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Aberrant: Wild Card - [HW #5] Twenty Questions, Alexa


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1. What is your name? Alexandria Emilia Holmes

2. What is your quest? To protect her brother and become a detective, like her father.

3. What is your favorite color? Blue or Yellow

4. What primal element do you identify most with?(for example; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Acid, Lightning, Light, Shadow) Light

5. Who is your favorite band/artist? The Dresden Dolls

6. Which cultural time period do you wish you lived in? Modern, maybe futuristic

7. Are your Grandparents still alive? No

8. Who is your favorite TV personality/celebrity? David Boreanaz as Seelie Booth

9. What TV channel do you watch the most? Fox

10. What is your ringtone? Dresden Dolls Coin Operated Boy

11. What is your favorite movie? Saving Private Ryan

12. Are you a smoker? No

13. What is your favorite animal? Horse

14. What is your favorite fast-food place? Aunti Anne's Famous Pretzles

15. If you could be anyone, who would it be? Myself

16. What is your biggest pet peeve? People throwing their lives away for no reason.

17. What is your dream car? Motorcyle

18. How do you keep up on current events? Or do you? Yahoo!News, CNN, The Wallstreet Journal, Time Magazine

19. If you were a DnD character, which of the classic alignments would you assign yourself? Lawful Good with some Neutral Good leanings

20. What is your desert island item? Complete Swiss Army Knife

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