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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - Dash Carpenter

Dash Carpenter

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Name: Dash Carpenter

Nature: Survivor

Allegiance: The Directive (pre-meetup) The Professor (post-meetup)


Strength (Wiry) 5

Dexterity (Agile) 5

Stamina (Tough) 5

Perception (Alert) 5

Intelligence (Bright) 5

Wits (Iron Nerves) 5

Appearance (Sensual) 5

Manipulation (Cunning) 5

Charisma (Polite) 5


Might 5

Athletics 5

Martial arts 5

Firearms 5

Melee 5

Stealth 5

Drive 5

Pilot 5

Endurance 3*

Resistance 3*

Awareness 5

Investigation 5

Academics 3

Bureaucracy 3

Linguistics 3 (English, Japanese, French, Spanish)

Computers 5

Intrusion 5

Survival 3

Rapport 5

Intimidation 5

Interrogation 3

Streetwise 5

Subterfuge 5


Cipher 3

Node 2

Eufiber 1

Contacts 3

Willpower 10

Quantum 4

Quantum pool 28

Initiative 17

Taint 5


Aberrant Eyes (Pure Gunmetal Gray)

Anima Banner (Holographic Man in Black Image)

Powers/Mega Atts

Armor 2

Intuition 4

Psychic Shield 4

Claws 5 (Lv 2 with Kinetic Discharge and Armor Piercing; Strengths: Free Extra, Weaknesses: Limited to Ranged Weapons)

Mega-Intelligence 2 (Tactical Prodigy, Analyze Weakness)

Mega-Perception 2 (Hyperenhanced Hearing, Quantum Attunement)

Mega-Wits 2 (Quickness, Multitasking)

Mega-Stamina 2 (Adaptability, Durability)

Mega-Dexterity 5 (Catfooted, Perfect Balance)

BP breakdown

+1 Background - 1

+7 WP - 14

NP breakdown

+15 Attributes - 5

Quantum +3 (All Tainted) - 9

+66 Abilities - 12

+4 Intuition - 4

+10 Mega Attributes - 30

+5 Enhancements - 15

+3 Armor - 6

+4 Psychic Shield - 4

+5 Claws Power - 15

XP Log

Current Total as of 8/12/2011: 125 XP.

Quantum 5 - Minus 32 XP.

Quantum 6 - Minus 40 XP.

Mega-Dexterity 3 - Minus 10 XP

Mega-Dexterity 4 - Minus 15 XP

Mega-Dexterity 5 - Minus 20 XP

Balance: 8 XP.

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This character is not official yet, this is posted for peer review, and for use after final approval.
Dash Carpenter


In Nova House Earth, the Novas rule. Nothing like the Aberrant War would ever happen, since the Earth has been effectively subjugated by various Houses, groups of novas together for different reasons, the equivalent of noble lineage, for the world is their oyster. Some like the House of Peace, actually rule swaths of the world as their private domain. The House of Beauty holds unrestricted influence over entertainment and insert their women into the beds and private rooms of influential baselines the world over.

De facto certainly, the dozens of Houses decide the world. Almost all novas come from their ranks now, and they consider themselves the natural superiors of the world. The only force that has ever stood up to them with success, is a shadow organization backed by what little power the world's leading nations have left. The Directive, an alliance of baselines and the few novas who hope for a more balanced and equitable world.

Dash Carpenter is one of those surprising few. As one of the few common people to erupt and become nova himself, he's seen the sham that the Houses use to cover their own self-interest. His background has been hidden as best he can, but he speaks of the eruption with anger and fury. One night, a few years ago, he and his mother were taken off the streets by agents of the House of Secrets at the criminals' whims.

Mrs. Carpenter was made into entertainment in an underground House orgy, a mere humiliated, degraded toy by the novas there who were perfectly interested in the most comely baselines. Dash would have been next, used then disposed, but for the howling pain in his head. He erupted, and snatched a nearby pair of pistols, energy screaming among them.

That accounted for a few of the House's dear members, and even when that baldy Orzaiz appeared, offering him compensation and apologies to their new brother, Dash knew otherwise. It was only to half-assed cover their butts, and there could not be sincerity. When the Houses do things like that, it doesn't matter if you're possessed of a node too. Dash spat in his face, hurled a glowing rock into his skull and left.

Since then, the Directive found and recruited him, and Dash is one of their best. Yet even the best can't win the war, for the Houses have awoken to the danger, and the Directive is losing. But Dash will fight on, until he is dead and gone. There can be no alternative.


Dash Carpenter is Codename Sprinter, one of the Directive's top and rare nova agents, leading the battle against the Houses even as the Houses are putting the screws to the international organization.


Dash is cynical, ruthless and does not play around. Even so, he has a heart, even if he tends to hide it in his fight.


Dash's hope, faint as it is getting, is to break the stranglehold of the Houses and make a more balanced world fair for nova and baseline.

Universe Information

Universe: Nova House Earth
Date: 2011
Timeline: Elseworld Aberrant/Trinity Universe
  • Nova Houses, both legal and informal groups, dominate the world, many holding political power, others economically or what ever means they use.
  • Project Utopia does not exist at all, nor does Proteus or the Teragen for that matter.
  • The Directive does exist in a similar fashion to the canon one, except it is weaker, the only real resistance to nova domination, and is more open to the novas who do side with it.
  • There are no third generation novas as we know it. Furthermore 2nd generation novas are born human and must erupt as their progenitors did, but the process is adeptly and easily controlled by the Houses. The young eruptees do tend to boast higher power levels compared to their parents, and reduced maximum taint levels, but they have no Apotheosis.

Click to reveal.. (IMPORTANT EVENTS)
None to report, yet.
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