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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Kurosoroshiimaru

Togashi Kagato

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("Terrible Perfect Darkness")- Prince of Cats, Heir to the Beast Court Throne, Lord of the Night-Blooming Flowers, Duke of Panthers

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160lbs

Race: Hengeyokai (Animal Demon - in his case, a cat); Kuromaru is also a daiyokai, one of the rare 'Great Animal Demons', taking after his father.

Quote:"I've seen kittens with more decorum - and pigs with better manners."


Pureblooded, gorgeous, charismatic, dangerous, temperamental and arrogant. The favored son of the Lord of Beasts, Kuromaru (only his parents and, grudgingly, his siblings get away with such familiarity) knows he is born to one day take his father's place. The problem with this is that his father, despite adoring his son and lauding his confidence, feels that the aloof and scornful attitude Kuromaru displays to practically everyone is not befitting a ruler of any kind. The Panther King, current incumbent on the Beast Throne, knows that wisdom lies in fostering cooperative attitudes even in underlings, not in barely deigning to notice them unless it is to swat one for not getting out of the way fast enough. Monster Academy would give the young daiyokai something everyday life in his father's court lacked: a peer group.

Naturally, the spoiled prince is hardly enthralled with the idea of learning to integrate with humanity, nor of studying at a school that lets any monster in, regardless of breeding. Timetables?! Homework?! Why could he not be tutored at home, where there were servants and an unstructured approach to life. Was he not gifted beyond others his age? Who else had mastered the change to the dangerous Daiyoukai form at such a young age?! But an order from the Panther King, the only voice Kuromaru recognises as authority, is binding to the young yokai, and so he packed his belongings, snarling curses under his breath the whole time, and went to school.


Tall, imperious and coldly beautiful as only one of the spirit-folk could be. Kuromaru's hair is pure white, as with all royal hengeyokai, and worn loose, the wind stirring it as he moves. Kuromaru moves with quiet languorous grace, straight-backed and aristocratic in his demeanour, and in human form invariably dresses in well-tailored blazer and slacks even when out of school uniform. In his yokai shape he appears dressed in a beautiful scarlet, gold and white Imperial kimono. He possesses an aura of cool dominance that, coupled with his inhuman beauty, both attracts people to his side and daunts them from getting too close. Something about the hengeyokai prince's cold emerald stare doesn't invite over-familiarity.

He is obviously not human even aside from his hair: his ears are strangely shaped and lightly furred on the outsides, his vivid green-gold eyes are catlike, and he bears the caste-marks of the Cat Kings on his cheeks and forehead. A minor shapeshift masks these features when he must pass for human, though his eyes are always the same shimmering green-gold, regardless of the shape of the iris. In human shape his hair is black as a raven's wing and shoulder length, shorter than it's true length.


Aloof and arrogant, Kurosoroshiimaru's positive character traits are hard to distinguish at first: the best most could say after meeting him is that he was at least quietly aloof and arrogant.

More positive traits do exist upon second glance, however. Kuromaru carries himself with a coldly regal noblesse oblige. Though he brooks no familiarity, even from teachers, he is distantly polite to any that don't invite his scorn. He has pledged to his father that he will not shame his House at Monster Academy, and when the Prince of Cats makes a formal pledge, he honours it even when he would rather eat his own foot.

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