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Iron Rose

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Rianna had sat through yet another monotanous day of classes, not really learning anything new, but going through the motions to satisfy requirements for her doctorates.

Cecilia, her roommate, was the one of the only two other novas on campus, and one with an interesting natural form in every respect. Rianna'd never asked about it, simply accepting that the mysteries of quantum abound, and not everyone had it so easily as she did.

She opened the door and noticed for the first time a very different odor, one that generably hadn't been so bad. Looking around she didn't see anything immediately, so she went to her room and grabbed a change of clothes. She'd handle things after a shower.

That thought lasted until she got to the shower she shared with Cecilia. There was a large amount of ultrafine shed fur in the bottom, blocking the drain as well.

"Now this hasn't happened before."

She knocked on Cecilia's door. "I think we need to have a little talk..."

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Cecilia has been back from classes about two hours now. By now she's been doing what she usually does between classes. Sitting back in her computer chair and playing a game on her X-box 360.

She happens to hear the knock on her door and quickly dorms down. As she knows a few people might be freaked out over seeing a anthropomorphic red panda staring them down when the door is open.

"It's Open!"

She looks back and sees it's Rianna.

"Heya Rianna! What's up?"

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She let herself in and chuckled. "Did you forget to clean out the shower again? It's completely clogged at the bottom." She sighed.

She had to be careful how she vocalized things, because virtually no one knew what Cecilia actually looked like.

"There's no need for you to dorm when it's just us anyway. Just do what makes you comfortable."

"That said, there's shed fur all over out side." Her voice dropped to a relative whisper. "I thought we talked about this."

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"Ah good." Cecilia changes back to her normal form.

"Sorry about that Ria. I came from class and promptly parked my ass here and started gaming."

She gets up and faces Rianna

"Huh? I haven't noticed I was shedding. Sorry about that. I'll try to leave my fuzz outside. That or vacuum before you come home."

She scratching her head.

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"More like I came home and my copy of Tales of Vesperia finally came in the mail"

She chuckles.

"Really it's more of the fact the classes are getting really freaking boring. Hell I finished the Textbooks for them over the first weekend."

Unknowingly, Cecilia's shedding right now.

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Rianna chuckled, and brushed her shoulder. The new game story made sense, her video game love made it easy to keep track of her.

"Yeah, I'm done too, now it's just taking tests and sitting through class."

She nodded. "You're shedding Cecilia."

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Rianna nodded, "A couple meatlovers with mushrooms, and a few orders of breadsticks."

She made the order and chuckled.

"You know I think they fight or at the least have some sort of contest to see who gets to make the delivery."

She nodded. "At least they're always on time."

"Since you spent awhile on it, how far have you gotten?"

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