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  1. Like the Venusian, Dash rose as at attention, but did not bow. That was the difference between Japanese-influence Venus and the alternative, but still formal protocol of CEGA. "I'm Dash Carpenter, callsign Sleeper. You've already heard the gist of my unique situation from the Commander - I hold the title of Specialist since, technically, my status is that of an expert civilian. I can pilot, I can fight, I know the standard CEGA officer education plus the tricks I picked up as an insurgent and undercover agent. I cut my teeth on the Wyvern, but the Pathfinder model handles even better for sure." Dash was friendly and straightforward. "So I don't know how precisely we'll be doing this, but I'll probably be giving you a seminar or few."
  2. Dash gave Mercer something of an expressively skeptical look. "That's a rather difficult thing to just answer, Lieutenant." traces of the CEGA's iron-clad formality leaking back into his voice. "But I think the best starting point is to answer your question with another question: how do you handle living with all this?!" Dash 's hands jabbed in a general indication. "All the intermittent periods of 0G! It's not so much an issue of solid ground as solid gravity. Granted, if I had been Navy, I likely wouldn't have that trouble by now. Beyond that? Fresh air, food, water. I felt the difference barely a day onto the departure voyage off-Earth."
  3. Dash let out a breath of relief as he got strapped into the seating. How did the Jovians make it look so simple? Granted, the motions didn't seem natural, but certainly with a lack of effort involved. The Terran smiled back and brought up his hand in salute. "Are you talking 'trip to Jupiter' or 'trip to here'? Because your answer would affect mine quite a bit." Dash's grin turned a bit ruefully and flushed with exertion. "I was born on Terra and as you can see, stayed on planet my entire life. Due warning."
  4. Ryujin took his comlink with a nod, but frowned given that this was another exact reason for his reticence in following the mysterious group of Men in Black. Half the team was trapped within this.... phenomena, while most of the remainder were incommunicado. Just them three, Magus, Paladin and Ryujin now on site. ,, The Inner Spirit Court was very clean in its lessons on unknowns. Calmness, not frustration. Prudence, not rashness. He took a cleansing breath, but admitted balance was very very far away. "Very well." Ryujin decided, trying to make the best of things right now. ,, "Would you please explain what you do have for us, Magus?"
  5. "Some Men in Black came, and said they were with the government." Ryujin said, though his tone suggested that was open to debate. "Anyway, most of the rest went with them. I see you've got some sense as to what's going on then?"
  6. "I think someone should wait here." Ryujin pointed out, and it wasn't a stretch to say he was thinking of himself. "This is a bit - blithe - going away from here without any surety they even are who they say. I don't disagree some go to hear them out, but others must stay here. In case."
  7. OOC Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+15: 29 ,, Ryujin frowned as he saw the accouterments of this MiBs. They were going to great lengths to hide themselves, and all things considered, their presence was suspicious and their authority.... if any.... quite unknown. And yes, he was pleased to see Slither on the ball and confronting them. ,, Ryujin waited intently for their responses.
  8. Ryujin crouched as he watched both the Men in Black and the lost building. What he did not ask yet was why these Men in Black chose to arrive. And what business they had here in the first place. It would not do to be too open with them yet.
  9. "It's Ryujin!" Ryujin called out after the departing woman. He slipped over himself to listen in with the others about the situation. "Or perhaps," he proffered after some patient thought, "We could bypass it entirely? Say if we had someone who could teleport.... or Magus could create a portal?"
  10. It's a reference to Slither's undercover guise in Fight Club - as a SOVIET RUSSIA wrestler lady deal. As Ryujin was there undercover as well independently at the time - it's a little sly joke and hello now.
  11. "Perhaps you could help me, my Siberian tiger?" Behind her.... spoke Ryujin, dressed similarly to how they had met undercover at the cage fights the first time. Dash smiled and gestured to the cloud where his would be superhero team was split, and the building hidden. ,, "I saw this on the skyline and came over. What happened, if you know?"
  12. Ryujin ,, Background: ,, Dash Carpenter and his father John (a fairly wealthy local businessman) had been at acrimonious loggerheads for some time over Dash's status as the teenage prodigal son - but Dash still loved his father, so John's sudden (and relatively young death) of a heart attack was frightening and painful. It turned out from the will, that his father had left him enough trust funded and securities money to make sure Dash never had to work - on a mysterious condition. ,, Dash had to go to Japan's rural mountains, find a Master Kisuke Ren and 'meet his approval.' The trip brought Dash to the mysterious Inner Spirit Court, a mystic community and order of martial artists (primarily from East and Southeast Asia) whom had actually fostered John Carpenter as a foundling orphan. Master Ren had taught John, and 'meeting his approval' meant succeeding as a student and becoming a member of the Inner Spirit Court. ,, The expectations placed on Dash were new and strenuous, but he learned from them, unlocking the powers of chi and accorded the status of a full and capable practitioner of the Wind Dragon style - which blended speed, fluidity and adaptability as so to make him nearly-unmatched in combat. ,, When Dash was released and returned home - he found his old preferences... less exciting. It was the push for inner growth that led him to don the heroic mantle of Ryujin. ,, OOC Abilities STR 3, STA 3, AGL 5, DEX 0, FGT 12, INT 0, AWE 5, PRE 1 ,, Defenses Dodge 13, Fortitude 10, Parry 13, Toughness 7/3, Will 10 ,, Skills Acrobatics 12 (+17), Athletics 7 (+10), Close Combat: Chi Strike 3 (+15), Deception 5 (+6/+8), Insight 10 (+15), Perception 10 (+15), Persuasion 5 (+6/+8), Stealth 10 (+15) ,, Advantages Agile Feint, Assessment, Attractive, Benefit (Wealth: Well-Off), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Chi Strike), Improved Disarm, Improved Defense, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Smash, Languages 2 (Native: English, Chinese, Japanese), Move by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Close - Concealment), Redirect, Takedown 2, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break ,, Powers Chi Strike: Strength-based Damage 2 (Penetrating 2) Dao of the Serene Wind: Leaping 2; Movement 2 (Safe Fall, Trackless) ,, Combat Initiative +13 Chi Strike +15, DC 20 (Penetrating DC 17) ,, [Abilities 58 + Defenses 21 + Skills 31 + Advantages 34 + Powers 10 = 154] ,, Complications Motivation - Thrills: Dash finds the usual brand of trust fun enjoyment somewhat pale compared to the mental and physical challenges of martial arts and superheroism to exercise it. Secret Identity: Dash Carpenter, Trust Fundie Relationships: Master Ren, and the various brothers of the Inner Spirit Court, spread worldwide. It is traditional for the various members to lend aid to one another when requested, and repay these debts of service in kind in the future. Rivalry: Normally, one might expect the hero to in such martial arts tales to be the talented and determined student against a more privileged, arrogant, favored disciple of the master. Dash was too caught up in transition to see it that way, but Li-Wei (Lee) Cao did, being Dash's bitter rival during the course of their respective teaching. But eventually it simmered down, and the two are more or less friends. Their rivalry and competition is not reduced in spirit when they cross paths - both seeing the more good-natured bouts of one-upmanship as a healthy safeguard against stagnation.
  13. Ryujin did not get far before another messenger showed up. He was now going to face challengers from 'The Circle of Steel', the best of the best. 'Rose' brushed him off, and sat down to focus his mind a bit more. He was attracting attention - and quite possibly the two Van Damage and Red Death. Idly, he wondered if they were present for reasons similar to his, but then brushed it aside. ,, Blade wasn't long in coming, first event on the list. 'Rose' waited passively at his end of the arena, as Blade entered. Tall and muscled also, wearing no shirt and camo pants.... there were a pair of things attached to his pant hips. ,, Then Blade charged forward, and 'Rose' had to adjust his estimates of this man's speed. And the quick scrape of short knives drawing free in both hands. Ryujin fell back a couple steps, the knives completing an arc inches in front of his face. Clearly drugged, armed to his name, and still pressing the assault. ,, Ryujin made a quick leg kick at Blade's knee - not even acknowledge. Fortunately, the force halted Blade half a step, giving Ryujin more room to prepare a defense. ,, For the next few minutes, he conceded the aggression to Blade, the audience perceiving it all as if 'Rose' was almost, but just teasing enough to keep up faith, on the ropes. ,, Then Blade made the mistake. A wild, frustrating swing with his left knife, and the adjoining arm was rigid flat as a board. Dash smiled, and then delivered a precise chi-powered chop to the wrist. With a crack it completely broke - and no matter how indifferent to pain, Blade was not prepared to discover the inability to make his hand function. ,, A fatal mistake, as Dash repeated the previous on the other wrist. Staring into Blade's flat murky blue eyes, 'Rose' rolled out kick after kick until Blade sank down and lacked the energy to get up.
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