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Travis smiled briefly, enjoying the view Felicienne gave him. She did have a very nice body but there were more important matters to attend to. He could already see 2 of the BlackOps slowly working their way towards the balcony. Teargas was billowing to the sides and slightly upwards granting the heavily armored and weaponed soldiers some cover.

As Travis came closer he could hear how the men radioed their status to each other and by the way this went he expected at least another 3 men inside the appartment.

Something about their accent..., the men were speaking french and he had the odd sensation of knowing roughly where they came from. One of them had just reached the balcony when Travis decided to swoop around him and with a precise telekinetic burst he made him slip against one of the supportive pillars knocking the man out. His friend was just a step behind him and opened fire but missed Travis by several yards.

The BlackOps requested for reinforcement as he moved carefully under the cover from the balcony and teargas to get a better angle at Travis who waited patiently for his next window of opportunity.

Just when he thought the soldier had made a wrong step he heard a very angry and female hiss right behind the man. Felicienne had managed to climb to the other side getting behind the soldier who had obviously forgotten about her and didn’t expect an attack coming from behind him. Her strong legs were wrapped around his upper body and with a violent jerk she sent the man flying over the railing of the balcony and down into his death.

From inside the BlackOps opened suppressive fire and Travis quickly swooped back to pick up Felicienne.

„Hang on tight!“, he yelled at her and she gladly wrapped herself around his body. Her eyes were still blindfolded and he could only imagine how badly the teargas had inflicted her. Knowing that time was running out he looked up to fly straight to the roof of the Wynn and then decide their next move. He heard the telltale noise of a handgrenade rolling over the floor and as it reached the balcony he quickly flicked it back using his power before he lifted off.

Once he reached the roof he could feel the building shaking briefly under him just as the grenade exploded. Felicienne had obviously kept some secret from him... these weren’t ordinary burglars.

„Feli? You ok?“, he slowly removed the blindfold seeing how she was still shedding tears. She seemed ok aside from that, though.

Click to reveal..
Roll: [19 +5 Modifier +2 Circumstance B...SS.

Travis has a hunch that these guys may be AMSU. Maybe if you found the time to search one of their bodies he could make sure if he’s right or wrong. Felicienne will recover from the gas quickly, no penalties aside from hurt pride.

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Felicienne coughed roughly, scrubbing at her reddened eyes, hot tears making them itch. "I am being very angry, Travis," she growled in her low, accented voice, R's rolling deliciously. "I am not knowing who these men are being, but I am wishing to find out. They have trespassed into my home, destroyed, and I am not even knowing why. I have done nothing!" Felicienne unwrapped the military harness from around her neck, fingering it as she glared down, toward where her apartment was. She seemed more angry with what they had done to place than they fact they had tried to shoot her.

"Alight then, stay here, I'll be right back." Travis didn't wait for her reply before diving off the roof and down to the ruined condo where black smoke was now pouring from the hole in the side of the building. The remaining windows and the slider out to the balcony were shattered; jagged glass clung to the frames like rotten broken teeth stained black from the oily smoke. Travis heard the sound of water and knew that the fire suppression systems had engaged, if not as intended, instead having been torn open in the explosion. The building would not come down but Felicienne's condo would need extensive remodeling.

The soldier that had been knocked unconscious on the balcony still lay there, unmoving. Travis held no pity for the man, if he lived it would be by simple dumb luck. If he lived long after Feli got a hold of him it would be divine intervention. Travis grabbed the man with his telekinesis, it was effortless, and he flew back up the roof and dropped him to the gravel without ceremony.

Setting down next to the soldier and Feli, Travis began to inspect the man's gear and clothing. He turned out the pockets looking for something that would confirm the suspicion he had. After a couple of minutes he looked up at the young woman, appreciating her beauty, the tightness of the dress making it clear that there was only that one garment between her and him. "Have you ever been to Algeria?" he asked her abruptly.

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Felicienne knelt down on the opposite side of the body, her nails lengthened into sharp claws, her gold-flecked green eyes narrowed into a savage glare, lips peeled back, revealing pearly teeth. She had never killed anyone before, baring the man she had knocked off the balcony, killing was just too... messy when if could have been easily avoided. Yet, she felt no remorse, merely a sort of regret that a dead body might lead to questions directed at her, intruding on her indolent life.

The man laying before her did raise her ire, but she she wasn't inclined to kill him, perhaps a mere mauling would suffice. As Travis searched him, Felicienne did as well, making liberal use of her sharp claws and surprising strength. In short order, the Black Ops member was striped naked and stripped in long, bleeding scratches.

"Have you ever been to Algeria?" Travis asked her, with little relevance to her way of thinking. He is knowing more, I am thinking... Her eyes narrowed on him in suspicion.

"Non." She searched through the shredded remains of her clothing, finding a creased a photo, 'R.L.' written on the back with a black pen. "Pourquoi? Why?"

Whatever his response was going to be initially went unheeded, when she saw who was depicted in the photo. It was a woman, very attractive. At first, she thought it might have been a picture of herself with a longer hair, but a closer inspection revealed that it was not, in fact, her. But the resemblance was undeniable, if not necessarily familial.

She tossed the photo on top of the man laying supine between them, the thick, glossy paper sticking to the coagulating blood, her gaze returning to Travis. "Who are being these men?" she demanded in a whispered snarl.

Her clawed fingers curled as she glanced at the naked man once more, her gaze lingering on his rather more delicate areas. There was nothing sexual in her expression, just a predator's cold will, hiding a vulnerability she wasn't even aware of. Travis could almost see the wild animal's nonchalance for the kill warring with a self-indulgent woman's particular innocence in some matters.

"I am wanting to know who there are, and I am wanting them to hurt."

Click to reveal.. (Oops!)

There is suppose to be a pic I was going to link, but I forgot the address on my other computer. Will add it in when I get home after gaming.

The Initials R. L. are written with a Pen on the backside of the Photograph

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"You're certain? Absolutely certain, that you have never been to Algeria? Or stolen something from the Algerian government or a diplomat?"

The sour expression on Travis' face prompted a more careful and open reply. "No. Never. Do you know who these men are or not?"

"I do. They are Algerian Anti-Mutant SWAT Unit. Government sponsored mutant killers basically. Mutant basically have no rights in Algeria, and these fucks are the ones tasked with tracking them down, and incarcerating or killing them." He shook his head slowly, his mouth twisted in a grimace.

Felicienne laid the photo out for Travis to see, "They were looking for her. She is not me." Travis picked up the photo, gazing at the woman depicted in rapt silence. "There are initials on the back. 'R.L.'" She paused, watching him look at the photo, "Are you knowing the woman they are looking for? Are you familiar with this woman?"

Slowly Travis tore his eyes from the photo to look at Feli, "Familiar is a good word for it. Deja-vu might be more appropriate though. I couldn't tell you who this is, but looking at this picture I feel like I should." He shook his head, "I don't know, it ... my memory isn't what it used to be, but I wouldn't be surprised to find I have a connection with this woman."

"How are you forgetting a woman like this? She is almost as beautiful as I. You could not forget me could you?" Felicienne's claw tipped fingers dug a quartet of furrows in the back of the man between them as she leaned forward toward Travis.

Travis smiled back, "How could I? The wardrobe damage alone is scarred into my memory." She scoffed and leaned back on her haunches. "Unless you plan to torture him more we should go." He thought about it and added, "Elsewhere. I'm not sure. The city is a powder keg ready to blow. While you were having guests police and mutants are starting a riot; the MIC is bursting at the seams. Any ideas?"

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Felicienne cocked her head to the side, considering the ripped and unconscious man, then shook her head, her nose scrunching up. Besides not being trained in getting answers through the application of pain, the AMSU member was beyond reacting, and it was unnecessarily messy as well. She cleaned her fingers on his shredded garments and gave Travis a stubborn frown.

"The MIC, that is not concerning me, nor the policiers," Felicienne said with unthinking, self-absorption and a sharp, dismissive wave. "These men, these Algerians," she spat the name with a surprising disdain, "They are not paying enough. I am wanting to follow them and return them some of the inconvenience they are inflicting on me."

A firm, slender shoulder rose and fell in what Travis realized with an embarrassed, self-conscious shrug. Felicienne couldn't believe she had panicked and called Travis when she had been attacked. She should have known she could have handles this herself. And yet, she was glad for his presence. Odd, other than for certain times, she found his persistent insistence amusingly tiresome. "Are you being willing to accompany me?"

And I want to know how an Algerian Spec Ops Force is operating in the US, Travis though, appraising this temperamental beauty. But she certainly seemed capable of handling herself. "My wardrobe suffering is one thing. But yours? There's no excuse, especially since I didn't get do any of the damage," the dashing blond said with a smirk. "Let's go punish us some GiBs." He mentally sighed at her confused expression. "Goons-in-Black. Though after that boom in your room, I'm pretty sure they've cleared out."

Felicienne snorted contemptuously, tapping the side of her nose. "These 'goons-in-black', they are not getting away so easily, no? Come, we go back to my villa. I will find their trail," she said confidently. She picked up the photo once more, stuffing it in her pocket, then picked up the AMSU members clothes and tossed then off the roof. Her keen ears could hear the wailing of distantly approaching fire engines.

Travis went to put her taut waist, but she tossed him a playfully mocking grin and jumped off the edge, twisting adroitly in mid-air. She caught herself against the side of the Wynn Resort more than halfway down then acrobatically scampered the rest of the way down to her balcony and tumbled gracefully into her condo, hissing at the water still spritzing down, though it was hardly more than a mist - Las Vegas was extremely water-efficient and wasted as little as possible.

Travis reached the balcony barely a step behind her, not caring for the water any more than his feline friend. So it was mightily serendipitous when the fire-suppression system gave one more sputter, then the water stopped falling. Felicienne gave him a level look - almost accusatory - then picked her way through the remains of her apartment, furious at the sight. Many of the furnishings were specially commissioned or rare, and it had been arrange to her satisfaction. It was going to be a bother to replace it. She wouldn't be lazing away here anytime soon.

Disliking the wetness against her bare feet, Felicienne leapt up the open, broken flight of stairs to her bedroom loft, hoping at least one pair of shoes had been spared from her collection. At distressing amount had been damaged or stained from the water, but she found a pair of over-the-knee Christian Louboutin boots still in the box, hidden in the back of her closet that had escaped the AMSU assault. Even better, then black heels went well with her tight, short, dark-grey dress. At least she wouldn't have to clash.

Having found the apartment empty of any abandoned AMSU, Travis peeked out into the hall, wondering what Felicienne was looking for, when he suddenly found her at his side, nearly capable of looking him straight in the eyes. Felicienne was the only woman he knew who could walk in absolute silence in four-inch heels.

Felicienne took her own peek down the hall, one way then the other. Finding it empty, she glided smoothly into the hall, hips swaying easily above her heels. She bent at waist, bending nearly double, then arched her back as she inhaled deeply, searching for scents lingering on the air.

Hot metal and gunpowder, blood and a native scent comparable to the man they had left naked on the roof, and the scent of them she had unconsciously noticed when they had first burst into her condo. If it was in the air, she would find it and follow it wherever it led, be it the emergency stairwell, the room they had based the assault from, or elsewhere.

The hunt was on.

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The scent she picked up was relatively fresh and strong and Felicienne’s hunting instincts took over as she started to half run, half prowl down the corridor. Travis was still checking her appartment, making sure there was no one who would suddenly fall in their backs. The grenade had killed 3 more of the AMSU rising the body count to 5. That left 1 last AMSU who seemed lucky enough to dive out of harm’s way.

Or maybe he wasn’t the lucky one... Travis watched Feli’s taut body bounce with incredible feline grace around the corner getting just a brief look of her breathtaking body before she disappeared. He had to be quick on his feet to keep up with her.

As he reached the next corner he saw her just dive up through a ventilation shaft and disappear yet again with uncanny speed. Fortunately he was able to catch up and under his own power he simply floated behind her getting another tasty look of her fine ass. By now he could hear the heavy breathing of the AMSU ahead, Felicienne almost had him but he managed to slip out of the shaft and get back into the next floor. The catlike mutant simply followed by diving right behind him and managed to pounce on the man’s shoulders like a huge predator.

Travis heard a heavy thud and a moan followed by a hiss and slashing sounds. He floated slowly to the floor, securing the corridor and slowly approached Felicienne who was holding the man by his collar with extended claws.

Click to reveal..
Unfortunately the AMSU must’ve swallowed some kind of poison since white foam is spuming out of his mouth. He is desperately breathing for air before his eyes lol back and his body goes limp. Feli knows this man is dead. Unlike the other AMSU he looks to be their squadleader. There’s a PDA on him and an extensive map with blueprints of the Wynn. The PDA is locked and in arabic, though. Maybe an computer expert can unlock its content and reveal its secrets...
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Travis exited the vent almost immediately after Felicienne. The woman already had the AMSU on the floor and under control. Travis checked the hall, no one was around, they were safe for the moment. He immediately stepped around the mutant and the racist when he heard the wet choking sound of the man struggling to breathe as his lungs filled with fluid. Foam and spittle oozed from his mouth as he died. Travis knew it for certain, he felt like he'd probably seen it before in some corner of his forgotten past.

"Crap." She nodded in reply. "Hard to question a corpse. Did you search him? Find anything we could use?" Travis checked the hall again, "We should move on quickly, before this gets awkward." His eyes flicked to the corpse, and he scanned the man's outfit and equipment quickly as he awaited Feli's reply. Travis shook his head, he couldn't draw any additional details from what he'd found.

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'Crap,' while vulgar, was indeed accurate Felicienne mused, her nose wrinkling, as the scent of poison and a released sphincter wafted from the dead man. Felicienne wiped her fingers clean on the AMSU agent's pant-leg, then stood and took several steps away from the filthy, dangerous scent - Death, it is a messy business - giving Travis another nod.

"Yes, going, it is for the best, no?" Felicienne agreed. "Come." She linked her arm with his and strutted for the emergency stairs, the alarm off while the fire-alarm still rang. On the landing, she slapped the folded sheaf of thick paper and the PDA against his chest.

"This one, he is having the same equipment as the others. But he is also having these. Blueprints for the Wynn - these, I am recognizing - and a PDA." Travis felt more than heard the growl vibrating inside her chest. "Unfortunately, it is being locked and in a foreign language. I am believing it is being Arabic." She quirked a brow up at him, a faint curve to her lips. "You are knowing several languages, yes? Can you be understanding this?"

Travis took a cursory glance at the PDA, seeing the cursive script and the blank box obviously demanding a password. As he suspected, he couldn't read it. "I have a very gifted tongue, Feli," he said, blue eyes twinkling, grinning at Felicienne hissed at the pet name, "but alas, Arabic isn't a language I've learned. Too harsh on the tongue. Pity. Since they're not going to be saying anything, this is our only way of finding anything out."

Felicienne's eyes narrowed as she glanced absently down the stairs. She wanted to know why these men were here as much as Travis did, though her reasons were mainly for sheer bitchiness. She didn't like revealing a private resource, but Travis had come when called. Perhaps a little trust was warranted. Besides, he was... useful when her needs were hot.

"I may be having... someone who can be helping us with this," Felicienne offered reluctantly, poking at the PDA Travis was still holding. "Let us get outside, then I will be trying to contact him."

Felicienne started to head down the stairs, but Travis held her up with a smile. "Tut, tut. As much as I love watching you walk in those heels, surely you don't expect me to walk down this many flights of stairs, do you?" Travis swept the supple woman up in his arms, one under her knees, the other below her shoulders blades. "Très bien. This will save us sometime, no?" he teased in imitation of Felicienne's inflections.

Felicienne rolled her eyes, looping an arm around his neck, but an amused grin tugged at her full lips. While Travis began navigating the dozens of flights of stairs, Felicienne pulled out her smartphone and slipped free of it's holster. Deftly, she switched the SIM card for another concealed in the holster, then typed out an e-mail to her contact, her curvaceous, sleek body flexing distractingly in Travis' arms.

Originally Posted By: Text

To: orphan@everywhere.nowhere

From: pussygalore@jamesbond.com

Needing help to penetrate a locked PDA... in Arabic. Possible anti-mutant involvement (AMSU?). Can you provide?

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"Goddamit, not now!" Sam yelled, annoyed, even as she opened it.

Originally Posted By: Text

To: orphan@everywhere.nowhere

From: pussygalore@jamesbond.com

Needing help to penetrate a locked PDA... in Arabic. Possible anti-mutant involvement (AMSU?). Can you provide?

Arabic?! That can't be good. Sam waged a war with herself, even as she tried to track progress for something far more valuable than a PDA, but in the end, her curiosity prevailed.

Originally Posted By: You Have Mail!
To: pussygalore@jamesbond.com

From: orphan@everywhere.nowhere

Yes. Hook it up to a computer and message me from that computer.

Click to reveal..
Response took about 3 minutes.
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As they neared the lower levels of the Wynn, Felicienne wriggled with wiry vigor in Travis' arms. "Not that I am not enjoying this, but we are nearing others. Put me down."

Travis settled back to the ground, taking his time placing Felicienne on her feet - and the opportunity to run his hand down her supple flanks. "You know, if anyone saw me carrying you out of here, they'd just think I'm being gallant."

Felicienne gave him a mocking sniff as she walked down the stairs, not bothering with the railing despite her heels. "Quel dommage. We will not be wanting to give the impression that you are gallant, no?"

As they joined the press of bodies trying to flee the Wynn, despite the assurances coming over the PA, Travis stayed close to Felicienne's side, slipping his hand around her svelte waist just like any other Significant Other. "I did come when the Damsel in Distress came calling, Feli."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "It was not distress, exactement. I was being surprised, a regrettable impulse."

They were still trying to get out of the Wynn when Felicienne's phone chirped with a response, Felicienne staying tight to Travis' side, discomfited by the press of bodies. Felicienne only checked it when they finally made it out of the Wynn and the rank press of bodies, taking a deep breath of air, putting some space between them and everyone else. She could hear, almost smell the panic, rising from the other patrons.

"That is being quick," she murmured with a raised brow as she read the quick reply. "We are needing a computer, so my contact, he can be cracking the PDA, yes? Unfortunately, my own, it is not available." She tilted her head slightly, a question in her large, green green eyes.

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Travis' hand lingered on her ass for a moment confirming the lack of anything beneath the tight dress. He traded barbs and wits with Felicienne as they exited the casino until her phone started playing something by the Pussycat Dolls. Travis almost swallowed his tongue trying to not laugh, mostly as a desire to keep the suit he was wearing in one piece, without holes, tears, or scratch marks. I don't have a girlfriend, but yes, I would want her to be hot like you, he thought staying a step behind her as they made their way outside finally.

The French mutant and he quickly trotted to an less occupied space and she checked her phone. "We are needing a computer, so my contact, he can be cracking the PDA, yes? Unfortunately, my own, it is not available." She tilted her head slightly, a question in her large, green green eyes.

Travis shrugged, "Yeah, I don't know how good it is but I have one back at my condo." He looked around and the grabbed her wrist, gently but firmly, and pulled her a little further from prying eyes. "We could walk, but I'd rather hold you tight again," he said with a seducer's smile and a twinkle in his eye as he scooped her up once more and blasted into the air.

The flight to his condo didn't need to last as long as he made it, but Travis was hardly one to spoil an act such as this. They rose quickly to a thousand feet above the city and then drifted at a sedate ten miles per hour toward his condo. The view was breathtaking, and high above the city the heat of the day was lessened, the concrete, steel, glass, and asphalt, no longer acting as a furnace to broil the residents.

"You are enjoying this far too much I am thinking," the beauty remarked. Despite her comment her eyes were wide and she held tightly to Travis as she watched everything below. Travis was struck at how it reminded him of a cat watching beam of reflected sunlight before pouncing.

"Or perhaps you are enjoying it far too little. It matters not, we're here." He plunged them down in a controlled fall that ended with an abrupt stop at his balcony. "Sorry it wasn't evening, the city looks far more romantic up there at night." The condo door slid open on its own, another slight telekinetic action, and Travis glided in and set Felicienne down on his couch, leaning over her as he did and stealing a faint kiss, barely more than a brush of his lips against hers, before he stood up straight once more. "Welcome to Chez Travis. It's not as nice as your place ... was, but I call it home." Because I don't remember anything else to call home.

He pointed to a room off the living area, "The computer is in there. Would you like a drink? Something to eat? I'm rather parched myself." Travis asked as he walked into the open kitchen.

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Felicienne crossed her booted legs as she surveyed Travis' domain. If not up to her standards of luxuriousness, it was still decent place to stretch out and relax for a while. She waved a hand in playfully-haughty thanks.

"A drink, it will be much appreciated, Travis. Merci," she said, nostrils flaring as she inhaled the scents of his home. "Whatever you are having that is decent, s'il vous plait."

Male, his cologne, the faint aroma of cigars, and the lingering scents of more than one woman. Another woman might have been affronted, but as long as Felicienne had her scratchpost when she wanted it, she didn't care. Felicienne scrunched up her nose, also catching the traces of teargas and cordite, blood and whatever the damnable smoke grenades were composed of, leaving a gritty patina on her flesh.

"Actually, if you are not minding, I am taking a shower. After those AMSU, I am feeling dirty, no?"

"No, no, of course not. Go ahead Feli," Travis offered from the kitchen, watching her ass shift from side to side as she worked off her high-heeled, over-the-knee Louboutin boots. "It's the next door pass the computer-room, on the left."

Felicienne gave him a sharp nod, the immediately headed towards the bathroom, greatly desiring to washed the grime from her skin. "I will be just a moment, Travis."

She found the bathroom surprisingly well maintained, the scents of his soap and shampoo and condition not as harsh as she was expecting, though still nowhere near as aromatically appealing as her own. She would have to make do. She turned on the water, waited for it to heat up to a comfortable temperature, the mottled glass fogging up, before slipping into the shower-stall, and scrubbing herself clean with long, strong strokes of the lathered washcloth.

True to her word, Felicienne wasn't long in the shower, though her idea of a moment wasn't the same as Travis' as she basked in the hot water running over her clean skin. Felicienne padded silently out of the bathroom, raven locks glistening like liquid obsidian and glad in Travis' plush, terrycloth robe, which almost reached the floor, despite her walking on the balls of her feet, and gaped at the front, revealing the inner slopes of her breasts. If she was concerned or self-conscious about how much skin she was displaying, she gave no hint of it.

She poked her head into the living room, giving Travis a smile and pointing towards his computer-room. "I am finis, Travis. I go use the computer now, you will bring me that promised drink, yes?"

Felicienne sashayed towards the indicated room, crossing her legs as she settled into the chair and spun it around to face the computer. A little rooting around while she waited for the computer to boot up scrounged up USB cord to connect the PDA to the computer. Then she fired off another e-mail to her never-seen contact.

Originally Posted By: Replied 41 minutes later

To: orphan@everywhere.nowhere

From: pussygalore@jamesbond.com

Here I am. PDA connected. Work your little Technomagic. I owe you a favour if you can retrieve anything useful for me.

The e-mail sent, Felicienne flexed her toes, slowing spinning herself in the computer chair as she waited for a response and Travis to bring her her drink.

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Travis ambled to the fridge and removed a beer, guzzling it down to quench his thirst. He heard the shower go on and considered assisting Felicienne in cleaning herself up. Instead he put some ice in the bucket at his bar and set a martini glass and Boston shaker to chill. After five minutes he decided that a quick shower was relative and moved back into the kitchen. He poked about and finished off the remnants of a number of bags of snack foods.

Travis was licking the orange cheesy stuff off his fingers when Feli tip toed from the bathroom to the office in nothing but his robe. Though it was, strictly speaking, ill fitting, Travis had trouble thinking of it as anything even close to such. Between the deep plunge from her neck to almost her navel, to the way her bare legs, curved deliciously as she walked on the balls of her feet, flashed in and out from the folds of the lower half.

Travis crafted a martini. A small amount of sweet vermouth on ice in the shaker; shaken and poured out, only what coated the ice remained. Vodka added and shaken and then the mixture poured into the chilled glass. An olive as garnish completed the perfect classic beverage. He walked the drink into the office on a tray, purely out of an impish sense of dramatics. "Your martini ma'am."

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"Merci, garçon," Felicienne said with a slow smile and an imperious tilt to her chin as she accepted the drink as if it was nothing more than her due. She deftly fished out the tiny, plastic sword, removing the olive it impaled with an agile tongue, then tossed it on the tray. Her smile widened. "I will be seeing that you get a generous gratuity."

"The view is quite generously gratuitous from here," Travis observed with a puckish curve to his lips as he looked down at Felicienne sprawling languidly in his chair. The lower folds of the robe parted to reveal more of her legs and the collar began slipping down one of her shoulders. "But about that generous gratuity, it seems you've forgotten your wallet, ma'am."

Large green eyes narrowed as she took a sip of her martini, then widened as she gave a husky chuckle. "Mon Dieu! You are being correct." She finished her drink with one long pull then left the glass on the desk as she stood up, looping her arms around Travis' shoulders and nuzzled at his neck. "Perhaps... we are being able to come to another arrangement, no?"

Giving a shiver as her tongue caressed his flesh, Travis grasped Felicienne's taut ass in both hands and dropped into the chair, which groaned, but held, under their combined weight. He could hear and fell her purring under his exploratory hands, only growing dangerously silent when they drifted a little too low.

"I'm sure we can." It's better than petting a cat, and far more fun...

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Originally Posted By: Replied 41 minutes later
To: orphan@everywhere.nowhere

From: pussygalore@jamesbond.com

Here I am. PDA connected. Work your little Technomagic. I owe you a favour if you can retrieve anything useful for me.

Favor is right, Pepe.

Still distracted, Sam threw one her routine programs at the Crackberry, and only just stopped the program before it tripped the small device's fail safe that would have melted it, literally.

Holy cow.

Carefully this time, she manually wormed her way around the security protocols and unlocked the device, which, with her semi-divided attention, was quite easy.

Much too preoccupied to investigate the reasoning for that kind of physical safe guard, she downloaded a copy of the contents of both the PDA and the computer to which it was attached onto an isolated external drive to examine later. Once that was done, she sent her response via a pop-up on the computer.

Originally Posted By: 10 Minutes Later
It is done, you owe me.
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The memory came up unbidden. That it came up at all was enough to cause Travis to draw a sharp breath of surprise, and stop cold, his hands halting their crawl along Feli's skin. She left out an irritated hiss at the interruption that quickly ceased as she realized that something was clearly wrong. Travis was frozen his eyes rolled up, showing nearly all whites.

The woman sighed as he trailed his fingers over her skin. His fingers caressed her bare skin her nakedness unabashedly presented to him. Her raven hair spilled over her shoulders and breasts, making her skin seem pale by comparison. She smiled at him, "We always know how to satisfy," she whispered to him.

Travis pushed Felicienne away, standing her up, the robe, open, falling off her shoulders and pooling around her elbows and lower back. "What the fuck was that?" Travis breathed, half in shock. He looked up at The naked woman before him. Travis stood up, "I ... I ...," he stuttered, paused, and walked out into the living room leaving Felicienne behind, her mood wavering between annoyance and mild concern; mostly annoyance.

He returned promptly waving the photo retrieved from the AMSU soldier. "I think I know this woman! Knew ... god, I can't remember." He shook his head and then looked from the photo to his guest. He flushed red, "I'm sorry I ... I had a memory, just come up in my head. It was ...intense." He went to her, pulled her toward him, "I'm sorry, where were we?"

She looked up into his eyes before pulling away, "I am thinking the moment, it has passed." Her phone began to play the Pussycat Dolls from the other room, putting a period on the end of her statement that Travis was unable, or unwilling, to argue with. She padded out of the room to get her phone, leaving the bare expanse of her back as a visible reminder to Travis what he'd missed until she rounded the corner and pulled the robe closed once more.

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Felicienne saw the pop-up on the PDA and found the entire system being translated into english – a bonus from Orphan. She would have to thank her later but now there were more important matters to attend to.

She operated the PDA finding the entire mission briefing and objective detailed on it. There was a digital copy of the picture she had found on one of the AMSU and a small video file attached which showed the woman briefly recorded on a security camera. Even with the mediocre quality of the footage Felicienne could easily tell that this woman was extremely elegant, graceful and obviously a breathtaking beauty. If she had anything to do with Travis‘ past... the thought of being just some kind of replacement wasn’t very much appealing to her.

Her eyes continued scanning through the File – Raven LaCroix, secret Agent affiliated with UNISON. No further details, no DoB, no residence, no citizenship – nothing. Maybe their data was worthless or their target had more to hide than being a Government Agent.

The AMSU had picked her for extraction for further interrogation. There was a crossreference to some kind of research facility located somewhere in the middle of the Algerian desert including GPS data of said location. She was to be extraced alive at any cost and was considered extremely dangerous.

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Felicienne read the file on the PDA, lips pressed tight together, a low snarl rumbling in her chest. First, Travis asked her about Algeria, then he had the effrontery to be thinking of another woman while petting her, and now she finds this. This woman... this Raven LaCroix, a connection to Algeria, and even worst, the connection to UNISON. She and her father had evaded them before, but since parting ways, perhaps her father had drawn too much attention.

And now, are they coming for me? Travis, he is saying he is knowing this Raven, is he of UNISON as well? Am I just a replacement for her? Her anger began to peak, claws lengthening to their full extent. She is causing me much trouble, this Raven. I am thinking the bird, she is needing to know what is happening to them when they play with cats!

She stalked back into the computer room, practically bristling with fury, finding Travis back in the chair. She threw the PDA at him, which hit him in the chest with an irritating lack of pain and landed on his lap. "You are asking me of Algeria, now, I am asking you," she spat. "What is happening there, and who is being this Raven LaCroix, and what are you knowing of UNISON?"

Felicienne's large green eyes blazed with accusation and distrust, her posture somehow languorous, yet taut at the same time, as if poised to pounce. She seemed quite prepared to shred more than just his wardrobe.

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Travis looked at the phone, and then at Felicienne. "Who," he asked her, genuinely confused, "is Raven LeCroix?"

"Raven LaCroix," she spat back, "is her!" She pointed to the photo in Travis' hand. "You were thinking of her while you were petting moi! Do not be pretending you do not know her!"

"I, umm," he began lamely. He shook his head and stood up. "If we're going to have this discussion you should sit. Come out to the living room." Her eyes narrowed and she set her jaw, but his face was honest and she couldn't hold it. In a huff she stalked out to the living room and mounted the couch, folding herself into the robe in such a way that conveyed to Travis an impending attack.

"OK, this is going to sound suuuper lame," he started, drawing the word out as he sat down. "I have retrograde amnesia. Complete loss of memory from before about three and a half months ago. I don't even know if Travis is my real name, in fact I'm pretty sure that it's not, my identity appears to be an elaborate forgery." He shrugged, "I couldn't even remember where I lived or what I could do. It took me a month to fly again."

He seemed to be telling the truth, his expression and demeanor held no deceit. "That wasn't just some deja-vu, 'oh I think I screwed her last week' memory, it was a full on Fucking FLASKBACK!" He threw the photo away and jumped out of the chair, "AND I DON'T- ... and I don't even, didn't even remember her name." His head drooped, "I don't know who she is, this Raven, or how she's connected to me." The last was a lie, but a good one, Feli didn't even notice it.

"As for UNISON, I apparently used to work for them, but I don't know much more than that. I have a friend, probably my only real friend, and she used to be my partner there. She filled me in on what I do know, but she never mentioned anybody named Raven."

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Felicienne's eyes narrowed down to bare slits, revealing just a hint of lambent green. Travis' excuse sounded terribly foolish and not in the least original, and yet, seeing him sit there in the lounger, a twisted grin on his face that was both sullen and sheepish, couldn't say without doubt that he was lying. Amnesia, it is being too stupid to claim, without it being real, or at least, Travis, he is believing it is real, no?

Felicienne's taut posture finally relaxed, and whether is was his words, boyish good looks, or rakish charm, Travis wasn't sure, but was glad all the same. Her eyes widened mildly from their dangerous narrowness, but all he saw in them was a cautious acceptance. There wasn't a hint of pity or sympathy.

She cocked her head to the side in consideration, then glided to her feet, a tight grin gracing her lips. "She is not naming this Raven because you are not asking, I am thinking. Let us go ask her. Now."

"Ask who what?" Travis stammered before he could stop himself, a bad feeling growing in the pit of his stomach.

"Your partner. We will go ask her about the Raven. You, your partner, LaCroix, you are all being from UNISON, no? There is must being a connection. If so, you partner, she will know it, at least in part, no?" Before Travis could protest, Felicienne started for the bathroom, where she had left her dress hanging. "I am being back in just a moment, then we can be going."

"I'll call first, make sure she's home," Travis called out to her, striving for something to hold this off. For one thing, Ronnie was going to be pissed if he brought Feli over to her place. For another, what if Ronnie had held something back...

But Felicienne wasn't going to be dissuaded. "Non, non. If she is holding knowledge of Raven LaCroix from you, calling her, it will just give her more time develop an excuse or a reason, no?" She left the robe to pool on the tiles of the bathroom, giving her dress a tentative sniff before slipping it back on. "We will not give her the time, Travis. It is being... une surprise."

Felicienne stalked back into the living room and gracefully pulled on her thigh-high boots up her long, toned legs. Green eyes nearly level with blue, she directed a raised, questioning brow at Travis, tapping a toe. "Well?"

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Travis tried to not laugh, but he ultimately failed. Felicienne's eyes narrowed dangerously as her fingernails elongated into sharp pointed claws that menaced the Italian leather sofa. "Do not be laughing Travis," she told him, quite seriously.

He held up his hand and attempted to reign in his laughter, "You ... hahaha ... you don't know Ronnie. She's ... heheheh ... she's not a very good liar. At all." A knock on his door prevented him from saying anything more. He managed to stop himself laughing as he moved to the door, holding a finger up to his lips for her to be quiet. He peered through the peephole and released a breath of relief. "Good morning Mr., umm," Travis said, suddenly stumped.

The older man on the other side of the door was medium height and build, if a bit pudgy in the middle. His lined face and grey hair told of an older man nearing retirement. "Stanwick. Travis I have a package here that that lady friend of yours asked me to give you." He held out a box, "You know, the mutant one," he added in a hushed tone. He spied Felicienne and smiled lecherously, "Good morning miss!" He winked at Travis.

"Thank you Mr. Stanwick, I appreciate it." Travis accepted the package and gave the man a rakish grin when the older fellow winked. "Have a good day now," he said and started to close the door. He brought the package to the dining table and set it down. "The building super, nice guy," he commented.

"Is this packaging being given to you by this Ronnie?" Feli asked, still clearly irritated.

"Yes, relax, it's probably just something goofy, it is Christmas time after all. It’s probably just a box full of condoms." Travis laughed, missing the disgusted look on Feli's face. He moved to the kitchen to grab something to cut the tape with. Before he could Feli moved forward and raked a clawed finger down the centerline; bifurcating the tape and some of the cardboard beneath.

“Ok, better the box than the couch kitty.” Travis said as he saw the claw swipe. He opened the box and withdrew two wrapped objects. This is weird, he thought. He opened the larger of the two boxes first. It was a bottle of Midleton Very Rare, his favorite Irish Whiskey. He hefted the bottle, “Good stuff.” He set it down and opened the second and was bewildered by the inscription.

Originally Posted By: Ronnie’s Inscription
So I know this is kinda sappy, but here's something to keep your memories in just in case you lose them again. And the next time your wiped self runs into a giant purple-head in a bar, you'll know to talk to her instead of hitting on her. Merry Christmas - Ronnie.

“Like hell I did! You picked me up!” he growled at the book and snapped it shut. He found Feli was almost pressing against him, clearly she was still aggrieved or she would have been, and had read it over his shoulder. “She picked me up!” he said defensively, perhaps a little too defensively.

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"Mm-hmmm?" Felicienne took a step back, giving Travis a once over, then smirking, arching a shapely, skeptical brow, hand on hip. "I am finding that being hard to believe. Just your partner, hmm?"

"And a friend," Travis admitted, and seeing the knowing look on Feli's face, adding, "not that kind of friend. She was there, when I didn't know who I was." He held up the note to her as evidence.

Felicienne's arched brow went up another notch, then she sniffed, not truly convinced. But as he wished, as long as she had someone to scratch her itch when it arose, she barely cared. "Bon. She is getting you a little something for Noël, you are getting something for her, no? We are bringing it to her, then we can be asking of the Raven."

"Wellll, we should call first. I wouldn't want you to feel like you are intruding on anything Ronnie might have 'planned,' Feli-" Travis hedged, but Felicienne just snorted.

"Another woman, she is already intruding when you are being with me, no? This is concerning myself as well, Travis. These AMSU, they are coming to my home, trying to capture or kill mebecause of this woman Raven and what has happened in Algeria."

With a quicksilver change of temperament, Felicienne gracefully shifted her weight atop her tall heels, eyes narrowing in suspicion once more. "Algeria. You are not saying what is happening in Algeria when I am asking you. I wish-"

What she wished was interrupted by the musical ring of her phone. She glared at Travis as if it was his fault, then glared at the phone, which by all rights should have died from that look along. Instead, 'Don't Cha' kept merrily playing. Her heels clicked across the hardwood wood ominously - truly, Travis couldn't remember ever hearing her the sounds of her heels before - as she stalked to the side table and picked up the phone.

"Oui, àllo?"

The phone call went down from there, Felicienne's husky voice rising and falling as she stalked through his apartment, something like a feline snarl in her tone. She was obviously not happy. When she came back to the living room, she was tensed, livid, almost bristling, her gold-green eyes hot.

"My apartment, it is being sometime before repairs, they can begin. Les policiers, they are wanting to start an investigation of course. Now, about Algeria..."

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"Algeria. Yeah, that's ..." he shook his head, "I don't know what connection Raven would have with Algeria. The only significance Algeria has to be is my death."

"You are being rather not dead when last I checked Travis. Non, you are warm, and alive," she replied, a hint of breathiness entered her voice.

"Clearly. However as far as UNISON knows I am buried under tons of rock in the middle of the Algerian desert. About a year ago Ronnie and I were on a mission that went very badly south. When the dust settled she escaped, somehow, and I was presumed KIA. I don't recall any of it, of course. My first memory is from September this year, and Ronnie says she can't explain why I'm not worm food. I know I can't." He shrugged, "That's all I know about Algeria. If this Raven woman has anything to do with that Ronnie failed to mention it. Of course she may have some completely different connection to the place."

He pulled his phone out of his jacket, "I'm going to call Ronnie. Trust me, she's not part of some elaborate cover up trying to hide things from me." Travis thought back to the night when he'd "first" met Ronnie back in September, he was almost certain she wasn't trying to hide something from him. "Yeah, hey Ronnie," he said as the phone picked up and went to voice mail, "It's Travis, I ran into some old friends of ours. We need to talk, I have a friend who wants to meet you, I think we have mutual enemies here in Vegas that have a vendetta. Call me back."

He flicked the phone off and dumped it on the table. Feli felt the hem of her dress suddenly creeping up her legs, her eyes narrowed and fixed on Travis. "I was thinking I could put your dress in the wash for you," Travis said as he unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt and moved closer to her.

"I am thinking that if you do that I have nothing for to wear," she replied, making no effort to stop the excruciatingly slow advance of her dress' hemline.

"You still have your boots," Travis commented with a sly grin.

"Mon dieu, you are a right," she purred back. "And it is tres dirty."

Travis nodded, slipping his shirt off and then pulling her to him and removing her dress with his hands. "I can't abide a dirty dress." She reached down to unzip her boots, but he stopped her, "Leave them on, I didn't cay I couldn't abide by a dirty girl." The dress floated to the washer, now exposed behind what appeared to be a closet door. Travis managed to maintain enough concentration to add detergent and set the delicate cycle before they fell to the floor, a tangle of limbs and lust. The last thing he bothered to think about was that he hadn't turned the ring tone of his phone off.

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Some time later, some very delicious time later, Felicienne lay sprawled out on her front on the bed, as naked as when they had started, her spike-heeled boots waving lazily above her ass. With Travis tracing a finger down her sleek back, Felicienne propped her head on her arms, green eyes heavily lidded, a wide, satiated smile on her face. Her rich purr broke the silence of the afterglow.

Felicienne felt a tinge of regret, but it was very faint. She understood her cycles, her needs, and her 'needs' were on the down-turn now. Travis was a good lover, she enjoyed his company, but for the next couple of weeks, what he wanted, she'd be uninterested in giving. It was just the way it was, she didn't rail against it, but still...

At least for the moment, the most pleasant distraction had indeed distracted her from her destroyed home and the AMSU who had mistakenly come after her, thinking her another woman, a woman from Travis' past. A forgotten past, presumably. Regardless, at the moment, she didn't much care.

"So, before this distraction, there is being something we should be doing, no?" Felicienne murmured languidly in her husky voice, inhaling deeply the scent of Travis' sweat, exertion, and of him.

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Travis sighed, "You are relentless." He brought his phone to him and checked his messages; nothing. "Ronnie hasn't called, and we're not going to break into her place. No, don't act innocent, I know you'd do it without thinking." Travis lay down beside her and pulled her to him in the little spoon position, "Either we wait or we try and find more information out some other way."

He considered it briefly, "If need be I might be able to get us a contact online, but I don't know for certain. I've only used them once before when I was trying to uncover my past. This hacker, 'Orphan' is the name they go by, might be able to get us information about this Raven woman. Beyond that, the only thing I know are the other sixty positions from the Kama Sutra that we haven't tried ... today."

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The two lovers were still entangled in their love shack when suddenly a bright blueish light washed through the condo followed by a muted explosion-like sound which made the building rumble as if hit by an earthquake. Just as fast as it ´flashed´ the rumbling was over. All electrical devices were going crazy for the duration of the flash before spontaneously dying, spewing sparks and leaving a scent of burnt plastic in the air. All lights went off, nothing of electronical origin seemed to work at all...

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"Merde." Filicienne agreed.

"I'd guess that a transformer station just blew, but that wouldn't do anything to our phones." Travis sat up, reluctantly, and brought his phone to him. "Yeah, it's dead," he said prying the back off the phone to expose the shorted out battery and circuits. He tossed the still sparking ruins into the trashcan nearby, "This getting very real, very quickly, and now we don't have any way to get more information."

"Oui, and?" Feli asked, rolling onto her back. She stretched in a way that made Travis want to say "Fuck it", and pretend that the outside world would actually leave them alone for a while.

"And without access to the web or phones we've no way to get more information on this Raven chick." Travis fought the urge to lay back down and roll onto top of the beauty next to him. He found himself surprised that the reason had less to do with finding out more about this Raven woman from his past, and more to with trying to find Ronnie and make sure she was ok. "Huh," he mumbled, scratching his head in confused surprise.


"Huh? Oh, nothing just ...nothing. Come on, your dress should be clean and dry. Let's get out there and find out what's going on." Travis hopped off the bed and began to dress while making his way out toward the washer, putting his clothes on the in reverse order in which they had been removed. Shortly thereafter her dress came floating into the room and she heard Travis rummaging about in the kitchen again.

Felicienne sighed and got up from the bed to dress, which meant only pulling the dress on, they had showered already, and soon she was joining Travis in the kitchen. From her experience with him the only thing he thought about as much as sex was food and drink. Sure enough, he had rescued a number of edibles from the fridge, and was snacking liberally. "If you're hungry I'm guessing power won't be coming on for a while, so feel free." She looked at the abomination of a sandwich he had built and shook her head. Shrugging he replied, "OK, you ready? I think we should just see what there is to see first, then maybe we can try and find someplace that still has power."

Click to reveal..
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"I am maybe knowing a place that is still having power..." Felicienne admitted reluctantly as they head out to the balcony. With the seeming EMP, most modern cars - anything since about 1990 - wouldn't be working, leaving walking the streets or... alternative modes of transport.

On the balcony, a charge in the air and the scent of short-circuited electronics assaulted her sensitive nose, and that was not all. Chaos was already rising, the ever burning lights of Vegas dark, casting a rare gloom over the city despite the sun still above the horizon.

Travis looked at question at her, but Felicienne only arch a brow in reply. "We should be going, no? There is much to be seeing." She frowned faintly, eyes flicking to the North-East. "This thing, it is causing beaucoup de dommage, yes?"

"Fine," Travis muttered with a roll of his eyes. Every woman delighted in their mysteries, frustrating as they were, and they more you pried, the less they said. He wrapped his hands around her tight waist, holding her close. "Next stop, the top."

Staying circumspect, Travis flew them to the top of his apartment building. The extra height let them see more of the city and if anything, the view was more dire. Fire and smoke dotted the landscape, especially in the direction of the MIC. They shared a look, then began their search from the rooftops.

Travis 'hopped' with minor exertions of telekinesis while Felicienne used the superhuman acrobatic skill and the power of her legs, inexplicably unimpeded by her heels. Felicienne was a barely discernible flitting ghost, and though she smirked at Travis' attempt to remain unseen or unnoticed, she had to admit, he wasn't totally unskilled.

Their travels took down a part of the Strip, Feli's eyes lingering on the Casinos with passing intrigue. It is being sooo easy to stroll in now, to pick up this and pick up that, no? She resisted the urge with a tinge of regret. From there, the route became roundabout, but began to vaguely spiral in on the MIC.

Still, a part of Felicienne's attention was on her gallery. True, it had its own private power source and emergency power system, and though it was perfectly climate controlled, some time without wouldn't damage any of her treasures. Still, the compulsion to check on them kept growing inside her. She had intended to go after parting ways with Travis, but she couldn't wait.

With a sigh, Felicienne looked over at Travis then nodded in the direction of her safe-house. "Come, I am having another home. It is maybe having power." Her gold-green eyes glittered with a predators cold regard, far more dangerous then her regular fickle fits of pique. "You will be telling no one of this place, yes?"

"What safehouse that nobody else should know about?" Travis quipped with a crooked grin, that might have been only a touched forced after seeing the state Vegas was already descending into.

Felicienne stared at him with a rising heat, then tossed her head with sniff. She needed to check on her refuge. "Come. It is being this way."

Feli began leading him towards the Las Vegas Country Club, where her safe-house was, disguised as a luxury house, nestle among grounds thick with trees and other foliage, hidden among other luxury houses.

Click to reveal.. (Some Rolls, Just in Case)

With Skill Mastery, Felicienne is Taking 10 on her Perception and Stealth Rolls (if needed), giving her a 26. She also has her full complement of Enhanced Senses too. smile

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  • 2 weeks later...

On their way to Felicienne's Safe-House the extent of the EMP-Pulse became evident. The entire city was dark, no lights anywhere, no cars were driving on the streets and people were on the streets cursing at their broken mobile phones and gathering in small groups. It felt a little like the end of the world or from the set of 'War of the Worlds'.

The two lovebirds kept their heads low though, taking advantage of the general confusion and arrived at the hide out undetected. Felicienne hesitantly switched on the power and to her relief everything powered up. The extra investment in shielded hardware and electronics proved to be a good decision.

Click to reveal..
The Safe House is undamaged. The entire city has lost power and most back up systems seem to be dead, too. No cars are driving, no police, no fire trucks or ambulance - the whole city has been EMPed back to the stone age.
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Felicienne's expression tightened, her extremely acute senses making the trip across the City a trial. She loved the light and life of Vegas (and the luxury), yet now, it was dark and dying, screams of worry, fear, despair rising to her eyes, the dark broken by flaring fires. The blaring sirens of police cruisers, firetrucks, and ambulances was a constant wail, near and fair.

Felicienne led Travis across the abandoned golf course of the Las Vegas Country Club, to a crescent street within lined with luxurious homes with manicured lawns and a surprising amount of greenery for the desert city. Through the eerie silence of the private community nestled around the golf course, Felicienne led Travis to her safe-house.

The 'safe-house' looked like an elegant, white house with beautiful, tall windows, fronted by trees and other manicured foliage, making short work of the stone and wrought-iron wall bordering her property. Despite the obvious splendor of the estate, it wasn't particularly notable among the surrounding luxury homes.

Click to reveal.. ( Home-Sweet-Home)

Her safe house looks something like this (wall not shown):


Here's a slide show of the interior - not exactly the same furnishings or colour scheme, but gives an idea of the layout.

Felicienne led Travis to the front door, checking the lock and security system. It looked untampered with, but the main security system was inactive. Travis noticed despite the stylish door, the locking mechanism appeared to be surprisingly sophisticated, with an integrated series of deadbolts. Felicienne gave him a warning look.

"You are waiting right here, yes?" she demanded in a low voice, before flitting away into the foliage like a silent shadow. Three minutes later, Felicienne strutted back, a trio of keys in her hand. She inserted the keys into the deadbolts, turning them in a precise order, then pressed her thumb against a scanner hidden behind the door bell - which possessed its own emergency power - and disengaged the magnetic lock sealing the door.

Felicienne glanced around warily, clearly uncomfortable bringing someone to her private sanctum, then pushed the door open with a soft whisper. She waved Travis in, following on his heels and closing the door. "You are waiting up here, I am going to see if I can be resetting the power. You are being free to look around up here, no? The kitchen, it is being that way. The bar, it is in the games room, over there. And my study, it is that room, over there. Feel free to be helping yourself in the kitchen."

Felicienne glided deeper into the house, a confident set to her shoulders. She may not have liked having someone here, so close to her gallery, but it was her home and she was proud of the effort put into decorating it and designing the security systems and other surprises... which preferably, Travis would never see.

Downstairs in the basement, Felicienne entered the power-room. She flipped the breakers, took a deep breath, the raised the main power switch. There was a soft hum as power was restored, small red lights switching to green as systems and rooms became active.

Upstairs, lights came on, but very dimly, barely enough to let Travis see, and certainly unseen beyond the wall surrounding her estate. The soft light gleamed off the rich, sophisticated furnishings, polished woods and spotless glass and crystal.

Felicienne cocked her head, listening to Travis' movements upstairs, then strutted into the wine cellar. Depressing a series of purely mechanical switches concealed among the racks, the far wall slide open soundlessly on a hidden track, revealing something that looked like a bank vault door.

She bit her lip and looked up, as if she could see through the intervening walls and floor, debating if she was willing to risk checking on her gallery with another in her house.

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"Uh, yeah sure, whatever," Travis replied absently as Felicienne disappeared into the dark house. He removed his coat and cast it over the back of a handy chair. The house was already warm from the lack of air conditioning. It smelled somehow stale to his nose, unvisited and unused.

The power came on, low and dim and Travis found himself more able to look around. The home was nice, nicer perhaps than her condo had been; certainly so if one figured in that it was a freestanding home. Travis located the bar and poured a glass of whiskey before moving into the kitchen to see about some ice. He moved into the study, the glass tinkling, and sat down at the computer before turning it on. After a few minutes he called out, "Everything fine down there?"

The computer booted up and Travis located a certain message board and logged in. Composing the message took nearly attempted to log onto the internet. After a few minutes it was clear that the EMP had disrupted even backup systems; no connection to the internet was possible. He stabbed the computer off and went to find his host, they had to determine what steps to take next.

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It took several deep breaths, but Felicienne finally got her impulsive instincts under control. She had detected no strange scents in her home, power and emergency power were both still functional - the additional expense had been most worth it - her treasures would be safe without a visual inspection - or at least, it could wait until she was alone once more.

She resealed the entrance to her Gallery, then swiftly perused her wine collection, choosing a fine vintage. She hadn't seen Travis drink wine before, but she was in the mood for a taste of France, and if he did not wish to partake, it was to his loss.

Travis reached the door to the basement just as Felicienne reached the top of the stairs, a 1990 Latour in her hands. She hid her suspicion and unease at having someone else in her private domain behind an amused smile as she held up the dark green bottle.

"All is being well, Travis," Felicienne assured him with an 'R' rolling purr. "I was checking the warning lights on the power system, to make sure there is being no obvious damage to it, then choosing for us a taste of France, but I am seeing you have gotten you drink already." She tapped his glass with a nail, making it chime, then sighed over-dramatically.

"You are sending a message to Orphan, no?" she asked as she headed to the bar, not impeded in the least by the dim lighting. She had heard him move around in the part of the house.

"No can do," Travis replied with a frustrated look. "EMP took out even the backups; no internet, no nothing. We're in the dark ... so to speak."

She gave him a sharp nod. At the bar, she pulled out a pair of wine glasses, then opened the bottle of wine with a practiced twist of the corkscrew and set it aside to breath before pouring. She sat on one of the bar stools, crossing her legs, vivid gold-flecked green eyes staring out the soaring windows at the night sky. Stars, so rarely seen in Las Vegas - at least the ones in the sky - were bright, silver pinpricks piercing the twilight shroud of the heavens.

"I am sorry if I am acting... tersely," Felicienne admitted after a contemplative silence. "Other people, I am not ever bringing them to this place, this very private place of mine. There are things..."

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"There's always things. It's no big deal. If you have two places not two miles from each other I get it, one's not meant to be seen. I may not remember it, but I was a spy once upon a time." Travis downed his whiskey in one go and moved toward the bar, "There's little point in staying here, somebody might notice the lights and the fact that the A/C is running. We should shut this place back down and go if you want it to stay safe and private."

He poured another glass of whiskey and gave it only a cursory swirl in the glass before downing it quickly. "There's people out there than need our help," he said, pondering another shot. "If you don't want to, that's fine, but I'm not going to sit around here. I'm either going to help, or I'm going to find someplace where the internet does work, and try to get a message to Orphan so I can find out who this Raven person is. If the AMSU's thought you were her though, that probably means she's close, possibly in Vegas. So ...

"First the riots, the MIC bursting at the seams, the attack on your place, and now this? Something is going on here in Vegas. People need our help, they may hate us, but that's no excuse to not do anything." He took another shot. Where are you at Ronnie? I'll find you.

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Felicienne poured herself a half-glass of the Latour, swirling it deftly around the flawless crystal goblet, then inhaled the rich, sophisticated bouquet wafting from the burgundy liquid. She took a long sip, savouring the taste as she pondered the stars and Travis' words.

She knew at heart, she was a selfish woman. It was a part of her nature, as intrinsic as her enhanced senses or superior physical attribute. She didn't resent it, nor regret, it simply was, an almost feral sensibility. She wasn't needlessly cruel or cold, but her generosity came at a whim, and it was for her own amusement as much as someone else's need.

This Raven, I too wish to know more of her. Travis, he is having a point that she may be near. And too, I do not want others coming to my sanctuary. Plus, I am rather... fond of Las Vegas, I do not wish to see it destroyed by the chaos outside. Very well. Felicienne took another long sip of wine, closing her eyes as she felt it slide down her throat, then gave Travis a nod of assent.

"Very well, I will accompany you, Travis. Las Vegas, is it my home now, too, no?" Felicienne flowed gracefully to her feet, then finished her glass of wine. She re-corked the Latour 1990 and placed it in the small fridge under the bar. "Give me a few minutes, if you would, then I will be ready to depart."

"Of course, Feli," Travis said patiently, though inside, he wanted to go now, his thoughts still on Ronnie.

Felicienne's eyes narrowed in brief suspicion, then she was gliding away, turning off the air conditioning from the thermostat before heading up stairs. Several minutes later, Felicienne came back down, dressed in a new outfit.

She was dressed head-to-toe in snug black and grey, in something that looked like high-end sportswear that breathed well and gave great freedom of movement. She had exchanged her high-heeled thigh-highs for thin, soft-soled boots and had donned a pair of fingerless gloves. A tight pack that clung close to her back with straps going over her shoulders and high around her waist completed the ensemble.

Swiftly and silently, Felicienne shut off all the lights, then met Travis at the front door. "Bon, Allons-y!" she proclaimed in a murmur after she locked the door and slipped the keys into her pack.

She quirked an inquiring brow at him, her keen ears and nose bringing her the sounds and scents of a city assailed.

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Travis pulled her close, lifting her into his arms, "Hang of tight." They soared into the air, buoyed by pure raw force. "Zero to sixty is no time," he called to her over the roar of the wind. They sped up further and crossed the short distance to Ronnie's condo in just over a minute.

Travis alighted on the balcony and pulled out his keys. After a moment he located the correct one and unlocked the slider. "Hello? Ronnie? Bah." Travis moved inside, "She's not here. Fuck." He looked around the darkened apartment and sighed, "Help me find some paper and a pen, I'll leave her a note in case she comes back." It took them a few minutes but shortly Travis had written an note and left it where he felt it was likely to be found.

He stepped out onto the balcony and looked out the city once more, the sporadic fires, the darkness. "OK. Goal achieved, what's next?" He looked back at Feli as she exited the apartment, she almost disappeared against the dark backdrop. "Got any ideas?"

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Felicienne perused Travis' former partner's appartment with curious interest, faint light from outside providing her with more than enough light to see. She found paper and a pen for Tavis easily and while he wrote his note, she helped herself to look around.

The apartment was decorated in an understated way, the furnishings well crafted, but not particularly note-worthy. The pictures hanging from the walls were innocuous, simple photos of landscapes and a few animals. Felicienne sniffed, there wasn't even a print from a true artist.

Inhaling deeply, Felicienne glanced at the few personal affects laying around, idly picking up a frame photograph, presumably of her family, the older man and woman and the teenaged boy all bore a familial resemblance.

Her nose picked up a predominant female scent - This Ronnie it is being, I am thinking - but there were traces of several other female scents as well, that were more common than just a one time thing. Travis' scent was liberally scattered around the apartment too. There might have been another male scent, but it was very faint. Perhaps her brother?

Felicienne was just about to carefully set the photo back in the exact space where she found it when she noticed a slight misalignment on the back of the frame. She smirked, arching a dark brow in curiosity as she deftly plucked at the catch. Oh-ho! What are we having here?

Felicienne swaggered out onto the balcony after Travis.

"OK. Goal achieved, what's next?" He looked back at Feli as she exited the apartment; she almost disappeared against the dark backdrop. "Got any ideas?"

"We are not finding your former partner here, but perhaps whoever is answering these numbers will be knowing, hmmm?" Felicienne held up her hands, one holding a creased scrap of paper with what looked like three international numbers scrawled on it, the other, a photo of a very handsome rogue of a man - a photo of Travis, in fact. Felicienne's smirk widened slightly. "Perhaps they are knowing about you as well, no?"

Squinting in the darkness, Travis leaned close to make out the numbers and the photo. "Feli, where did you find those?" Though his voice was light, there was a warning edge to it.

Felicienne stiffened, her low voice cool. "I am finding them by pure serendipity. There are being hidden behind a photo of her family."

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Travis' eyes narrowed dangerously, "If they were hidden behind a picture you didn't just happen on them by serendipity, you went looking." He snatched the paper and photo. The latter showed Travis looking towards the left of the photo in three quarter profile. Unsurprisingly he was in a suit, he seemed unaware of the photographer, or possibly ignoring them. He was leaning on a rail in front of what looked like a classical Roman edifice, but the specifics were blurry and nondescript, it could have been any of the older cities in the US as well. He sighed, no memory was attached to the picture, nothing at all. He flipped it over with hope, but found nothing.

Tucking the two items into his coat he looked at Feli, "Don't do that again."

She sniffed, "It was only-"

"No. Not again. No excuses. It was clearly hidden. This isn't some stranger, this is my friend." Maybe my only friend. He looked at her, "Understand? Not here."

She nodded, "Oui, certainment" If she was put out she was hiding it.

Travis didn't bother to press further. "We need to find out how bad this blackout is, how extensive the EMP effect is. How do you feel about LA?"

"LA?" she repeated questioning. "I am liking it. I am certain I am preferring it to here right now."

Travis rolled his eyes, "Come on, we're taking the express route, and we'll probably stop before we get there if we can find some lights and a pay-phone." Feli came to him and hopped into his arms and they rocketed away from Ronnie's balcony.

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Five hundred feet up Travis came to a sudden stop and frowned. He scanned the skyline again and confirmed that he had seen what he had thought he'd seen. "Balls." Feli opened her eyes and looked at him questioningly. "Helicopters from Nellis, a dozen of them, which means they were either shielded from the EMP because they knew about it and caused it, or they got lucky. I don't believe in luck." He rotated, "And over above the MIC are something else, half a dozen ... I dunno, giant flying mutants, if I were to guess, and yes I know how stupid that sounds." He sighed, "This isn't good, it may mean the government is moving against us."

He dropped like a stone ending thier parabolic arc of a trip on his own balcony. "I can't take you in the air, if I drop you, you'd have no way to survive. I'm going to check out those helicopters. You can stay here or follow on ground level if you like." He set her down and waited for her reply. "Oh, or I guess you could go off an check out the MIC or something else."

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Felicienne sniffed contemptuously as she stared out over the darkened expanse of Las Vegas, her green eyes glittering in the gloom. "You are thinking something as common as a mere fall will trouble me? Pfft!" She gestured down at herself brusquely, then arched a brow at Travis, claiming with succinct distinctiveness, "Ca-at."

Felicienne sat on the railing and crossed her legs, balancing easily on her precarious perch and gave a fluttering wave vaguely in the direction of the MIC. "As for your 'giant flying mutants,'" she added with wry snort and finger-quotations - though there was an underlying note that suggested she wasn't amused at all, "I am thinking there are government or military as well."

A coy finger tapped her cheek just below her eye, lips curling up in a smirk. "Ca-at eyes too. Those... things, they are being some manner of powered armour, I am thinking. Well armed. Perhaps robots, but they are moving in a very natural fashion, so I believe they are armour." Her lips tightened. "It is hard to be judging from this distance without something to measure against them, but they are looking to be two and a half meters tall."

Travis blinked. That sounded more troubling then a flock of giant flying mutants. "How tall?"

Felicienne sighed with a muttered, vehement, "Americans!" She glanced up, converting from metric to imperial. "They are being at least eight feet tall."

Despite not particularly wanting to get involved, curiosity, about the Power Armour as well as about what caused the Blackout and what was happening in the MIC began to rise. Felicienne smoothly rose to her feet, standing on the railing and held out a hand to Travis.

"So... shall we? I am thinking if there is anything worth checking out, it is being those armor-things flying above the MIC." Her fleeting grin flashed a pair of gleaming teeth in the dark. "You will be needing my eyes, I think, since yours are so dull."

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"Yeah, sure, fine." Travis hopped onto the rail and then plummeted off into the blackness, his voice trailing behind him, "Just try and keep up, ok?" Felicienne spun and watched as Travis dropped sixty feet before looping into the sky on invisible wings.

... and flew north toward the helicopters.

"Merde, homme stupide!" Feli grunted and leaped from the balcony railing toward the next building over, quickly bounding from roof to roof in a jagged path behind Travis as he tore through the night sky toward Nellis and the mysterious helicopters.

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