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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Pacem Veneficae

Toby Lupin

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(Set during Repercussions)

The door closed to the club room, leaving everyone outside. Darrik leaned quietly outside on the opposite wall, left shoulder weighed down, though by nothing visible. Flicker was there of course, giving him the details of Skye's fight, since as his wont, he happened to pass by and then see the cat-fight (a bad pun used there) going on from the safety of a corner, quite invisible as now.

His teeth gritted, angered for two reasons. The first, was quite simple. Even if no other race of yokai gave a flying fuck, his last name was Saliusann. Son of the head of the High Council, so there was a certain amount of responsibility that he had to the other magi. It was the Warlock way, the leaders could be removed if the people felt they were not properly doing their job.

And that meant that Darrik was going to keep his fellows from getting tangled up in the politics that the Hengeyokai and any other infatuated females were pulling to get proxies to fight for them and overwhelm Skye. Unfortunately, Ennon and Drugan had not been so discerning. Those damn twins...

Granted, Priti was involved... Darrik knew certainly, that Ennon had an strong and known crush on the nekojin, but she only cared to the extent that she could use it to make him serve her. When combined with the fraternal loyal of the twins, Drugan would certainly have gotten involved.

Nonetheless, Darrik wasn't going to forgive them on account of mitigating factors. Especially for the second reason, strange as it would seem. Darrik felt morally obligated to help Skye, as he could. How much different really was his harassment by other males from what Skye had just been hit by? She didn't like him true, but they were polite and close enough (a mile wide honestly) that he couldn't just turn a blind eye.

And maybe she would understand that she was wrong about him, or at least, change her attitude a little more. In any case, Darrik had to do some work. Starting with Drugan and Ennon. Darrik started walking off, drawing Kyra and Delilah's attention. "Where are you going?"

Darrik continued walking, but smiled back at everyone else. "Tell Skye she'll not have to worry about being attacked by Ennon and Drugan, or any other magi for that matter."

Without waiting for answers, he turned a corner and went onward. "Flicker," he whispered to the still present unseen imp, "do some spy work. Look out for Priti, and the hengeyokai. Find out who is trying to intimidate Skye."

"Will do." Darrik felt the weight of the imp fall off as Flicker jumped away. Now, to find two problematic twins and bring sense to their heads- and to warn off everyone else from the Valley of Magic.

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Ennon and Drugan were not hard to find. They were habitual creatures, and since the witches and warlocks kept an eye out for one another, Darrik knew they’d be one of two places. The first, and the place he hoped to find them, was the library. The second place was Priti’s room, where Ennon would be ‘helping’ her with homework (and likely doing it all himself) while Drugan loyally hung out and watched out for his ‘baby’ brother.

The library was a no-go, and with a growl, the son of the High Council Head went to Priti’s room. There he found them, but they weren’t working on homework. They seemed to be arguing. Haruna, Priti’s roommate, was sitting at her desk, trying to ignore them, but the young griffin was clearly all-too aware of them. Darrik caught that they were talking and he slowed, hiding just outside the door to listen.

“-us in lots of trouble!” Ennon’s voice, whining.

“They’re going to tell my mom,” Drugan moaned, his voice sounding weirdly nasal since Skye had broken his nose. The white cast and black eyes made even the slightest change in facial expressions painful, and the young warlock was grumpy. “We’re going to get in trouble at home, too, Priti! You said you were just to rattle her up.”

“She was rattled.” Priti wasn’t the smartest girl around; she sounded more annoyed than anything. “And they’re going to tell all our parents. We’re all in trouble, so just chill out.”

“Chill out!?” Drugan all-but yelled. “My parents don’t ground. They do worse. We’ll be cleaning out the labs for weeks. Do you know what they do in those things!?

“No and I don’t care,” Priti sighed. The sound of a file rasping over nails was audible. “It’s all under control. So we have some detention, big deal.”

“It is a big deal to Drugan and me,” Ennon said, his voice wheedling.

The filing paused. “And I’ll make it up to you, somehow. You’ll see.” Darrik heard the coy smile in her voice.

He also heard Drugan’s growl of disgust as he rose. “Ennon, come on. Let’s go somewhere else.” Darrik could hear the twins leaving the room.

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Drugan and Ennon came upset, out into the communal section of the dorm room, only to come face to face with a quiet, but serious-looking and intent Darrik. "Darrik!" Ennon looked a little surprised by the sudden presence of one of the magi's leading students, and he felt a mite worried as to the son of Salius' expression. "Were you looking for us?"

Drugan on the other hand, took an extra moment to process what he was seeing, but that extra time also provided him with the realization as to the reason Darrik was omniously glowering at him. Skye and Darrik were in the newspaper club. "Shit- Look... Darrik-" Drugan tried to force out through his nasal-damaged tones.

"Shit is right." Darrik announced calmly but in a dangerous fashion as it appeared to the overstressed injured younger warlocks. "I was looking for you, but this will wait a moment. Get out into the hall, and wait for me there. Don't think about leaving."

The twins complied immediately, shuffling out into the hall and giving Darrik space to enter Priti's room and close the door behind himself. Priti looked up from her continuance of filing and looked at Darrik as if he was a fly that was hovering around her lemonade glass too much.

"Don't look at me like that. The boys agreed to help- it's not a big- Mmph." Darrik, torqued off by the nekojin's casual ignorance of her manipulations and actions, gestured his hand slightly and bonds of shadow snapped out, first covering the cat girl's mouth, before entangling her arms and legs in place.

Starting to resist in surprise, Priti's eyes bugged wide open as the room began to darken and the shadows lengthen, choking out all but a little light. Darrik was still quite visible, taking a step forward and gazing at Priti.

"You think this is just a game." he said quietly. "It's not, what you did was as serious to me as what I'm doing now." As if to emphasize that he meant business, several thin serpents of inky shadow coiled out and started twisting around Priti without a sound. Though they were really just shadow projections, they appeared and felt real, making the nekojin start to quiver and shake slowly.

"I know Skye, and if she really wanted to, Ennon and Drugan would have been far more hurt," Darrik went on, "and as is, I'm very displeased that you manipulated them into this. I have no intention of hurting you, but you are going to tell whose idea this was, or you'll be having night terrors for a while. Now, will you tell me?"

Priti shrank, losing her careless demeanor and nodded frantically. Darrik came close and leaned in closely, letting the mouthguard shrink a little. She whispered, not really able to speak any louder: "It was my idea. Honest. I was nearby when Lady Haineko was talking with some of her friends. She called me over, I mean Lady Haineko. She talked with me a little bit, then someone mentioned Skye and Kuroshiimaru, and Haineko got upset. She said that she wished someone would teach her a lesson... I thought she would be really appreciative if I scared Skye off."

Haineko... a noble hengeyokai, Darrik knew, and one of the cheerleaders on Delilah's team... A rather manipulative bitch, as Darrik had heard. So Priti had certainly been given the implication to attack. That was one, if not the only foe, identified.

Darrik smiled suddenly, and then the snakes vanished. The darkness faded into room light, and the bonds left, leaving Priti space to quite visibly relax. "I won't tell anyone." She anxiously promised quickly, still afraid enough to conceal this event.

"Fair enough," Darrik replied. "See ya."

Afterward, he was outside with Ennon and Drugan, and both had no inclination to contest Darrik's instructions. "You're not going to do anything like what happened today again. And spread the word to the other magi in the school. Nobody from the Valley of Magic threatens or harms Skye... unless they want to draw my unfavorable attention."

Both boys agreed, and then he let them go.

Quietly, he started back to the newspaper room for now. How to act on the information, he had one general thought. This was something for Skye and Kuroshiimaru, so he would tell them. And... potentially Delilah.

She boasted about bringing them together, so perhaps she could be obliged help deal with Haineko. Though Flicker was still going to have to report back...

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Originally Posted By: Darrik
"Tell Skye she'll not have to worry about being attacked by Ennon and Drugan, or any other magi for that matter."

"Huh?" Delilah muttered, mouth dropping open in confusion, but Darrik had already left before the succubus could elaborate on her succinct question.

And Ms. Nekomone stopped her from following after him by demanding Delilah stick around to finish developing the photos for the newspaper. She knew otherwise, it was very likely Delilah would get distracted and they wouldn't get finished. Surprisingly, despite her vivacious and flighty nature, Delilah showed a very fine hand at photography, she just needed a little direction to apply herself.

Coming back to the Newspaper Club Room, Darrik saw a light in the Photography Room next door, as well as hearing an indistinct, but sexy voice murmuring. Poking his head in, he found it empty save for Delilah, who was pouring over the photos she had taken, making notations for Ms. Nekomone about which ones to use in a script as curvaceous as her own anatomy. Two in three, at least, would be deemed to risque for a student publication, at least by the faculty, but Delilah knew they were all prudes anyway. She was trying to figure out how to slip in some sexy shots without Ms. Nekomone noticing, when she tasted Darrik's normal irritatingly smug emotions, overlaid with contemplative concern enter the room behind her.

Delilah leaned her chair back on two legs, tilting her head over the back of the chair to look at Darrik, who looked to be walking in the room on the ceiling from her point of view - then again, all the desks and chairs appeared to on the ceiling too. Darrik saw her burgundy pig-tails brushing the floor, and the way she was arching her back made her boobs rise up from her chest like a pair of massive, majestic mountains, barely constrained by her overly distressed shirt. With her feet propped up on the table, her short skirt was riding extremely high on her luscious thighs.

"Hey, Darrik! What's up?" she chirped brightly, though after a second, her red brows furrowed in puzzlement. "What were you saying before 'bout Skye being attacks by wizards or something? Why would they attack her - just for being a bitch? She's not that bad! And plus, I bet with a boyfriend, she'll mellow out a lot, now."
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Darrik chuckled with humorlessness. "I'd thought a social animal like you would have known, it's all over the school by now. Anyway, about that last line of yours-" "What about it?" Delilah asked curiously, taking a breath and inflating her chest in a manner that continued the mountainous elevation most impressively.

Darrik pointedly ignored that and the resulting climax of tensions on Delilah's shirt. "I'm not disagreeing that both Skye and Kurosoroshiimaru benefit from their relationship, and I won't object to your pushing them together... but that has made Skye many enemies. Hengeyokai and othewise, who for political and/or romantic reasons, don't want her in the prince's arms."

"And that's what happened earlier. One of these enemies, rather than take up the issue personally convinced Priti, this nekojin," Delilah could feel a sharp jolt of personal disgust from Darrik, "to attack Skye and thus motivate her to stay away from Kurosoroshiimaru."

Darrik let Delilah chew on that before continuing. "And unfortunately, Ennon has had a crush on Priti making him vulnerable to her whims. Compounding that, Drugan won't leave his twin brother to such dangerous things as attacking Skye alone. Thus, those idiots helped her out. The problem, is that this won't be the last of it, so I am spreading the word that any magi who is bribed, persuaded, convinced, manipulated or otherwise agrees to and attacks Skye will answer to me for it."

The concern factor was smelling strong now, with an addition of worry for the well-being of said magi.

"And if you know where the angel and her cat man are, I plan on telling them who sent Priti."

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"You mean all that talk about the catfight was real?" Delilah exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, Delilah, it was all too real. As I was saying-"

"But I worked so hard, gave up my own interest, so Skye could be happy! And she is, everyone's seen her smile now, right? At least once anyway!"

Rocking slightly in her precariously balanced chair, Delilah suddenly stilled, the jiggling of her fleshy mountains stilling a long moment later. A melancholy, but knowing smile graced her pursed lips.

"Lust is easy, love is hard," she said firmly, and it had the sound of a proverb. With surprising athleticism for a girl so voluptuous and soft looking, Delilah flipped adroitly out of her chair, flashing Darrik a long look of bare thigh and lacey, black panties. Raising her arms to seal the performance, hands poised just so, her eyes flared with purple fire, and her grin was fierce, flashing a hint of fang. "But that doesn't mean we can't help them out some!"

Delilah strutted up to Darrik - and the warlock couldn't help but remember having his hands on her exaggerated curves - and loped an arm around his shoulders, holding him close. Her sultry voice was persuasive and confidence. "C'mon, tell me whoever sent whoever at Skye, and we'll get this all straightened out before Skye and Kuro are bothered by it."

"Delilah," Darrik said sternly, "this doesn't actually involve you. It involves them, and it's up to them how they want to deal with it. So if you can just-"

"It does involve me, Darrik," Delilah countered pleadingly, swinging him around and facing him directly, her hands on his shoulders. Her enormous assets filled all the space between them. "I got them together, even if they don't realize it, and any of the bad stuff that they've suffered is partially my fault. I need to help!"

Delilah pressed slightly closer, and oddly, Darrik didn't think it was because she was trying to be seductive - though she hardly needed to try. Delilah was simply being eager and passionate. "C'mon! Teeeeell me! I swear - may an angel, as mean as they are, strike me, if I can't - I can help! Just give me a chance. And then, I'll tell you where to find them."

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Darrik flushed a bit at Delilah's pushing closeness, he could still handling Delilah's package with lust... but aside from the influence of boobs, he did admit that she was looking at this from a similar perspective as his, at least as far as the second of his motivations went.

"Give me a minute to decide." He wasn't quite that decided yet. "I don't think you'd like to know who anyway."

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Delilah huffed, her mountainous assets heaving against the warlock, shoving Darrik back a step, then stepped back herself and crossed her arms. Her chin rose up and she gave him a pointed sniff.

"I didn't like knowing I'm half angel, especially after meeting Kyohei's bitchy sisters. I hardly think learning whoever is gunning for Skye is going to be worse than that." After a long moment, Delilah's pretty head tilted to the side and she peered upwards, reconsidering. "Unless... Skye is being attacked by the half-sister I never knew I had, who's the celestial daughter of my angel father who died before I was born."

The succubus refocused on the warlock, her purple eyes intent. "Is it a half-sister I never knew I had?"

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The surprise rolled off Darrik like a massive wave. "No," he mumbled in utter shock, "nothing like that at all. Half-angel... how do you know this anyway?" Then he decided to give Delilah what privacy on the matter she hadn't dumped away. "Forget that, actually, don't say."

"Sometimes, I need to stop exaggerating... It's your squad mate Haineko. Now please tell me where Skye and Kurosoroshiimaru are."

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Delilah's full lips parted in surprise. "Haineko?" Her lips tightened fiercely, and she held up a fist, surrounded by a corona of Hellish green fire. "Haineko?" She straightened her slender shoulders and raised her chin to a regal angle, her voice becoming flat and level, cold. "Haineko."

Then she smiled exuberantly and grabbed Darrik's hand, hauling him bodily across the Photography Room to the side door leading to the next classroom. "C'mon! I know where Skye and Kurosoroshiimaru are - I was even good and everything, didn't peek, not once - okay once, but I didn't see anything. I know exactly how to solve this!"

She rapped on the door, but pushed it before hearing - or waiting for - a reply, barging into the Newspaper Room, Darrik in tow.

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