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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Poll: Experance System

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm reconsidering the XP system I'm using, not the general stuff, but that of finding your thread among the many and posting the adjusted xp, as well as figuring out how you spent it, some of you have put it in your character threads, and others have sent me additional threads.. I'm losing track of who spend on what, and it's starting to confuse the heck out of me

So I am considering alternatives..

One - we can make sheets and experience public - not sure about that, but it would make things easier for me.

Two - Separate Individual PM's For experience

Three - Allow everyone to keep track of their own experance, and let me know changes to the sheet

Four - I'm willing to entertain suggestions.

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Something that would help a great deal in tracking experience is putting chapter (or whatever you want to call them) numbers in the thread titles.

Example: Instead of "Agreements and Disagreements" we'd have "[1.1]Agreements and Disagreements"

Thus we could organize our earned experience much better in terms of tracking where it came from.

Warren's Experience:

4 exp [1.0]Agreements and Disagreements 2011-07-13

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Looks like public sheets is the 50% choice, with seperate PM's being the 20% choice. It means that everyone has a clearer idea of what everyone else can do though, with no surprises, which I find myself less then sure about, it's more fun the other way at times, but here we go.

Post your sheet publicly, using the green CH tag, include character descriptions, pictures and general information with the post. A second post to follow include the XP chart, with expenditures at the bottom (so both you and I can edit it).

Character sheet itself, should likely be posted either in spoilers or open display as you folks prefer.

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I've decided to make a slight adjustment to the above

If you have a post-apotheosis power that hasn't been demonstrated yet, you may post it as follows.. that way some degree of mystery remains, at least until it's demonstrated in game...

Personalized Name of Power (?Power? (Dots/Number Here)

Don't have to use the personalized name even, if it gives to much away.. this way only you and I.. or someone with Quantum Attunement is likely to have much a clue about it..

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