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  1. Hello everyone, I know I have been kinda ghosty lately and I needed to get on and say something to people. For the past couple months I had put school to the side and was pretty much just working my job. I realized that I was a little burned out since when ever I would get home I would not bring up any game or do any web surfing, I would just load up netflix and sit in my chair and stare at a computer screen. Last week I went to Gen Con and talking to several people there kind of snapped me out of it so I am happy to say I am out of my funk. Sadly what this means is not only am I getting my classes back underway but I am also getting our game design company going again, now that I may have found a means to fund it, I am also starting to run events for a local game store in the hopes of bringing them enough revenue that they can hire me away from Papa Johns. What this all means is I will effectively be doing the work of two full time jobs which is going to leave me with even less time and inclination to be writing. For now I have to retire from the site. I have been gaming for over half my life and here on this site are some the best people I have ever had the privilege to role-play with. I am hoping if the game store can hire me full time and I can mostly get out of Papa Johns I will be able to have time again to at least come back and rejoin a few of the games I am in. Until then I will try to jump in to chat now and again and hang out because I love you guys.
  2. If the game is moving too slow for ya man I fully understand. I wish I could promise regular progression and all but right now I would just be lying if I said I could. For the moment at least I do not have classes so I will have some more time to decompress from work and get some writing done but once school is going again I just don't know. If you want to pull out and see what happens, or wait and see what the pace is when I get back in to school that is ok.
  3. In my mind NGE will go down as the worst revamp every put to an MMO. The system before was just so astounding that to this day I have not seen anything that thrills me near as much. I also was one of those who scoured the galaxy for resources, spent hours traveling to and from extractors, worked hard to build up many of the professions to master, sadly never unlocking my force sensitive slot. I played the game for about an hour after the revamp. After that I decided the game was already dead. Though I do find this news a bit sad. I did have the thought that as a SOE game my all access account gave me the power to go back and try it again any time I wanted. Now that will no longer be true. This will also be the first SOE game to be closed which makes me wonder if EQ or Planetside may not be far behind. In the end I will always remember the original SWG and miss it, but in my eyes what they are shutting down now is another failed attempt at a good Sci-Fi MMO.
  4. The game is on going sir I am just getting my butt kicked by my daily schedule right now. Most nights I can barely put together three coherent sentences. You should continue to see activity.
  5. Meanwhile, across the city in a smaller estate. The invitation had been a bit of a surprise. Petyr Baelish, often called Littlefingers, had asked Morgaine to eat with him that night. It was the first time any of his rank had taken an interest in her. Although she had her ins to Verys' information network she had never been in the same room with the Spider. Upon her arrival she had been escorted to a dining hall and lead to a seat next to the head of the table. Lord Baelish entered with wine and poured her a glass and sat down, kissing her hand. After the servants came and delivered the first course he leaned back in his chair rather than eating. "It is a pleasure to have you here lady Darry. I have not found an opportunity to find out how you are enjoying your time here in King's Landing."
  6. Understand these are probably going to end up being the books that forty years from now I still call my favorite novels. When I started the first episode I had a bit of a expected let down (I know in television we are not supposed to see the big bad in the first five minutes but in the books we get a clear description) after that the opening credits to the show played. Even the opening credits had me hooked. Reading several reviews I have to agree with one thing, so far not a single performer has let me down. Aside from the opening let down, which as I said I expected, this show has in 60 minutes thrilled me beyond belief. It was extremely refreshing after Dresden Files and Legend of the Seeker, two shows that struck out in very different directions from the books, to see a show that was a true visualization of the events that occur in the novels that it is based off of. If you haven't read the books I think this will be a very entertaining fantasy show to watch. If you have read the books I think that so far you will find this show to be true to the material.
  7. Lord Bergot nodded his head as he sipped at the soup in front of him. "Well said Maester Darrik. The people here live a harsh existence, much like the northerners. We all are bound by our traditions." As the meal continued Bergot discussed the current state of the Iron islands. Resources, trade agreements, what illness was currently going around. He also asked Darrik what he would need and set up times for the Maester to start giving lessons to Asha and, when the sons returned, them.
  8. In chat would be my preference, over the next week I will try to be chat as often as possible. Tuesday and Wednesday I work but Thursday and Friday I am off.
  9. I would like people to randomly generate all of it as I stated in my first post but I am also open to people perhaps re-rolling some things. I agree that the nude part might be a bit hard to do and still be accepted by others. However I would like you to consider (were this your final character) although you might not have pictured the character as a backstabber, perhaps its something he doesn't admit to him self. Perhaps it is not blatant in the "As soon as we get payed I am robbing these guys in their sleep and leaving" way. Maybe he just cheats in small ways when he can get away with it, or he doesn't feel morally bad about demanding a couple extra hundred eurobucks from the desperate village that can't afford it without losing some essentials for the next winter. Cyberpunk is a very gritty world where even the greatest "Hero" doesn't always think about the collateral damage. (Ok, maybe the media people do, but come on, in a world like this they are in the news, what do they know?) Part of the fun of the random generation is to give us some twist and possibly challenges for the characters we have in mind. And remember, none of those things that you randomly generate are the core that all your character's personality comes from, they are just things that might affect their judgement from time to time.
  10. Actually I asked that people wait and do character creation with me. For the moment that looks mostly fine Caninicus, I will go over it fully probably tonight or tomorrow after work.
  11. Although each has a theme to it, it is really the special ability that sets it apart from the others. Anyone can make a netrunner that has as much combat skills as a solo, but no netrunner will ever have Combat Sesnse. So while people still don't all have the books here is a listing of what the special abilities do. Cop: Authority - The ability to intimidate and control others through your position. Cops can use authority to question suspects, arrest wrong doers, and defend innocents. Backed by the power of authority a Cop can arrest, detain, confiscate, and enter nearly anywhere. The higher your authority, the more able you are to face down criminals, particularly high level mobsters and officials. Authority is applied to your cool stat. Rocker: Charismatic Leadership - This skill allows Rockers to sway crowds equal to his level squared times 200. Level +3 could incite a nightclub crowd to get rowdy. Level +5 or +6 could provoke a concert crowd of thousands to trash a neighborhood. At Level +9 or higher, you have the same mesmeric ability as Adol Hitler - you can raise armies, start movements, and destroy nations. Solo: Combat Sense - This ability is based on a Solo's constant training and professionalism. Your Combat Sense gives you a bonus to your Awareness skill and your initiative equal to your level in Combat Sense. Medias: Credibility - The ability to be believed. With a +3 you can convince most people of minor scandals. With a level of +5 or +6 you can convince local officials of military atrocities undercover dealings, and other front page stuff. At level +9 you can successfully expose a scandal of Watergate proportions, or convince the President of the EuroMarket Finance Board that aliens are secretly influencing world leaders. Nomad: Family - This is the ability to call upon and help of any of the members of the nomads extended tribal family. This can be in the form of weapons, cash, information, or a small army of relatives. With a family status of +2 you might be able to get several of a pack to help you wreck a town. With a +7 or +8 you can make pack decisions and lead troops. At +10 you may be the leader of your pack. Netrunner: Interface - This skill represents the Netrunners ability to manipulate Interface programs, and is the skill used when operating the Menu functions such as Locate Remote, Run software, Control Remote, Downlink, Load, Create and Delete. Other players can enter the Net, but cannot use the Menu. Techie: Jury Rig - This general repair skill allows the Techie to temporarily repair or alter anything for 1d6 turns per level. This is not permanent, after the elapsed time the jury rig will break down. Medtech: Medical Tech - This is the skill used to perform major surgery and medical repairs. Corporate: Resources - The ability to access the corporations resources. At +2 you could get access to a company car. +6 might allow you to use the company jet or hire a solo team. +9 gives you access to almost all levels of the Corporation, as well as the ability to requisition almost any company resource. Fixer: Streetdeal - This is the ability to deal with the underground information network. With streetdeal a Fixer can uncover rumors and information, locate missing persons, or things, put gossip out on the street, pick up clues and score big deals. A +3 can get you contacts for tools, weapons, or minor illegal operations. +5 you can penetrate the secrets of all but the most powerful crime families. At +9 you are equivalent of a Mafia crime lord yourself. A few times in those descriptions level was mentioned. Your characters "level" is equal to the number of ranks you have in your special ability.
  12. Anatoly has said that if anyone needs access to the source book he can provide.
  13. I am a bit shocked and dismayed that City of the Spider Queen is not on that list.
  14. Quick few notes on character generation. 1. Character generation will be done with me either through PMs or in chat. 2. All characteristics will be randomly generated. This is a part of the feel of the game and can also add a interesting trait for people to role-play. 3. Although I am not restricting any roles, as interest builds I would like to see diversity, so if three people show interest and all want to play techies we will need to talk about possible alternatives for people unless this game gets so many people there are several groups so we don't just have three techies running around together.
  15. One-shot gave a bored sigh and cracked her neck. She was getting more frustrated as each minute passed. Normally when she was hired for a job it involved a lot more action. Car chases, gun fights, taking down a helicopter of marines with only two pistols and a single rocket. Her current 'partner' Gazer just sat in his seat nearly oblivious to his environment as he continued his current netrun. Runners bored One-shot more than anything. She just kept reminding her self why she took this job in the first place. Three million euros to make sure the little geek didn't get shot. She stood up and walked around the trailer a couple times. Glancing out the windows at the industrial wasteland they were parked in. Nothing but warehouses and factories as far as the eye could see. She had chosen this spot so that they could easily see anyone approaching. The radar in front would warn her of incoming air traffic. "How much longer Gazer? I swear if this goes on much longer I am just going to frag you." A smile spread across Gazer's lips, about the only part of him she could see. "I am almost there. They have installed new ICE since I last came in. It is complicated." Gazer couldn't see the trailer or One-shot. In his mind and to his eyes he was in a field of grass standing outside a large commercial building. The ten foot concrete wall around the building was new. So were the watch dogs patrolling it. One-shot saw Gazer's left hand fly over the keyboard while his right, guided by some unknown knowledge, grabbed a chip from some stacks and slap it in to the terminal. With the stealth program activated the Netrunner approached the wall without concern of the watch dogs noticing him. Running a hand over the wall he analyzed it. It only had one sub-routine which was to kick him off the run. Activating "Drill Bytes V. 3.4" he waited a couple seconds as a hole about his sized slowly bore through the wall. "All this added security and all it does is slow me down." That was what had One-shot worried. Sol Corp was not stupid. They may be small but they were well funded and most Cyberpunks knew they were secretly owned by Sony. She didn't like messing with the Japanese. Three million euros ran through her mind. In Cyberspace Gazer was walking through the tunnel that his ice breaker had made. He was almost giggling. This run was getting to be easier than the last one. As he exited he looked up at the building. He couldn't see anymore ICE between him and the front door. He took a couple cautious steps when he heard a noise behind. Turning he saw the large sheet of ice slam down over his tunnel. Then it started coming towards him. Quickly he ran full speed in to the front door. "What do you think Stacy?" After a moment his decks programmed voice responded. "Analysis shows the greatest amount of security to be around a filing room on the tenth floor. However there appears to be several fire walls and prismatic ICE covering all access to stairs and elevators. Sentry programs are active on floors 2, 5, 7, and 8." One-shot looked at the radar again and then finally let out a aggravated cry. "You have twenty more minutes, I am stepping outside for a smoke. She opened the trailer door and stepped out in to the smoggy air. Lighting up the cigg she took a couple puffs as she walked around the trailer. If the geek wasn't done in twenty minutes she was going to shoot him. Her cybernetic eye quickly adjusted spectrums so she could effectively see if anyone was behind the walls around her. Inside the net Gazer had stood in the hall trying to figure out the best course of action. He had one program he could use but he had intended it for his quick escape. Still if they traced him on the way out it wouldn't matter. The ten million euros he was getting for this job would be the end of it. No more having to work. He activated the defrag program and waited as the floors of the building joined together and condensed. On guard he made his way to the filing room. The amount of power in the room was straining to be released and the security on the door was barely keeping it on its hinges. "Too easy." All he did was activate pile driver and the door blew open. The moment it did firewalls snapped up in all directions of the hallway. Even with all the fire he felt suddenly cold. The Liche entered the hallway, being fueled with all the power he thought was used for information storage. As the frozen scythe dug in to his body the feedback went through the connection straight to his brain. He didn't even have time to scream as his vision blurred. "Warning, Black Ice has been detected in the sector you are hacking. It is advised you load your strongest ice breakers or break the connection immediately. Failure to adhere could lead to brain damage." As the ice fingers gripped his throat his last thought was that he wouldn't have a chance to spend those euros. Outside One-shot's watch beeped. Time was up, either the geek was done or he was done for. Suddenly she saw movement on one of the nearby roofs. It took only a moment to decide, no one was supposed to be here, they were a threat. Switching her eye to telescopic view she drew and aimed towards the roof. Seeing the sniper still trying to set up she just smirked. Two shots dropped the would be assassin. Scanning the area she downed two more. Now it was time to go. Running inside the trailer she immediately heard the beeping of the radar. "Netrunner, we're fragged, jack out now and grab a gun." Running to the front she checked the radar and saw no contacts. Confused she looked around the trailer. That was when she noticed the drool coming out of the silent Gazer's lips, and the blood dripping from his ears. Her earpiece wrung and she angrily activated it. "This is One-shot." "Hello, right about now you should be coming to grips with your situation." "Mr. Tanaka? What is going on? The mission has been compromised, Gazer is down." In her ear she hard the corporate mans laugh. "It is amazing how the promise of 13 million euros can kill two of the most problematic cyberpunks for the low low price of one explosive." The beeping came back to her mind as she looked around. Ripping off a half opened panel she saw the message above the timer. "No more Cyberpunks!" As her last three seconds ticked away. ------------------------------------------------------------------ So it has been six months since my last serious attempt to start up a cyberpunk game. Here it is. This game would be using the Cyberpunk 2nd ed 2020 core book. Characters would start with 60 points and this game is open to as many people who want to join. Characters can either start out as a group that already has history, individuals brought together for the first time, or if enough people play separate groups with their own goals and motivations. If you have any questions or wish to show interest please let me know.
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