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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Jiren


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Name: Jiren


Jiren is the son of Forbesi, the Lord of the Greater Demons. As with most of his kind, he was raised in the vast underground caverns that the Greater Demons called home.

As a child he was constantly bullied and picked on by his older brother Aion, who saw him as nothing more than someone he would have to split his inheritance with. This was a common enough occurrence amongst demon families, where by tradition siblings would fiercely compete with one other for supremacy and for their share of the family inheritance. In Jiren's case, Aion would beat him up mercilessly almost every single day. It was only after Jiren had grown strong enough to stand up against his brother that the beatings stopped.

Aion soon grew anxious over his brother's quickly growing power. Despite being only ten years old, Jiren's strength and prowess in battle had almost surpassed his, and Jiren was quickly shaping up to be their father's favorite. Fearful of getting passed over as successor to their father's throne, Aion quickly hatched a plan to get rid of his brother and secure the eventual succession of the throne for himself.

Aion took the Jiren on a trip to the human world under the pretense of teaching his brother how to hunt for what was then his favorite food: Human meat. Once there he led his unsuspecting brother demon hunter ambush before fleeing through the portal back to the Yokai realm. Closing the portal behind him, he trapped Jiren on the other side, leaving his brother to the mercy of the hunters.

Jiren barely survived the encounter. Though he managed to flee and give the hunters the slip, he was gravely injured during his escape. Luckily for him however, he wa found by a kindly old farmer named Felix Harwood, who not realizing that the boy was a demon, took Jiren home with him to treat his injuries.

The family's selfless acts of kindness touched Jiren deeply. The farmer's wife bandaged his wounds, kept him fed, and nursed him back to health. At the same time, Jiren became fast friends with Lisa, Felix's playful young daughter, with whom Jiren bonded with over the various board games that they played as he recuperated from his injuries. Felix himself on the otherhand, kept himself busy toiling in the fields all day long. Though Jiren rarely ever saw him, he knew that this was because the farmer was working hard to provide for his family... and for the demon child they had as a guest.

Jiren's stay with the Harwoods was brief but meaningful. Before his encounter with them, he had always viewed humans simply as prey and nothing more. His experience with the farmer and his family made him realize that they were much more than that, and it left him with a newfound respect for humans and their way of life. When members of Ragos' Royal Guard came to find and retrieve Jiren, and take him back to the Yokai World, he made a promise to himself that he would never feed on human beings again, and that from then on he would treat all humans fairly and with respect.

A few years have passed since then, and Jiren has since enrolled at the Yokai Academy where he is currently in his sophomore year. A good athlete, he is a mainstay of the school's basketball team.


Jiren is generally quiet and laid back. Upon meeting him, most people wouldn't even think that he was the son of a Demon Lord. In his past year at the Academy, he has done a good job of staying in his human guise and keeping his true identity secret, to the point that most of the other students are still guessing just what kind of yokai he really is.

Though he is the son of one of the Monster Lords, his lineage remains a secret from most of the Yokai at the Academy. This is partly due to his desire to avoid getting special treatment, but also because he believes that it would only cause problems for him, particularly amongst other greater demons who would probably want to try their luck at besting the son of their Lord.

An unquestionably very competent fighter (having had to prove it more than once during his stay at the Academy), he nevertheless abhors violence and rarely seeks it out, believing that fighting is a waste of time and energy. He is not one to back down from a challenge however, and when attacked or provoked, he is quick to defend himself using a particularly brutal fighting style. Even-tempered and slow to anger, he usually stays calm and collected under fire, but in the rare instance that he does get angry, most of the other students know it's time to flee and run for cover.

Jiren adheres strictly to his own personal code of honor. Though he is not above lying, cheating, and stealing, he refrains from doing so to those he deems worthy of his trust. In social situations he is generally cheerful, polite and respectful to others, traits not often seen amongst other yokai.

When asked about his past or ancestry, Jiren politely tries to change the subject. All that he's let on so far is that he was born to a wealthy, and influential Yokai family, but declines to elaborate much further than that.


Standing at 6'1 with a strong, athletic build, Jiren sports a well chiseled face framed by unruly, medium-length black hair.

He is usually seen with his trademark dark blue jacket, which he almost always wears over his outfit. Jiren has been noted to be particularly protective of the garment, and is known to get particularly annoyed if somebody gets it dirty or damages it.

His true form closely resembles his human guise with claws, goat-like horns, and black, feathery wings that unfurl behind him.



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