problem to deal with, which meant he should probably bring someone to help with that.

James said, "Knock, knock... V? You around? I'm thinking I should go visit Vulcan, you up for a trip?"

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The last days she had tried to spent as much time as possible with Han. She felt he might've needed some emotional support after the recent troubles and even though he wasn't the type to actually show his emotional state Venus could read him better than anyone else. So far Han had proven to be a perfect partner for her. He didn't show jealousy when she wasn't entirely focused on him and he seemed to enjoy himself when she was happy. Keeping her in good spirits was the essential key to her heart and he left no doubt where his priorities were.

Initially Venus had thought that having James around could cause some conflict. After all she shared a very very strong bond with him and it would've been foolish to deny that. Venus loved James almost unconditionally mostly because she was in control of that relationship. Things were different with Dan who prooved to have his own mind and head which she originally found very attractive and appealing but in the long run caused more problems actually. Problems she didn't want to deal with... and so she decided to leave. But she wouldn't have had the courage if it wasn't for Han...

Sometimes she wondered if Han had been watching all the time and was just waiting for an opportune moment. No matter what the truth was, he did something not even James managed to do. He set her free - he allowed her to let go of her doubts and just be herself with all consequences. Even if that meant to see her fuck her brains out with someone else. Han didn't claim possession of her although it was clear that she 'belonged' to him in most of the sense of the word. He also didn't set any rules. He accepted her with all her flaws and changed her perspective on everything around her. That day Venus was born.

When she heard the door knock she already knew who was waiting. She could feel the anticipation and the following attempt to steel himself mentally before she'd open the door. A smile crossed her face as she got up but not without giving her lovers a last kiss. Han was busy with being a good leader and she had invited over some of the 'herd' to give her some company. There wasn't really much intercourse as such involved but Venus liked the attention nonetheless and she enjoyed the admiration the men and women gave her. All they wanted was to be around her and her touch was like a gift to them.

Venus was naked as she got to the door, she was in her quarters after all. Her perfectly sculpted breasts had acquired a supernatural quality as they had swelled even larger from the pregnancy which was hard to imagine and even more impossible to set eyes upon. Her breasts were simply huge yet firm and perky and she radiated an inhuman beauty which caused awe and jealousy the same. People loved to be around her, they admired her to a point it almost hurt since they knew they'd never be as beautiful as her. Some hated her when they left her presence but being around her made it impossible to express it. Instead they loved her and she loved them in return.

The pregnant Goddess opened the door and smiled at James, "Ares... how nice to see you. Why don't you come in, Han is not here and we were just enjoying ourselves...", she had heard his request but Vulcan could wait. Venus was reaching for his arm and pulled herself closer to him brushing with her huge breasts and swollen belly against his chiseled body while her eyes spoke volumes of her... desire

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Facing V was always a surprise. The most beautiful woman in the world meant something very different when she was right there in front of him. Somehow he always managed to forget that.

On top of that, he hadn't expected V to be naked. Or with others. Or wanting him. Offering herself to him.

She'd caught him off guard, he'd been thinking about something else. James looked at V with the eye of the tiger. He could take her... no, he would take her. But first he'd need to face down his rivals.

James' gaze shifted from Venus to the other men in the room. Black trails burned their way around his arms, across his chest, then over his face. It was what it looked like. War Paint. This was his aspect. Ares. His expression was blank but still fierce.

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Venus could feel the raw energy and arousal that she had sparked within James. She had caught him off guard this time and there was no turning back now. Inwardly she smiled from ear to ear while her hands gently traced along the black lines that had formed across his mighty muscled body.

”We wish to have some privacy, the God of War will not tolerate any... intervention”, Venus melliflouos voice carried through the room and her entourage of lovers instantly got up and carefully retreated trying to hide their disappointment about this sudden dismissal.

”Now ease your mind, my mighty stallion...”, her voice was an entrancing soprano that promised everything he could imagine. He had slept with her in the past and what they shared was beyond his ability to describe but that was Violet. Now she was Venus and her appeal, her power seemed so much stronger and addicting than ever before.

Venus carefully rested her head against his broad chest. One hand followed the lines around his back while the other slowly snaked its way down his powerful abs. She loved the feeling of his strong body against her palms. The imagination that he could literaly lift tons of rocks and move mountains enthralled her and only enhanced her own arousal and desire to feel his body against hers.

”I missed you, my love.”, she quietly added knowing that he would pick her up as soon as the last of her followers had left her quarters...

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The last of V's followers looked back, opened his mouth to either protest or offer other services then he blanched at Ares' expression, and shut the door behind him. Venus might enjoy Ares in that state but mayhem and murder were plainly menu options.

On the click of the door, Ares pulled down his pants (he wasn't wearing a shirt), and with a growl, turned Venus around. With impossible strength he lifted her up, bent her over, and unceremoniously thrust himself inside her. He'd needed this for far too long, it was like coming home. Venus squeaked, perhaps in surprise, perhaps in protest, perhaps in pleasure, he'd care about that later.

Ares adjusted their bodies so he could go even deeper, pulled back and then brutally thrust himself in again.

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