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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Nathan 'Draygo' Davis


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Draygo%20Compressed.jpgName: Nathan Davis

Alias: Draygo

Age: 26

Weight: 825lbs Height: 7'2" Wingspan: 12’6”

Eyes: Golden (reptilian) Hair: n/a Skin: (scales) Brown with flecks of gold

Weight: 180lbs Height 6’7”

Eyes: Bright Blue Hair: black buzz cut Skin: Caucasian

Concept: Paragon Nature: Survivor

Known Powers

Can switch between a human and a dragonoid form. He has not shown any powers or abilities in human form. In dragon form he has had bullets bounce off his scales, picked up and thrown a tank, flown, shot lighting from his mouth, and rent zombies with a single blow from the talons on his hands and feet.


Dylan knows more of his history than anyone else, but no one knows much. He is pretty handy when it comes to construction, engineering or electrical.


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