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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Rules and Setting - Compiled Custom Powers and Enhancements

Quantum Fire

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Powerhouse [Einherjar Possesses this Enhancement]

Mega-Strong characters are usually attributed to slow, lumbering, muscle heads. Lacking the subtlety and grace associated with martial artists, powerhouse brawlers are good one thing: destroying anything they hit. Most quickly learn, however, that connecting with particularly swift opponents in combat is troublesome if not impossible at times.

True powerhouses have learned how to anticipate their opponent's actions, remove their maneuverability, or just plain fight dirty. Regardless of how they fight, the result is always the same: maximum damage potential behind every strike.

System: With this enhancement the nova is permitted to roll their Mega-Strength dice during a brawl or any other strength based attack. As per the rules each 7,8, or 9 on the mega dice are considered two successes and all 10s are considered three successes. This enhancement does not confer the ability to break the five successes damage limit but it will permit the nova to rack enough combat successes to deal with Mega-Dexterous novas dodging and leaping about.

This enhancement is always active once purchased and requires not quantum to use.

Unbridled Rage [Prerequisite: Crush] [Einherjar Possesses this Enhancement]

You are a force to reckon with on the battlefield, a God of War, a Lord of Pain. All who stand in your way will know what it means to feel the awesome might of your power as you strike them dead with a single blow.

System: Your nova can break the 5 dice damage limit. With this enhancement active every undodged/unblocked success you acquire is applied to your damage pool, ignoring the usual cap of 5 dice. Additionally, once learned, the character need no longer spend a turn 'charging' Crush and may apply the additional damage immediately, providing they have the quantum to fuel it. If the nova has the Rage abberation, all costs for Crush are halved.

This enhancement costs 3 quantum points to activate and stays active for the duration of the scene. Once active the character may no longer dodge, only block. They may not pull punches or make use of the Precision enhancement. Also, they may not willingly shut this enhancement off until the combat is over, once activated, the nova is committed to a warpath of destruction.

Fist Of God [Prerequisites: Mega-Strength 6+, Shockwave and Dragon's Foot enhancements] [Maia Possesses this Enhancement]

Every once in a while, you hear wild theories from certain researchers about the dangers posed by novas with extreme superhuman strength. Most people dismiss this sort of speculation as sheer nonsense, but a nova with this enhancement lends credibility to those extremely worried scientists... Novas with this ability can shatter objects far larger than themselves (skyscrapers, mountains, spacecraft, etc.) with a single blow.

System: The nova spends a quantum point and takes a turn to prepare (doing nothing else in the meantime), then strikes at her intended target. The force of the nova's blow will shatter objects of up to [(Quantum - 5) x (Mega-Strength -5)] kilometers in diameter. Furthermore, every cubic meter in the area of effect takes the nova's total Mega-Strength automatic successes and damage dice as levels of aggravated damage. This enhancement stays active for one attack, and can only be used once every two turns. Please note that while the nova using this enhancement is immune to the damage she directly inflicts, she is by no means immune to the indirect effects of her blow. (Novas who want to shatter part of the Earth's crust with a single blow had better be able to deal with the resulting tsunamis of molten lava!)

It's possible for a nova to purchase multiple levels of this enhancement, with the only limit being her dots in Mega-Strength and the experience/nova point costs. Each extra level of this enhancement doubles the size limit of eligible targets that the nova can shatter, but the damage is doubled for every two levels possessed. And yes, it is possible to shatter an Earth-sized planet with a high enough rating in Mega-Strength and enough levels of this enhancement. That's nothing new, though, considering that a nova at that level of power could easily invest in a few dots of Quantum Inferno...

Note: This is altered from the version in the Compedium


Adroit/Kensai - These two enhancements from the Compedium is avalible, but they do the same thing, as a change to better balance it, each time the nova takes it, it only applies to one skill at a time, and can not overlap, it is Kensai in the case of weapon or combat skills, and Adroit for all others


Bring It!

Not the type to float like a butterfly? Do you have better shit to in a fight than put on a floorshow? Or maybe you're just too damn fat, lazy, or large to move at any pace faster then 'stationary'. Well brother, have I got the enhancement for you! With Bring It! you never have to worry about dodging blows ever again! Why dodge when you can stand there and let them give you everything they have and laugh in their face once you proceed to pummel them into goop!

System: The nova's muscles are so dense, or their flesh so flabby, that they need no longer worry about having enough room to dodge in a fight. The character may block any incoming attack using their Stamina + Mega-Stamina + Endurance.

This enhancement allows the nova to block lethal damage. They may also 'block' attacks such as gunfire or certain quantum powers. Additionally, at the cost of 1 quantum point, the character may increase their bashing and lethal soak scores by their [quantum] for a single turn, sending juice to tense up muscle groups to better withstand attacks.

Robust [Prerequisite: Mega-Stamina 5]

Some Novas, especially those with heightened constitutions, are better at resisting damage. This Nova isn't one of them. He's able to take more damage before being incapacitated or dropping dead.

System: The nova's hyper-tough flesh, bones, and organs grant him an additional [Mega-Stamina] Wounded Health Levels. This enhancement is cumulative with Body Modification: Extra Health Levels. This power is permanent, and has no quantum point cost. A second level of the Enhancement may be bought, granting additional [Mega-Stamina] Injured Health Levels.


Stellar Traveler [Prerequisite: Teleport, Warp or Transmit, Holographic Awareness] [Warren Possesses this Enhancement]

Some Mega-Perceptive nova's who possess the ability to transport themselves and a perfect awareness of space-time, can enhance their holographic awareness to even more perfect travel, using their better understanding of the true nature of existance on a deeper level to focus upon their transportation powers, making them even more effective.

Effect: Nova gets +3 auto successes for out of combat warp, teleport, or similar rolls which can only be applied to extending distance. This enhancement is always on.


The nova's nerves and skin have become extremely adapt at detecting the minor vibrations caused by things moving over solid surfaces. To a nova with this enhancement, a footstep from hundreds of meters away around several corners might as well be in plain view with a floodlight on the person making it.

This enhancement does not allow a nova to detect specifics about a person, but they will be able to detect approximate weight (say, the difference between a child and a teenager, a teenager and an adult, an adult and a car), numbers and suchlike. Inside a building, the vibrations of footsteps on floors above and below the nova are just as telling, allowing the nova to detect movement throughout the building they're in, and in water any movement will be detected.

This enhancement is ineffective against any target that is not in contact with a solid surface, via gravity powers, flight, hover cars and so on, and the nova must be in contact with the solid surface to feel it, although, those with extremely high levels of perception can even feel vibrations in the air at a much closer range.

System: The nova spends 1 quantum point to activate this enhancement for a scene.

The basic area of effect is 10 meters per dot of mega-perception, and both the nova must be in contact with the same solid surface to feel someone else on it, vibrations of movement on that surface are then felt by the nova, the distance is reduced by 10% if the nova can't touch skin to solid surface, so most nova's with this ability tend to go barefoot. Within this area of effect the nova can know exactly how many people, or animals, or cars, anything moving really, on the surface are there, every (Mega-Perception) x 10 meters from there out, the certainty drops by 10% though a Mega-Perception roll can be made to sharpen one's focus, reducing this by 2% per successes.(so 5 successes means the Nova will know exactly how many people are moving in the outer ranges of their perceptive radius besides the initial area).

Example: if there's 102 people present, without rolling the nova could tell that there's between 90 and 110 moving bodies there. 5 succs on the roll, and she'd know there's 102.

Additionally, the nova can tell mass and size of those present by the level of vibrations they make. In crowded areas, this would require a roll with difficulty modifiers. To pick one familiar signature out of a crowd also requires a roll, difficulty assigned by how 'noisy' the area is.

All stealth rolls against the nova using this sense fail unless:

a) The area is very 'noisy'. It's easier to sneak up in a crowd than in a quiet dark room.

b ) The person sneaking is also a nova with abilities that could counter the vibrations they make. A nova with Mega Dex could make a stealth roll to move lightly as normal. The Catfooted enhancement works normally against this sense, adding 3 bonus successes to the roll. Density Decrease 1 or 2 means that the nova using this sense needs to make an Awareness roll with a +1 or +2 diff modifier to 'hear' the semi-intangible nova, but that nova does not get a stealth roll unless they additionally have Mega Dexterity. Density Decrease 3 or higher means that a nova is 'invisible' to this sense.

NOTES: At Mega-Perception 5 or greater, a nova with this power can feel vibrations in the air within (Mega-Perception) meters, meaning that they can even detect folks who are invisible, or cloaked, but only if they move, and this effect is ineffective in a vacuum. In water, vibrations are even easier to feel, and he enhancement effects a base area of 20 meters x the Nova's dots in mega perception.


Hyper-Enhanced Learning [Prerequisites: Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Fast Learner, Mega-Intelligence 3+]

Some novas can learn and retain knowledge to an exceptional degree, grasping new ideas and information quickly, and never forgetting anything, picking up new bits of knowledge and understanding at lightning speed, nova's with this enhancement take it far beyond even that, learning even the most complex ideas with ease and speed that leaves others gasping for breath, and becoming expert in things far beyond what any baseline would be capable of mastering for years.

System: This enhancement extends the effects of fast learner to other abilities beyond intelligence based ones, as long as the nova possesses a mega-attribute in that ability, and extends the maximum number of specialties in intelligence based abilities to Mega-Intelligence, furthermore, as long as the player role-plays the learning to the ST's satisfaction, they may get a free specialty (0 xp cost) in any intelligence ability rated 4+. This ability is always on and costs no quantum points.

Example: Brainy McBrain has Mega-Intelligence 5 with Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Fast Learner and Hyper-Enhanced Learning, he also has Mega-Wits 1 with Multitasking, he can learn the wits based abilities of Arts, Biz, Cunning, Rapport, Meditation, Modulate, Unify and Weave with the reduced experience cost and speed of the Fast Learning Enhancement as though they were intelligence based abilities. In addition, he has Science at four, so he gets a free specialty with that, as long as he goes though the trouble of role playing it to the ST's satisfaction, and he can develop up to 5 specialties in science, sense he has Mega-Intelligence 5.



Exquisite Voice [Prerequisite - Blind Bewitchment: Sound] [bombshell Possesses this Enhancement]

Generally, voice modulation to command others is a matter of manipulation, but not always, sometimes a voice can be so overwhelmingly beautiful that one simply can not imagine doing anything but doing what is asked or commanded of someone. Nova's with this enhancement possess that level of beauty in their very voices, and can instinctive chose just the right tone and subharmonic to speak in a manner that is simply irresistible.

System: Mechanically, this works identical to the Voice enhancement from mega-manipulation, except that it uses Appearance instead of manipulation as the base stat, for the most part, though the ST is encouraged to add the occasionally complication, from the one affected falling in love or in lust with the one who used it, becoming a suitor, worshiper or fan of sorts after using this enhancement, the effect can take a long time to wear off.


Clarity [Carnal Has this Enhancement]

Not much gets past a Mega-Manipulative nova – they're rarely taken in by mundane attempts to manipulate their feelings and opinions. Novas with this enhancement have heightened this resistance to a frightening degree, allowing them to shrug off the effects of novas with Social Mega-Attributes and/or powers that control people's minds or emotions. These novas are the ones who give shrieking nightmares to marketing executives on Madison Avenue and around the world.

System: The nova can use his Mega-Manipulation dice to resist both Charisma/Manipulation enhancements and mind/emotion control powers. An interesting side effect of this is that the nova can automatically detect the true motives behind any lies, deceptions, or malarkey others attempt to pass off on him. By spending a quantum point and saying something appropriate that contradicts the manipulation(but not charisma)/power effect (or lie/deception/malarkey), the nova can share this protection with everyone who can hear and understand him. Telepathic contact can easily substitute for audible speech in this case. This enhancement costs no quantum points to activate, although sharing this protection with others does cost 1 quantum point and lasts for the duration of the scene.

NOTE: This enhancement doesn't protect against Appearance effects, and the protection against Charismatic appeals can not be extended to others, in fact, if the appeal is in line with one's nature, it doesn't even protect the nova against Charismatic appeals... but can still protect against manipulation targeting his nature



Level 1 Powers

Quantum Integrated Eufiber

Quantum Minimum:1

Power Level: 1

Dice Pool: N/A

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisites: Eufiber background & Weave 5


This power allows a nova to take the eufiber they were and make it a part of themselves, as much as their own flesh and blood, it is eternally presence and can never be stolen, the nova can manifest it at will or chose not too as they desire, it is a part of their quantum structure now. The nova must start with eufiber first, and all eufiber dots are lost when this power is purchased, instead the level of the eufiber is equal to the dots in power. As a side effect, unless they have the layered extra, they can no longer attune regular eufiber.

Extras: Natural Cunning (This extra gives the nova's natural eufiber the cunning skill at the same level as dots in this power as though it was fully trained Neofiber), Layered (The nova can attune eufiber regularly as well, and the effects stack)

Level 2 Powers

Level 3 Powers

Healing Factor

Quantum Minimum: 4

Power Level: 3

Dice Pool: N/A

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Scene

Prerequisites: Minimum Mega-Stamina 3 & Enhancements (Regeneration, Cellular Persistence, Convalescence)


The Nova heals one health level per dot in Healing Factor per turn, for one scene, at the cost of 3 quantum to activate.

The nova's healing capabilities are truly amazing, near instant tissue regeneration powered by an exertion of quantum energies flowing through his tissues. Lethal damage is healed first, which turns it to simple bashing wounds, and then the Bashing Damage is healed when no more lethal damage remains.

This Enhancement costs 3 quantum to activate and lasts for an entire scene, Ranks in Healing Factor cannot exceed ranks in Mega-Stamina.

Additionally, this power will not work beyond the Dead Level, but it does grants a number of special (nearly dead) health levels that exist between incapacitated and dead, equal to (Quantum + Healing Factor), that will heal even though the nova will appear dead until healed, when they have taken this much damage. During this period the nova appears truly dead and can not act except to accelerate healing with the regeneration enhancement until they are healed of these levels of damage.

Extras: Extreme Healing (Can heal even aggravated damage, with this extra, the power heals aggravated, then lethal, then bashing damage), Restoration (Once actual damage is healed, limbs and organs will restore themselves, allowing the nova to restore lost limbs and organs within a minute per limb or organ)

Psychic Network [Epiphany Possesses this Power]

Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 5

Range: Special

Area: Special

Duration: Special

Psychic network is a much more powerful version of psychic shield and psychic link, as well as other mental powers, merged into one mighty whole. It also contains a few other effects beyond these two, a few techniques, like mastery power, the easiest effect, and the one that comes with the first purchase, is that of psychic Network. For each dot in the power, the nova gets access to one of these techniques. As with Elemental Anima (see that power for details), having this power allows one to work any of the techniques, at double cost with a difficulty roll of 1.

Psychic Network

The initiator of network, the central mind, is the one with this power, and they can add a number individuals to the network equal to their Quantum + Psychic Network dots, making it much stronger then that of psychic link, however, due to the collective connection of the link, it only gives a + 1 to difficulty every two people in the net, rather then every three. This effect costs 8 quantum to activate, but once active it remains active until dropped, or until someone goes out of range, which breaks the entire link. Furthermore, the nova must select the initial group to include in the powers effect, if they want to add and subtract folks, it must be dropped and new Network must be formed. Range is equal only to 800 miles x (Quantum + Psychic Network)

Psychic Shielding

Costing three quantum to activate, this technique allows the Nova with this power to protect anyone in the network should they be attacked mentally. It can only be used after the network is active, but it allows the nova to protect the network, it gives a +1 difficulty or soak to psychic or mental attacks for each dot of Quantum + Psychic Network.

Psychic Intuition

While the Network is active, the Psychic may activate this effect for everyone in the link, for three quantum, it is a maintenance based power. In essence, it becomes a form of mental scanning and awareness that allows anyone in the network to know if they are in danger, which is seen as danger to the network as a whole. In essence, however the only one who rolls is the Nova who is the center of the network, the one with this power. Rolling Perception + Psychic Network, it then works identical to intuition, though it only warns against threats that are related to other minds, a landslide or avalanche would not be detected unless it was initiated by another mind.

Sensory Network

This is a maintenance based technique, costing 3 quantum to activate, it allows the network to share senses in the same way they share thoughts, letting anyone in the link see, hear, smell, taste or feel whatever anyone else in the link senses. This can create effects like ultraperipheral perception, if a group circles around, or if one person has night goggles or the equivalent, eliminate the effects of darkness for everyone in the link.

Ability Network

This particular technique allows any in the link to share abilities with anyone else, in essence, allowing the abilities of anyone in the the network to become the abilities of the network as a whole. This is a maintenance effect, that costs the Nova with this power 3 quantum to activate, and it only allows ability use, but the number of dots may never exceed the number of dots in this power. In essence, if one person has 4 dots of academics, and the Mistress of the Psychic Network only has 3 dots in Psychic Network, only three dots can be shared.

Empathic Shielding

This is a mirror of psychic shield for emotional effects, identical to psychic shielding but focusing on emotion effects, it also only provides only 1 soak/difficulty increase per dot, like the above psychic shield.

Quantum Instruction aka Quantum Mentor [NOTE: Developing this power requires my specific permission]

Quantum Minimum:5

Power Level: 5

Dice Pool: Quantum + Quantum Mentor + Instruction

Range: One Student

Area: N/A

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisites: Instruction 3 & the Pedagogue Enhancement


This power allows a nova to teach another nova any power, body modification, enhancement or mega attribute that the nova has, as though it was in theme for them, one can not develop more dots in any power or mega then the nova herself has in that power or in Quantum Mentor. Additionally, it can be used to teach baselines enhancements that are always on and cost no quantum to use, though they must possess supreme human accomplishment in the attribute that matches that enhancement (5+). Additionally, also allows the teaching of merits that the nova possesses, even such things as Quantum Recovery or Eufiber Attuned, though quantum related merits can only be taught to other novas, other merits can be taught to anyone. Mechanically, this allows rolling Quantum Mentor + Instruction + Quantum (Quantum is rolled as though Mega Dice) each week, as per the instruction skill (page 90 PG), and like the instruction skill it grants a number of experience points that can be used to learn the power that the nova is teaching... the maximum amount of experience that can be gained in training a particular dot in an ability is equal to 1/2 of (quantum + Quantum Mentor) rounded down, minimum of 1, maximum of 10 (with Quantum 10 and Q.Mentor of 10), the rest must come out of one's own capabilities (the Q.Mentor can generally tell if the student is ready, with NPC's this depends on ST decision, but once the training begins, all experience is devoted to learning the capability that is being taught... at least a week must be spent in teaching per dot in in ability.

Extras: Mutation (this extra will allow a nova to teach body modifications to baselines, developing them as controlled mutations to their genetic code, enough mutations will actually shift someone to being a different species in human terms.)

Level 4 Powers

Lightspeed [Coraline Has this power & the Extra]

Level: 4

Quantum Minimum: 7

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: (Quantum + Power) Hours

Perquisite: Flight 5+, Hypermovement (Flight)+5, Bodymorph: Energy (w/Density Decrease 3), Mega-Dex + 5 , Mega-Wits +3

Novas who have achieved the extreme supreme speeds possible with hypermovement can move beyond it, reaching the point of being able to cross the fastest, most constant speed in the universe, known simply as c, or more commonly, the speed of light. It is only possible for a nova able to take on energy form, as only energy can move at this speed. The nova takes on their energy form, and then accelerates to their highest speed (without maxing powers), then they activate this power, becoming theoretical tachyon energy, the particle that can't travel slower then the speed of light. This is possible on a quantum level as the nova alters the very laws of their personal existence, though while this power is active, the nova can't slow down.

The nova can now travel at a base speed of c (speed of light) x (power + quantum), speeds so fast they are for all intents and purposes undetectable, but it comes at cost, the nova can't interact with others until they stop using this power, and they can't stop for at least minute after activating this power, meaning it's mostly useless in combat, except in terms of escaping, unless the nova has the below extra.

Once activated, Lightspeed lasts for a number of hours equal to (quantum + power), but the nova can stop suddenly if they chose, however, dropping out of light-speed costs double the normal quantum cost, and a roll must be made to be certain they stopped where exactly where they wanted too (extreme difficulty(5) - Wits + Lightspeed), rather then thousands miles beyond it, the roll is not necessary if the nova has a destination in mind they are traveling too, such as the moon for instance. Dropping attunement to anything while this power is active counts as a sudden stop and costs the same amount of quantum, if the nova doesn't have the quantum, they can't stop until they stop naturally, and they can't drop anything or anyone they have attuned.

NOTE: Without FTL Reflexs and FTL Reactions, the nova must calculate where they are going before they go there, otherwise they have a good chance of getting lost (The ST can put them anywhere in space, when they stop, unless a extreme (5+) difficulty navigation roll is made - The roll is not necessary if the nova has those enhancements)

Extras: Explosive Force [Perquisite: Momentum Control] (Normally tachyons move too fast to interact with matter, but Physics still works, and E=MC2 still applies, should someone with or able to use momentum transfer with this power , applying it to any form of solid matter will cause a thermonuclear explosion, as mass becomes energy, this causes an explosion that does (Power+Quantum) x 5 aggravated damage with Area, Explosive & Burning.. it is not possible to use power max to add this extra to the power)]

Chi Mastery

Quantum Minimum: 6

Power Level: 4

Dice Pool: Varies

Range: Varies

Area: Varies

Duration: Varies

Prerequisites: Qi Meng (3rd Degree), Psi Sensitivity enhancement, Zero permanent taint


This suite of powers is based on the instinctive understanding of chi known to masters of Qi Meng, it moves beyond the basic moves of Qi Meng to become something more, channeling energies but doing so in a safe manner, using these powers in a manner only someone intimately connected to the nature of quantum powers and aware of the subquantum, even if only on an instinctive level. Furthermore, the ability to channel these powers requires that one have absolutely no permanent taint as well, and temporary taint must be do away with as soon as possible.. only masters of Qi Meng are truly capable of this sort of mastery. Many of the techniques have prerequities of Qi Meng techniques as well, below are some of the various techniques possible.

NOTE: This power is in theme for any practitioner of Qi Meng.

The following techniques are available to any master of Chi.

Perfected Chi

Dice Pool: N/A

Range: N/A

Duration: Permanent

This technique is the first one developed by all Chi manipulators, it is the key power of the true master of chi, and the reason why only masters of Qi Meng can develop it, it makes it impossible to gain temporary taint using this power, instead when the nova would gain such due to a botch, they instead take bashing damage, as a side effect, power maxing for any aspects of chi mastery becomes impossible, though one can still develop signature moves if one has the proper Qi Meng technique to do so. Additionally, by channeling quantum for this power, they can shift taint gained from other powers in raw damage as well, though in that case, the damage is lethal, and in either case the damage can not be soaked, only directly applied.. the chi master must be careful here, it is possible to kill themselves using the power in this way. Healing this damage is not possible with regeneration or any form of healing, it can only be healed over time, such is the effect of balancing quantum with subquantum.

Resurgent Chi

Prerequisite: Restorative Trance Qi Meng Technique

This technique is identical to quantum regeneration, allowing the chi manipulator to quickly restore their chi reserves in an emergency.

Chi Blast/Bolt (Stats: Same as Blast and Lethal blast Elemental Anima techniques)

Drawing on reserves of inner quantum, the chi manipulator unleashes a blast of pure chi, the manifestation is usually that of a white ball of energy, but signature moves can be developed to produce other appearances and effects

Chi Shield

Prerequisite: Internal Balance

Duration: Maintainance

This technique works just like Quantum Shield, except that it requires quantum to activate and mantain, and the difficulty/soak is only +1 per level of Chi Mastery + quantum, it stacks with Quantum Shield if the nova also has that power

Enhance/Diminish Pain

Prerequisite: Pressure secrets Martial Arts technique

Requiring touch, the Chi manipulator can increase or decrease the pain felt by someone with a strike to one of the chakra points, technically that is not actually nessary, but most chi manipulators find it easier to visualize or even need to in order to properly visualize this effect

Destabilize Chi

This effect is same as the disimmunize power from the teragen book, it requires touch and it allows the master of chi to turn an opponant's chi against them, removing their natural protection from thieir own powers with a single strike. A nova with 0 taint is immune to this effect, but any nova with any degree of taint can find his power turned against him by a chi manipulator.

Drain Chi

This power is the same as Quantum Leech, but the drain can only be done if the chi manipulator touches his target, so it can never be used at range.

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Construct Prodigy: [Prerequisite Q-Con 2+, Quantum 5+, ample time spent making creative constructs]

Novas who have spent the time in practice, have the creativity, and have started on the road of real quantum power (Q 5 or more) can create quantum constructs more effectively. They find the basic aspects of creation easier, able to create larger - or more - constructs than a Nova without this experience.

Effect: Nova gets +3 auto successes that can be spent on the number and / or size of quantum constructs they create. Using this enhancement is optional, as it takes longer (3 full turns) to use Q-construct with this enhancement. Of course, this delay makes using this enhancement in combat risky - interruptions render any time spent 'preparing' this way mean the Nova must begin the preparation period all over again.

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Power Extras

Duration & Permanent Power

This particular extra isn't really an extra, it is a permanent increase in capability that I have decided, like Mastery, automatically increases the level of the power to one higher then it was before. It can increase powers like Clone or Body Morph to a permanent in duration,but in order to differentiate it from the permanent power aberration I am going to detail it a bit further. First off, turning a maintenance power into permanent comes with a cost, the quantum cost to activate the power is doubled, and the quantum recovery with normal methods is cut to 1/2 that of normal while it is active, plus the amount of quantum spent is committed, as in unavailable until the power commitment is dropped. Additionally, a nova must have a quantum one point higher then the power (meaning developing Clone as permanent requires 6 Quantum). In case it needs to be said, this extra is not available with Power Maxing

NOTE: Matter Creation and Matter Manipulation are a special cases here, adding this extra to that power allows one to create things or transform them indefinitely with a bit of quantum which was already partly possible by a sacrifice of permanent willpower, taking this extra for those powers allows a nova to spend an amount of experience to do the same (varies based on size, complexity, and additional difficulties for Matter Creation)

On the other hand, Permanent Power has no quantum cost, but it comes with a weakness, a power which is permanent (or set so with chimerical aberration), is a power that the nova needs to be active on some physical or mental level, disruptions to that cause considerable mental and physical anguish to the nova who is affected, and in some cases, lose of a power permanently active can cause death if the power is important enough to the nova's survival (such as a force field keeping an acid bodymorph from collapsing)

Extra Action

This extra is essentially buying quickness for a particular power, it is separate from quickness completely but can overlap if a nova has both effects, allowing a nova to take multiple physical and power actions in a single action, a bewildering display of speed and power for a baseline, and even surprising for nova's, as a nova needs quantum 6 to develop this effect (and requires superhuman reaction speeds as well, Mega-Wits or Mega-Dexterity is a necessarily prerequisite to this extra), but it counts as a regular extra.

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Lvl 2

Q min: 2

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Swiftness

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Maintenance

Multiple Actions: N/A

One success is required to activate the power, any additional successes are added to the nova’s Quantum Rating to determine speed.

In combat - 20 meters per additional success + Quantum Rating each turn in combat.

Out of Combat - Kilometers per hour for out of combat speed:

  1. 250
  2. 500
  3. 1,000
  4. 2,500
  5. 5,000
  6. 10,000
  7. 25,000
  8. 50,000
  9. 100,000
  10. 250,000
  11. 500,000
  12. 1,000,000
  13. 2,500,000
  14. 5,000,000
  15. 10,000,000
  16. 25,000,000
  17. 50,000,000
  18. 100,000,000
  19. 250,000,000
  20. 500,000,000
  21. 1,000,000,000

Speed caps at 1 terameter per hr (Tph), functions only in microgravity environments. (NOTE: This means it only works in outerspace, it's a form of interplanetary travel, it doesn't work on a planet, or even a dwarf planet or moon, and one needs a way to leave for outerspace, teleport, flight, warp in order to make use of this power)

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