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  1. This, like virtually every other example of the Permanent Duration Strength, is a good example of why the Strengths/Weaknesses system for Aberrant was very poorly thought out. However, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: Quantum Imprint requires an extra for you to use copied Traits at their full strength, so you're only getting a portion of the copied Traits otherwise (unless you're copying Traits of novas weaker than yourself). Also, in the case of powers, you are limited to the Base Attribute of the power when rolling to attack or use the power, and you must pay 1 quantum point more to activate that power than you would normally.Quantum Imprint normally only works against a single target at a time (though the APG provides an extra that will allow you to use it against multiple targets simultaneously). Meaning that, if you were allowed to purchase this Strengthened Q-Imprint, your powers would only be 'permanent' until you needed/wanted to copy the powers of someone else.None of this makes this power 'not broken', but it does put it a bit more in perspective, I think.
  2. None of this was what Kalakutesh had expected, and it was beginning to trouble him. There were too many oddities and uncertainties. For one thing, how was it that Ojin's report contained such accurate information regarding the location of the tower, and yet it had nothing to say concerning its unusual nature? And just what was the nature and purpose of this tower, exactly? Intrigued, Kalakutesh descended to the earth some discreet distance from the growing tower, so as not to be detected. Once he had landed, he shifted again to his Champion form and began to cautiously approach the strange tower, taking care to remain undetected as he did so. It was time, in his opinion, to take a closer look.
  3. Kalakutesh was moderately surprised at how quickly the foundations of the enemy's tower were discovered, but then he cautioned himself, and was reminded that he did not yet know for sure this was the tower that Ojin had spoken of - though there seemed little doubt of it. Further, he did not yet know how heavily fortified or guarded it was, and finding it so quickly might only turn out to be one small mercy in an otherwise difficult and dangerous mission. Time would tell. For the time being, Kalakutesh remained high in the air, and tried to be as stealthy as one could be when one is an enormous dragon flying through the skies, while attempting to discover as much as he could about the enemy's "construction project". ((OOC: He'll activate EMV for now, and keep to the skies. If he feels it's appropriate however, he'll land and change into his champion form, which should allow him to sneak closer without being detected. He'll also make a Military Science roll in an effor to understand just exactly what he's seeing and how best to deal with it (I'm assuming Military Science is appropriate? If not, he'll use what is - if he has dots in it).))
  4. No worries, BT! Kalakutesh's movement rates are a pain to figure out, because of the combination of Growth (which adds dots of Dex for determining his speeds) and his non-canon body mods (which, combined, triple his base movement rates when he's in dragon form - for those of you who're curious - he loses one of them in human form, leaving his speeds at x1.5 base rate) and his Runner merit (which further increases his speed by adding an additional x1 to the formula for determining speeds - so Run is Dex x2 + 12m, and Sprint is Dex x4 + 20m). The end result is that figuring out his final speed is like solving a math problem in school. Also, note the Edit that I made to the post, above. I did some bad math on his run/flight speed when I multiplied by 1.2 and wound up with extra KPH in there somewhere. So his run/flight speed is actually 547kph - which is still pretty damn fast!
  5. Hey BT, I've got a quick correction for you: This is incorrect, unless you're changing the rules for how Wings works. According to the Core book, Wings lets a character fly/glide at the character's Run speed, not at their Walking speed. In dragon form, Kalakutesh's Movement Ratings are as follows: Run: 114m Sprint: 216m Flight: 114m With his movement enhanced, his speed is as follows: Run: 456m Spint: 864m Flight: 456m The quick conversion from meters to kilometers is to multiply your character's speed in meters by 1.2, which yields: Run: 547kph Sprint: 1037kph Flight: 547kph So Kalakutesh does in fact have super-speed. His combination of Growth and those non-canon body mods that he has give him a very high base movement rate when in dragon form. In fact, he can fly at 142kph without activating any enhanced movement, and sprint at 249kph. So he isn't slow. Just for added reference, in human form his movement rates are as follows: Run: 42m/168m Sprint: 78m/312m Flight: N/A So as you can see, he is much slower as a human, but still not "slow", even then. EDIT: Made a quick adjustment to his listed speeds in KPH, since I messed up the math the first time and somehow wound up with an extra 21kph on his run/flight speed that came from god-only-knows-where. It's fixed now.
  6. I'm here. And Sky, I've been signed into AIM pretty consistently for almost the entire past week, so I'm not sure why you're not seeing me...
  7. Yeah, I figure it's something of that sort. It's the "unannounced" part that's got me commenting. The last few posts from BT have been something to the effect of, "I plan on posting XX number of updates today", or, "I'd like to get player A, B, and C's prologues started, so send me details on that so we can get moving", only to be followed by 1-3 days of little or no activity. Seriously, I have no problems with it if BT (or any of the players, for that matter) has RL issues that are keeping him from posting on a regular basis. But the mixed messages of posts that amount to, "yeah, let's get this thing on the road!", followed by long bouts of little or no activity have got me confused. Hence my request for clarification. ((BT, I aint mad atcha! I'm just wonderin' what's goin' on.))
  8. BT... dude, friend-of-mine, my RPGing Brother in Arms... what's with these repeated, unannounced multi-day downtimes? I only ask because they are lame. :|
  9. When Ojin appeared on the balcony, Kalakutesh dipped his giant head in a sign of respect. Taking a moment to concentrate, his form seemed to shimmer without shimmering, and to diminish without actually diminishing, and then suddenly, in place of the dragon, there stood a man – or something that was man-like anyway. The man-shaped being was exceedingly handsome, with slanted eyes of yellow-gold color with vertical irises, long unbraided and untied hair that was clean but not combed, and a thick beard. He was wearing robes of exceptional quality but very simple design, with the outer layers predominately black with white edgings and the inner layers (mostly hidden) predominantly red with gold edgings, and all of it immaculate in the extreme. His robes descended to the floor, but they did not quite conceal the legs of a reptilian predator under their folds, nor did they hide the dragon’s tail as it emerged from under the robes behind him. His appearance was an almost unsettling combination of refined and wild, unkempt and perfectly put together, entirely civilized and utterly dangerous. If the most fearsome primordial beast of the Wilds were to spend a thousand years meditating in a cave and successfully faced one thousand and sixty-six trials of the mind, body, and soul, until enlightenment finally descended upon that primal animal and transformed him into a true Sage of Creation, the result would likely appear precisely as Kalakutesh did as he stood before Ojin. In fact, this was one of the oldest legends told by the Dragon’s Cult. Taking the vellum sheet from Ojin’s hand, Kalakutesh examined the map inscribed upon it as he listened to the Dux’s orders. He was used to Ojin’s less-than-pleasant tone and took it in stride. After all, a Warden’s life was one of Duty before Power and of Sacrifice before Glory, so why should the Dragon care if his lords demanded much of the former and offered him little or none of the latter? In truth it hardly mattered to him; he had held the Mandate of the Creators since before any of his current lords had been sired, and he fully expected that he would still be holding that Mandate long after they had gone to the Underworld (though he refrained from telling them as much). Kalakutesh’s position within the Darmathian pantheon was dubious at best. Officially, he held a position as one of the most highly honored and respected Legates within the Domain, and there had even been talk in times past of his taking a position as one of the three Duces, but the reality was that he was an outsider with titles and privilege and little more. He held no lands and possessed no great wealth (nor wanted to), commanded no one unit or company of the Darmathian military, and his exact responsibilities changed more often than the courses of Taralogani rivers. If it was dangerous, dirty, and needed doing, chances were high that he, Kalakutesh, the son of the World Serpent, the Undiminished, the Starless Sage of the Westerly Shores, the Great Dragon on the Mountain, would be the one sent to ‘deal’ with it. But again, it mattered little, so long as the Darmathian Second Gods did not interfere with his Mandate of protecting the Middle Realms of Gaea, and so long as they did their best to fulfill their own Mandate of guiding, caring for, and inspiring the mortals he himself protected, Kalakutesh saw no harm in letting them play their petty games of power. As Ojin finished with his orders and left the balcony, Kalakutesh dipped his head once more and said, "As you wish, Dux of Samaethir." And while Ojin’s voice may have boomed, Kalakutesh’s voice positively thrummed as he spoke, and this despite the fact that he made no effort to raise or project his voice. Though Kalakutesh could disguise his true form behind that of a Champion, such a frail form was simply not capable of fully containing his divine nature, and so his voice – which was deeper than an Earth Giant’s voice – remained that of the Great Dragon. Even through all of his heavy armor, Ojin the Living Shield could likely feel the power of the Dragon's voice as it seemed to vibrate up from the very ground itself. After the Duce had left, Kalakutesh tucked the map into the folds of his robe and turned towards the edge of the balcony. Taking a moment to concentrate a second time, his form once again seemed to shimmer without shimmering, and to expand without changing size or shape, and yet in an instant he was himself once again, no longer a man-sized Champion but an enormous creature of reptilian grace and lethality. The Great Dragon took a single stride towards the balcony’s edge and then leapt off of it into the wide expanse of air below it, diving down the face of Mount Silgaea and over the city that bestrode it, and then with a single great *snap* his mighty wings expanded fully and caught the wind and his enormous bulk lifted slowly on the air’s currents as he directed himself towards Cibura and his objective. ((OOC: BT he'll make whatever rolls are necessary - Navigation, I assume - for reading the map and directing himself in the right direction. I'm leaving it open so that you can insert whatever events you're planning on here, or simply fastforward to Cibura.))
  10. BT, hope you don't mind, but I edited your prologue post. The heavy use of 'K' in place of Kalakutesh was driving me nuts. So I replaced them with his name, or with 'the dragon' or something similar. Sorry, I didn't mean any disrepect, it was just making it hard for me to come up with a serious response for it.
  11. Sorry BT, ATM I don't have any other powers made up (that I still have access to). I did have one or two others that I'd put together sitting on my hard drive of my old laptop, but it crashed and burned and took all of its stored data with it. On a different note, I've discovered that I can merge posts (like the ones for the too-long Elemental Resonance power) using my magical Storyteller powers. Yay!
  12. So what happened to all the activity that was supposed to have happened yesterday (and the day before)?
  13. Yeah, "quick edit" is what I tried first. Didn't work. Also, I've updated the power description a couple of times now, after finding some minor grammatical errors and text that I thought might be confusing.
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