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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Thomas Soma


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Name: Thomas Soma

Status: PC (Nova).

Thomas Soma is only 18 years old, and while his family has been living in America for three generations and the only language he speaks is English, he is still of %100 Japanese stock. Before the zombies came the only thing that marked him as different from the typical teenager was his blindness and the keen interest in outdoors- and survival-style skills and activities that he’d inherited from his Father and Uncle. He lived in a middle class neighborhood in San Diego, with a (relatively) normal family, and he had a girlfriend he planned on marrying in a few years.

Then the zombies came and the world went to hell. Soma doesn’t like talk about what happened after that, or why he isn’t with his family or his girlfriend anymore, but the general outlines of the story are easy enough to read: he’s a nova now and he’s still alive; they aren’t. Whatever the actual details however, the experiences of the past few months have definitely left their mark on Soma, who looks visibly older than his 18 years and frequently carries a haunted expression on his face now.

In the past month or so Soma has made his way into the area around Oklahoma City, and has since been slowly making contact with the some of the larger, or better stocked enclaves around. He’s even partnered up with a local scavenger band once or twice. His visibly inhuman appearance does make relations with many enclaves to be more tense than not, but so far things have gone well enough as Soma frequently has something or other to trade, and is always willing to take messages to another enclave provided that he’s heading in that direction.

Powers: Despite his blindness, Soma has the ability to “see” quite well with his ears using a form of echolocation, and aside from his general appearance it is this aspect of his new abilities that tends to garner the most attention. Aside from his enhanced senses, Soma is inhumanly strong, fast, agile, and tough. He has also shown a limited ability to alter and augment his own form, thereby enhancing existing characteristics, or developing entirely new ones as the situation warrants.

Appearance: Thomas Soma is of obviously Japanese descent, with thick, long black hair, and (after months of living outdoors) dark brown skin. Though he’s still in his late teens, he comes across, both in terms of appearance and attitude, as though he were actually in his mid-twenties. After so long living outdoors, Thomas has a very “woodsy” and “outdoorsy” look about him. His hair is long, and even though he frequently wears it in a ponytail, it still manages to look a bit wild and unkempt. His clothes, while usually well-kept and clean enough, look like they’ve seen more than their fair share of rough use.

What tends to grab most peoples’ attention however are his eyes and his warped limbs. Thomas’ eyes, which look as though he has small crystal orbs mounted in his sockets, glitter and sparkle and never seem to focus on anything (which they don’t, since he’s blind). His limbs, bizarrely slender and seemingly just a bit too long, end in hands and feet that have too few digits. Instead of giving him a disjointed or awkward appearance though, Thomas moves with an eerie, fluid grace that is somewhat disturbing to watch; perhaps because he possesses less of the dancer’s grace and more of the predator’s.

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