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It’s been three years now. On this very day you left me, because I let that drunk driver murder you.

“I’m Sorry. I know I say that every time I come here but it’s true. I miss you so much, and just wish I could hear your voice again.”

I was able to save myself, but not you.

“I am doing alright. Currently working on a case though, this guy has murdered four women. All of them had families. I am going to kill him when I find him.”

Just like I killed the guy who murdered you. It happened so fast, and since that day, everything has been fast.

His cell phone started to ring. Standing up he looked around the cemetery but at this late hour he was the only one around. Reaching in to his coat he pulled out the phone and hit the talk button.

“This is Hannon.”

“Detective Hannon you are needed at the corner of 18th street and Elm, he’s killed another one.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Hanging up he put the phone away and started running. He had to take back ways to make sure no one saw him. Three years ago he had been walking home with his wife Lisa. Detective Bill Hannon was not a spectacular person by any means. He had made his way up to detective with twenty years of service and very little to set him apart except for a few lucky breaks on cases.

That night they had been celebrating his promotion. They both had some drinks and didn’t feel safe driving home. Lisa had insisted on walking, Bill should have just called a cab.

As they were walking home they discussed how they could finally get their own house. Everything was looking up for them. As they started to cross a seemingly empty street a car came over a hill going sixty. The driver had also been drinking but had not had the foresight to just walk home. Bill somehow saw through his haze and knew he had to get out of the way. But when he moved it was so fast he lost his grip on Lisa. In the next instant he was standing on the sidewalk and turned just in time to see the car ram right in to his wife.

I just couldn’t hold on Lisa. I wanted to so much. If it were today I might have even had time to get back across the street and grab you. I was just too shocked to do anything, but I made sure the bastard got what was coming to him.

The man had slipped through the cracks of the system and gotten community service and a heavy fine when it was miraculously discovered that his accelerator had been faulty and even had he been sober the car would have still been out of control. He had deep pockets. Bill had taken care of it though.

He remembered three weeks later when he had figured out his own abilities. He waited for Peter Brennin to get in his car and drive out on to the highway. Mr. Brennin had looked quite shocked going seventy when the detective, running beside his car, tapped the window and told him to pull over. They had never been able to figure out what happened to the body of Peter Brennin or why his car was pulled over ten miles out of town.

Once he got close to the crime scene he slowed down and came out on to the main streets. Walking up to the four cruisers he motioned one of the officers over. “Detective Hannon SVU, are we sure it was him?”

The officer nodded grimly. “It was the alleyway sniper Detective. Same caliber and it looks like the same method. He followed her down the alley way and it looks like she turned just in time to get shot right in the heart. Crime lab has been over the entire scene but they said you like to see it before we remove the body.”

Bill pulled out a newport and lit it up. Taking a long drag he nodded. The officer grimaced slightly at the smell. “You know sir those will kill you.”

“Promise?” Bill stepped under the tape before the officer could respond. It looked like all the others. The woman’s wedding ring was obvious and her wallet had been left beside her body with the picture of her family facing up to the world. This guy liked to make it clear he was killing wives and mothers. Bill looked around at the crowd of onlookers. Maybe this time he would get lucky. This guy was too thrilled by the kill, he had to sit around and watch. Bill started going through the crowd and detecting what each one was feeling. When he looked at one man it hit him, the waves of lust and pleasure rolled over him like the stench of a bog.

That’s him! He is right there! I can do this Lisa.

The man didn’t like being noticed and turned away from the crowd, heading down an alleyway. “Officer, tell them to take the body, I want copies of all the coroner’s reports and lab reports.”

Bill moved through the crowd calmly, not wanting to give anything away. Moving down the alleyway he saw the guy well ahead. Once they were far enough from the crowd Bill called out. “You almost got away with it again, but I am afraid this time I finally spotted you.”

The guy whipped around and brought his gun to bear but only found an empty alleyway. Bill had already moved behind the guy and brought up his cigarette, pushing the lit tip in to the back of the guys neck. “You are way too slow.” Screaming in pain and rage the man turned quickly trying to smash the barrel right in to Bill’s face. Sadly Bill was already back at the other end of the alleyway. “Three strikes, you’re out.”

Without even thinking of running the alleyway sniper made one more attempt to turn and fire. This time Bill drew his gun and put two bullets right in to his head. He didn’t miss since that day either. It had taken seconds. It was only a minute before the boots of several officers filled the alleyway but to Bill that minute seemed to take forever. As they approached he signaled them forward.

“I found the guy, he drew on me. Call the coroner back; he has another body to pick up.” The three breathless cops looked in amazement at the scene. The one from earlier spoke up.

“Congratulations Detective, you actually stopped him.”

Yes, I stopped him Lisa. I might not be able to save you, but I can save other wives, and I will. These days it always happens so quickly, and I will never lose my grip again.

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