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Aberrant: 200X - Jadzia "Vector" Santiago


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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX From Novapedia, your Nova Encyclopedia

Name: Jadzia Helena Santiago

Occupation: Architect

Legal Status: Unmarried, Single

Location: Monaco, Europe

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Vector

Place of Birth: Monaco

Age: 22

Date of Birth: October 11, 1989

Eruption: Life-threatening Danger

Nature: Analyst

Height: 1.65 meters

Weight: 68 kilograms

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Silver

Distinguishing Marks: Snakebite piercing in lower lip, slightly pointed ears, slight freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Approximate Power Level: It is extremely difficult to correctly adjudicate Vector’s level of power as this depends largely on circumstance and the creativity with which her powers are utilized. Her control over various aspects of physics is still developing. [Citation needed]

Known Quantum Powers: Vector is not forthcoming with information regarding her abilities, so all that is currently known is largely based on observation and anecdotal evidence. What has been confirmed is that Vector has control over local gravity, can project and internalize vectored gravitational fields and has the ability manipulate SpaceTime to form warp portals.


Abilities/Special Skills: Her Nova abilities rely greatly on what she dubbed “hyper-physics”, or manipulating the rules behind the rules. As such, she is a gifted mathematician, engineer and physicist.

Curiously, while she has a degree in physics, she has not published any papers or books on any of these subjects. She currently is making a name for herself as a freelance architect, designing buildings which defy various physical laws yet remain stable even without Nova assistance.

Weapons Used: Vector is not known to be trained in the use of any weapons. Since the time of her Eruption, she has learned to take full advantage of her control over gravitational fields. This is reflected in her unarmed fighting style, which is especially suited to her particular abilities.

Appearance and Personality: Vector has light-brown skin due to her Egyptian mother, while inheriting her father’s fiery temper. She is of a slight, athletic build with long silver hair and silvery eyes with no apparent pupil or iris. Although invisible to the untrained eye, her eye structure is completely intact and her eyesight is not hampered by her eyes’ unusual coloration.

Her personality shows signs of passion and gifted creativity, as well as a need for seclusion and recognition. On one hand she maintains order and discipline in her daily life, while indulging in hedonism on her "off" days. Speculation runs that she might be suffering from some obsessive-compulsive disorder, or perhaps manic depression. [Citation needed]

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Early Life


Details on Vector’s early life are sketchy, and what is currently known has been pieced together through conjecture and unsubstantiated reports.

It is known that she was born in the late 20th century to an Egyptian diplomat (her mother) and an Italian scientist (her father). They were never married, and all reports indicated that it was a holiday fling and a meeting of minds rather than a settled relationship.

Her mother, Zahra Al'zhiwad, died in 1993 in a car accident. When rumors began circulating that this accident might have been an act of assassination by an extremist Muslim faction, the child's father was tracked down by the European Union and he assumed custody of his daughter. He changed her name into Jadzia Helena Santiago.

Growing up in relative wealth and with good education, she attended prestigious private schools in Monaco. Her father, often secluded in his research, tended to largely ignored the youngster.

In her teen years, this led to various extreme hobbies, including hanging out with local disgruntled youths, alcohol abuse, extreme hair- and dress styles, casual sexual contacts and other forms of attention-seeking.

One of her favorite pastimes during her teenage years was flying amateur sports aircraft, as evidenced by her apperances on video footage of various airshows, as well as being an amateur entrant in various local shows.

This directly led to her subsequent Eruption, as described below.


(See Main Article: Eruption)


Vector’s eruption is a well-documented event, as evidenced by approximately 3000 witnesses and various amateur videos[1] during the proceedings.

During the 2006 Monaco airshow, Vector was scheduled to perform various stunt flights at 13:00 and 15:00 that day, according to the flight show roster. She had been complaining about headaches, and had been prescribed some mild painkillers in order to control the pain. Despite her doctor’s advice, Vector did not cancel her performance at the air show, and took to the air instead.

Video footage shows that the first five minutes of the flight went by without incident; the first sign of trouble occurs six minutes into the flight, as Vector’s craft was gaining altitude for a 360 corkscrew. At the end of the climb, however, the small plane seemed to stall and tilt forward at a sharp angle. At that point, it sped towards the ground in a nose-dive, flailing wildly. Experts analyzing the footage noted that considering the sharp turns Vector must have endured 6.5 G at the time, and most likely had already lost consciousness.

Within seconds the craft began losing speed, and the footage clearly shows that the plane sharply stops its spin and instead drops nose-down and straight towards the ground. At this point, the Gforce on Vector’s body must be exceeding 9G, at which point the pressure begins to inflict massive damage to the body’s arterial system and the brain. Most people who experience pressures at this level either die from the trauma or fall into a coma.

At a hundred feet above the ground, the plane decelerated (considered an impossibility by the experts, as there was no opposing force to slow the craft down), and comes to a full and sudden stop at five feet above the ground.

As the footage shows, the sudden cessation of movement caused Vector’s body to be hurtled through the plexiglass cockpit dome and smashed into the tarmac. The resulting shockwave of the impact has been described by witnesses as “a crunching thud followed by a gust of wind”.

Paramedics arriving at the scene found Vector – in shock but physically unharmed – at the center of a cracked tarmac crater three feet deep, with the plane still hovering above. She was rushed to the first aid post for emergency medical care. The small airplane continued to hover at its spot for another five minutes before suddenly being restored to its former momentum and flattening itself against the ground.

Initial statements made by Vector indicate that “I was fighting the pressure, and I had such an awful headache. The world began to haze before my eyes and turn this vibrant, glowing purple. Then I felt an immense force spinning me around, and I felt sick to my stomach. I just wanted it to stop. I was scared and in pain – I just wanted to stop spinning and stop that awful pressure.”

The initial medical check indicated that Vector had suffered no permanent damage in the accident, and that in fact her Eruption must have occurred at some time during the incident.

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Vector was one of the few Novas to have erupted publicly, and while not as spectacular as many, her case was well documented as videos of the incident were distributed via social media sites. All in all however, people agree that there was not much to see except for the behaviour of the airplane and the shaky, low-quality close-ups of Vector being ejected from the airplane and being driven to the ground [1] .

Fact remains that Vector seemed to disappear from the face of the earth following her Eruption, most likely due to the shock of the incident itself and the necessary introspection that is sure to have followed.

Records exist of a single phonecall that Vector made to her parents [2] a few months after her Eruption, clearly illustrating her mental state at the time and serving as testimony to a strong-willed but scared young woman.

Training and discipline


In the years following her Eruption, Vector rebuilt her existence from the ground up. While she still enjoys a good drink now and then and still smokes, her new-found discipline and Nova biology prevents her from becoming reliant on them or touching any of the heavier stuff that is available to her as a Nova.

Vector first sought to lead a normal life, but found that she had little control over her abilities. This resulted in several dangerous incidents involving free-floating objects, suddenly reversing vehicles and her attracting loose objects. After a few near-misses on the fatality scale, Vector resolved to become a hermit until such a time, if ever, she would be able to control her abilities and face life alongside humanity again.

The reports indicate that Vector isolated herself in the wild lands in Scandinavia or Siberia, where she could pose no threat to anyone while she grasped at the meaning of her existence and the magnitude of her newfound abilities. She later hinted that the ever-present cold and the bleak beauty of the subarctic night had a calming effect on her, and that she felt closer to nature by sleeping under the stars.

“When you’re hungry, you are focused and alert. You don’t waste energy, you keep your head together. You know you have perform well when it matters, or the hunger won’t go away. In my opinion, this helped me challenge myself as well as limiting my powers, preventing me from going off the deep end like some Novas my age did.” [3]

During her travels she became quite adept at controlling her Gravity abilities, meditating afloat or flying after the Siberia Express using forward-vectored gravity fields. She even developed a (still experimental) style of martial arts based on what she had learned while alone in the wilds merged with the opportunities and hindrances of a sub-zeroG or extreme-gravity environment.

Vector never stayed in one place very long, only sporadically visiting one town or the other for supplies or news. She tried to stay up to date concerning the position of Novas in the world, and how the world was treating them. In the process, she managed to stay under the radar for a long time, avoiding Utopia Recruiters and Teragen alike.

Her opinion of DeVries and similar commercial operations wasn’t very high either, so in the end she avoided contact with Novas in general. While she was safely hidden from view, this didn’t do much to ease her loneliness and need for peer communication and sense of belonging. Eventually, she would have to get out into the world again.

That opportunity would present itself soon.

Professional Career

(See Main Article: Skyline Sensations)


Jadzia Helena Santiago is a one-woman architectural agency, lending her mental prowess and innate knowledge of physics and engineering to companies and nations that desire a building plan that defies reality as much as it defines reality.

Relatively unknown in the West except among those interested, at least two buildings she designed have been built in Dubai and Hong Kong. Rumor has it that parts of the Utopia training facility in Russia have been designed by her as well.

See also


Gravity Controlling Novas, Novas with a public identity, Unaffiliated Novas

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Gravity Manipulation

(See Main Article: Gravity Control)


Vector’s signature ability is the manipulation of gravity, whether the ambient gravity in her vicinity or small “pockets” of space where gravity follows different rules than their environment. In addition, she has control over the density of her body as well as use the kinetic energy stored in her personal gravitational field for various effects.

Due to the potential dangers (creating a -1G column to outside the atmosphere might cause it to suck out great quantities of atmosphere and expel it into space, to name just one) she controls her powers with iron discipline, not wanting to create hazardous situations.

Neural Bulwark

(See Main Article: Psychic Shield)


Vector’s mind, whether as a side-effect of her Density Control, self-discipline or latent Telepathic abilities, is as heavily defended as a mind can hope to be. Anyone who would seek to assault her mind with a mental power (such as Telepathy, Domination, Mental Blast or similar abilities that affect Willpower) must overcome a mental resistance that has been typified as “bulletproof”.


(See Main Article: Warp)


By manipulating time and space at a local level, Vector has the ability to synch two physical locations together, with a tunnel-like aperture connection resembling a “wormhole” or “warp gate”. This allows her to travel far and wide with little impediment, and also makes her very hard to keep track of.

Momentum Manipulation

(See Main Article: Momentum Control)


Vector’s closest-guarded secret is her ability to affect the forces of momentum (acceleration, speed and direction) to her whim. Where her control over Gravity allows her to harm or inconvenience foes, her control over momentum allows her to defy the laws of physics itself.

With but a thought she can alter the direction of any moving object, even if the object would have been torn apart by such a sudden change. For instance, she can fire bullets around corners, cause a car to turn on a dime, or cause an attacker’s fist to recoil back at himself. She could also run up to a wall and jump up at running speed, or cause water to run up a hill.

Simultaneous Spatial Existentiality

(See Main Article: Clone)


Her experiences during her Eruption has (as evidenced by statements during one TV interview) led her to believe that at least part of her power is derived from the tension between minimal units of time and space. Commonly known as Planck Space and Plack Time (See: related articles) these tiny measurements form the boundaries of an untold plethora of universes.

It is believed that her duplicate selves are drawn from that space-time known as Plack Space, where they emerge from the stasis in which she was captured at the time of her Eruption. It is theorized that each of these Clones represents a possible existence where Jadiza managed to survive her Eruption, but not escape her Purgatory and return to this dimension.

She utilizes her Wormholes to access this space and retrieve the Clones. Because they are composed of an unknown matter (probably native to the Purgatory, Planck Realm or Negative Space, whatever its called), they cannot remain in existence in an area with deviant gravity (below 0G or above 2G) or their fragile gravitational field will disintegrate.

When observed with any form of Quantum sight, she and her duplicates have wings of silvery quantum energy rising from their backs, resembling silver flames. These are the physical manifestion of their shared link through the Planck Purgatory. At her current level of control, Jadzia can have up to three such duplicates active. Her power is not sufficient to sustain additional copies in this reality.


This character complies to the following TV-Tropes:

TvTropes - Gravity Sucks!

TvTropes - GravityMaster

TvTropes - Art Major Phyisics

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Character Sheet - working model

Str 3, Dex 4 (Coordinated), Sta 4 (Energetic)

Per 4 (Astute), Int 5 (Rational), Wits 4 (Cunning)

Cha 3, Man 3, App 3

Initiative +8, Willpower 8, Quantum 5, Taint 2, Quantum Pool 30


Cipher 2, Node 2, Eufiber 5, Contacts 3, Resources 3, Sanctum 2, Reputation - XXX 3


Brawl 3, Drive 2, Pilot 2, Stealth 2, Endurance [3], Resistance [3], Awareness 2, Academics 2, Bureaucracy 2, Computer 3, Engineering 3, Linguistics 3, Science 4 (Physics), Arts 2 (Design), Biz 1, Rapport 2, Subterfuge 2

Languages: Italian (Native), English, German, Russian, French

Merits and Flaws

Concentration, Quantum Regeneration 3


Mega-Stamina 2 (Adaptation)

Mega-Wits 1 (Quickness)

Mega-Intelligence 1 (Mathematical Savant)

Mega-Perception 1 (Ultraperipheral Vision)

Quantum Powers

Psychic Shield 5

Gravity Control 4 (Gravity Field, Gravitic Crush, Gravitokinesis, Gravity Shield)

(-3 range, -2 Area)

Momentum Control 3 (Increase/Decrease Momentum, Momentum Transfer, Direction Change)

(-3 range, -2 Area)

Warp 2

Density Control 2 (Increase, fixed successes)

Clone 1 (Prerequisite: Warp active, Does not work <0G or >2G, Telepathic Link)

Character Sheet - with number crunching

Click to reveal..

Attributes - 5/7/3 +9 from NP

Str 2+1, Dex 3+1, Sta 3+1

Per 3+1, Int 4,+1 Wits 3+1

Cha 2+1, Man 2+1, App 2+1

Abilities – 23 +12 from NP(35)

Brawl 3, Drive 2, Pilot 2, Stealth 2, Endurance [3], Resistance [3], Awareness 2, Academics 2, Bureaucracy 2, Computer 3, Engineering 3, Linguistics 3, Science 4, Arts 2, Biz 1, Rapport 2, Subterfuge 2

Languages: Italian (Native), English, German, Russian, French

Backgrounds – 7 +10 from NP

Cipher 2, Node 2, Eufiber 5, Contacts 3, Resources 3, Reputation [3], Sanctum 2

Freebies – 15

Quantum +1 (7), Willpower +2 (4), Merits (4)

Merits/Flaws – 0 Net

Concentration (1)

Quantum Recovery (3)

Quantum 5, Quantum Pool 30, Taint 2

Nova Points – 50

+1 Quantum (Tainted) (3)

+9 Attributes (3), +12 Abilities (2), +15 Backgrounds (3), +3 Willpower (3)

Mega-Attributes (6)

Mega-Wits 1 (3) – Quickness

Mega-Int 1 (3) – Mathematical Savant

Powers (28)

Gravity Control 4 - Weakness: -3 Range, -2 Area, Strength: Cost -1 Level(12)

Momentum Control 3 - Weakness: -3 Range, -2 Area: Cost -1 Level(9)

Psychic Shield 5 (5)

4 left

Experience – 71

Warp 1 (9)

Warp 2 (7)

Mega-Stamina 2 (11) - Adaptability

Density Increase 1 (7)

Density Increase 2 (5)

Specialization on Arts: Design (1)

Specialization on Science: Physics (1)

Mega-Perception 1 - Ultraperipheral Vision(6)

Clone 1 (9) - Weakness: requires Warp to function (2), Does not function below 0G or above 2G (1), Strength: Extra (Telepathic Link, Costs 3 extra XP

60 spent, 11 left


Gravity Control (4) – Field, Shield, Blast, Gravitokinesis

Momentum Control (3) – Accelerate/Decelerate, Direction, Transfer

Click to reveal..
XP Expenditures

  • May (Gained 71 [starting amount], Spent 60, Total 71, XP left 11)
  • June (Current month)

To do: Work out 3 contacts, sanctum and reputation, Work out Eruption Fiction, Warp and Clone Fiction (Negative Matter Spatiality).

Edit 1: Mega-attribute cost 6 XP, not 5, altered in sheet

Edit 2: Reputation 3 added, Linguistics determined, Last 2 NP used to buy full Gravity Control without it being Tainted. Clone added, double-check with Ein regarding the Strength/Weakness.

Cipher reduced since Vector is a 'public nova' so much more is known about her than was in her initial incarnation. These points have been put into Sanctum instead.

Edit 3: Recalculated stuff due to forgetting Strengths/Weaknesses for powers and an incorrect XP total. Will double-check it over the weekend.

Future Plans and Investments:

Click to reveal..
If she learns how to join efforts with her Clones to combine their powers (through the Planck Purgatory, for lack of better term) I might buy the Merged extra for certain powers, which increases their power when used in multiples. However, that would likely require Quantum 6+, so it's a long-term goal.

I liked Quantum Constructs as an idea, but I dismissed it because you first need to buy Force Field for it, and it requires many successes to get anything really dangerous - and then not even to a Nova.

Reflect/Redirect, Spatial Control and the like are nice additions, but first I want to look more into Mega-Mental and perhaps Mega-Social stats (depending on how her interactions with other Novas goes).

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Physical Traits


Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race/Subrace: Mix of Caucasion and Negroid (Egyptian/Italian)

Frame or body type: Slight but athletic build, like a catburglar

Skin color: Cafe-au-lait, light brown

Eye color: Silver

Hair color: Silver

Level of attractiveness: Baseline level, attractive but not wildly lust-inducing

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: She has snakebite piercings in her lower lip.

Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable): She got them to celebrate her ability to control her powers after training on them for a year in Siberia.

Handedness: Right

Significant traits: She has slightly pointed ears, and faint freckles on the bridge of her nose.

Usual dress: She wears a black eufiber suit in business casual style, with a white tie. When expecting a fight she reshapes it into a tight-fitting transporter jumpsuit.

Jewelry or accessories worn: She does not commonly wear jewellery, since gravity does not play nice with loose objects.

Hairstyle: She usually carries her hair long, but when expecting action she often braids her hair along her ears, keeping the hair falling across her back in check.

Common physical and/or medical traits (deformities, chronic illness, etc.): She used to have an addiction to party-drugs and alcohol, which disappeared during her Eruption. She managed to have the discipline not to get into the heavier stuff.

Allergies: No allergies known.

Vocal type (shrill, booming, musical, etc.): Her voice is rather flat, as she hardly ever puts a lot of emotion into it. When her emotions do flare through, her voice becomes much more expressive.



Hometown: Monaco

Traumatic or defining childhood experiences (if any): She was always part of the popular crowd, since her family had money. She had few reasons beyond simple school anxiety to be traumatized by. Even so, she always figured she was adopted because she looked more like her mother than her father. It wasn't until her early teens when she found out the truth. Her first "trauma" would be her Eruption.

Attribute description (using adjectives rather than numbers): She's stronger and hardier than she looks, being able to go without food or sleep and working on a project for days. She has incredible focus and a quick, analytical mind which absorbs details and forms patterns and calculations almost instantly.

Effect on character’s personal life (if any): She has few friends since she has difficulty relating to Baselines and might be suffering from Asperger's syndrome or reduced emotional depth.

Effect on character’s professional life (if any): Once she gets focused on a project, she will finish it, sometimes forgoing everything else. She will forget meetings, food (she doesn't need it, so she won't notice), social get-togethers and holidays while in this hyper-focused state.

Description of any childhood friends/enemies: She used to be part of a group of friends including Giuseppe "Gio" Bernardi, Francesca Tollini, Umberto Traggi and Laetitia D'avenescue. They could often be found roaming parties and nightclubs throughout Monaco, and were quite infamous for their extravagant natures and habitual use of narcotics.

Current location/status of aforementioned friends/enemies: Umberto died due to an overdose, about a month before Jadzia's Eruption. Gio's still roaming the nightclubs, but has become a morose, brooding person. Francesca got married this year to a wealthy casino owner while Laetitia returned to France to finish her modern arts study.

Stupid childhood mistakes: Habitual drug use, occasional misdemeanors and a general lack of direction.

Dark secrets from past (if any): Her drug use is not widely know outside of Monaco, but it would pose some problems if it were to be found out.

Possible conflicts due to past: She kicked her habit partially because of the Eruption, and partially due to a feeling of guilt from Umberto's death. Gio's guilt turned him away from other people, and she feels responsible for not dragging him back from the brink.

Criminal record (if any): She had a host of small misdemeanors, but her record was expunged of minority offences when she turned 21.



Father’s name: Jean-Carlo Santiago

Father’s age: 51

Father’s profession: Physicist

Father’s current status: Alive and generally bottled in a lab

Description of father: A driven silver fox of a man, whose slightly graying hair doesn't seem to indicate his days of womanizing are behind him. Unlike the typical view of scientists, he is always immaculately dressed and possesses impeccable social senses. His empassioned speeches and gift for teaching have garnered him a good reputation, but his wealth and aloofness make it so he never accepts any job, research or task unless it interests him personally.

He took custody of his daughter when she was 4 years old, and it hasn't been easy on him to raise her. His work and love for the ladies meant he often had to work around her to give her an "ideal life". Unbeknowst to her, he had friends look out for her now and then, giving assistance when she needed it without being given the idea of getting a free ride.

Mother’s name: Zahra Al'zhiwad

Mother’s age: 24 (at time of death)

Mother’s profession: Diplomat

Mother’s current status: Deceased

Description of mother: Jadzia's mother was an up-and-coming diplomat in the service of Egypt's embassy in Monaco. During her day job, she met the fiery Jean-carlo, which led to the inevitable on-and-off relationship. When she got pregnant, she was transferred to the Home Department, where she was known for activism for women's rights in the eye of the law. Doing so, she probably got on the bad side of one of the more militant Muslim groups. One day, she was discovered in her car in the parking lot with her throat slashed. Under political pressure, Jadzia was given to her father in custody, and moved to Monaco.

Description of any siblings: She is an only child, but possibly there might be other (illegitimate) children from her father.

Character’s marital status: Single

Offspring (if any): None

Description of current family life: Her life is too busy and her work too demanding for her to build up a stable family life. In addition, she would feel uncomfortable holding a long-lasting relationship with a basline, unless her love would be strong. And possible Nova partners haven't come to the fore yet.

Important notes regarding any family members: She has a habit of being protective of her family, because she has seen examples where Novas' families were threatened or endangered because of enemies or idiots. Fortunately for her, her father is too sequestered to be in danger often.



How the character feels others perceive him/her: To baselines, I appear scary - be nice and polite and just act casual. Compared to other Novas I'm a grey mouse. Most seem impossibly beautiful, witty and charming. Don't any of them have real jobs?

Loyalties: She has no current Nova allegiances. While she has no particular love for Utopia, Teragen, DeVries or the like, she would work for them on a professional level as an architect. Obtaining her passion (and thus support) is a much harder task...

Generally trusted people: She trusts most officials (police, government) since that's properly arranged in Monaco. However, she understands (being born in Egypt and living close to Italy) that people are easily seduced.

Generally despised people: She despises cruelty, know-it-alls and Novas who use their powers just to gain fame and impress others.

General relationship with peers: Most Novas are hardly aware of her presence, or seem to acknowledge her only in the sidelines. She has difficulty making social contact, but in the company of people she has established contact with, she's loyal, bubbly and fiery at the same time.

General reaction to attractive members of the opposite sex: Unless they're Nova-level attractive she hardly acknowledges men due to her focus and lessened emotional urges. If she does get hit with the lust-o-whammy, she's passive-aggressive-attractive and any relations would last a short time.

What the character would kill for: Self-defense, defense of children

What the character would die for: Not having a child grow up without parents



Views on religion: She's a scientist and atheist - science is her religion.

Religious/spiritual traits and tendencies: Despite not believing in a "great creator", she does acknowledge that there must be more than we perceive because Novas can use it, see it, and even visit other dimensions.

Reason for such traits: Her father's occupation, possible lack of a female role model and being a Nova

Level of piety: None

Views on the supernatural: When you're a nova, there's no supernatural, you just look for who's pulling the strings.

Taboos or superstitions: She keeps a tight reign on her powers, and avoids using them in emotional distress. She believes that if she releases her powers fully, really bad things are going to happen.

Dreams or ambitions: She dreams of one day Novas and Baselines getting along and her being allowed to design a memorial building for that day.

Short-term goals: Meet other Novas, find out what being a Nova means, and how to act.

Long-term goals: Explore her powers and the avenues it opens up.

Plans to fulfill these goals: She hopes that after the Victoria Crush Extravaganza, more opportunities open up to involve herself in Nova life. She also plans to visit one or more Nova clubs.

Fears or phobias: She has a fear of losing control of her powers.

Possibility of overcoming: Training, using her powers and getting comfortable with Nova life might reduce her fears.

Possible methods of overcoming: Confrontation, or Soothing

Reaction to such fears: Usually she shuts down her powers, or tries to keep them under control with a tight fist.

Willingness to discuss or admit to fears: She is unwilling to discuss, admit or face her fears. This would require a lot of persuasion.

Attitude regarding material wealth: She is generally not interested in wealth. She keeps a steady level of income, and then accepts projects she enjoys (a trait she picked up from her father) to cover occasional spikes.

Level of greed/miserliness: None, really.

Level of generosity: She helps others if she feels they are worth it.

General attitude toward others: She starts out Neutral-friendly to people, adjusted by a continuous running total of people's actions in her mind,

Requirements to gain the character’s trust: Varies by person; she keeps a mental note of people's actions and reactions, and adjusts her attitude accordingly.

Introverted or extroverted: Introverted

Favorite food: She greatly enjoys rustic Italian food

Favorite beverage: Iki beer, a Japanese beer made from green tea

Favorite dessert: Tiramisu (hey, no weight gain, no problems!)

Mealtime tendencies: She eats very irregularly, only when inclined to.

Foods the character finds disgusting or refuses to eat: She won't eat fast food - she abhors it and finds its taste plastic or toxic.

Favorite color (if any): Black, white and Silver, complementing her own colors.

Musical interests/talents (if any): She has a taste ranging from Metal, Trance and New Age to Classical.

Artistic/literary interests/talents (if any): She reads anything she can get, but has an annoying tendency to guess the ending before she finishes it...

Views on government: She generally appreciates government, and understands it's a necessity. She dislikes the ponderous system they usually turn into, though.

Most treasured possession: She has a small snowglobe on her desk with a winter scene in France from when her childhood friends' group travelled to France.

Lucky charm (if any): She does not believe in lucky charms



Description of education: She's trained in Physics, Mathematics and Architecture

Profession: Architect

Reason for profession: She seeks structure and balance, and wants to design things that are technically impossible.

Professional history: She started up a freelance design agency which has moderate success despite her mercurial attitude towards jobs.

Usual mode of travel: Warp gates

Chance of sea/motion sickness: She doesn't get seasick

Travel fears (if any): She's not to keen on Warping into space - otherwise it's all good.

Description of home: Her home is minimalist, black/chrome, well-appointed and festooned with technological gadgets. In shrill contrast, her bedroom is a mess, with books, games and movies strewn all over. She shares her home with a black Maine Coon called Smokey.

Description of neighborhood: A nouveau-riche gated community in Monaco. Neighbours hardly ever see her come or go, as she travels by Warp when she leaves her home. She pays high utility costs to escape any menial labor (including the lawn, cleaning and chores) instead secluding herself with her CAD-CAM programs.



Under construction


She has a well-appointed house in the Alps of Monaco, amid snowy fields, which has been built partially into the mountain side. It serves as her retreat from the world when she's not in her appartment in the city.

Reputation - Monaco Elite

She is well respected by the wealthy and influential in Monaco and neighbouring families. She's a successful architect, not unattractive and a Nova to boot. She sometimes visits one of the socialites' parties, even though her heart's not really in it. This aloofness mis-translates onto them as just the proper level of haughtiness.

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